Thursday, 2013-04-11

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rihnapstorme brb07:27
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rihnapstorHello Merio  :)08:47
MerioHello rihnapstor, how are you?08:48
rihnapstori am good :) Merio08:50
Meriorihnapstor: how is it going with Jasmine? If you need any further assistance (also if you want to go ahead and try to put some actual tests on melange) just let me know. Unfortunately I'm gonna be busy from now until... I don't know, probably 1 or 2 hours, but just write the questions here if you have any and I will get back to you asap08:50
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voxsimHi, I'm interested in Javascript Tests and Javascript List Enhancements, could I ask something about these two ideas? They are still free? And I try to see if there is any issues or bug in the software, but all issues  have been assigned10:09
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DrJoelAny Melange devels awake or should I just preemptively move to the mailing list?13:45
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MerioHi Dr Joel, how are you?13:54
MerioWelcome :)13:54
piyushbansalHi Lennie13:55
DrJoelMerio just battling Melange :)13:58
DrJoelWe seem to get some folks signed up and others Melange doesn't like13:58
DrJoelAnd I stupidly invited myself to be a mentor before I realized admin implies mentor so that can't be deleted13:58
MerioDr Joel, let me try to ping the right guys :)14:03
DrJoelThanks. I think I made a mistake by using connect by email. It seems buggy.14:03
DrJoelConnections initiated by others seem to be more reliable14:04
piyushbansalMerio : Hi14:13
DrJoelbrb .. printer at home broken.. meeting son at university with his homework.. printers suck14:16
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piyushbansalMerio : I am not able to run functional tests , this error shows up "WebDriverException: Message: "Can't load the profile. Profile Dir: /tmp/tmpZqsLBC Firefox output: *** LOG addons.xpi: startup\n*** LOG addons.xpi: checkForChanges\n*** LOG addons.xpi: No changes found\n""14:25
piyushbansalAny ideas , why ?14:25
MerioDr Joel: Can you send a mail to the mailing list? I think it's the optimal solution right now14:27
Meriopiyushbansal: I don't have anything on top of my head unfortunately... can you send a mail to the mailing list, so probably Syed could jump in the conversation?14:28
piyushbansalMerio : Okay sure, thanks a lot for the information.14:29
piyushbansalMerio: btw, just one thing, is it possible to configure to use chrome for selenium testing ?14:30
piyushbansalWhere do I make changes for functional tests to use chrome webtdriver ?14:30
Meriopiyushbansal: I think firefox is hard coded now, but I'm not 100% sure14:31
piyushbansalOh okay , I'll just check , if it can be done on chrome14:32
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DrJoelMerio I wil .. thanks.14:40
rihnapstorMerio: hey ! where can i access the IRC chat logs ?14:41
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dreimarkhi, is there another issue that a potential mentor can't apply for a project ?14:57
dreimarktpb: ^14:57
dreimarkThomasWaldmann: ^^14:57
DrJoelEach year you select student or mentor.. you can't switch14:57
DrJoelA mentor can see all proposals so during the early part it would be unfair to submit a proposal and be a mentor14:58
DrJoelI suppose a rejected student could want to switch to mentor.. but I don't recall that coming up14:59
dreimarkis start a connection working currently ?15:07
DrJoelIt appears to be... my experience is that it is mostly working to invite mentors15:08
DrJoelBut an org admin is implicitly a mentor so if you want more co-admins, ask them to do that first15:08
DrJoeland they will implicitly be mentors15:08
dreimarkMerio: we have problems to get one of our "wanted mentors" getting into the project15:09
dreimarkhe don't see"15:10
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dreimark"Start a Connection"15:10
DrJoelYou could invite them... (replace MYORG)15:11
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dreimarkcool, i try15:13
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dreimarkthat solved it15:46
Meriodreimark: sorry I couldn't reply earlier. is everything fine now?15:56
Meriorihnapstor: it's in the channel topic: -->
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at
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rihnapstorthanks Merio  :)16:12
Meriorihnapstor: yw :)16:13
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dreimarkMerio: i was able to invite the mentor, but i can't verify if want to be mentors can "start a connection"16:26
* rihnapstor brb16:30
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piyushbansalhi rihnapstor :)17:17
rihnapstorhey piyushbansal :)17:19
nathanielmanistaHello to both of you. :-)17:22
piyushbansalhello nathanielmanista :)17:23
rihnapstorhie nathanielmanista17:29
rihnapstorMerio:  studying Melange codebase. As you mentioned earlier that BDD test  with for jasmine  js is  a learning curve,can you point me to bugs or any tests code  that i can start writing  and experimenting with Melange js .17:38
piyushbansalnathanielmanista : Do you have any idea about selenium as used by melange17:50
piyushbansalI mean, have we hard coded it to use firefix webdriver, or can we configure it to chrome as well ?17:51
piyushbansalI have firefox 20 and I guess selenium doesn't work well with ff>=1617:51
piyushbansalAlso I posted somewhere in the chat above with Merio, that I was having an error, while using firefox, that is probably due to version incompatibility bw ff and selenium17:52
piyushbansalWhat do you think ?17:52
rodney757I am interested in participating in GSOC17:55
rodney757One project that looked interesting to me was the Messaging System17:56
Meriorihnapstor: let me think about it17:56
rodney757What skill level do you think is need to accomplish that project?17:56
Meriorodney757: hi and welcome to Melange :) Can you send a mail in the mailing list about it? Not everyone is here on chat so it would be easier for the others to answer you17:57
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nikunj_Is it necessary to use python for listed projects?18:03
nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: I don't have any strong opinion about how selenium is used and configured for our tests - probably Merio can give the best guidance.18:05
Merionikunj_: as you can see in our ideas page -> there is one of them which only needs javascript skills18:05
tpb<> (at
Merionathanielmanista, piyushbansal: not really, Syed or Leo would be the best people to talk with. I can just have a look at the code18:05
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nikunj_yes but I am interseted in javascript List Enhancement.And i think it requires python18:07
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Merionikunj_: yes, I've just fixed the relevant skills there. They were listed in the text but not in the relevant skills part18:09
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rihnapstorMerio: ok i wrote a multiply function and tested it with jasmine as  an excercise :D18:10
Meriorihnapstor: cool. If you want to try and get your feet wet with melange testing, you could try and see if you can test the unpack function here
tpb<> (at
nikunj_and ya in javascript tests project are we required to implement test cases or we need to implement some framework for written javascript code?18:14
* rihnapstor looks18:15
Meriorihnapstor: this is however in a private variable inside a self invoking function, so I'm not 100% sure you can access it using Jasmine. You can try and see if that's possible somehow and that would be very interesting if we're allowed to do so. If that's not possible you can make it a public function temporarily changing it from "var unpack" to "$m.unpack" and test the tweaked javascript code.18:15
Merionikunj_: the javascript testing framework is in place but we have no tests yet. Since we didn't have test for those things yet, we are not 100% sure the architecture that is in place is sufficient for our goals, so there is much room for driving the whole JS testing thing18:16
Merionikunj_, rihnapstor: also there's the possibility that the current code is not 100% testable, so we might need to change it to requirejs (see in order to be more easily testable. I will write these details as soon as possible.18:18
tpb<> (at
Merionikunj_, rihnapstor: but probably changing everything to requirejs is a whole gsoc project in itself18:19
nikunj_i think if inplace framework is not sufficient then we should go for it as gsoc project18:20
Merionikunj_: well, actually, I don't think tweaking the current framework is a whole gsoc project in itself, unless we have proof of what has to be changed, why and what the actual effort would be18:21
desophoshi everyone, i'm interested in GSoC and the 'Integration of Summer of Code's "Connections" subsystem with Code-in' project looks interesting and doable with my skills.18:22
desophosso i'd just like to start to get acquainted with melange :)18:22
Meriorihnapstor: another possible attempt is to check the loadScripts function (same file, line 426). This is possibly a more difficult one to do, since it implies the understanding on how we load the additional javascript and css from arrays in the django templates, through the use of the rest of melange.dependency.js and LABJs and the unpack function itself (more info here:
tpb<> (at
Meriodesophos: Hi, you can have a look at our mailing lists, there are some questions about this already asked. If you don't find enough information you can send another email there18:24
Meriodesophos: and welcome to Melange, of course :)18:25
nikunj_Merio : it will be very helpful if you  give me some idea about backend part of it.18:26
nikunj_i forgot to mention i am talking about that list enhancement project18:26
rihnapstorMerio: are we also concern about IE ? ^^18:32
Merionikunj_: about the backend I'm not the best person to talk with, you should send a mail to the mailing list. What I can say is that currently the lists are always created in javascript by the scripts in app/soc/content/js/melange.list*, which use jqgrid ( The way lists are behaving is dictated by the backend by the use of, which creates something compatible wit18:33
tpbTitle: jQuery Grid Plugin jqGrid (at
Meriorihnapstor: as far as I know IE is not officially supported18:34
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Merionikunj_: the idea is not to do this everytime at least for some lists which don't need the advanced functions that JS lists have18:37
Merionikunj_: or show an HTML list by default and make it an option to activate the JS ones in order for the user to have the advanced options on that list18:37
Merioadvanced options meaning advanced features18:38
Meriolike sorting, searching, adding/removing columns and stuff18:38
nikunj_k i am just looking at the code and i'll try my best to find out someway to get rid of this problem.18:38
MerioSome features that are available on the lists are documented here in the manual ->
tpb<> (at
Merionikunj_: sure, if you have any questions feel free to send a mail in the mailing list (have a look at least at the last week archive to make sure no other student has already asked the same question though ;))18:40
Merioeverybody: I need to head home now, it's starting to get very late here18:42
nikunj_Merio : thank you for your guidance.good night18:42
MerioI will be available tomorrow as well, starting from about 8 UTC+1... depending on how busy I am at work I will try to do my best to be responsive enough :)18:43
Merio8 UTC+1 being 8 AM UTC+1 of course18:43
rihnapstorMerio: how much code coverage will requirejs do ? and how do we use it with melange ?18:44
Merionikunj_: you're welcome and thanks.. same to you :)18:44
Meriorihnapstor: requirejs is a different way of loading and modularize javascript, it's not something that is strictly related to testing18:45
Meriorihnapstor: we're currently using LABjs but they gave up since they're stable and basically requirejs has gained too much momentum in the JS world18:45
Meriomore info here:
tpbTitle: RequireJS (at
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Meriorihnapstor: some more information on why this is better here -->
tpb<> (at
Meriorihnapstor: now I really have to go, see you tomorrow? :)18:49
rihnapstorMerio: ok so lots to learning ,but its interesting that this stuff is new to me :)18:50
rihnapstorMerio: gn you were really helpful :)18:51
Meriorihnapstor: cool, learning is always good :)18:51
Meriorihnapstor: glad to help! See you tomorrow and have a nice.... whatever it is in your timezone ^__^18:51
Meriosame for you nikunj_18:51
rihnapstorbye! there Merio18:52
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jgsmiththe email icon on the org homepage seems to be for the public mailing list and not the email address under "Public Info" (where it says "Enter an email address to be used by would-be members seeking addition information.") - is this a bug or should I change the public mailing list address to be the email people should use for more info so the email icon on the org homepage is what people can use for more info?19:05
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piyushbansalLennie: Are you there ?19:46
piyushbansalI wanted to ask, if you asked me to attach the patch in the group mailing list as an attachment or embed it in the message ?19:47
Lenniepiyushbansal, both19:47
piyushbansalOh okay, thanks :)19:47
Lenniejgsmith, sounds like a potential bug19:47
Lenniejgsmith, one that must have been there for a year or 219:47
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
piyushbansalAnd one more thing, Lennie, Are the selenium tests written for firefox only ?19:47
Lenniewould you mind :)?19:47
jgsmithLennie: not a problem :-)19:48
piyushbansalIs it okay to configure these to run for chrome ?19:48
piyushbansalI also mean, if its possible to.19:48
Lenniepiyushbansal, I'm not familiar with them. But if you can make them run for Chrome that would be nice :)19:48
Lenniepiyushbansal, yes please19:48
piyushbansalLennie : Okay, thanks :)19:48
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Lenniepiyushbansal, if you wouldn't mind applying the blank line suggestion to the Irc/MailTo tests that would be great20:00
Lenniemakes it a lot easier to read :)20:00
piyushbansalSorry, didn't get you ?20:01
LennieYou'll probably understand when you look at the response on the date validator20:02
piyushbansalOkay, got it20:02
piyushbansalSorry I didn't look at the message you posted on the group20:02
Lenniepiyushbansal, np :P20:02
Lenniepiyushbansal, I just posted it20:02
piyushbansalI would make the changes that you suggested, thanks a lot20:03
LennieI don't expect you to read them instantly20:03
piyushbansalLennie: In the code I meant the program start day by today20:04
piyushbansalI agree that the comment is misleading, and I would quickly write something that is more apt.20:04
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piyushbansalThanks for pointing out20:04
Hamish_Bwhere do we file bugs again? tx20:05
piyushbansalLennie: About the off by one errors, I was more concerned about testing the cleaning logic, there already are tests written for validating date of birth ,20:05
piyushbansalOr do you propose that I write them here as well ?20:06
piyushbansalHamish_B : Hi20:06
piyushbansalPlease find the issues at
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
Hamish_Bcheers. hopefully it's an easy one.20:07
Lenniepiyushbansal, hmm good point20:10
LennieAs long as you cover before, during and after it's good enough for me :)20:10
LennieI'm off now for the day20:10
piyushbansalYeah, I have covered total 6 cases20:10
piyushbansalTwo for each of the use cases that you've mentioned20:11
LennieI also took a quick look at the other patch you send in20:11
Lenniemade some comments :)20:11
piyushbansalYeah, great :)20:11
LennieThanks for helping out20:11
piyushbansalI would have a look, make changes and update the patches20:11
Lennieyeah no rush20:11
piyushbansalLennie: :D20:11
LennieI don't think Leo will get to them till tomorrow20:11
piyushbansalLennie: Oh, okay20:12
Lenniebut you never know :)20:12
LennieIt's tests20:12
Lennieso maybe nathanielmanista will jump on it :P20:12
piyushbansalLennie : hehe20:12
piyushbansalLennie : If you have just a few more minutes, I would like to talk about some of the comments that you've made on the other patch20:14
piyushbansalIf you're leaving, its okay, we can discuss another time, no hurry :)20:14
piyushbansalAbout the mail urls, yes its about mailto:20:15
piyushbansalChecking the more edge cases for channel validators, yeah that is a good point20:15
piyushbansalAlso, if the mailto is returned true by the validator, then only we can asserttrue of the equality20:16
piyushbansalIf we are returned an exception, that means it fails20:16
piyushbansalSince it can be just one of the two, checking for one ensures the negative of another20:16
piyushbansalIn this case, assertequal ensures that there is no exception raise20:17
piyushbansalWhich is exactly what we want to test.20:17
piyushbansalLennie: correct me if I am wrong, I am new to the codebase, but I guess I am not being too off track here :D20:17
LennieI don't think I understand your point20:20
piyushbansalOh, let me explain again, even I guess I wasn't able to express exactly what I was intending to say20:21
piyushbansalAll I am saying is that about "Please ensure that the validator also passes when you give it a valid url.", I guess there are checks present20:22
piyushbansalI mean , I have checked that there is no exception raised, which means that the validator validated the correct mailto URl20:23
*** jenmylo has quit IRC20:23
piyushbansalLennie: Is that what you wanted to point out in that comment ?20:23
piyushbansalSorry, If I misunderstood20:23
Lennieoh no20:23
Lennieit uses a different validator for both20:23
Lennielook at the implementation20:23
Lennieif you give it mailto: it uses the validators.validate_email20:24
Lennieif you give it something else like
tpbTitle: Example Domain (at
Lennieit uses validators.URLValidator()20:24
Lennieergo you should test both20:24
piyushbansalYeah, exactly, I have tested both20:24
LennieThen I must have missed it ^_^20:24
piyushbansalFor IRC I have used URL validator20:24
piyushbansaland for mailto, I extract mailto: string and test for a valid email20:25
Lennieclean_mailto should also accept http://someUrl20:25
piyushbansalWould that be fine, IMHO it should be20:25
LennieI didn't see you test a URL for clean_mailTo20:25
piyushbansalOh is it ?20:25
tpb<> (at
LennieReally off now :D20:26
piyushbansalYeah, I have just done a email validation20:26
piyushbansalThanks a lot for pointing out20:26
piyushbansalThat was really nice of you to spend so much time, on this small patch20:26
piyushbansalLennie: bye :)20:26
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nathanielmanistadesophos: Have you gone through everything on Run the test suite and perhaps deployed to a personal development project on App Engine?20:52
tpb<> (at
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* rihnapstor gn22:14
*** rihnapstor has quit IRC22:14
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roonyHHi all23:52
roonyH@Lennie, Hi, Is Daniel the probable mentor for the Messaging System project available in IRC?23:52
roonyHi am a gsoc student btw23:52
roonyH@nathanielmanista Hi, Is Daniel the probable mentor for the Messaging System project available in IRC?23:54

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