Monday, 2011-12-19

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wkoszek__Guys, is there anybody who can assist me with FreeBSD+GCIN problem?07:25
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nemoHeh. GCI needs a "flag student as troll" button :)16:46
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nemoDragooon: context. we assign a student a documentation task we judge will take 30 hours - to describe the format of our demo and save files.17:01
nemo3 hours later he submits a word document w/ one sentence in large type17:01
nemo"The demo files are .hwd format and the save files are .hws format"17:01
Dragooonmemo: I'm a student but I've seen my mentors complain about trolls as well17:01
DragooonSo I can see what you mean17:01
DragooonKinda annoying as they waste time which could've been used for genuine students17:02
nemoI can't reject him right now. so have to wait for someone else17:04
nemoI wish melange degrade gracefully so I could perform basic operations like extending time or kicking someone off in w3m :)17:05
nemobut unfortunately that's kind of a trend on google properties. luckily gmail still has a basic HTML view17:05
gevaertsI'm sure you can do it with curl :)17:05
* nemo is skeptical of that...17:05
nemoright. let's see17:06
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nemoDragooon: hm. looks like the right fix was rejecting him for the task :)20:25
nemosuddenly he's all interested in doing it right20:25
nemobleah. looks like he's going to need a lot of handholding though.  unless he's shifted to a more subtle troll20:53
DragooonOnce a troll, always a troll20:54
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mang0Hey all! I've finnished a task, and it's been reviewed and accepted, and when I go to the leaderboard and search for myself it's listed there. However, on the right hand side of the page, where it says how many points and how many tasks you've done, I only see 3 tasks instead of 4?21:04
Dragooonmang0, leaderboard updates after a while21:06
Dragooonwait for a while and it'll appear21:06
mang0Dragooon: Ah, okay *phew* I thought I had a problem - just spent two days programming in python, I did NOT want to have a screw up in the accepting process!21:07
* gevaerts adds a task somewhere to "write an IRC bot to explain that the leaderboard isn't updated in real time" :)21:07
mang0:) ty for clarifying21:07
Dragooonmang0 what task?21:07
mang0gevaerts: Haha, I've just been doing IRC bot stuff too XD21:07
mang0 Dragooon21:08
tpb<$q> (at
DragooonOkay :)21:08
gevaertsIf the actual list of completed tasks is correct, you should be fine21:08
mang0gevaerts: Seems to be; when I click on "my completed tasks" they're all listed :)21:08
pjcjWouldn't it be easier to just update the leaderboard in real time?  How many tasks are there?  2000 max over two months?21:09
gevaertsPossibly. I don't know how melange works internally21:10
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ThomasWaldmannbtw, i just tried to use the column "modified on" on the all tasks view to find recently modified tasks22:15
ThomasWaldmannbut that did not work, as comments and status changes don't seem to count - i just the the task upload time there22:16
ThomasWaldmannsee the*22:16
ThomasWaldmannsometimes it is rather impossible to find something that should be rather easy to find22:17
ThomasWaldmann(without clicking through all tasks, of course :)22:17
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kennymhello, which of the GSOC 2011 ideas are still relevant? I have seen that some students this year worked on some of them, but not all22:55
kennymI am talking about these ideas:
tpbTitle: GSoC2011Ideas - soc - Ideas List for GSoC 2011 - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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nemokennym: take a look at the idea list?23:36
nemoany that are unclaimed are fair game23:36
tpb<> (at

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