Monday, 2011-11-28

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rfw__hi, there are a few tasks for my org where the difficulty is "unknown" and they can't be edited any more00:53
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ptresselWe're trying to find out which of our tasks have "unknown" for the difficulty, and it seems that info is not available either as a column in the task display, nor as a column in a csv dump.02:15
ptresselAny chance that could be added as a column in one or the other?02:15
ptresselAnd, as rfw__ said, we have some tasks that got claimed and assigned with "unknown" still there in the difficulty, so we can't change it.02:29
ptresselIf it were me, I'd take back that feature to allow defective tasks to be uploaded...02:29
ptresselTell us silly people who mess up our bulk uploads to clean up the bad tasks and try again.02:30
ptresselOoo, feature request: Don't allow claiming a defective task.03:11
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annmait's weird, I can't see all the tasks for my org on my laptop while on my PC I can12:26
annmait says waiting... for ever12:26
pjcjI have some unapproved tasks and some unpublished tasks12:45
pjcjhow do I approve the unapproved tasks?12:45
pjcjand when will you be doing a publishing run?12:46
pjcjSRabbelier: that's for you, I suppose12:46
SRabbelierpjcj: I'll run it one last time now12:46
pjcjOK, but can I somhow approve my tasks first?12:47
SRabbelierpjcj: there's no need, all of them are going to be published12:47
pjcjah, but there's one I don't want published ...12:47
pjcjdo I need to delete it?12:47
pjcjOK, looksliek I was too late12:53
SRabbelierpjcj: you can still delete them12:54
pjcjyeah, no harm done12:54
pjcjor unpublish, I suppose?12:54
SRabbelierpjcj: yes, that'd work too since we won't be publishing again until the 2nd wave13:07
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ptresselFound the edit option -- was looking on the individual task page, not the list.15:18
ptresselBut there's no "approve" on the edit form.15:19
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asmeurer_Can someone look at this:
asmeurer_The student claims he cannot upload his work18:36
tpbTitle: Add more tips to the tips page (10 tips) - SymPy (at
asmeurer_And it looks like the task was assigned to the wrong person, based on the text in the comment18:36
asmeurer_can you look at that?18:37
SRabbelierasmeurer_: it shouldn't be assigned to Fermat?18:43
asmeurer_I don't think so18:43
asmeurer_unless this person changed his username18:43
asmeurer_and he claims to be unable to upload his work, which may be related18:44
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variableIs the 'profile picture' shown anywhere?22:23
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