Wednesday, 2013-04-10

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Hamish_BHi a co-admin here, is it expected that our primary admin does not show up on the list of "Connections for my organizations"?02:52
Hamish_BI guess their status can not be altered, which is ok02:53
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piyushbansalhi nathaneilmanista :)05:50
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madrazrpiyushbansal: nathanielmanista is probably not around06:32
madrazrpiyushbansal: what's up?06:32
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piyushbansalHi madrazr, I was having some difficulty setting up the development environment07:47
piyushbansalI was followinng instructions at GettingStarted page on the project wiki07:47
madrazrpiyushbansal: Ok07:47
madrazrpiyushbansal: what was the difficulty?07:47
piyushbansalI am not able to run bin/buildout successfully07:47
piyushbansalgetting timedout while fetching cns.recipe.symlink07:48
madrazrpiyushbansal: what is the error?07:48
piyushbansalyou want me to paste the traceback ?07:48
madrazrpiyushbansal: yes please?07:48
tpbTitle: Develop: '/root/soc/.' Develop: '/root/soc/thirdparty/google_appengine/lib/yaml - (at
piyushbansalThis is the output of bin/buildout07:50
piyushbansalmadrazr : The bootstrap executes just fine07:54
madrazrpiyushbansal: Oh! Was this the discussion about proxy earlier today?07:54
madrazrpiyushbansal: are you behind a proxy?07:55
piyushbansalYeah, I believe07:55
piyushbansalI am behind a proxy, but that is without any authentication07:55
madrazrpiyushbansal: Oh ok, then that should be fine07:55
piyushbansalThe bug reported in buildout is probably for a authentication based proxy, not the kind I am behind07:55
madrazrpiyushbansal: being behind an authenticated proxy is a hope-less situation for Python packaging07:56
piyushbansalYeah, but since its a timeout, we have every reason to believe that there is some network issue07:56
madrazrpiyushbansal: can you open a Python shell07:56
piyushbansalmadrazr : I agree :D07:56
madrazrand try >>> import urllib207:56
madrazr>>>  fp = urllib2.urlopen('')07:56
madrazrand see what happens07:56
piyushbansalI am able to send get and post07:56
madrazrcan you try https?07:57
piyushbansalyeah that would work, I already tried it07:57
piyushbansalhang on, I did not try https07:57
piyushbansalyeah both of them return a socket._fileobject object07:58
piyushbansalBoth, I mean http and https07:58
madrazrpiyushbansal: read that file and see?07:58
madrazrif the content is's?07:58
madrazror some error?07:58
piyushbansalyeah, it is07:58
piyushbansalNo error.07:59
piyushbansalIs there any other wayout ( some other set of installation instructions) that don't rely on buildout07:59
piyushbansalI'll manually install the dependencies or something07:59
madrazrit is very tricky08:00
madrazrbuildout does a lot of things behind the scenes08:00
piyushbansalI have been working on this, I mean, I even appliad a not so very reliable patch on the buildout, did not work08:00
madrazrall I can imagine for now is to fetch all the dependencies08:00
madrazrinstall them08:00
piyushbansalI know, that's the reason, we use it in the first place08:00
madrazrand add the path to those libraries to your PYTHONPATH environment variable08:00
piyushbansalWhere do I get the list of those dependencies08:01
piyushbansalShall I read buildout.cfg ?08:01
madrazrpiyushbansal: yeah08:01
piyushbansalHmm okay , long shot, but worth a shot it seems08:01
madrazrpiyushbansal: but also keep in mind, each of those packages may have additional dependencies08:01
piyushbansaloh right, It would never work that way.08:01
piyushbansalI must figure what the real problem is.08:02
madrazrpiyushbansal: also another thing worth trying is to probably try using pip or easy_install?08:02
piyushbansalInfact I even tried from my cell phone's packet data, I get timed out at the same recipe08:02
madrazrthat's weird08:02
piyushbansaleasy_install works under all kinds of proxies, I tried that as well08:02
piyushbansalIts sort of more robust than pip, in terms of network issues08:03
piyushbansalIt really is weird, or I am missing something, which shouldn't be unless the instructions at GettingStarted have an issue in them08:03
madrazrpiyushbansal: we haven't seen any issues with the GettingStarted instructions so far08:04
piyushbansalThere should be something, just read the last comment on that page08:04
piyushbansalIts like 6-8 months old, if I remember correctly08:04
piyushbansalThey guy has probably same issues as mine08:05
madrazrpiyushbansal: authenticated proxy he says?08:06
piyushbansalOne more thing madrazr, would you please tell me the output of nosetests -v on your shell ?08:06
madrazrpiyushbansal: which is not same as your issue?08:06
piyushbansalyeah, that's right.08:06
madrazrpiyushbansal: I don't have nosetests installed :)08:06
piyushbansalI missed that part.08:06
madrazrpiyushbansal: I use the buildout version of it08:07
piyushbansalOh so you run bin/run-tests08:07
piyushbansalor something like that ?08:07
madrazrpiyushbansal: yeah08:07
piyushbansalI was interested in the testing project, I am not able to setup the dev environ correctly , it sucks :|08:07
piyushbansalAny undocumented dependencies, that you suspect ?08:08
madrazrpiyushbansal: it does, welcome to Python package management08:08
madrazrpiyushbansal: nope08:08
piyushbansalI have been using pip/buildout/easy_install and all that kind of stuff for over an year now08:09
piyushbansalnever faced an issue like this one.08:09
madrazrpiyushbansal: curious08:09
piyushbansalSorry, didn' t get you08:09
madrazrpiyushbansal: I just meant that you seeing this problem all of a sudden is curious08:10
piyushbansalI just installed a django application on my machine a week ago, used buildout , it installed with no major issues08:11
madrazrpiyushbansal: that makes me even more curious08:14
madrazrpiyushbansal: btw08:14
madrazrpiyushbansal: can you try
tpbTitle: zc.buildout 2.1.0 : Python Package Index (at
madrazrthe -t command line option from here?08:14
madrazrpiyushbansal: may be set -t to very long08:14
madrazr10 secs?08:15
madrazrpiyushbansal: or even longer?08:15
piyushbansaloh yes, that can be done08:15
piyushbansallet me give it a shot08:15
piyushbansalInfact I have used the same package08:16
piyushbansalI can try the timeout thing though08:16
piyushbansaltimedout at 50 s :|08:20
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piyushbansalI feel that I am failing to install cns.recipe.symlink properly08:24
piyushbansalWould you just try install it from git+git://, madrazr ?08:25
piyushbansalI believe there is some problem with the recipe itself08:25
piyushbansalrather than buildout, because buildout has always been working for me :\08:25
madrazrpiyushbansal: yeah, may be try that08:26
madrazrpiyushbansal: you may also want to put in under melange/eggs08:26
piyushbansalI tried that, and the recipe is failing08:27
piyushbansalwould you please give it a shot, just to be sure, that its problem at the recipe level08:27
madrazrpiyushbansal: disable that part and try?08:27
piyushbansaldisable the ?08:27
madrazrpiyushbansal: yes, I just did a fresh checkout and buildout08:27
madrazrpiyushbansal: it builds fine for me08:27
madrazron a completely new machine08:27
madrazrmy lab machine actually08:28
piyushbansalIt would build fine, because already dependecny of cns... recipe is satisfied ?08:28
piyushbansalI guess.08:28
piyushbansalIf that recipe is not there, fetching it and installing it is what's causing the issue08:28
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madrazrpiyushbansal: what do you mean?08:49
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vinookuriHello, i was interested in participating in GSOC this year for melange. Can someone help me on how i should begin?09:05
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madrazrvinookuri: Hi09:26
madrazrvinookuri: some of the first steps that students generally do are, trying to get Melange up and running on a local development machine, look at our ideas page and discuss them with Melange developers here, send a patch to Melange, etc.09:27
vinookuriAwesome. I will get melange up and running on my local machine first09:28
madrazrvinookuri: cool, sure09:31
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piyushbansalHi madrazr : Sorry I dozed off for a while :\10:14
piyushbansalWhat I meant was, was the dependendency of cns.recipe.symlinks met locally on your machine ?10:15
madrazrpiyushbansal: I think so yeah10:15
madrazrhow else will buildout proceed otherwise?10:15
piyushbansalYou would have to fetch it first, that's the thing10:16
piyushbansalWhen you said that you installed on a fresh machine, I meant to ask if the machine already had cns.recipe.symlink present in it ?10:17
piyushbansalIf this depedendency was met locally.10:17
madrazrpiyushbansal: I said "fresh" install10:19
madrazrpiyushbansal: I wish that machine new about those packages before :P10:19
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piyushbansalSorry , but I think I might not have been able to express myself very clearly here.10:20
piyushbansalI meant that we all have multiple projects up nad running on our machines, if one project requires one package it would have been installed at some point of time10:21
piyushbansalIf the buildout you are using can find that package locally, it would not fetch it.10:21
madrazrpiyushbansal: no worries, a fresh checkout on a completely arbitrary machines where no Python related work was done before could run Melange from buildout10:21
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madrazrthat's the take away10:21
madrazrso there is nothing wrong the buildout configuration I can see10:21
piyushbansalOh, that's what I was asking10:22
madrazrpiyushbansal: also no one else has complained so far10:22
madrazrso I don't think buildout configuration has any issues10:22
piyushbansalHmm, I will try on another machine and get back to you.10:22
madrazrpiyushbansal: btw, about your "we all have multiple projects up nad running on our machines" which is exactly why I never ever ever install any python packages system wide10:23
piyushbansalOh, okay. I am not very experienced, so :\10:23
madrazrpiyushbansal: if I ever have to install a Python package that spans across two projects or something like that, I use virtualenv, install packages there and just blow out the virtualenv directory once I am done10:23
piyushbansalSorry, if I am being too naive here10:24
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madrazryou/everyone else should do that too10:24
piyushbansalOh okay, that's a good suggestion.10:24
piyushbansalI should do it, every time I get a similar use case.10:24
piyushbansalThanks a lot madrazr :)10:26
madrazrpiyushbansal: YW10:26
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Uli-can you please make those new connection emails a little more useful?11:41
piyushbansalmadrazr : I finally managed to install :)11:41
madrazrpiyushbansal: awesome!11:42
madrazrpiyushbansal: what did you do?11:42
piyushbansalThere was a lot of source code I had to go through actually to do it, like reading source code of cns.recipe.symlink11:42
Uli-they are plain wrong, telling me "An org admin for xyz has established a connection with you" when actually someone wanted to be a mentor and I as the org admin am receiving the email11:42
madrazrUli-: Please file an issue at
piyushbansalThe github repo from where I pulled source of cns.recipe.symink had a bug, I commented some unnecessary credits section of the code, added egg to local eggs directory11:43
piyushbansalforced buildout to use everything locally11:43
piyushbansalAnd it built everything except for node :\11:43
piyushbansalDo you have bin/node present ?11:43
madrazrpiyushbansal: Oh man, that must have been painful11:43
piyushbansalI told you, I had been working on it for so long11:44
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madrazrpiyushbansal: yes11:44
piyushbansalI feel like sending a patch to cns.recipe.symlink as well11:44
piyushbansalI still cannot figure out, what the real issue was .11:44
piyushbansalWhat exactly does node do ?11:46
piyushbansalI don't have any idea, as per how important is it for the system to run.11:46
piyushbansalI believe it must be something that improves scalibility, or I am wrong ?11:46
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madrazrMerio: welcome back :)12:02
madrazrpiyushbansal: which one?12:02
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piyushbansalnode , madrazr ?12:08
piyushbansalIs it node.js sort of thing ?12:08
madrazrthat's used for JS testing12:08
madrazrpiyushbansal: not sort of, it is node.js :)12:08
piyushbansaloh okay :)12:09
piyushbansalwould you please paste ls bin/12:09
piyushbansalI need to see what all packages have failed installing12:09
piyushbansalSo that I have more manual work to do :P12:09
tpbTitle: Paste #32148 | LodgeIt! (at
Meriomadrazr: thx :)12:11
madrazrMerio: :D12:12
piyushbansalmadrazr : I am missing all the node.js packages it seems12:13
piyushbansalThey aren't very critical for unit testing , are they ?12:13
piyushbansallike npm, node, node-waf ?12:13
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madrazrpiyushbansal: depends on what you are unit testing12:33
madrazralright I should be off to bed now12:33
madrazrpiyushbansal: Merio can help you with that if he is around12:33
madrazrpiyushbansal: or nathanielmanista or someone will help you12:33
piyushbansalOkay , thanks a lot madrazr :)12:34
madrazrpiyushbansal: sorry, I need to crash, 5:30AM here already :D12:34
Meriomadrazr, piyushbansal: yes I'm around :)12:34
madrazrpiyushbansal: NP12:34
madrazrMerio: thanks! Please help piyushbansal12:34
piyushbansalmadrazr : np :) You have really helped me a lot12:34
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piyushbansalI have the environ up and running, better start hacking on it:)12:34
piyushbansalMerio : I was facing some difficulty over installation12:35
Meriopiyushbansal: looking at the backlog :)12:35
piyushbansalI manually installed all dependencies and somehow managed to install all the packages except for node related12:35
rihnapstorpiyushbansal: which version of node you have ?12:36
piyushbansalHow important are node related packages for non js unit testing/functional testing12:36
piyushbansal^ rihnapstor12:37
Merio piyushbansal: why do you feel they're not installed? Is node_modules directory present?12:38
piyushbansalnope :\12:38
piyushbansalAlso in the bin/ there are no node related packages12:38
piyushbansallike npm, node, node-was12:38
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piyushbansalAll three12:38
Meriopiyushbansal: however, it's useful for us to debug, but don't worry about it.. .there are currently no meaningful tests for JS12:39
piyushbansalMerio : okay , thanks a lot12:40
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Meriojust keep in mind12:40
piyushbansalyeah, tell me12:41
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Meriobasically you can select which tests to run12:42
MerioIf you do ./bin/run-tests everything runs, it shouldn't be a problem if you don't have node it will just skip the js tests12:43
Merioif you run into any issue you can run only unit tests by using ./bin/run-tests -t pyunit12:43
Merioso it will run only python's unit tests12:43
piyushbansalyeah, okay12:44
MerioHowever as far as I can see it's a problem with the connection to the recipe, so there is not much we can do I suppose12:44
rihnapstorhey Merio  :)  i have started  with bugs as its necessary to submit a patchset with gsoc proposal.  I would like to know more about how exactly we should write unit test for js ?12:44
piyushbansalYeah, Merio, you are right.12:44
Meriorihnapstor: as in the style or how to add/create one?12:44
Meriorihnapstor: hi, btw :)12:45
piyushbansalI manually pull the source and installed the eggs system wide( not so good , I know :()12:45
piyushbansalThen it worked.12:45
piyushbansalBut still, it can be useful if someone faces similar issue12:45
Meriopiyushbansal: if you want/have time to, you can add a comment in the wiki about the process you followed
tpb<> (at
rihnapstorMerio: yeah, can just give explain me precisely of what exactly needs to be done in  Javascript Tests. i have never written  unit test for js ,but would love to learn.12:49
Meriorihnapstor: the infrastructure has just been put in place a couple of weeks ago, so everything it's in an early stage12:50
Meriorihnapstor: it's the first time that I use jasmine for me as well, so I'm not 100% sure there is no adjustment to make in the infrastructure itself. So there is a lot of room for improvement and to influence how things will be done12:51
Meriorihnapstor: we currently use testem, which is configured in file testem.json in the root directory of the project12:51
rihnapstorMerio: : so i should first learn how to write unit test for js ?12:52
Meriorihnapstor: first step then is to learn how to use jasmine =>
tpbTitle: introduction-1.3.1.js (at
rihnapstorok  thanks Merio :)12:55
Meriorihnapstor: yw :)12:56
piyushbansalMerio : Sure, I would do that. I don't want everyone to go through the source code of various recipes and do a human brute force :P12:58
rihnapstorMerio: here i will have to follow the complete Tutorial to understand Jasmine ? and then get on with applying jasmine to hack with melange js files ?12:59
Meriorihnapstor: I would say so. You can find the current spec files and fixtures (very simple ones, just to confirm that everything is in place and working) in tests/app/soc/content/js13:01
Meriopiyushbansal: hehe, sure, thanks :)13:02
Meriopiyushbansal, rihnapstor: need to be AFK for a while to have lunch, see you in half an hour/one houe13:03
rihnapstorMerio: what time you are available usually so that we can discuss more ?13:04
rihnapstorok Merio  :) thanks for help today.13:04
rihnapstorbtw, Merio  jasmine has many callbacks and the code looks awesome with solarized theme :)13:05
piyushbansalMerio : Thanks a lot13:05
piyushbansalAnd one thing more, Merio : I am interested in funcitonal testing, But I dont' see leo around here.13:06
piyushbansalWhen is the best time, to discuss more with him ?13:06
Meriorihnapstor: safer days are working days (Mon-Fri) from about 8 to 18 UTC+113:06
Meriopiyushbansal: I think your best bet is to send an email to the mailing list13:08
rihnapstorok thanks Merio :)13:08
piyushbansalMerio : Okay I would do that , thanks a lot13:09
Meriosure, going to have lunch, we'll be back soon so if you have any questions just write them here and I'll reply when I'll get back :)13:10
rihnapstorno problem Merio :)13:11
rihnapstorenjoy your lunch :D13:11
* rihnapstor greets13:12
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piyushbansalMerio : made a comment at the bottom of the getting started page, not a very well structured, but it sure might be of some help.13:49
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* rihnapstor will be right back13:54
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Meriopiyushbansal: awesome, thank you very much!14:24
* downey just created
tpb<$N> (at
piyushbansalMerio : :)14:30
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vrnithinam trying to setting up melange directory in my system15:36
vrnithinAfter executing "python" I am getting this.15:36
vrnithinerror: None15:36
vrnithinTraceback (most recent call last):15:36
vrnithin  File "", line 155, in <module>15:36
vrnithin    repr(cmd)[1:-1])15:36
vrnithinException: ('Failed to execute command:\n%s', "'/usr/bin/python', '-c', 'from setuptools.command.easy_install import main; main()', '-mZqNxd', '/tmp/tmp_tFGrK', 'zc.buildout==2.1.0'")15:36
vrnithinwhat to do ?15:36
*** akif500 has joined #melange15:36
shaumik@vrnithin- try doing a sudo python bootstrap.py15:38
akif500 got a question that can  we attach graphics and diagrams in our gsoc proposal?15:38
vrnithin@shaumik still getting the same error.15:41
Meriovrnithin: It seems like Lennard has replied to your mail on the dev list, did you try to run that command?15:52
Merioakif500: IIRC you can attach images as long as you link them by URL and host them elsewhere15:53
vrnithin@Merio yup its working fine..thanks15:53
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Merioakif500: otherwise you can still write a proposal and put a link to redirect potential mentors to further information on your proposal15:54
rihnapstorMerio: installed jasmine 1.3.1 :)15:54
Merioakif500: as in put a simpler proposal in Melange and then say: have a look at this link for further information on how I want to implement this and this...15:54
Meriovrnithin: nice!15:55
Meriorihnapstor: awesome :) do you have it working also in melange?15:55
Meriorihnapstor: you can run ./bin/run-tests -t js in order to run JS tests and see if they're working. So whenever you want you can try and do something on Melange as well15:56
rihnapstorMerio:  I 'cd ' into melange/tests/ and then triggered 'jasmine-node .'15:57
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rihnapstorMerio:  Finished in 0.042 seconds ====2 tests, 4 assertions, 4 failures15:58
vrnithin am getting timed out error for this command  "sudo bin/buildout"15:58
*** Cadair has left #melange15:58
akif500Merio:thanks a lot15:58
*** akif500 has quit IRC15:58
rihnapstorvrnithin: type './bin/buildout'  from the directory 'melange/soc'15:59
rihnapstorvrnithin:  note the period  i ahve prefixed.15:59
Meriorihnapstor: run ./bin/run-tests -t js from the root directory and see if they work16:01
rihnapstorMerio: ok16:02
Meriovrnithin: are you behind a proxy? Because time out error seems to be related to a failed connection to a server16:02
*** carols has joined #melange16:04
vrnithin@Merio yup . in my college network many ports are blocked.16:04
vrnithin@Merio SSH port is blocked.will it be an issue ?16:05
*** Merio has quit IRC16:06
rihnapstorMerio:  Wow ! Firefox pops up says 'passing 2 specs'16:07
*** Merio has joined #melange16:07
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Merio16:07
* rihnapstor impressed 16:07
rihnapstorMerio:  Wow ! Firefox pops up says 'passing 2 specs'16:08
*** shaumik has quit IRC16:09
* rihnapstor brb16:19
*** rihnapstor has quit IRC16:19
*** sddhrthrt has joined #melange16:28
*** manugupt1 has joined #melange16:31
*** carols has quit IRC16:35
*** carols has joined #melange16:39
*** bhatta has joined #melange16:41
*** roonyH has joined #melange16:49
Meriovrnithin: have a look at the last comment here, it was left a couple of hours ago by another fellow16:57
*** DrJoel has joined #melange17:02
* DrJoel asks politely... any updates on connections? 17:03
*** divyanshu has joined #melange17:25
divyanshui need help setup melange17:25
*** roonyH has quit IRC17:28
*** snizzo has quit IRC17:33
divyanshuI am getting timeout errors everytime i do bin/buildout17:34
*** snizzo has joined #melange17:35
*** haseeb has joined #melange17:37
Meriodivyanshu: Hi, are you behind a proxy? Have a look at the latest comments here, it was left a couple of hours ago by another fellow17:37
*** haseeb has left #melange17:37
*** rihnapstor has joined #melange17:40
*** carols has quit IRC17:40
divyanshuthanks i ll try that17:42
*** carols has joined #melange17:43
divyanshubut i am not behind a proxy17:44
*** DrJoel has left #melange17:45
Meriodibyanshu, then probably there is a temporary problem with the connection to the source of a recipe (actually, I hope it's temporary)17:45
rihnapstorMerio: hi17:46
Meriorihnapstor: hi!17:46
*** piyushbansal has joined #melange17:50
rihnapstorMerio: i read about jasmine test framework.quite Interesting though. './bin/runtest'  passed two test ,but test didn't run on chrome. Chrome automatically pops and shuts down .17:50
*** DrJoel has joined #melange17:51
Meriorihnapstor: they should work like this: it should do tests on chrome and then close the browser, same for other browsers that are found in the system. After those tests are done, it should also run them on phantomjs17:52
Meriorihnapstor: the idea is to run them only on the headless phantomjs in order to implement continuous integration one day, but it doesn't hurt to test in other browsers meanwhile :)17:54
Meriorihnapstor: or, rather than "meanwhile" I'd say when you run them locally :)17:54
piyushbansalhi divyanshu :)17:54
rihnapstoryeah,but Merio  chrome doesn't load any test on any localhost post it pops and shuts down within seconds. so that means it test is passed ?17:55
piyushbansalI was having a look at the IRC logs and it seems you are also facing installation issue17:55
*** divyanshu has quit IRC17:55
piyushbansalI have made a comment at the bottom of getting started page, please go through it , and let me know if the issue prevails17:55
piyushbansalhi vrnithin, Please have a look ^ , if you're still having installation issues17:56
Meriopiyushbansal: I didn't realise you were here, otherwise I would have pointed to you directly instead of saying "another fellow" :) Sorry it was just difficult for me to know your nick by heart, my fault!17:57
piyushbansalOh, not a big deal at all. Infact I am new to melange community, how can I expect you to know me in just a day or two :)17:57
vrnithin@piyushbansal  i saw your comment .after commenting out  how to run ? whats the option to be given with "python" ?17:57
piyushbansalfirst run build17:58
Meriorihnapstor: what does the console say? It should pop and shut down within seconds, that's normal. It basically runs the tests (which are very simple right now, so it doesn't take much time) and then shuts down17:58
piyushbansalie. python build17:58
piyushbansaland then pyhton install17:58
piyushbansalThis is the most common way of installing packages pyhton recipes(apart from pip/easy_install)17:58
piyushbansalMerio: Oh, not a big deal at all. Infact I am new to melange community, how can I expect you to know me in just a day or two :)17:59
vrnithinpiyushbansal:  thanks18:00
piyushbansalvrnithin : Did it work ?18:00
Meriopiyushbansal: indeed, still I was wanting to look on the backlog and copy paste but I didn't have much time because of craziness at work and still I wanted to help out the others as soon as possible. However, yeah.. welcome to the community and great that you're helping out! I think it might be not a problem with the proxy thing, but probably the recipe just have connection issues18:01
MerioAs divyanshu seemed not to be behind proxy18:01
piyushbansalYeah, I figured. The recipe has some connectivity issues.18:01
vrnithinpiyushbansal:  cns.recipe.symlink worked fine.18:02
piyushbansalYou're right, as a matter of fact, I tried everything, including tunneling and bypassing my college proxy18:02
piyushbansalOkay cool, vrnithin18:02
piyushbansalI am just idling around IRC for another hour or so, so if you still face issues, just ping me :)18:02
Meriopiyushbansal: let's hope it's temporary18:03
rihnapstorpiyushbansal: you dont attend classes ?18:03
piyushbansalMerio : I wish. but since we have a (sort of) solution, it won't be much of an issue to us. :)18:03
MerioI'm gonna leave soon and head home for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow, though. :)18:04
piyushbansalrihnapstor : I do, I am from India, you see its like 12 midnight here :)18:04
piyushbansalMerio : Okay cool, thanks for helping out and being here, if there are any more people with installtion issues, I would be happy to help.18:05
piyushbansalGood night :)18:05
rihnapstorMerio: Thanks you introduced me to jasmine TDD :) i am new to it. so it will be a learning curve. so from now we will test js by running './bin/runtests' and why not jasmine-node ?18:07
Meriopiyushbansal: thank you very much for helping out again! See you tomorrow18:07
rihnapstorsorry BDD18:08
piyushbansalMerio: One last thing before you go, what would be the ideal time to discuss functional tesing with liu ?18:08
piyushbansalI don't find him on IRC18:09
Meriorihnapstor: yw, I'm new to it myself, didn't have the chance to use it before. It's actually a BDD framework, but the difference is very blurred and AFAIK you can do TDD with a BDD framework, it just depends on what you do. You need to run ./bin/runtests because testem takes care of many things as doing the tests on every browser you have in your environment and sets jasmine up. It basically takes care of many things automatically.18:10
Meriopiyushbansal: your best bet is to send a mail to the mailing list, since I'm not sure he joins IRC at all. We mainly use the mailing list for communication, I'm not active in the IRC channel myself usually as well (unless somebody explicitly says my nick and I'm notified) :)18:11
rihnapstoroh ok Merio  tommorow you will be there ? and at what time UTC ?18:12
Meriopiyushbansal: but I usually try to be present as much as possible during GSoC students application phase, since sometimes people are more shy to write something in the mailing list and prefer direct communication and direct feedback instead18:12
Meriorihnapstor: I'll probably be online at 8 AM Dublin time (Ireland). That would be 8 UTC+1 I guess (since we're in DST now). But I'm not sure about my responsiveness during the morning since I'm going to have some meetings at work. But you try and I'll write something as soon as I've some time :)18:13
piyushbansalMerio: Okay thanks for the information, I have already sent a mail on the mailing list though :)18:14
rihnapstorfine Merio  :) gn :) have great day18:15
vrnithinpiyushbansal: " Fiddle around with your python environment path " means ?18:16
*** roonyH has joined #melange18:17
Meriopiyushbansal: yeah, you're right. Lennard seems to have CCed Leo, so we have just to wait for him to show up. If he doesn't show up in one day or two we'll try other meanings of contacting him.18:18
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC18:18
piyushbansalMerio: Okay sure :) and umm Lennie on IRC is lennard, right ?18:19
LennieYeah that's me18:19
Merio piyushbansal: He's Lennie18:19
MerioOh there you are :)18:19
rihnapstorhi Lennie  :)  :D18:19
LennieMerio, that's what you get when I get highlighted :P18:19
piyushbansalhi Lennie :)18:20
Meriopiyushbansal: you can have a look at the functional_testing branch ( meanwhile.18:20
Lenniehi rihnapstor and piyushbansal18:20
tpb<> (at
piyushbansalvrnithin : Oops I forgot we were having a discussion, have a look at this link
tpb<> (at
piyushbansalMerio : Okay , I sure would18:21
piyushbansalBtw, if you have some idea, Merio, would functional testing mostly comprise of selenium and smoke tests w.r.t our project ?18:21
Meriopiyushbansal: commits of Syed Armani, which was a student last year (and now he's a contributor) and he's making the functional testing happen18:21
vrnithinpiyushbansal: ok18:22
Meriorihnapstor: thanks :)18:22
MerioLennie: that's dangerous then :P18:23
*** perepujal has joined #melange18:25
piyushbansalBtw, if you have some idea, Merio, would functional testing mostly comprise of selenium and smoke tests w.r.t our project ?18:27
*** DrJoel has left #melange18:27
*** perepujal has left #melange18:29
* nathanielmanista is happy to see so much conversation going on and is totally lost in it all18:30
* rihnapstor greets18:30
vrnithinpiyushbansal: after Installation  of gp.recipe.node can i proceed to "bin/gen-app-yaml local-devel" ?18:31
Meriopiyushbansal: as far as I know it's using selenium, yes18:33
MerioHi nathanielmanista :)18:33
vrnithinpiyushbansal: so ./bin/buildout is installing node.js,cns.recipe.symlink and gp.recipe.node ?18:33
Merionathanielmanista: sorry for yesterday, I was sick... headache all day. I'm glad you guys fixed the issues with connections so promptly (not that I would have been of any use, but ... still glad!!! :))18:34
piyushbansalMerio : okay , its good to know18:35
*** roonyH has quit IRC18:36
piyushbansalvrnithin : No, you must complete buildout to the extent that it either installs or throws an error while installing node dependent stuff.18:36
piyushbansalI have only managed to install all packages except for node-wps.18:36
piyushbansalSince I don't have much to do with js related stuff, I skipped that part.18:37
piyushbansalSo its more or less your pick, I would suggest that you let buildout compelete as much as it can18:37
piyushbansalAfter that you can run local instance of the application ,as soon as a build folder is generated( by buildout)18:37
piyushbansalI hope, I have made it sufficiently clear for you.18:38
*** piyushbansal is now known as piyushbansal|awa18:38
*** piyushbansal|awa is now known as piyushbansal|bus18:39
piyushbansal|bus* charater limit on nick :|18:39
*** piyushbansal|bus is now known as piyush|away18:39
*** carols has quit IRC18:46
*** carols has joined #melange18:50
*** saurabhsood91_ has joined #melange18:50
*** saurabhsood91 has quit IRC18:51
*** roonyH has joined #melange18:52
*** Dragos__ has joined #melange18:59
*** piyush|away is now known as piyushbansal19:02
*** snizzo_ has joined #melange19:08
*** snizzo has quit IRC19:08
*** roonyH has quit IRC19:13
*** Merio has quit IRC19:13
*** Dragos__ has quit IRC19:15
*** roonyH has joined #melange19:18
*** carols has quit IRC19:21
*** Strik3r has joined #melange19:22
roonyHHi, I am a gsoc student19:23
roonyHso as melange runs on gae, services offered from gae are available to melange. aren't they?19:24
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange19:25
*** hasil1 has joined #melange19:26
nathanielmanistaMostly, but Melange may or may not choose to avail itself of certain services. About which are you curious?19:26
roonyHchannel API19:27
*** sunu is now known as CookieThief19:33
*** CookieThief is now known as sunu19:34
*** hasil1 has quit IRC19:37
*** hasil has joined #melange19:38
*** haseeb has joined #melange19:46
*** haseeb has left #melange19:46
*** antrik has quit IRC19:52
*** nikunj_ has joined #melange19:55
*** antrik_ has joined #melange19:55
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*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange20:01
* rihnapstor says gn :)20:03
*** nikunj_ has quit IRC20:03
*** rihnapstor has quit IRC20:03
*** Hamish_B has joined #melange20:04
*** vrnithin has quit IRC20:09
*** jenmylo has quit IRC20:12
*** r0bby has joined #melange20:17
*** saurabhsood91_ has quit IRC20:18
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC20:18
nathanielmanistaroonyH: What would you have in mind for it?20:26
roonyHI am interested in the Messaging System project20:30
*** snizzo_ has quit IRC20:30
*** hasil has quit IRC20:30
roonyHI have a feeling the channel API will be helpful20:30
roonyH:) great20:32
*** r0bby has quit IRC20:38
roonyHand what are the issues in the issue tracker that a student like me could work in. I am experienced with python and have some experience with appengine20:38
roonyHshould I look for a trivial one?20:38
roonyHi also see some accepted issues are reported long ago. Is it ok to work even on them?20:40
downeyroonyH: Each organization maintains its own issue trackers, so you'll need to contact them directly to better understand what work is available to do and how the tracker is used by them20:45
downeysorry, i mis-read that thinking i was in #gsoc, you can ignore my comments roonyH  :-)20:45
* downey goes and finds caffeine20:45
*** Uli- has left #melange20:46
roonyHdowney: :D no worries. I think I should do the same. Its 2 am here.20:48
roonyH:me goes and checks out #gsoc20:49
*** DrJoel has joined #melange20:50
DrJoelI wonder if anyone could help me with the connections20:50
piyushbansalHi nathanielmanista20:56
piyushbansalI was looking at /tests/app/soc/logic/test_cleaning.py20:57
piyushbansalI noticed that one or two methods from could be unit tested for more robustness, what do you think ?20:58
piyushbansalI am talking about testing clean_birth_date and clean_irc etc ..20:58
piyushbansalLennie ^20:59
LennieDrJoel, [email protected] is your best bet21:01
Lenniepiyushbansal, one sec21:01
piyushbansalLennie : yeah , sure :)21:01
Lenniepiyushbansal, yes those would be welcome additions21:01
DrJoelLennie thanks.. maybe you know before I ask.. connections initiated by mentor seem to work.. but the connections initiated by me inviting folks can't be accepted.21:02
LennieDrJoel, interesting. I got invited to be a mentor and it worked for me21:02
DrJoelI can't even accept my own invite to be a mentor for RTEMS21:03
LennieAre they missing a link/21:03
LennieDrJoel, you are already an org admin right?21:03
LennieTherefore also a Mentor21:03
Lenniethe fact that you can create such a request is a bug21:03
DrJoeloh.. no longer separate roles...21:03
LennieThey haven't been for 1 or 2 years21:03
DrJoelonce a year and I barely remember how to fill in the forms :)21:03
DrJoelthat explains my error.21:04
Lenniewe decided to have the once a year Melange trouble at the beginning :p21:04
LennieAt least AppEngine scaled this time21:04
DrJoelOur co-admin during proposal season ended up dropping himself to a mentor21:04
DrJoelwhat do I need to do to bump him back up21:04
LennieInvite him as an org admin?21:05
LennieI'm not sure how though since I wasn't involved in this rewrite21:05
LennieAlso I got to run21:05
DrJoelok.. thanks.. the org admin=mentor helped21:05
LennieYeah afaik that is true21:06
DrJoelI will email the list. I deleted the co-admin turned mentor and can't reinvite him to be admin even though he isn't in the list anymore :(21:08
piyushbansalLennie : okay, then I better get started :D21:20
*** carols has joined #melange21:21
*** roonyH has quit IRC21:32
*** haseeb has joined #melange21:35
*** haseeb has left #melange21:35
*** carols has quit IRC21:36
*** DrJoel has quit IRC21:51
*** SinnerShanky has quit IRC21:57
piyushbansalLennie : I am running the application locally, I was wondering if line no 38 in soc/app/soc/logic/ would execute21:57
piyushbansalMore specifically if google appengine's urlfetch would fail, I believe it should, what do you say ?21:58
*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange22:00
*** Hamish_B has left #melange22:02
*** manugupt1 has quit IRC22:05
*** manugupt1 has joined #melange22:08
*** manugupt1 has joined #melange22:08
*** JoergH has joined #melange22:31
*** mang0 has joined #melange22:44
*** mang0 has joined #melange22:44
piyushbansalnathanielmanista : I wanted to ask something about one of the methods that you worked on22:46
nathanielmanistaI'm listening; ask away. :-)22:49
*** Strik3r has quit IRC22:51
piyushbansalyeah, I was wondering if we needed unit tests for clean_birth_date method22:52
piyushbansalThe validate function for DOB is alreeady there, but it still might be of use to have different method for cleaning logic tests22:52
piyushbansalWhat do you say ?22:53
*** Strik3r has joined #melange22:53
*** dreimark has quit IRC22:54
*** dreimark has joined #melange22:54
nathanielmanistaI worked on that? Huh.22:55
nathanielmanistaOh right, I worked on isAgeSufficientForProgram.22:56
nathanielmanistaYes, unit tests for clean_birth_date would be appropriate.22:56
nathanielmanistaIt's not at all harmful that in cases in which code B calls code A that code B's tests will show either overlap with or similarity to code A's tests.22:57
piyushbansalOkay great,  I would work on it then :)22:57
piyushbansalBut wouldn't this overlap cause the overall process to be slow ?22:57
piyushbansalJust wondering.22:57
piyushbansalI mean, when we would be refactoring tests, this overlap would have to be removed, correct me if I am wrong here :D22:58
nathanielmanistaThere's some variation, but in practice it's not a problem. Say in the case above that code A's public interface changes.22:59
nathanielmanistacode A's test will have to change, and code B's call site of code A will have to change, but if you've done things correctly...23:00
nathanielmanistacode B's test only contains a call site of code B and does not contain a call site of code A, and thus code B's test won't have to change. :-)23:00
piyushbansalYeah, you're right23:00
piyushbansalWe would just be building another abstraction layer over code B.23:01
piyushbansalSo that we are able to interface with internal methods of code b via a public interface23:01
piyushbansalRIght :D23:01
piyushbansalSimilarly I have submitted a patch for clean_irc and clean_mailto methods , both of these didn't have cleaning unit tests.23:02
*** asmeurer__ has joined #melange23:37
*** harlan_ has joined #melange23:38
*** asmeurer has quit IRC23:38
*** asmeurer__ is now known as asmeurer23:38
*** harlan has quit IRC23:38
*** piyushbansal has quit IRC23:51

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