Thursday, 2011-12-22

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pjcjthe "Closed on" column doesn't appear to be very useful at the moment00:05
pjcjneither do "Modified by" and "Modified on", but at least they have data in them00:06
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mang0I've just seen that the GCI time limit seems to be changing? Yesterday it was on 20-something, and today it's on 56?08:46
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madrazrmang0: ??09:09
mang0madrazr: On the homepage, the time left box:
mang0I took that just now ^09:10
tpb<> (at
mang0madrazr: Yesterday the number was 28( might have been 29, not sure exactly)09:11
madrazrmang0: Oh! I see! I think it is showing the number of days since beginning09:13
madrazrmang0: nice catch!09:13
madrazrlet me check09:13
mang0madrazr: Aha! So does it switch between them then?09:14
madrazrmang0: no, it should not09:14
madrazrit is a bug09:14
* mang0 found a bug09:14
madrazrmang0: :)09:18
madrazrsigh! regressions :(09:18
madrazrmang0: interesting09:20
madrazr56 days is infact the total program duration :)09:20
* mang0 and the plot deepens09:21
madrazrmang0: the plot is futile :P09:21
madrazrthere is no plot there :D09:21
mang0You just burst my bubble ;__;09:22
mang0I thought perhaps the whole of Google might crash and be taken offline because of this09:22
mang0front page news for 4 days09:22
mang0but I was wrong /o\09:22
madrazrmang0: aa right, that can happen nevertheless :P09:24
mang0Hehe, hopefully not!09:25
madrazrmang0: FTFY :)09:32
tpb<> (at
madrazrmang0: FTFY in the original sense though :P09:33
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ptresselmadrazr, We have something really bizarre going on. Yesterday I happened to notice that two of our tasks were in the "Unpublished" state. That seemed odd -- didn't know there even was published / unpublished this year. But things got more weird today: Now there are *four* unpublished tasks.10:00
ptresselI don't see any controls for publish / unpublish.10:00
pjcjthe unpublish button is on the top right on open tasks10:02
pjcjperhaps someone pressed it accidently?10:02
ptresselAh, so could a mentor do this or does it require an org admin?10:03
pjcjthat I don't know10:03
ptresselI would sure like to know who did it.10:04
ptresselIs there a way to publish them again?10:04
pjcjnot from our side10:04
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pjcjperhaps the "Modified by" field will tell you who did it?10:05
pjcjbut I don't think it does10:05
pjcjor, at least, the "Modified on" date doesn't seem to match the date of being unpublished10:06
madrazrptressel: Mentors can unpublish tasks10:24
ptresselOk, so maybe someone has been fumble-fingering these...10:24
madrazrptressel: I think so, yes10:24
ptresselIs there any way to get them back?10:25
madrazrptressel: can you please email Carol, Stephanie and CC me about this? (along with the links to the tasks?)10:26
madrazrptressel: I can PM the email IDs if you want10:26
ptresselOk, thanks!10:27
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madrazrptressel: NP10:27
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Alex11223carols said to me to upload translation of enrollment proof in .txt file (i.e. .jpg + .txt file). how to upload it? just upload first file and then upload second or second file will replace first?14:57
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madrazrAlex11223: zip and upload?16:24
Alex11223don't know, maybe :)16:24
madrazrAlex11223: I suggest you upload the zip16:51
Alex11223hm, Stephannie Taylor 5min ago answered someone's similar question about 2 files and zip "Please go ahead and upload the scanned copy of the original letter (in   Cyrillic) as a pdf, etc. and then upload the .txt file titled 'translation   of proof of enrollment' doc."16:56
madrazrAlex11223: NOTE, uploading the second file for the same field overwrites the first17:07
madrazrAlex11223: what Stephanie said means to upload both the files, not necessarily one after the other :)17:08
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