Tuesday, 2013-04-16

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* nathanielmanista heads out for supper01:42
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roonyHI am working on issue 164703:14
roonyHI am looking for some help for the following03:15
roonyHI d like to get a link to the page where organization list is displayed just before adding a new task03:16
roonyHcurrently i am doing it in this way03:16
roonyHbut "#create_tasks" is hardcoded03:17
roonyHany suggestions how to do this?03:18
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meriahello sir..13:12
meriathis is abhinav here13:12
meriai need to talk to you regarding the gsoc project13:13
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meriacan i seek your attention for a moment?13:13
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meriai m interested in doing the project named "javascript tests"..please guide me about how to start it.13:16
bumbuhave you ever done js testing before?13:17
meriano.....but i read about it recently ....and it fascinated me13:20
meriaso can be done13:20
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bumbuas you can see in project description the project already has set up Testem, Jasmine, PhantomJS. So your first step woulb be reading and trying these things13:24
meriasince i m a first year undergraduate student...and have an above average knowledge of javascript...13:26
meriaso i will have to start from the very basic of these platform13:27
meriaso what exactly do i need to do to get to that level so that i can accomplish the project?13:28
bumbuNext step would be set up these things by yourself in order to understand how do they work.13:29
bumbuAlso try to do some simple tests. You can search for examples in other big projects.13:29
bumbuThen try to write and run some tests on this project.13:29
meriaif i m not wrong, the project deals with the improvement of existing testing platforms or writing developing a new one?13:32
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bumbuAs I now (but I know a little) testing environment is allready set, and your job is to write tests. Also you have to refactor existing javascript13:34
bumbuIf you don't know JS (JavaScript) well enough then you have some time to read more about it. Maybe some good practicies how it should be.13:34
voxsimhi meria, if you want example, watch my patches in mailing list13:37
voxsimabout tests bla bla13:37
meriaactually, i know js quite well but i dont know that my knowledge is sufficient for handling this project13:38
voxsimthey are using jasmine, labjs, jquery and other js libraries13:38
meriai m comfortable with jquery...but i need to see the other libraries13:40
meriacool...so my first step should be reading and trying the existing environments ..ryt13:40
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voxsimyes, try to request something in the mailing list, or try just to checkout melange, build and run tests (read getting started in wiki)13:42
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meriathnx a lot13:51
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piyushbansalHi Merio14:05
piyushbansalCan you please have a look at https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/tests/app/soc/modules/gci/logic/test_profile.py?spec=svn1e2054422de9c747b0d4689ed18f1056998a9555&r=1e2054422de9c747b0d4689ed18f1056998a9555#12814:07
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-1B3> (at code.google.com)14:07
Meriohi piyushbansal14:07
piyushbansalI could not understand lennie's comment very clearly14:08
Lenniepiyushbansal, which one?14:08
piyushbansalAt line 128.14:08
piyushbansal"Weird thing is I would swear that student.scope should give you a GCIProgram."14:09
Lennieprogram = student.scope14:09
Lenniesee if test passes :)14:09
MerioI think that means that you can get the GCIProgram by accessing student.scope without having to create a new one14:09
MerioOh Lennie there you are :)14:09
piyushbansalhi Lennie :)14:09
LennieMerio, could you take a look at the JS test patches we got?14:09
piyushbansalLennie: could you please have a look at https://code.google.com/r/piyushdevel-melange/source/detail?r=7c6f55b6512571707a35dded629c71bc7563563c14:10
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-1B8> (at code.google.com)14:10
piyushbansalI mean, there I have written a comment( comment no 3)14:10
Lennieyeah you are passing in the student14:11
Lennienot a program14:11
Lennietry student.scope14:11
piyushbansaltask = gci_task_utils.GCITaskHelper(student.scope).createTask(14:11
piyushbansal    'Open', self.foo_org, foo_mentor, student)14:11
MerioLennie: I'm already in contact with him14:12
piyushbansalI am passing student.scope , in place of the program that I created earlier14:12
Lenniesigh test cases14:12
Lennie program = tests.program_utils.GCIProgramHelper().createProgram()14:12
Lennieand then on 12014:12
Lenniehave a 'scope' : program entry14:12
Lennie(essentially move 128 up to the top)14:13
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piyushbansalAre you talking about the method def testHasCreatedOrModifiedTask(self):14:13
piyushbansalSo if in place of 128 I write program = student.scope14:14
piyushbansalWhat more changes do I have to do14:14
LennieWell you wouldn't need to write that anymore14:15
Lennietake the way it was in your patch, remove line 12814:15
Lennieand start the method with14:15
Lennieprogram = tests.program_utils.GCIProgramHelper().createProgram()14:15
Lenniestudent_properties = {'is_student': True , 'scope': program}14:15
piyushbansalOh, but would it save some computation ?14:16
piyushbansalI mean, I can not see why is doing this better approach than I have followed ?14:16
LennieBecause it would fail if I were to write a simple assertino where task.program == student.scope14:18
Lenniewhich is true during normal operations but not in these tests14:18
piyushbansalOh okay, got it14:18
Lennie( you are not the one to blame, the rest of the tests in this module are also wrong)14:18
LennieIn simple terms, it would create a task for program X with a student in program Y14:19
piyushbansalGood point, tests should work exactly as the real world scenario14:19
Lenniewhich doesn't make sense14:19
piyushbansalYeah, got it :D14:19
Lennie(Don't fix the other tests though)14:19
Lennienot in this patch at least14:19
piyushbansalOkay, I would just modify the the line where you have commented, and make a new commit14:19
LennieThe smaller the change the earlier it can be submitted :)14:19
piyushbansalThanks for pointing out, I have also changed the status as you pointed out that it cannot be Open once it is assigned14:20
piyushbansalI could not realise it myself :D14:20
Lennieyeah, nathanielmanista would this fall under "we need assertion on data consistency?"14:20
LennieIt's easy to miss14:20
Lennieand the code should have given you an error14:20
piyushbansalCode actually should have, I mean logically speaking.14:22
piyushbansalBut I did not get any error, so it was easy to overlook14:22
piyushbansalThough it is a mistake, I agree14:22
Lennieyes but not yours :)14:23
piyushbansalAlso would you please have a look once at https://code.google.com/r/piyushdevel-melange/source/detail?r=76d2914cba319d5ca401bb4abcc011d5b865386714:26
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-1BK> (at code.google.com)14:26
piyushbansalI have made all the changes and you and nathaniel suggested, point out any if some are still left.14:26
piyushbansalOops a typo in the commit message :|14:27
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Lenniepiyushbansal, i'd say ping the thread that you are ready? I'm confident Nathaniel will see it14:27
piyushbansalLennie : Also tell me if I need to change the commit message in ^14:28
piyushbansalThread ?14:28
piyushbansalwhich one ?14:28
LennieI have to get back to work now though14:28
Lenniepiyushbansal, the comments on the revision14:29
piyushbansalOh, okay, nevermind, nathaniel would have a look14:29
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-1B8> (at code.google.com)14:29
Lenniepiyushbansal, you can rewrite that last commit if you'd like14:29
Lennieit hasn't been merged yet14:29
piyushbansalOkay, got it thanks a lot for your time14:29
tpb<http://ln-s.net/-1BR> (at stackoverflow.com)14:29
piyushbansalOh, so I would change the commit message14:29
Lenniemight help14:29
piyushbansalGreat , never did that before :D14:30
piyushbansalThanks a lot, done !14:31
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rihnapstorHi Merio :) voxsim always working on same project as am I.can I continue my work or focus on Javascript List Enhancement project ?15:09
rihnapstor*always = also15:10
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rihnapstorMerio: you there ?15:48
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* rihnapstor brb15:58
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