Saturday, 2012-03-17

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teufany idea why I don't get dashboards links when looking at ? I have to go back to a 2011 profile and change the year to 2012 from the combobox in the dashboard to get access to it00:15
tpb<> (at
teuf(I'm an coadmin for gnome)00:15
ChrisCTXno clue, it works fine for me00:21
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ajsare there any melange mentors online ATM?01:27
bretoniumis there a list of ideas for GSoC-2012? Because I only see one on
tpbTitle: GSoC2012Ideas - soc - Ideas List for GSoC 2012 - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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harlanWhere do I invite mentors and backup org admins?05:31
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haseebAre there more gsoc ideas to look?09:25
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hanzzHi, I've applied as mentor to two organizations and want to withdraw one, but when I choose Pidgin in my dashboard, it opens XMPP Software Foundation.10:47
hanzzso I can't withdraw the Pidgin one10:47
betelgeuse_madrazr: We will have to come up with our own ideas for gsoc 2012 ? There is only one project listed as of now .11:07
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karthikabinavhi, I would like to participate in GSoC 2012. I need help to get started off on the project ideas. Could someone please help me ?11:25
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madrazrhanzz: can you please paste the links to the page where you see this listing11:48
madrazrand the target page?11:48
madrazrbetelgeuse_: yes11:49
hanzzmadrazr: w811:49
madrazrkarthikabinav: sure, how can we help you?11:49
tpb<> (at
hanzzmadrazr: I click on Pidgin and it opens XSF11:49
hanzzmadrazr: note that I don't want to withdraw it now, I just wanted to point on that bug11:50
hanzzmadrazr: it opens this link when I choose Pidgin -
tpb<> (at
karthikabinavmadrazr: I went through the ideas page of 2012. One of the suggested ideas is to write unit tests for certain views which have not been currently written. If I am not wrong you are looking for a better testing system which would replace some the currently implemented tests ?11:53
madrazrhanzz: great thanks for pointing out to the bug, would you be so kind to file an  issue at so that we can track this issue?11:59
madrazrhanzz: somebody else may run into the problem, if we don't keep track of it11:59
madrazrand since this is the busy season, it is to lose track :)11:59
madrazrkarthikabinav: yes!12:00
madrazrkarthikabinav: not exactly replace though12:00
madrazrkarthikabinav: make the existing testing system better12:00
karthikabinavmadrazr:  Better in terms of efficiency of the testing module or in terms of the coverage and flexibility of the testing system currently in place ? or both ?12:04
madrazrkarthikabinav: mostly coverage of the system12:10
karthikabinavmadrazr: ok. Thanks for that help :)12:10
hanzzmadrazr: done, thanks12:11
hanzzalthough with mistake in the Subject... :(12:11
madrazrhanzz: NP12:24
madrazrhanzz: thank you very much for filing the issue12:24
madrazrkarthikabinav: NP :)12:24
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ThomasWaldmannhi, is it expected for org admins to see some non-editable fields with a rich text editor?15:20
ThomasWaldmannlike Application Template, Message for <misc stuff>15:20
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ajsany mentors around?15:46
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harlanajs: ??22:40
ajsharlan: what?22:43
harlanYou asked about mentors?22:50
ajsharlan: for GSoC22:50
ajsfrom Melange?22:50
harlanI am not a melange mentor.22:51
harlanI mentor for network time.22:51
ajshmmm. does melange ever have people online?22:51
harlanyes, and I'm just not sure when they are here.22:52
harlanajs: what you described should be welcome.22:56
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