Wednesday, 2011-11-23

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madrazrasmeurer_: around?01:30
madrazrasmeurer_: you had a student who uploaded his work to the task but when he tried to download he was getting 500?01:30
madrazrasmeurer_: I can give you the title of the task?01:30
madrazru'Problem installing in Windows'01:31
asmeurer_found it01:33
tpbTitle: Problem installing in Windows - SymPy (at
madrazrasmeurer_: yes that is the task01:33
madrazrasmeurer_: I have the link01:33
asmeurer_what is the problem?01:33
madrazrasmeurer_: the problem is he is using IE01:33
madrazrasmeurer_: anyway that :D smiley has no value there01:33
madrazrit is more serious than that01:34
asmeurer_so what does it have to do with me I guess?01:34
madrazrasmeurer_: I was wondering why the student unassigned himself01:34
madrazrasmeurer_: I just thought you might know since you are org admin for the org01:34
asmeurer_was this Nerman or ValtersZ?01:34
madrazrasmeurer_: ValtersZ01:35
asmeurer_I don't know.  A lot of students have been claiming tasks and then unclaiming them without any reason. I'm assuming that it means that they found it more difficult than they expected, or they found a better task or something01:35
madrazrasmeurer_: Ok01:35
madrazrasmeurer_: I am suspecting something else for this specific task, which was the only reason I pinged you01:36
madrazrI am suspecting that the student could not download back his work and verify01:36
madrazrsince it was giving HTTP 500 for him and he thought it was better he give up and move on01:36
asmeurer_I have not heard from this student01:36
madrazrasmeurer_: Ok01:36
madrazrasmeurer_: if you don't know the reason, then nvm01:37
asmeurer_that may be the case, but if so, he didn't try anything beyond that01:37
madrazrasmeurer_: ah Ok01:37
madrazrcool! then01:37
asmeurer_there aren't any messages to the list or on the issue01:37
madrazrI won't worry until some one complains01:37
asmeurer_about it01:37
madrazrasmeurer_: Ok01:37
madrazrasmeurer_: thanks01:37
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Jumpyshoeshello all, my student cannot post links to melange. how do i review his work :)04:04
asmeurer_ask him to upload some dummy text file instead04:05
asmeurer_yep :)04:05
asmeurer_that's the workaround my students have all been using04:05
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Jumpyshoeswhy do my students need to do a workaround04:07
asmeurer_because there's a bug in melange04:07
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Jumpyshoesmadrazr: my students cannnot upload urls to melange04:08
Jumpyshoesasmeurer_: url submissions worked last year04:09
madrazrJumpyshoes: URLs is a known issue, it is a problem with the way Appengine works. We are trying to work around it04:17
madrazrJumpyshoes: we will probably have to make it work the way it worked last year04:17
madrazrthe form errors will be lost (and previously entered URL will also be lost)04:17
madrazrwe tried to fix that this year04:17
madrazrbut apparently Appengine is not pleased04:18
madrazrit does work locally04:18
Jumpyshoesi've heard lots of complaints about appengine04:18
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madrazrJumpyshoes: Add me to the list of people from whom you have heard complaints04:23
madrazrJumpyshoes: :(04:23
madrazrI hate the way their API works to store files04:23
madrazrand also the reason why we use that grid kind of lists :?04:24
madrazrJumpyshoes: but ...04:24
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annmaI am not sure what's happening when deadline has expired. It seems Melange adds another one?09:10
annmathe I extend the deadline and the status stays as ActionNedded09:10
annmathen I extend the deadline and the status stays as ActionNedded09:10
annmaand I still see the Extend Deadline option09:11
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RobinKumarwhat is the channel of opensuse?09:20
annma#opensuse probably09:20
annmaif forwards you to #suse RobinKumar09:21
RobinKumarya its #suse09:21
RobinKumarcan i discuss abt my GCI tasks there?09:22
annmaRobinKumar: can't you reach your mentor through Melange?09:22
annmaor mail?09:22
annmaRobinKumar: #suse is for OpenSuse user support09:23
annmamaybe there is a devel channel more appropriate09:23
RobinKumari know the name of my mentor. I dont noe how to contact him. i havnt claimed my task yet.09:26
annmayou should research how to mail him09:27
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pjcjIs the Automatic task subscription just broken?11:57
pjcjat the moment I'm having a hard time keeping track of new ClaimRequested tasks since I have to periodically click on all of them to see if there's anything new11:58
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Underyxhey, everyone14:08
UnderyxI have a bug in Google Code-In which makes me unable to submit any of my work, I've talked about this in #gsoc two days ago, and madrazr said he would look into it14:09
Underyxbut submitting still won't work for me, and the time limit of my current task is running out14:09
Underyxso I thought I would ask about this again here, if you guys can do anything14:10
Underyxso, um, SRabbelier, maybe?14:10
Underyxcould you help me with this in any way?14:10
Underyxafter I click the submit button, I get taken to an upload URL, but the task stays "claimed"14:11
Underyxalso, I don't see a Mark as complete button anywhere on the task page14:11
SRabbelierUnderyx: just submit the link in a text file?14:11
UnderyxI did that, same problem14:11
Underyxhere's a screenshot of the page I get after clicking the submit button
tpbTitle: 2011-11-23_1512 - Underyx's library (at
Underyxand the URL I enter stays in the upload form after clicking submit, as seen here:
tpbTitle: 2011-11-23_1513 - Underyx's library (at
UnderyxI believe there also should be a button labeled "Mark as complete" on the second screenshot14:14
Underyxsomewhere between the task description and the upload form14:14
Underyxoh, and SRabbelier I tried this from three different PCs, the same problem occured on each of them, I also checked the HTML source, and it doesn't have the mark as complete button in it, so it can't be a rendering problem in my browser14:19
SRabbelierUnderyx: there's somethign weird going on with the blobstore upload functionality not working properly14:26
SRabbelier(on the appengine side of things)14:26
UnderyxSRabbelier, and is there anything I could do to fix that?14:28
SRabbelierUnderyx: I'm sure if you let your mentors know about the situation they'll try to be accomodating :)14:28
UnderyxSRabbelier, well, madrazr told me they can only close my task if I have marked it as complete previously, which I cannot do due to the absence of the mark as complete button14:30
SRabbelierUnderyx: right14:31
SRabbelierUnderyx: we've noticed that if you try repeatedly it'll sometimes work suddenly14:31
UnderyxSRabbelier, oh, okay, thanks, I'll do that then14:32
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UnderyxSRabbelier, how many tries are we talking about here, by the way? Because over the course of the last two days I've tried at least a hundred times, and had no luck at all with it14:41
SRabbelieroh that's not right :)14:41
Underyxalso, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing, this is not the bug where I get an error message14:41
SRabbelierwhat url?14:41
Underyxfor the app engine14:41
UnderyxI get a URL like this one
Underyxalso, SRabbelier, just in case you need it, here's a screenshot of the whole page I see when getting redirected to the URL I just pasted in:
Underyxit looks exactly the same before I click Submit, by the way14:50
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Underyxso, umm, SRabbelier, any ideas? I'm sorry I'm constantly bugging you with this, I just really want to get those points15:39
SRabbelierUnderyx: nope, nothing atm, we're trying to fix it, nothing I can do for you atm I'm afraid15:39
Underyxoh well, thanks anyway, SRabbelier15:40
Underyxgood luck fixing it15:40
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: is it already known that the profile setting "automatic task subscription" does not work?16:01
ThomasWaldmanni have it set, but AFAIK, i never got en email when a student claimrequested something or put a comment on some task where i am mentor16:02
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: yeah, Madhu was almost finished it16:02
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: you can explicitly click the 'subscribe' button16:02
ThomasWaldmannah, then it works? ok, trying that.16:02
ThomasWaldmannif madhu has finished it, will it notify for claimrequests also?16:02
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: I think that's the idea, yes, but I'm not sure16:03
ThomasWaldmannok, let's see16:03
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DragooonSRabbelier - Has there been anything new in melange frontend today?17:05
SRabbelierkeep an eye on our changelog17:05
SRabbelierwe'll announce changes there17:05
OrangerSRabbelier: Where can we find the changelog ?17:06
OrangerThanks SRabbelier :)17:07
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DaskreechIs that expected?19:59
SRabbelierDaskreech: could be that the task is closed20:05
DaskreechIt's my task. I'm the mentor and it's not been claimed20:05
SRabbelierDaskreech: you might already be subscribed20:05
SRabbeliertry refreshing the page20:05
DaskreechSRabbelier: Didnt' work on a refresh. Killed the browser and relogged back in and I'm subscribed now. Thanks20:07
SRabbelierDaskreech: weird20:08
DaskreechYeah but that's how things go20:08
SRabbelierUnderyx: can you try now?20:21
Underyxoh, SRabbelier, I forgot to tell you, I tried uploading another file and it worked that way20:23
Underyxso now the task has a status of needsreview20:24
SRabbelierok :P20:24
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UnderyxI'll try submitting a URL next time20:24
Underyxand let you know if it works20:24
Underyxthank you very much, SRabbelier20:24
SRabbelierUnderyx: np, thank madrazr20:24
Underyxwell, thank you, madrazr yet another another time then, for (supposedly) fixing it :D20:25
madrazrUnderyx: You are welcome! And good luck with the competition!20:26
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iuser_adminis there a page anywhere that says how many tasks I've completed and/or how many points I've earned?21:06
iuser_adminalso, are there "points" this year?21:12
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Dragooonthere will be and yes there are points21:13
iuser_adminokay, when will that be added?21:14
pjcjthe plan was for "this week"21:15
pjcjI'm looking for a little help with
tpbTitle: Transcribe The View menu of Padre v0.84 - The Perl Foundation (at
pjcjthe time has run out, but a mentor clicked "needs work"21:16
pjcjwe would like to extend the time, but can't21:16
pjcjand the student can't upload anything21:16
pjcjSRabbelier: any thoughts about how to manage that?21:17
pjcjor anyone else, of course21:17
pjcjmadrazr: are you around?21:51
madrazrpjcj: yes21:51
pjcjcan you help at all with my problem above?21:51
madrazrpjcj: sure21:51
pjcjwe're sort of stuck where neither mentor nor student can do anything21:51
madrazrpjcj: taking a look21:52
SRabbeliermadrazr: I think lennard said he'd look at that Friday?21:52
madrazrSRabbelier: pjcj: I will take a look now21:55
madrazrif it is something simple to fix right away21:55
madrazrwe will get it done21:55
madrazror we have to wait until Friday21:55
pjcjthanks - if we can do anything, even a manual DB change it would be helpful21:56
SRabbelierpjcj: so the extend deadline button disappeared when you clicked 'needs work'21:56
pjcjstudents are keen at the start and so it's nice not to block them21:56
pjcjSRabbelier: right21:56
pjcjbecause, I think, the deadline has already passed21:56
madrazrpjcj: that should not affect21:56
pjcjah, Ok21:57
pjcjit wasn't me, so I'm not absolutely sure on all the details21:57
madrazrthe idea of extend deadline was changed this time and it is supposed to allow the mentors to extend the deadline on the task in all the claimed states21:57
madrazrpjcj: Ok21:57
SRabbeliermadrazr: ah!21:58
SRabbeliermadrazr: so what's happening21:58
SRabbeliermadrazr: is deadline passes21:58
SRabbeliermarked as needs work21:58
SRabbelierbut the deadline isn't extended again21:58
SRabbeliermadrazr: so first of all you need to fix the 'needs work' button to set the deadline at least 24h from now21:58
madrazrSRabbelier: but the Extend deadline button (and the accompanying boxes should still appear)21:59
SRabbeliermadrazr: and then the 'extend deadline' button need to be available when the deadline has passed21:59
madrazrSRabbelier: ah!22:00
madrazrSRabbelier: the thing I suspected is what the problem is22:00
madrazrthe entire Extend Deadline control is within if task.deadline block22:00
SRabbelierand deadline=None when it's expired?22:01
madrazrSRabbelier: yes22:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: obviously it should only show when the task is claimed or higher22:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: so we do want _some_ condition on its showing22:01
madrazrSRabbelier: yes22:01
madrazrbut not deadline I guess?22:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: get to it then :P22:02
madrazrSRabbelier: he he22:02
madrazrSRabbelier: interestingly the latter check (if the task is in Work in Progress) state check already gets done in the view before creating the extend deadline controls22:03
madrazrso it is already safe there22:03
madrazrif task.deadline in the template is making it not work as expected :)22:03
SRabbeliermadrazr: should be easy to fix then?22:03
madrazrSRabbelier: yup22:03
SRabbeliermadrazr: well commit it then good sir!22:03
madrazrSRabbelier: Wogey sir :P22:03
SRabbeliermadrazr: we shall deploy it henceforth and ease pjcj's suffering!22:03
madrazrSRabbelier: *nod*22:04
pjcjthanks very much22:04
pjcjcould you note here when it is deployed?22:04
SRabbelierpjcj: sure22:07
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SRabbelierpjcj: deploying now22:51
SRabbelierpjcj: should be live23:00
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iuser_adminare rankings going to be added?23:31
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SRabbelieriuser_admin: yes, sometime this week hopefully23:39
raflSRabbelier: that did it. cheers.23:40
SRabbelierrafl: excellent :)23:40

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