Tuesday, 2013-04-09

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gchaixnathanielmanista: nah, it's all fine.  I just used an alternate username00:14
gchaixall is well00:15
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Uli-hey there10:23
Uli-notifications did not get sent to the email address specified on an org admins profile.10:23
Uli-from my profile:10:24
Uli- Email address*This is the address we send all notifications to.10:24
Uli-content is [email protected]10:24
Uli-notification went to [email protected] which caused some confusion10:24
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LennieUli-, which particular notification was that?13:37
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LennieUli-, I found the issue and filed https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=177613:47
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+ygd> (at code.google.com)13:47
Uli-cool, thanks!13:47
LennieBack in the day one didn't need a profile to create an org app13:47
Lenniethings have changed13:47
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vrnithin /msg NickServ identify 100121NITChin_cs16:18
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vrnithinhi am beginner to melange and i was trying to setup16:20
vrnithinusing gettingStarted wiki16:20
vrnithin but i was confused after some steps16:21
vrnithinwhat actually bin/buildout ?16:21
vrnithinanyone please ?16:21
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vrnithinplease anyone16:33
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Lennievrnithin, you can mail [email protected] . Perhaps you can include your terminal output if you are having problems16:49
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patrickghi, I'm an org admin (not the only one in the project), and the connection to my project in melange has the status "user action required". following that link gives me "This connection cannot be accessed from this profile". any idea how to proceed?16:58
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rihnapstorhello, since melange has been selected for gsoc this year ,i  would like to know whether i can ask queries here other than mailing lists  about bugs that needs to be solved.17:16
rihnapstorLennie:  ?17:20
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rihnapstornathanielmanista: ?17:49
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SinnerShankyI am pretty interested in the GSoC idea on Javascript Tests. Could I please know Mario Ferraro's, probable mentor, handle?18:02
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harlanI'm having an email problem at my orgadmin email address - I don't know if we've been accepted or not, and if we've been accepted I don't know where to go to fill in the information needed to get us displayed.18:10
patrickgharlan: you could try http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/profile/organization/google/gsoc2013?org_id=$projectname18:12
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+ymi> (at www.google-melange.com)18:12
harlanthanks patrickg18:12
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harlanHow about a LinkedIn URL on the org profile?18:25
LennieSinnerShanky, just mail [email protected] and he'll respond18:26
harlan'k, thanks18:26
Lennierihnapstor, you can ask away but TTR is pretty high here18:26
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harlanhey carols18:27
carolshi harlan18:27
rihnapstorLennie: may i know what s TTR ?18:28
patrickgtime to response - that is, latency18:29
rihnapstorah,i see patrickg18:30
SinnerShankyThanks :)18:31
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harlanI see I misread - should I email my ? about a LinkedIn URL on the org profile page to melange-soc-dev?18:46
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nathanielmanistarihnapstor: yes, you can absolutely ask here about melange issues to be solved. :-) Welcome!18:57
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patrickgnathanielmanista: great to hear! In "my connections" I see "user action required" (as org admin), clicking on the line gives me "This connection cannot be accessed from this profile". what can I do about it?18:59
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nathanielmanistapatrickg: are you signed into just one Google account in your browser?19:13
rihnapstorthanks nathanielmanista :)19:14
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patrickgnathanielmanista: yes (I have only one account, and the machine is single user). account name in melange looks good, too19:17
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bhattai have a question regarding project ideas for google summer of code.Is it necessary for a student to come up with his/her own idea or is it okay to work for the ideas mentioned Project Ideas list ?19:40
piyushbansalHi I was trying to setup development environment locally ( following instructions at https://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted19:44
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yoz> (at code.google.com)19:44
piyushbansalI am getting this error An internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a recipe being used.19:45
piyushbansalThis happens at cns.recipe.symlink19:45
piyushbansalWould anyone help me out, if he knows what the issue might be ?19:46
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rihnapstorpiyushbansal: try to install it from the directory you checked out the melange code.19:53
piyushbansalI am doing from the same directory, rihnapstor19:53
piyushbansalrihnapstor: If you wish , shall I do a pastebin of the error that I am getting19:55
rihnapstorcan you show me your traceback please,that will let me know whether i can solve it or not19:55
piyushbansalyeah sure :)19:55
tpbTitle: Develop: '/root/soc/.' Develop: '/root/soc/thirdparty/google_appengine/lib/yaml - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)19:55
piyushbansalrihnapstor : This is the traceback, thanks for your quick reply :)19:56
bhatta@Lennie I wanted to know whether I can work for the ideas the are already posted on the Project Ideas list for GSoC 2013 or I must come up with some new ideas ?19:57
LennieYes you can pick on of those19:57
LennieYou can also try and come up with one of your own19:57
bhattathanks a ton for the reply much appreciated :)19:58
piyushbansalLennie: I wanted to ask a few things about the project that Chong Liu  would be mentoring, can you please tell me his IRC nick ?19:59
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rihnapstorpiyushbansal: did you start  app server with ./thirdparty command ?20:03
piyushbansalNo, was I supposed to ?20:04
piyushbansalgit clone http://code.google.com/p/soc/20:04
piyushbansalcd soc20:04
piyushbansalpython bootstrap.py20:04
tpbTitle: soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at code.google.com)20:04
piyushbansalThis is the sequence of instructions that I followed.20:04
rihnapstori finished my installation succesfully with no prompted errors20:05
piyushbansalwould you please tell me what was the sequence of instructions that you followed ?20:06
piyushbansalWere they same as mine ?20:06
rihnapstorafter triggering 'python bootstrap.py' use './bin/buildout'20:06
bhatta@piyushbansal you can first set up the app engine then download the source code and run it. google about appengine and how to install it.20:06
piyushbansalIn my case bootstrap is failing20:06
piyushbansal@bhatta : but even running the application locally should not fail20:07
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piyushbansalPlus the thing is that I am getting error at a very early step, whether to host it on app engine or locally is entirely different question, isn't it ?20:08
bhatta@piyush even to host it locally u need to have localhost running so you need the appengine20:10
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piyushbansalbhatta : I don't think so, GAE is just a platform as a service cloud computing platform.20:13
piyushbansalAre you sure ?20:13
piyushbansalrihnapstor :  oh, it isn't the bootstrap that is failing, I am sorry, it's the buildout that's failing20:15
Lenniepiyushbansal, he's not on IRC20:15
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Lenniepiyushbansal, best way to reach him is via the group20:15
piyushbansalLennie: he's visible on my irc  :\20:15
piyushbansalOkay, I would talk to him via group, thanks :)20:15
Lenniepiyushbansal, did I miss Leo here?20:16
Lenniepiyushbansal, where do you see him?20:16
piyushbansalOh, sorry I thought you were talking about rihnapstor20:16
piyushbansalThanks for the quick reply :)20:16
rihnapstorLennie: say suppose if i have some queries  about bugs that i need to fix where should  i go if i dont get frequent response here ?20:18
Lennie[email protected]20:19
piyushbansalrihnapstor, Lennie : any help ?20:19
bhatta@piyushbansal have you worked on google appengine? I mean have you written any code and ran it using GAE ? Please take no offence20:20
piyushbansalI did on android, once , that was too long back20:20
Lenniepiyushbansal, help with what exactly?20:20
piyushbansalI am unable to install the development environment.20:21
piyushbansalOn running buildout I am facing an error, traceback at  http://pastebin.com/tGG8dC5620:21
tpbTitle: Develop: '/root/soc/.' Develop: '/root/soc/thirdparty/google_appengine/lib/yaml - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)20:21
rihnapstorLennie: also some corresponding mentors for some projects are not available where  can i visit them besides developer mailing list ?so that projects are planned well and organized.20:21
bhatta@piyushbansal try this https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/python/20:22
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+ypx> (at developers.google.com)20:22
Lennieare you sure you are not behind a proxy or something?20:22
LennieYou can put the traceback on the mailing list and perhaps someone can help you out, but you might be better off googling for the answer first20:23
Lenniesince this doesn't seem Melange specific20:23
Lennierihnapstor, which projects?20:23
rihnapstorgsoc projects Lennie :)20:24
piyushbansalLennie: Thanks, I would do that :)20:24
Lennierihnapstor, your best bet is to mail the mailing list20:27
LennieI'll try and CC the mentor for you20:27
rihnapstorok thank you Lennie :)20:29
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piyushbansalbhatta: I guess the source code for appengine is already present in the git repository20:37
piyushbansalI mean , after I cloned it, its present in /soc/thirdparty/google_appengine20:38
bhatta@piyushbansal then there should be no problem running. You should google your tracebacks. Yeah I understood that.20:38
piyushbansalSo there is no need to install appengine, right ?20:39
piyushbansalAs in since melange is already written for appengine and has packed the appengine in thirparty folder, or is there something else as well that needs to be done20:39
bhattanope :)20:40
bhatta@piyushbansal u don't need anything else if the appengine is already packed with it.20:41
piyushbansalAny pointers as to why is the buildout failing ?20:41
piyushbansalDid you have a look at the traceback, I pasted a link somewhere here.20:42
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rihnapstor.me says gn20:52
* rihnapstor says gn20:52
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nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: that looks like a timeout - how many times did you attempt the operation, and did it time out each time?20:53
piyushbansalIts timing out even now, I believe I have done it atleast 15 times :|20:53
piyushbansalnathanielmanista: I am behind a proxy, but I have set proxy variable , and have been installing pyhton packages since last 2 years, on the same proxy settings20:54
bhatta@piyush even i faced the tracebacks. I tried thirdparty/google_appengine/dev_appserver.py app20:54
bhattareplace the "build" by app20:55
piyushbansalThat worked !20:56
piyushbansalBut its weird why :\20:56
piyushbansalAlso the reason I am facing timeout, is still not clear to me.20:57
bhatta@nathanielmanista when i try to run the command with build as the app directory it shows be the tracebacks it says there's no app.yaml file although i have created one.But with app instead in place of build its working still ot properly. I think you need to change the wiki20:57
nathanielmanistabhatta: very possibly. Specifically change what command as given on the wiki to what other command?20:59
bhatta@piyush actually there's no directory called build if u visit the soc directory but thers one called app that has the files and also app.yaml file.So u need be a little familiar with the appengine here :) but still i think i am getting a lot of error.20:59
bhatta@nathanielmanista here in this page : http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted under the headings:21:00
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)21:00
bhatta1.Running the code locally21:00
piyushbansalbhatta : Where do I need to write my database details ?21:03
piyushbansalI mean, I know in the app/settings.py file, but why isn't it throwing an error, when I haven't supplied any values ?21:03
nathanielmanistabhatta: Did you run all the steps of "Setting up" before running the one step of "Running locally"? Did the steps of "Setting up" not create an app.yaml in the appropriate place in the "build" directory?21:09
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bhatta@piyush when app.yaml file was created it was created in the app directory there is no directory called build inside soc if u can check.21:11
piyushbansalyeah, that's right21:11
piyushbansalbhatta : I asked you a question above, what do you think about that ?21:12
piyushbansalWhere do I need to write my database details ?21:12
bhattawhat exactly are you changing in app/settings.py ?21:12
piyushbansalwe need to specify database settings somwhere right ?21:13
piyushbansalWhat would that place be ?21:14
roonyHbhatta, can you see the directory bin?21:14
bhattawait on21:15
piyushbansalroonyH : yeah, there is a bin directory21:16
piyushbansalinside it we have a script buildout21:16
bhattayeah its not running21:16
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roonyHdid you run bin/buildout21:17
bhatta@piyush @roonyH is it running for you guys ?21:18
roonyHyeah. I think that creates the build directory21:18
piyushbansalyeah , I ran bin/buildbot21:18
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roonyHsteps in the wiki works for me21:18
piyushbansalBut I was facing a timeout , in the middle of execution for that script21:18
piyushbansalThere might be a proxy issue, are you behind a proxy ?21:19
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buffygI'm having an odd probme--I'm an org admin, but I'm not sure that melange understands that.21:19
piyushbansalroonyH: there ?21:21
piyushbansalAre you behind a proxy ?21:22
bhatta@roonyH what page do you see after you run the localhost url in your browser ?21:22
piyushbansalI believe its because of proxy :\21:22
bhatta@roonyH ?21:22
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roonyHwell after seeding the db i can see a page similar to GCI home page21:23
buffyger, s/probme/problem/21:23
piyushbansalHow did you seed the db ?21:23
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*** shachaf_ is now known as shachaf21:24
piyushbansalroonyH : read the last comment on https://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted21:25
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yoz> (at code.google.com)21:25
roonyHthe wiki says " Visit http://localhost:8080/seed_db to have Melange generate data for you and save your fingers for code!)"21:25
roonyHthats what i did21:25
roonyHpiyushbansal i am sorry i don't know such a way. I am no expert21:28
roonyHI am not behind a proxy21:28
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piyushbansalHmm, after seeding the database, I have somthing that's being displayed21:29
* buffyg takes a number21:29
piyushbansalBut I am not very sure, if that's the best way to do so.21:29
piyushbansalAlso, roonyH , are you applying for GSoC ?21:29
roonyHI just did what the wiki said21:29
roonyHyes i am hoping to apply21:30
piyushbansalWhich project are you looking at ?21:30
nathanielmanistabuffyg: of what org are you an admin? Did you get an email yesterday congratulating you on your acceptance and giving you a link to fill out your org's profile?21:31
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piyushbansalnathanielmanista : https://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted21:31
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yoz> (at code.google.com)21:31
piyushbansal^ The last comment on that page raises a similar issue, i believe its because of buildout failing to recognise proxy variables21:32
buffygnathanielmanista: Yes, I'm org admin for illumos.21:32
buffygWe were accepted and list, but my backup set up the profile, although I did the application.21:32
buffygI don't see any of the org admin stuff on my dashboard that I've seen in previous years.21:33
buffyger, s/and list/and listed/21:33
*** dreimark has quit IRC21:33
*** sunu has quit IRC21:33
bhatta@buffyg when open the url :http://localhost:8080/seed_db. I see "Done" written on it nothing else.21:34
roonyH@piyushbansal The Messaging system. What about you?21:34
buffygbhatta: I don't follow.21:34
buffygI received an acceptance mail, and we're now listed as a participating org.21:35
roonyHbhatta now visit localhost:808021:35
piyushbansalI am hoping to work on testing21:36
piyushbansalI have some prior experience with testing,( unittesting and Django mostly)21:36
nathanielmanistabuffyg: are you able to edit the illumos org profile? Even though your co-org-admin set everything up, what happens if you hit the "save" button (even without changing anything?)?21:36
bhattayep it's done.21:36
piyushbansalbhatta: what project are you aiming at ?21:36
buffygnathanielmanista: I don't see any options to edit the profile. Where would those appear?21:37
bhatta@piyushbansal @roonyH Even I am looking for the messaging system. Have any of you guys worked on anything regarding web2py or django in the past21:37
piyushbansalI have worked on both web2py and django21:38
nathanielmanistabuffyg: if you follow the link in the mail you got yesterday, does it take you to a place to edit the illumos org profile?21:38
piyushbansaldjango being more recent21:38
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr21:38
roonyHI have worked on webapp221:39
roonyHlittle on django21:39
buffygnathanielmanista: First I'm told that the page already exists, so I'd need to edit it instead. Then I'm told that I'm not an org admin. :-(21:40
piyushbansalbhatta : where are you from ?21:40
bhattaand also sorry i meant webapp2 is what i meant. i started with django but it was a long time back i left it so don't remember anything about it.21:40
bhatta@piyush from Pune,India. You ?21:40
piyushbansalWhat about you roonyH ?21:41
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*** harrysg has quit IRC21:42
*** Mek has quit IRC21:42
roonyHSri Lanka, have you tried any issues in the issue tracker21:42
roonyHhow to find out a easy to fix open issues21:42
roonyHi see most issues are "Accepted". what does this mean?21:43
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nathanielmanistabuffyg: that's not helpful system behavior; sorry for the trouble. Can you tell me have you created your own user profile for this year's program?21:45
buffygnathanielmanista: Yes, same name as my handle.21:46
LennieroonyH, that we have the intention to fix them but haven't Started on it yet21:46
bhatta@roonyH from where did you fing the issue tracker ?21:46
roonyH@Lennie thanks21:47
nathanielmanistabuffyg: is your co-org-admin able to re-invite you to org-admin-ship using the "Start a connection" link on the illumos org profile page?21:47
roonyHso those are ok to try by a gsoc applicant21:47
roonyH@bhatta in the ideas page under orientation theres a link21:49
buffygnathanielmanista: I believe I only see a mentor option for "start a connection".21:49
nathanielmanistabuffyg: What does your co-org-admin see?21:50
bhatta@roonyH got it.21:50
bhatta@Lennie how do i submit my code(i.e any patch or bug fixes) to the melange project ?21:51
buffygnathanielmanista: Don't know. Our timezones don't appear to be in alignment ATM.21:51
*** Mek__ is now known as Mek21:51
Lenniebhatta, do you know how to generate a diff?21:52
bhatta@Lennie No21:52
bhatta@Lennie do I need to use git ?21:52
Lennieyes, you can't get the code without it21:52
nathanielmanistabuffyg: That's the next thing I'd want to know. Also would you say your situation matches that in https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1769?21:53
*** dreimark_ is now known as dreimark21:54
Lenniebhatta, when you use git you can use git diff >> filename.patch21:54
Lennieto generate a patch21:54
LennieIf you send it to [email protected] as an attachment and inline it as well we can take a look at it :)21:55
bhatta@Lennie okay got it. Thanks :)21:55
*** jenmylo has quit IRC21:55
Lenniebhatta, it's https://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/ContributionReviews#Patches21:55
Lenniebut then for git21:55
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+ysL> (at code.google.com)21:55
Lenniewe need to update that page :)21:55
ThomasWaldmannmoin :)21:55
ThomasWaldmanni just answered a (somehow nonsensical) mentor application.21:56
ThomasWaldmannaside from lack of sense, one problem showed up:21:56
LennieI'm off for the day, good luck :)21:56
ThomasWaldmannit seems that melange removes any linebreaks from the text21:56
ThomasWaldmannwhich can make text even harder to read/understand, esp. if punctuation is missing.21:57
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piyushbansalWhen I run tests, I get many errors including no module named google.appengine.api22:08
piyushbansalAny ideas how to fix this ?22:08
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nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: did all other steps in "Setting up" complete successfully?22:13
piyushbansalI have installed as roonyH and bhatta did22:13
piyushbansalThough you're right since the steps didn't complete, I am getting errors due to them22:14
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nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: how stuck are you behind this proxy? Is it an only-certain-hours-of-the-day kind of thing?22:18
buffygnathanielmanista: I've added myself to that bug. It looks like the scenario I've reported was submitted as 1780, which was then merged into this bug.22:18
nathanielmanistabuffyg: understood.22:18
piyushbansalnathanielmanista: I am afraid this isn't :(22:19
piyushbansalThis is my college proxy22:19
piyushbansalDo you know any workaround ?22:19
buffygFor purposes of the bug report, do you need me to get feedback from my backup as to whether he can add me, or is that already understood?22:19
nathanielmanistabuffyg: I suspect it's the case, but please confirm it in the bug report.22:21
nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: I don't, but it's so weird! Are you able to tell what it's trying to download when it times out? Is it something that you're able to download from, say, a web browser without any trouble?22:27
piyushbansalThe traceback that I pasted here, shows that it fails while Getting distribution for 'cns.recipe.symlink'22:28
piyushbansalAlso I believe its a known bug on buildout22:29
nathanielmanistaRight and I looked that up in my search engine of choice and it seemed to be something on PyPI (the Python Package Index)?22:29
nathanielmanistaI'm not aware of it being a known bug on buildout but I'd love to be made aware. Link me?22:29
tpbTitle: zc.buildout fails behind a cntlm proxy · Issue #32 · buildout/buildout · GitHub (at github.com)22:30
piyushbansalthis is a cntml proxy though22:31
piyushbansalThere is another thread as well http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]ists.plone.org/msg04233.html22:31
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yt9> (at www.mail-archive.com)22:31
nathanielmanistapiyushbansal: I don't normally play cowboy like this, but: there's a proposed patch in that defect report. How game are you for opening up the buildout egg (probably in your eggs/ directory in your melange development directory) and surgically inserting it?22:35
piyushbansalI have been trying to get this thing to work for about 3 hours or so.22:36
piyushbansalI am in.22:36
piyushbansalcould you please link me the patch ?22:36
piyushbansalAre you talking about the github patch ?22:37
piyushbansalI believe its for a cntml proxy, we don't have a cntml proxy here22:38
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nathanielmanistaI am talking about the github patch - does the patch say anywhere that it won't work for problems with other kinds of proxies?22:45
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piyushbansalExplicitly, it doesn't22:51
piyushbansalOkay I'll give it a shot :)22:51
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piyushbansalnathanielmanista: I applied that patch, same error again23:22
piyushbansalThe problem must be something else23:22
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piyushbansalSince I tried the whole procedure without proxy as well23:22
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piyushbansalWhat do you mean, nathanielmanista ?23:31
*** piyushbansal has quit IRC23:40
nathanielmanistaIt's just something one says when a chancy proposition fails.23:53

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