Tuesday, 2011-11-29

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variableIs the 'profile picture' shown anywhere?01:54
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RobinKumaris there any parental consent form available for download?08:11
tpb<http://ln-s.net/9O88> (at code.google.com)08:36
RobinKumarthank you :)08:41
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annmawhen wil I stop getting all mails from my org?14:33
annmaI am flooded14:33
annmait's very inconvenient to find the actual mails needing an action from me14:34
annmaNightrose: do yo ualso get them all?14:34
Nightroseannma: nope - i think this is a result of all tasks getting at least one assignee - i fear since you uploaded it that was you :/14:35
Nightrosei'd be happy to trade if that's possible14:36
pjcjI'm flooded too, but that's better than how it was with not getting any mail14:40
annmaI'm too flooded14:41
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annmaI have  a 324 error for melange now14:56
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