Sunday, 2012-03-18

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ThomasWaldmannhmm, i am org admin and i have seen that i am not on the mentors list of my org13:07
ThomasWaldmanni remember from past years that admins had to also become mentors (e.g. by self-invitation)13:08
ThomasWaldmanni tried that but melange tells my that I "already have a role"13:08
ThomasWaldmannare admins now automatically considered mentors, too, or is this a bug?13:09
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madrazrThomasWaldmann: From GSoC 2011, all org admins are metors by default14:13
madrazryou don't have to do anything special14:13
ThomasWaldmannah, ok, seems like i forgot that. thanks for the info.14:14
ThomasWaldmannbut it is good, one long form less to fill out. :D14:15
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LetterRiphi all - i've invited our second org admin to be an admin, but he can't seem to accept the invite17:18
LetterRipit tells him 'You need to be a organization administrator for Blender Foundation to access this page.'17:18
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ThomasWaldmannhmm, the backup admin just applies as mentor or how is the procedure for getting a backup admin?18:50
ThomasWaldmannah, found the link18:53
ThomasWaldmannok, other question: i do not appear in "members of my organisation" (i did the application and obviously the system sees me as admin as i have the org admin dashboard and can invite other admins)19:01
ThomasWaldmannso, do i need to invite myself as ADMIN?19:01
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* teuf would love to see dashboards when going to :(19:03
tpb<> (at
ThomasWaldmann(also, the other admin does not see me listed there either)19:05
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