Tuesday, 2011-12-20

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kennymthanks nemo00:03
kennymnemo: are you a melange developer?00:04
kennymnemo: I'm talking about GSoC, not GCI.00:05
nemoI got my channels mixed up00:09
nemoI should just leave here :)00:09
nemoI thought I was in our dev channels00:10
* nemo waves00:10
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mang0Dragooon: What task shall I do? I really dunno what to pick ;__; Something to do with documentation/testing perhaps...10:36
mang0I wish I could speak two languages hehe10:36
DragooonWhy are you asking me?10:44
Dragooonmang0 ^10:44
mang0Dragooon: Because you were the only active person on the channel :P10:44
Dragooonlol, no idea really.10:45
DragooonI'm only familiar with PHP coding tasks10:46
mang0heh, oky :)10:47
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ppujalIn the tasks comments, the user name should be linked to the tasks done by this user, so mentors could have a context of what he/she is able to do12:43
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Lennieo hi18:34
Lenniemadrazr: poke18:34
LennieG+ now :D18:34
madrazrLennie: Heya!18:34
LennieCan you attempt to reach leo/mario/daniel on Skype :P?18:35
madrazrthey are not on Skype18:35
madrazrOh wait18:35
madrazrleo and praveen are18:35
madrazrlet me inform them18:35
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