Wednesday, 2011-12-21

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memoweHi! I try to sign up as a mentor for GCI and get error messages.00:30
memoweThe FAQ wants me to create a melange profile. Clicking on that link I get "This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time."00:31
memowe(I'm already logged in with my Google account)00:31
memoweWould be cool to get help on that. :)00:32
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ptresselI just noticed something odd...we have some tasks that are in Unpublished state. No idea how they got that way -- I thought published and unpublished were so last year... I don't see anything on the edit form for publishing them. Am I missing it? In any case, is there a way to publish an unpublished task?10:09
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memowe"Now" it worked. #tryingtobecomeamentor :)12:11
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c_schmitzaw, c'mon, who broke Melange, again?16:56
c_schmitzcommenting is not possible anymore16:56
asmeureroh wow16:57
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asmeurerI thought it was just the extend deadline thing that was broken16:57
asmeurerbut apparently all text entries are16:57
c_schmitzeverything JS related is not working anymore16:57
asmeurerat least the tables work16:58
c_schmitzgive you that one16:58
c_schmitzstill, doing a release and breaking core parts is something that I hoped for would be have been a thing of the past (so to say: GCI start)16:59
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dreimark tells currently 56 days 23h remaining22:28
tpb<> (at
dreimarkthat is wrong if the program ends on  Jan 16th22:28
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