Wednesday, 2011-11-30

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goodokGreetings, I have A question about GCI. If someone has removed the claim for the task, is it possible for him to claim this task again in the future?02:48
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variableIs the 'profile picture' shown anywhere?03:54
valoriegoodok: why not?04:45
valoriesometimes students need to withdraw because they get a big assignment at school, or something04:45
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goodokThanks, valorie.05:14
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dreimarkautomated reopen of tasks seems not to work, the task has status claimed08:28
dreimarkand I want to extend the deadline of this one
tpb<> (at
dreimarkor  the student wants to apply again08:29
madrazrdreimark: the task is reopened, i.e. there is no student associated with it09:00
madrazrdreimark: the student should be able to claim it again09:00
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annmahi people, I have a weird problem on my Linux laptop: I can access but then I can't access my Org Admin dashboard10:18
tpb<> (at
annmabut I can access tasks links10:21
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pjcjUnpublishing a task removes all the comments.  I think that's a bug but was it implemented as a feature?12:16
pjcjAfter work has been submitted and the deadline has expired is there any further deadline for the mentor?12:20
pjcjI other words, would there be any reason to extend the deadline on such a task except when we wanted the student to submit further work?12:20
pjcjhmmm, is there anyone from google in teh channel?12:21
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durin42pjcj: I really don't know anything about melange, sorry15:27
durin42I helped out early on, but have moved to other projects15:27
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kodaxhi all, i'm one of the gci admi, i deleted one task by mistake >.<15:55
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vpericWhat's the link for the Melange bug tracker?21:16
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
asmeurer_I had that on my clipboard because I was about to do the same thing21:18
vpericPlease feel free to write anything you think I missed:
tpb<> (at
asmeurer_it's pretty self explanatory21:22
asmeurer_we'll see if it get's fixed, though...21:22
* vperic wonders if more people starring it would make a difference.21:22
asmeurer_well, we never pay attention to that in our issues :)21:23
asmeurer_but it will cause you to receive updates for it21:23
vpericYes, but at least they're sorted like that by default, so they do get a bit more attention.21:23
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