Sunday, 2013-04-14

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sanketI want to a work on an idea suggested for melange in gsoc that doesn't have a mentor decided yet. What do I do?09:47
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sanket!seen merio09:52
madrazrsanket: which one?10:18
sanketmadrazr: Enhanced registration workflow10:21
madrazrsanket: Ok10:27
madrazrsanket: what would you like to know about that?10:28
sanketSir I would really like to work on this project for GSOC. But since it has no mentor assigned, how do I start?10:30
madrazrsanket: you don't have to worry about mentor not being assigned at this point10:35
madrazrsanket: mentors may change when we do the actual selection/ranking10:35
madrazrsanket: you can ask your questions here or if nobody is active here, please send your questions to our Mailing List, [email protected]10:35
madrazrsanket: if your proposal is good, one of us will be interested in mentoring your project10:35
madrazrsanket: and btw, no "Sir" please?10:36
sanketThanks a lot. That is really helpful. I'll just work on my proposal, then.10:36
sanketOkay, no 'Sir'. :D10:37
sanketI had one more thing to ask, btw.10:37
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madrazrsanket: yeah?11:11
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sanketmadrazr: Since the project that I want to work on has already been mentioned, how do I need to write my proposal?11:13
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madrazrsanket: what do you mean?11:32
madrazrsanket: the idea listed is not detailed enough11:32
madrazrsanket: your proposal must be more detailed about how you plan to tackle the problem or rather what problems do you plan to tackle/implement, timeline etc11:33
madrazrmore in terms of deliverables11:33
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rihnapstormadrazr: Hello ,I am Interested in Javascript Tests,Merio and I had a discussion on how the project might be accomplished.He told me that LABjs should be replaced with requirejs.So if I want to  write a patch  before gsoc proposal,what should i do ? The Test need to be written with inplace Javascript framework (Jasmine).11:46
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rihnapstorHi piyushbansal11:55
piyushbansalhi rihnapstor :)11:55
madrazrrihnapstor: I am not an expert on JS tests12:00
madrazrrihnapstor: so it is probably best answered by Merio :)12:00
madrazrrihnapstor: please feel free to send your question to our ML12:01
rihnapstoryeah ok thanks madrazr :)12:01
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piyushbansalhi nathanielmanista :)14:12
piyushbansalI had a little doubt, if you're free, would you please mind sparing a few minutes ?14:12
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piyushbansalhi madrazr14:18
madrazrpiyushbansal: Hi14:18
piyushbansalI had a little doubt, would you mind sparing a few moments, if you're free14:18
piyushbansalIn most of the functional tests, there are objects declared that are not used.14:21
piyushbansalSay "I_agree"14:21
piyushbansalWould it be a good idea, to clean up those a little ?14:21
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piyushbansalHi Lennie14:30
madrazrpiyushbansal: link please?14:32
piyushbansalmadrazr :
tpb<> (at
piyushbansalThese kind of objects have been declared at many places, and not used(possibly don't exist in the page layout at all), I was thinking of cleaning them14:34
madrazrpiyushbansal: they are used!14:35
madrazrI agree is, for example, the checkbox you click on to agree the terms and conditions of the program14:35
madrazrpiyushbansal: the form submission fails without that field14:36
piyushbansalmadrazr: but the id "agreed_to_tos" is not required in many other pages, correct me if I am wrong14:36
piyushbansalPlus if you notice, in the functional tests, there has not been any usage of that element14:36
piyushbansalsay if it were needed to submit form, it would have been used, right ?14:37
piyushbansalCorrect me if I am wrong.14:37
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madrazrpiyushbansal: because the default value is the expected value?14:38
piyushbansalExample of dashboard :
tpb<> (at
piyushbansalIn a dashboard, there is no element such as I agree, do we have a form submission at dashboard as well ?14:39
madrazrpiyushbansal: please read the entire test spec14:40
piyushbansalIf we see in the page source, there is no element with id == "agreed_to_dos"14:40
madrazrpiyushbansal: observe what the test is doing14:40
madrazrpiyushbansal: the test starts from the GCI home page14:40
madrazrit then clicks on the button to register14:40
madrazrpiyushbansal: which takes it to the profile registration form14:40
madrazrpiyushbansal: where the test fills out the profile, where you want "I agree"14:40
madrazrpiyushbansal: and it then proceeds to the dashboard page to test the rest of the things14:41
piyushbansalOh , okay14:42
piyushbansalmadrazr: thanks a lot14:43
madrazrpiyushbansal: NP14:49
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rihnapstorcan anyone explain me  rule ->  "4. Ajax calls: always use ?=_"+(new Date().getTime()) when invoking an URL to avoid caching issues "15:25
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MatthewWilkesrihnapstor: What's confusing about it?15:35
rihnapstorHi MatthewWilkes , I didn't understand how does it avoid caching ?15:39
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yupbankhmmm,just curious, why not the soc project don't do something with a router file..since when we develop the best way to identify problem is url..and callback dynamic loads can't take that advantage.. so…may i propose it within already interested file?17:53
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MatthewWilkesrihnapstor: Sorry for the (huge) delay, I went out. It's a work around, web caches work on a URL level, if you have one that doesn't respect the cache control headers, like max-age, then passing in a different query string forces it to actually get the data, as it has a different URL18:27
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IulianShi, my name is Iulian and I would like to contribute on your project :)18:53
IulianSI would like to know more about Mario Ferraro 's project, Javascript List Enhancements18:55
rihnapstorIulianS: Merio is away,I suggest you to  post your message in Melange-dev list :)18:56
rihnapstorIulianS: hello,btw :)18:57
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IulianSOk I will send a message to the Melange-dev list18:58
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MatthewWilkesHm, as an org admin should I have an edit button on the org homepage and/or my orgs page?19:02
rihnapstorMatthewWilkes: you dont enjoy on weekends ?19:06
rihnapstor:) :D19:06
MatthewWilkesrihnapstor: I had at least 5 hours of free time today!19:25
MatthewWilkesrihnapstor: The life of an open source contributor ;)19:27
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