Monday, 2013-04-08

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jenmylohi folks. setting up org profile keeps jumping back up to irc channel field, have tried about 6 different formats to no avail, and scrolling page to get back to submit button keeps jumping away from me back to red irc field. a) can someone give me the exact format it wants, and b) the screen jumpiness feels like a bug19:25
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spectiehello all!19:27
nathanielmanistajenmylo: I believe it's "irc://<channel>.<host>.<domain>...<tld> - so ours was irc://
madrazrspectie: Hi19:29
spectieis the correct way to accept mentor applications to go to "Connections for my organizations", click on the name19:29
spectieand click on "accept" and "submit" ?19:29
spectiebecause i only see "reject" and "withdraw" in the list19:29
jenmylothanks nathanielmanista. if i can get it to stop jumping away from the submit button up to the rejected student lett i'll see if that format gets accepted19:29
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saurabhsood91Hi all. my org just got accepted into GSoC (yay!). My co-admin created the organization home page, and now, I cant access it/edit it. I keep getting the message that 'I need to be an administrator'. Is there something I need to do?19:32
jenmylothe thing is, the jump isn't even going back to the irc field, it jumps back up to the application template field19:32
jenmyloand i guess the form isn't all that keyboard accessible either. i don't know what to do since it won't let me submit short of refreshing the page and having to do it all over again19:33
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jenmylofinally! nathanielmanista: yes, that is correct format, thanks very much.19:34
madrazrspectie: I am not too sure, some one else who is more knowledgeable about should answer :)19:35
madrazrLennie: ^ ?19:35
madrazrsaurabhsood91: have you signed into the same Google account from which you created/submitted the organization application?19:36
saurabhsood91madrazr: yes19:36
saurabhsood91i can still access the org application19:36
nathanielmanistajenmylo: I'm no IRC expert, so you'll also want to check that whatever value passed validation also works. Since this conversation began I've been corrected to "irc://<host>.<domain>.<tld>/<channel>".19:36
madrazrsaurabhsood91: if you have multiple sign-ins, please try to sign out of all the accounts and sign in from the account from which you created the application19:37
madrazrsaurabhsood91: Oh!19:37
jenmylonathanielmanista: that was the format i had been trying that it rejected19:37
jenmyloeither way, our channel id is all over the description and stuff19:37
madrazrsaurabhsood91: Ok, can I PM you? I need your username on Melange19:37
saurabhsood91madrazr: sure. it is saurabhsood9119:37
Lenniemadrazr, jo19:38
Lenniespectie, accept and submit should do the trick19:38
madrazrLennie: Hi19:38
spectie the problem is19:38
madrazrLennie: Ok, you took care :)19:38
spectiei don't have the 'accept' option in the dropdown19:38
spectieonly 'reject' and withdraw'19:38
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Lenniespectie, can you link me to the connection?19:38
LennieAnd explain to me which direction it is going in/19:38
LennieWhat role do you play :)19:39
spectiei am an org admin19:39
spectiethere is a mentor who wants to join19:39
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Lenniespectie, let me take a look19:43
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sonney2kwe have an issue with a former gsoc student (now org admin) not being able to access the organization form - username is sergey_lisitsyn , url - but he can see the application form of our organization19:45
tpb<> (at
LennieSpectie would you mind filing an issue?19:45
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spectieLennie, not at all19:45
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downeyhi there :) sorry if this is already known but 500 errors on mentor registration form submission19:46
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nathanielmanistadowney: thanks; we've opened bugs for several new errors we're seeing.19:48
LennieIf it's a 500 we got you covered :)19:48
downeythanks :)19:49
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Lenniespectie, thanks for filing the bug19:51
spectieno problem!19:51
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Hamish_BHi, dunno if this is a known bug or not, but trying to add a comment to an existing mentor mentor applicaiton comes back with a 500 server error.20:04
jenmyloi have mentors saying they've applied, but i can't find where they show up for accept/reject in my dashboard. help?20:09
Hamish_Bor rather connections is where you see your own. I don't see the org admin dashboard activated yet20:10
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Lennienathanielmanista, did you see the connection you created when you invited me :)?20:12
jenmylohad him try again, i now see him showing as requiring org admin action under org connections. but the only available actions are Reject Mentor or Withdraw, there's no Accept Mentor. how do we accept mentors?20:16
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Lenniejenmylo, known bug20:18
tpb<> (at
jenmyloLennie: thanks20:18
Lenniejenmylo, I expect that it will be fixed tomorrow at the latest. Luckily invites still work, so you can invite mentors if you'd like20:19
Lennieyou can even/finally invite by email address this year20:19
jenmyloLennie:  where do i access the invite function? can try that in meantime20:19
Lennienathanielmanista, could you answer that one?20:20
jenmyloLennie: 40420:22
Lenniewhere <id> is your org's id20:22
Lennieyeah replace <id> :20:22
jenmyloha, too fast :)20:22
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jenmylois that navigable from somewhere?20:22
LennieFrom your org's homepage like previous years20:22
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LennieDefinitely something worth improving :)20:23
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olasdhiya. I'm the primary admin for debian, and it seems that my backup (link_id paultag) didn't get org admin rights, contrary to what the FAQ implies. Is that normal?20:25
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Hamish_Bolasd: I'm seeing the same thing (i'm a co-admin) I guess we co-admins need to be explicitly re-invited?20:27
LennieHamish_B, not as expected20:27
LennieI expect this to be a bug with the invite system20:27
sonney2kolasd, same issue here20:27
olasdthe invite system says "the connection already exists" or somesuch20:28
olasd(when I try to add him)20:28
Lennieolasd, oh. Please file an issue and make sure to note the org id and user ids involved20:28
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
jenmyloLennie: looks like invite emails are sending HTML email via plain text, so the links to accept aren't showing. Going to gmail address, so it's not some random email program breaking it20:29
olasdsure think.20:29
Lenniejenmylo, we've logged an issue about that :)20:29
jenmyloLennie: got it20:29
jenmylotruly not trying to hate on you guys, i know you work hard and this is a stressful time, but it seems like this stuff happens every year. is there a way we (other orgs) could help with testing to find and swat the major functionality bugs before the day everyone has to start using it?20:30
gevaertsBut... Tradition!20:31
DarrelTradition is important!20:32
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sonney2kok re-inviting my co-admin didn't help :/20:37
jenmylowe are hitting bugs left & right around inviting/accepting mentors/admins. I'm thinking we need to wait a day or two and see how it goes once some more known issues are covered20:39
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dankQ.  Got the 'your project accepted!' email, logged in, I seem to be the only person listed in the project.  Is there a way to add others?  Or should they already be there from before orgs were accepted?20:45
olasdsubmitted the backup admin issue as #176920:45
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downeydank: i think all the mentor/co-admin adding processes are not working at the moment20:46
olasdLennie: done (
tpb<> (at
danklooks like I'm hitting 1769, thanks for the link20:48
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dreimarkneed some help to accept mentors, where can I do that?21:18
* dreimark we try to be also fast ...21:18
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ThomasWaldmanndreimark: wait for a bugfix :)21:18
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Nick23dreimark: it's apparently a bug, which others are experiencing on melange as well.21:19
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dreimarkI do ;)21:19
StrangerkeHa good, so I'm not crazy :) Thanks guys!21:19
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gchaixgreetings meange-ians! :-)22:19
nathanielmanistaGood day!22:19
gchaixwho do I ping about recovering my userid in Melange?22:19
gchaixI'm trying to re-register this year and it's telling me my username is already in use (yeah, me, last year)22:20
DrJoelCan't you just login using your gmail address? That's how I have always authenticated22:20
gchaixDrJoel: yeah, I used the same google account/username I used last year but it's prompting me to re-register and not letting me use the username I used last year.  Same thing happened last year, IIRC22:21
gchaixwow ... that was a really badly-phrased sentence22:21
DrJoelMakes sense though.22:22
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gchaixI suspect it has something to do with having had both my personal gmail as well as osuosl gmail accounts in the system multiple times over the years22:23
gchaixpoor melange probably thinks I have some sort of identity disorder :-)22:23
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gchaixbah ... I'll just use a different username22:29
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nathanielmanistaSorry, pulled away there. I'd guess Lennie, Daniel, or Madhu would be best able to help you if you still wanted your old name? Try [email protected] if you're still interested.22:42
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