Friday, 2012-03-16

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downeyHi there. Sorry if this has been asked already, but should I be getting a 500 error when I click in the acceptance email?17:54
downey(didn't know if it was a load/readiness thing or something more serious)17:54
srabbelierdowney, you shouldn't be, but we're looking into it17:54
downeysrabbelier: ok, cool. thanks. :)17:54
gevaertsDoesn't 500 mean you're not accepted? ;)17:55
Lenniedowney, try again :)18:00
Lennie57 applications were affected by this. we're sorry :)18:00
downeyLennie: looks good. thanks!18:02
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dhaunwould it be possible to add a note on top of the list of accepted orgs stating that the list will grow up to 180 while orgs are filling out their profiles?19:13
dhaunor words to that effect - seems to the be the #1 FAQ over in #gsoc right now ...19:13
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srabbelierdhaun, I think people'll figure it out :)19:18
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harlanShould I ask here or on #gsoc if all the accept/reject emails have been sent?19:48
srabbelierharlan, they have been19:49
harlanI see it now - thanks srabbelier !19:49
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gchaixHm. Anyone have a suggestion on how to reclaim a melange user link ID?  I can't get in to update my profile because it's telling me a user with that link ID already exists20:11
gchaixit's like melange has lost track of the link between my link id and my Google account20:11
srabbeliergchaix, did you recently change your email address somehow?20:15
gchaixsrabbelier: nope20:15
* gchaix used the same email address last year20:15
srabbeliergchaix, I mean, did something change to your google account?20:16
gchaixI don't *think* so20:16
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gchaixsrabbelier: Hm.  I wonder if the problem is related to the doing away with the whole GApps "team edition" thing?  I don't recall if that happened before or after GSoC 2011?  The email address I used last year was origiannly registered that way, but that all got merged into a real GApps domain in the great GApps infrastructure rebuild20:28
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yxueHello, how is everyone doing!20:32
praveen97umayxue: Hi!20:41
yxueSo I was a 2011 GSoC student20:43
yxueI am looking for opportunities to work on the melange project this year20:43
yxueIn particular, I am interested in Profiling and Log Alalysis20:44
yxueHas there been discussion on these topics yet?20:44
praveen97umayxue: No20:44
yxuepraveen97uma: I have not looked into the source yet. Would request time profiling be something useful for the project?20:46
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praveen97uma@yxue: I am not sure. I will suggest you to send a mail to our mailing list [email protected] so that other developers can comment as and when they are available.20:51
yxuepraveen97uma: Ok I will do that. Thank you!20:51
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harlanSo on the org profile template, what is "Short name" (used for sidebar menu)?21:14
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harlanouch - we can't have 2 URLs or 2 mailing lists either.21:22
praveen97umaharlan: "Short name" is like 'psf' for Python Software Foundation21:38
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kblinhi folks21:44
kblinso, what's my best shot getting past the error 500 when trying to create my org profile?21:45
kblinit's getting a bit old21:45
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srabbelierkblin, that should have been fixed a while ago22:00
srabbelierkblin, what org?22:00
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kblinsrabbelier: WorldForge22:03
srabbelierkblin, org_id?22:09
kblinsrabbelier: worldforge22:12
srabbelierkblin, you seem to be affected by a different bug, investigating22:21
srabbelierkblin, BadValueError: Property tags is 705 bytes long; it must be 500 or less. Consider Text instead, which can store strings of any length.22:21
srabbelierkblin, sorry about that22:21
srabbelierkblin, we'll roll out a fix, but in the meanwhile try removing some tags...22:21
srabbelierkblin, (a fix that says "tone it down a bit")22:22
srabbelierkblin, we can't actually support more than 500 bytes because we're using StringListProperty22:22
kblingood catch. that's a paste error from my application template22:23
kblinI thought I did that, but couldn't find where it went22:23
srabbelierkblin, what did you paste in the tags field? :P22:23
kblinthe application template22:24
srabbelierkblin, lol, smooth22:25
srabbelierkblin, working now?22:29
kblinyeah, thanks a bunch22:35
kblinuser = id10t issue ;)22:35
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ChrisCTXHi there22:39
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ChrisCTXI'm interested in helping out during the GsOC, I fit just right for two of the proposed ideas (and I can build upon them), whats the best way of proceeding with the application, right here, email, or any other way?23:20
kblinChrisCTX: in here usually is good, but you probably want srabellier or lennie to talk to23:23
ChrisCTXkk, gotcha. Any particular hours the hang around, or they just drop in randomly?23:26
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