Monday, 2013-04-15

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piyushbansalhi nathanielmanista, I wanted to ask a couple of things, are you there ?00:27
nathanielmanistaYeah, what's up?00:33
piyushbansalSorry, I could not understand why should we import modules rather than the components.00:35
piyushbansalWould you please explain ?00:35
nathanielmanistaIt's one of our (few) departures from the Google Python Style Guide, so I don't think you'll see it there. It's explained over at, but the short answer is "it seems convenient for small projects and then turns into a problem as those projects grow into large projects".00:38
tpb<> (at
MatthewWilkes"This might cause the package to be imported twice and have unintended side effects" is terrifying beyond words00:40
piyushbansalYeah , you're right.00:40
piyushbansalThanks a lot nathanielmanista and MatthewWilkes, It would have taken me a lot of time to realise it myself.00:41
nathanielmanistaAlso please remember a space after your octothorpes (so "# This is a comment." rather than "#This is a comment.").00:43
* nathanielmanista pays attention to the little things00:43
piyushbansalnathanielmanista: okay, sure :)00:44
piyushbansalI understand that its totally cool paying attention to little things, sometimes they matter the most.00:45
MatthewWilkeshah, never heard that word before!00:45
piyushbansalMe too :D00:45
piyushbansalOne more thing, I have added a new file here ( GCIFAQ.patch)00:46
piyushbansalWhat would be best practice about sending it via a patch ?00:46
nathanielmanistaI once worked under a professor who insisted that "pound sign" was what British people used for monetary quantities... and he turned out to be right.00:46
piyushbansalShall I add it to my tree, and diff it, because diff wouldn't track new files00:47
nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: At some point you're going to have to start making commits to a git repository and sharing those, I think. Might not be time yet but how familiar are you with (1) Project Hosting at and (2) github?00:48
piyushbansalI am fairly familiar with github00:48
nathanielmanistaSince Leo seems to be your principal code reviewer, it might be worth asking him what's easiest for him?00:49
piyushbansalThe thing is I have never worked with patches before, I am more used to sending a pull request, but I am learning :)00:49
piyushbansalnathanielmanista: Yeah, okay, I'll ask him. As of now, I would just add it my tree and update the patch.00:50
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* nathanielmanista steps away from the computer for North American dinnertime00:59
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yupbankhi all, i am interested in the add "connection" into gci and i have plenty of free time, so i just open a git branch and do it?i there anything like a pull request ?05:46
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piyushbansalHi nathanielmanista: When I try to push the soc repository over to my github repository I get this error : remote: error: object a8664d3233fd490c5ab0535ee8b856b0078b0709:invalid author/committer line - bad email10:58
piyushbansalCan you point out what I need to do, to get past this error message ?10:59
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Lenniepiyushbansal, that's more of a GitHub problem12:38
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Lenniemadrazr, might know12:38
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madrazrpiyushbansal: as Lennie already said, unfortunately this is a GH specific issue13:12
madrazrpiyushbansal: this is a result of we switching from subversion to mercurial long back and then switching to git, we have some commits that GH fails to accept13:13
madrazrpiyushbansal: you can try to do a force push with -f, if it doesn't work, there isn't much you can do I guess13:13
yupbankwow..really nice to have a chance to push to the project..13:16
madrazrnote to self and the rest of the Melange team, Lennie and nathanielmanista, when we run git filter-branch to rewrite the repo history next time (losing all the reviews), we should fix these commits13:16
madrazryupbank: push to a project?13:16
yupbankhow can a newbie get that right?13:16
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yupbankbecome a member of the soc project, right?13:17
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madrazryupbank: by sending more patches, more good patches that gets committed13:20
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madrazrto give us enough confidence that you can commit yourself :)13:20
yupbankthx, i just created an issue and also with a patch.. trying my best :)13:21
madrazryupbank: cool :) that's a start13:22
yupbankif u mean contribute patch, already started few days ago LOL13:23
madrazryupbank: that's even better13:26
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Lennieyup, did you sign the CLA?13:35
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yupbankyes, i did that, but nobody reply14:00
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Lennieyupbank, confirmed14:06
piyushbansalLennie: I am really very sorry, I was away14:09
piyushbansalI just read the backlog, yes you are right, it seems to be GH specific thing.14:10
piyushbansalnathanielmanista told me to host a git repository from where , he can pull changes to melange repository.14:10
piyushbansalI don't think I would be able to do it on github then, given the issues that its raising14:11
piyushbansalAny suggestions ?14:11
Lenniemadrazr how did you push things to Github?14:12
LennieI know you had a clone there14:12
tpbTitle: Source Checkout - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
Lennieyou could always use "Create a clone"14:12
piyushbansalOh okay, I am not very familiar with google project hosting, but thanks for pointing out, I would definitely check this out.14:14
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rihnapstorHI nathanielmanista piyushbansal  :_14:50
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piyushbansalhi rihnapstor :)15:00
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* rihnapstor brb15:59
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nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: Wow, I had no idea about that. madrazr is right that we should absolutely clean that up when we filter our history.18:16
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nehaljwaniHey admins, I need a little help. I had created my account on GSoC site last year. Since then, my communication address, blog-url, contact number, etc have changed. How can I update them?18:17
piyushbansalnathanielmanista: Yeah, you're right18:18
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piyushbansalEven I think that it might be a GH issue, but still the email in that commit is having some invalid/garbage value in it18:18
piyushbansalhi nehaljwani :)18:18
Lennienehaljwani, student or mentor?18:19
nehaljwaniLennie: student18:19
Lennienehaljwani, just wait for the proposal period to start18:19
Lennieit will all be clear then18:19
piyushbansalnathanielmanista: one more thing , Do you suggest that I change the commit message ?18:19
nehaljwaniLennie: can I edit it after the proposal period starts?18:20
LennieDon't try and register now, that will prevent you from participating18:20
nathanielmanistanehaljwani: Is that data stored in your per-GSOC-year profile? When you go to, do you see "My Profile" on the left? If so, and you click it, does it take you to a place to edit it?18:20
Lennienehaljwani, yes18:20
nathanielmanistanehaljwani: Also Lennie is right about not registering yet.18:20
yupbankhey, lennis, is that possible that two students work on one project?18:21
nehaljwaninathanielmanista: I don't see any "My Profile" option there18:21
nehaljwaniLennie: I am looged in using my gmail acount18:22
nathanielmanistayupbank: that would be a little weird, as there are no "teams" in GSoC. Organizations may choose, however, to have students work on the same thing *separately*. But that still strikes me as weird.18:23
yupbankhmm…how can we tell which one is kind of official in this channel :)18:23
gevaertsYou guess :)18:23
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yupbank-.-  r u?18:31
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piyushbansalhi ajs :D21:16
ajspiyushbansal, hi! :D21:18
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DrJoelanyone awake?22:41
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nathanielmanistaDrJoel: I didn't think I was tired until you planted the idea in my head...23:05
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piyushbansalHi Lennie :)23:54
piyushbansalI wanted to ask a couple of things regarding the inline comments on my commit that you made, can we talk for a few minutes, if you have free time23:54

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