Thursday, 2011-11-24

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asmeurerhow do I approve unapproved tasks?09:19
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pjcjNot being able to edit claimed tasks is proving to be something of a pain15:01
pjcjI frequently find myself wanting to edit the description to provide more details, to add a mentor, or to clarify a title.15:01
pjcjIs there any way to do this?  Or could there be a way?15:01
pjcjSRabbelier: any thoughts?15:02
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Nightroseis it known that the task count at the bottom of the table is wrong somehow?17:11
Nightrosewhen i add the number of tasks for each individual status i get 11 tasks more than when not filtering for anythin17:12
Nightrose(keeping some internal stats and noticed it because the sum doesn't match up)17:12
Nightroseit's actually even more than 1117:15
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tadzikhello there, TPF mentor here, I'd like some help with the task mangement if it'd be possible20:44
tadzikthe deadline for the task claimed by one of our student has expired, when he was superclose to finishing it successfully. I'd extend the deadline for him, but it's too late now. There doesn't seem to be a way to either reassign him to the task or even contact him directly, is there anything that can be done?20:46
tadzikTPF is ready to extend the deadline for him, as the task is 99% complete, and it'd be terribly unjust to leave that 1% to a different student who'd just pick it up20:48
rafl(TPF being The Perl Foundation, fwiw)21:05
madrazrtadzik: why not leave a comment on the task?21:17
madrazrif the student is still interested he will pick it up again21:18
madrazrtadzik: and since it is a contest, to be fair to other students, if this student is not interested any more he is the one who loses the points?21:18
raflbecause it's pretty damn hard to tell whether or not he still has interest21:27
raflthe task is up for grabs again now, and other students are requesting to do it21:28
raflso most of the time the student that already did most of the work won't even get the chance to claim it again21:28
rafland lacking any means of direct communication with the student, manually assigning it to him again and giving him another day before the task becomes free for all again doesn't seem unreasonable21:28
raflespecially as it's mostly our fault for sending the task back for more work with something like one hour remaining21:29
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stefan-krastanovI have mis-clicked and marked a task as 'complete' instead of 'needs more work'. Is there something that can be done?21:54
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c_schmitzmadrazr: in the release notes it says something about tinyMCE in the comments21:58
c_schmitzI can't see that anywhere21:58
c_schmitznm, now I see it21:59
c_schmitzdid you just deploy?21:59
c_schmitzmadrazr: the tinyMCE is not available when replying, only on 'new post'22:00
DragooonIt's lovely when a task turns out to be thrice of what you expect it to be22:02
madrazrc_schmitz: nope, we haven't deployed a new release recently22:03
madrazrstefan-krastanov: You can request the student to click on Mark as complete again :)22:03
madrazrstefan-krastanov: and then you can close it22:03
madrazrrafl: the only thing I can think of for now is to talk to Carol about it22:04
stefan-krastanovI'm not sure that I understood. The task is marked as 'closed' at the moment, what exactly should the student do?22:04
madrazrrafl: unfortunately it is the requirement to not share the contact info directly22:04
madrazrstefan-krastanov: oops22:04
madrazrsorry I misread22:04
madrazrstefan-krastanov: I can reset the task back to you22:05
madrazrstefan-krastanov: task URL?22:05
stefan-krastanovjust a second22:05
madrazrstefan-krastanov: one min22:05
madrazrstefan-krastanov: can you please send an email about the request?22:05
madrazrstefan-krastanov: to me, CC'ing Sverre, Carol and the student?22:05
madrazrstefan-krastanov: ouch leave the student :D22:05
madrazrstefan-krastanov: you don't have his/her contact22:06
madrazrbut Sverre and Carol?22:06
stefan-krastanovno, I don't have those contacts22:06
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madrazrstefan-krastanov: I am PM'ing you22:06
madrazrstefan-krastanov: did you get them?22:06
stefan-krastanovyes, thank you22:07
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madrazrstefan-krastanov: NP22:07
madrazrstefan-krastanov: I have the task with me, the moment I receive the email, I will set it back to NeedsWork22:10
madrazrstefan-krastanov: also we need to set a deadline22:10
madrazrstefan-krastanov: what should it be?22:10
raflmadrazr: i can certainly see that. i just figured having a task administratively assigned to a particular student might not be as much of an issue as trying to figure out how to speak with the student directly.22:10
madrazrrafl: sorry, I did not get you22:11
madrazrwhat do you mean?22:11
* rafl was replying to 23:04:37 <madrazr> rafl: unfortunately it is the requirement to not share the contact info directly22:12
rafli entirely understand why not disclosing contact information is a requirement22:12
raflbut i figured having someone just re-assign the task back to the student and giving him another day might be a reasonable workaround.22:12
madrazrrafl: I can re-assign back, but I am not sure how this affects the contest22:13
madrazrrafl: if Carol says this is fine, I can certainly re-assign this back to the student22:13
raflnot at all, really. without another day passing and waiting for that particular student to show up again we won't assign it to anyone else anyway.22:13
madrazrrafl: for example in the case of stefan-krastanov here, they have closed the task which should have been sent back for more work. This means that the student is getting the credit for which he should not yet be22:14
stefan-krastanovmadrazr: The deadline should be just two hours22:14
madrazrrafl: I can take a stand on that22:14
madrazrrafl: but in this case, I am not very sure myself22:14
raflfair enough. dragging it out til the student finally lost interest it is :)22:15
madrazrstefan-krastanov: that means that student is around? He has to submit work in next two hours :D22:15
madrazrjust making sure22:15
stefan-krastanovyes, he submitted few hour ago and he knows that at sympy we can extend the deadline if he proves that he is working on it22:16
stefan-krastanovSo best just to leave the deadline as it was before my error22:17
madrazrrafl: :( I wish I could do something here :(22:18
raflit's alright. i'm not blaming anyone but myself for not extending the deadline in time.22:19
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