Sunday, 2011-11-27

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ptresselOne of our mentors noticed an Odd Thing -- this task says difficulty "unknown":
tpbTitle: Test Developers Installation Documentation for Windows - Sahana Software Foundation (at
ptresselI don't see the spreadsheet that was used to upload the task so I don't know if that field was left empty -- will have to wait for the other org admin to come online.03:15
madrazrptressel: are you the mentor for that organization?03:41
ptresselmadrazr: One of them. But unfortunately, I didn't upload that task...03:42
madrazrptressel: it doesn't matter03:42
madrazryou can still edit the task until Monday03:43
ptresselI mean, for telling if melange allowed uploading a task without a difficulty set.03:43
madrazrptressel: past if past03:43
madrazryou just need to fix it for now :)03:43
madrazrptressel: so edit it :)03:43
madrazrptressel: set the difficulty right :P03:43
ptresselOk, let me be more direct:  I'm "reporting a possible bug in melange".03:44
madrazrptressel: heh, it is not a bug yet, it may be quite possible that the CSV data had a problem03:44
ptresselEr...that why I said "I don't see the spreadsheet that was used to upload the task so I don't know if that field was left empty"03:45
madrazrptressel: which is why it is not proved to be a bug yet03:45
ptresselIf it were me, I wouldn't want to allow a task to be to be uploaded w/o a difficulty.03:45
ptresselThat could be tested.03:46
ptresselIt's clearly not correct to have a task w/o a difficulty.03:46
madrazrptressel: but we have seen this happening before, which is why we introduced this Intermediate state03:46
ptresselSo a task w/o a difficulty indicates that melange allowed such a task to be created.03:46
madrazrptressel: yes03:47
madrazrptressel: it was by request03:47
madrazrptressel: mentors did not want their bulk uploads failing because of that problem03:47
madrazrptressel: they could edit it after upload03:47
madrazrptressel: Note: Previously we did not allow this to happen03:47
madrazrptressel: uploads used to fail on those tasks03:47
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ptresselHmm, maybe it would be appropriate to "hold" the incomplete tasks?03:48
madrazrptressel: ?03:48
ptresselA student claimed and worked on our task without knowing what points they'd get.03:49
ptresselLast year, melange could have tasks in a state where they were uploaded but not released.03:49
ptresselThat's what I mean by "hold".03:49
madrazrptressel: this year the rules of the contest has changed03:49
madrazrmany organizations want all their tasks to be published during the publish date03:50
madrazrwhich is only twice during the entire program03:50
ptresselIs there an error message for bad tasks, then?03:50
madrazrwhat do you mean?03:50
ptresselOr some way for the org to find out which need to be fixed?03:50
ptresselSay we upload 100 tasks...03:50
ptresselAnd 4 of them are defective...03:50
ptresselHow do we know there were defective tasks, and then find them to fix them?03:51
madrazrptressel: you will get an email for the tasks that failed to upload. However I am not sure if the mail talks about the tasks that got a wrong difficulty level03:51
madrazrptressel: I think your dashboard shows this?03:51
ptresselDon't know but will look.03:52
madrazrptressel: if you think you are missing a feature, please file an issue at
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
ptresselNope, I don't see anything. But I didn't upload the tasks.03:54
madrazrptressel: Ok03:55
ptresselNot sure where you mean it might end up in the dashboard. The only place for messages that I see is "incoming requests".03:55
ptresselI'll hassle the person who uploaded the tasks -- if they ignored email with error messages, then this is their problem.03:57
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c_schmitz_SRabbelier: when downloading files from melange it is very very slow currently09:40
SRabbelierc_schmitz_: what kind of files?09:47
c_schmitz_the students works, any file type09:48
tpbTitle: (Hindi ) Web application translation: Translate 300 strings from English to Hindi - LimeSurvey (at
c_schmitz_can you see the same, SRabbelier ?09:50
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SRabbelierc_schmitz_: the download starts instantly for me and is done in under a second09:59
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c_schmitzSRabbelier, weird, takes quite some time for me - I have checked download on other platforms and they seem to be okay10:37
c_schmitzmust be the internet pipez getting pumped ;)10:38
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annmahi, how do I fail a student?11:10
annmaI see "Mark as closed" which is nto the good option, "Needs more work" as the deadline is not passed (but the student is not going to do this task in a satisfying way)11:11
annma"Unassign task"11:12
annmaI don't see what this is for11:12
c_schmitzannma: you will have to give him the chance to do it in the allocated timeframe11:13
c_schmitzdemand more work, if he is not able to do within the timefram you can still fail=unassign him11:13
annmait's a French translation and he is not French obviously11:14
annmaso I'd prefer failing him right now and reopen the task for someone else11:14
annmaif I unassign, will it reopen the task for someone else?11:14
annmathansk a lot c_schmitz :)11:15
annmaI'll make it cleared in the task description that the student needs to speak real French11:16
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annmacan 2 mentors be subscribed to the task?11:46
annmaI subscribed to a task then I changed the mentor and the new mentor can't be subscribed11:52
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Arctasks dont leave "ActionNeeded" state do they?14:11
tpbTitle: French Website - PySoy Cloud Game Engine (at
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vpericAny Melange devs around, I have a feature request: would it be possible to get all mails related to a given task as a single "conversation" in Gmail? The reason is that I'm subscribed to tons of issues and I'm never sure if someone acted on one until I actually open the link and see. (eg. someone requested to claim the task, but was already granted it by another mentor, I just didn't notice because it wasn't in the same conversation).17:14
vpericI hope that makes sense. (wow, that was long)17:14
vpericI guess right now they are divided by the sender, and that's really annoying. :)17:18
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annmacan several mentors subscribe to a same task?21:10
annmaI I get lots of emails for tasks I did not subscribe to21:11
annmapjcj: how?21:11
pjcjclick on edit, then look on the bottom right corner21:11
pjcj"add a mentor" or something similar21:11
annmathe task is taken and cannot be edited21:11
pjcjah no, you can only edit open tasks21:12
pjcjbut any mentor can subscribe to updates and comment on the task21:12
annmawhat happens is that I was the mentor and I subscribed to the task then I changed the mentor to be someone else21:12
annmapjcj: teh current mentor cannot21:12
pjcjcannot subscribe or cannot reply?21:13
annmacannot subscribe21:13
pjcjoh, strange21:13
pjcjthat's one for the melange folk then21:13
annmahe can replay but not subscribe and not amend the task state21:13
annmaI am in the melange channel, right?21:13
annmaalso I get lots of emails for tasks I did not subscribed to21:13
pjcjyes, the whole notifications thing isn't really working out too well21:15
annmathis is so much work21:16
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NightroseSRabbelier: hey :)  you said you will approve tasks today - did you already do that?21:44
SRabbelierNightrose: I can do it now if you like :)21:44
SRabbelierNightrose: last time tomorrow!21:45
NightroseSRabbelier: do when you want - just wanted to make sure my tasks are still in :P21:45
SRabbelier(should be done in a minute)21:45
pjcjwhen is the deadline?  0800 GMT?21:45
NightroseSRabbelier: btw - you're a hero for being around even in thesis time... - thanks!21:48
SRabbelierNightrose: you're welcome, and thank you  :)21:48
SRabbelierpjcj: eh, not quite sure what Carol said21:48
SRabbelierpjcj: assume the deadline is in the next few hours21:49
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pjcjSRabbelier: OK21:51
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