Tuesday, 2011-11-22

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asmeurerThe task creation window seems to like to eat links05:05
asmeureris this a known issue?05:05
asmeurerwell, it's now issue 136005:11
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smichrhi asmeurer ; to whom do I talk to about changing mentor/student status05:19
asmeurerhi smichr05:20
asmeurermadrazr or SRabbelier could help you05:20
madrazrsmichr: what do you mean?05:20
smichrmadrazr: I tried to sign up as a mentor but apparently succeeded as a student -- no need to send me a T-shirt, but could you help me change my status?05:21
smichrWhen I try go to the mentor page it jsut sends me to http://www.google-melange.com/gci/profile/google/gci201105:21
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at www.google-melange.com)05:21
smichrI just found a "request to be a mentor" link and sent a request, Aaron.05:23
madrazrsmichr: sure05:26
madrazrsmichr: can you please send me an email with your username on Melange?05:26
madrazruser ID on Melange that is05:26
asmeurersmichr: It doesn't seem to have worked05:26
asmeureror at least I didn't get an email05:26
asmeurerlet me check my email05:26
asmeurerok, it's there05:27
asmeurerok, you should email those to us madrazr05:27
smichrmadrazar, what is our email address?05:27
asmeurersmichr: see if there's mentor stuff in your dashboard now05:27
madrazrsmichr: I am PM'ing you05:28
madrazryou need to CC to carols and05:28
madrazrI am PMing you all email IDs05:28
asmeurerwe have a mentor who has ten requests, assumedly because it appeared broken to him05:28
smichryes, there are mentor related options now05:28
madrazrasmeurer: smichr: I have given it to both of you05:28
madrazron PM05:28
asmeurerdo you guys have an issue to send out emails to admins for mentor invitations?05:30
madrazrasmeurer: I don't remember seeing one05:32
asmeurercan I create one then?05:32
asmeurerthis is really annoying not to have05:32
madrazrasmeurer: sure go ahead!05:32
madrazrasmeurer: before you submit05:33
madrazrlet me check if there is one already05:33
madrazrjust to make sure05:33
asmeurerok :)05:33
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madrazrasmeurer: please go ahead and file an issue05:36
madrazrdoesn't look like such an issue exists05:36
madrazrRTEMS folks said that in a tweet to me I guess05:37
madrazrtoday morning05:37
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smichrmadrazr: could you send the email addresses again? I sent a note to you but not srabbelier.05:50
madrazrsmichr: sent05:50
madrazrin PM05:50
asmeurerSo I've been creating a bunch of melange issues05:52
asmeurerI hope it doesn't bug you guys :)05:52
asmeureralthough I actually kind of hope it does, because some of the bugs are very annoying05:53
smichrmadazr: ok, I lost the window with the previous comments. Did you need me to send the email address/user name to you all?05:55
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madrazrasmeurer: issues ftw!06:15
madrazrasmeurer: more issues, better it is kept track of and more priorities to them!06:15
madrazrasmeurer: than the things just said in the air :)06:15
madrazrasmeurer: smichr says "Anyway, I have been sent an invitation now by XXX"06:16
madrazrasmeurer: does that mean he was able to set up as mentor?06:16
asmeureryes, he is a mentor06:17
asmeurerI'm not sure if he is still also a student, though06:17
madrazrasmeurer: that scares me a bit :)06:19
asmeurerI wasn't actually clear on it06:19
asmeureryou can check06:19
asmeurer(I'm assuming)06:19
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madrazrasmeurer: he is only a mentor06:30
madrazrnot a student06:30
asmeurerok, good06:30
madrazrasmeurer: any idea how he could get away?06:30
asmeurerIt's possible he was never a student, and I was just confused06:30
madrazrasmeurer: if he had registered as a student first?06:30
madrazrasmeurer: ah Ok!06:30
madrazrasmeurer: cool!06:31
madrazrall is well then!06:31
asmeurercan we still add tasks until monday, or only edit them?06:50
madrazrasmeurer: good question, I don't know the answer for it. Carol or Sverre should tell about it06:57
madrazrasmeurer: feel free to send an email to the gci discuss list06:58
madrazrit helps other orgs too06:58
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annmahi, I have a ClaimRequested for one of my tasks but I don't see how to assign it to the student07:03
annmahow do I put it to Claimed?07:03
asmeurergo to the task and click on "assign"07:03
asmeurerat the top07:03
annmaon top right?07:04
annmaoh how unintuitive!!!07:04
annmait had a green check mark07:04
annmathanks asmeurer07:04
asmeurerI guess that means that it's "assignable"07:05
annmaI would not have guessed07:05
asmeurerso it sounds like my idea from http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1359 would also make the UI easier to understand07:06
asmeureryou should add a comment there07:06
tpb<http://ln-s.net/9MTS> (at code.google.com)07:06
annmawhy are some tasks at Reopened?07:11
asmeurerI still haven't figured out what that means07:12
annma;) OK07:12
annmathanks for the help07:12
asmeurermaybe it's the same as open, but you can't edit (?)07:12
asmeurerok, it tells what it is at http://www.google-melange.com/gci/document/show/gci_program/google/gci2011/faq07:13
tpbTitle: Frequently Asked Questions (at www.google-melange.com)07:13
annmabut I did not put it at that state and it's my task07:13
asmeurersearch for "reopened"07:13
asmeurer"Reopened: If the task has been rejected by the mentor or organization administrator because it is invalid, irrelevant, or spam."07:13
asmeurerthat does not sound right07:13
annmaI am the mentor and admin07:14
asmeurerbut apparently, if a student releases a claim on a task, it becomes "reopened" instead of "opened"07:14
asmeureryeah, me too :)07:14
annmaand I did not touch this task07:14
madrazrasmeurer: that is indeed one of the ways in which the task can come back to re-opened state07:14
asmeurer"If the student fails to submit the work after the extended deadline, the task will be automatically re-opened and the task status will be set to Reopened."07:14
annmaah a student claimed then withdrew07:14
asmeurerso that FAQ is not entirely correct07:14
madrazrwe need some way to track if the task was claimed at least once before07:15
asmeureris there any practical difference between open and reopened?07:15
madrazrasmeurer: nope07:15
asmeurer(other than that the reopened ones sort to the bottom)07:15
madrazrasmeurer: not for GCI 201107:15
annmaI have to get my kid to school07:16
asmeurerby the way, I noticed there's a NeedsWork  status07:16
asmeurerhow do I set that?07:16
madrazrasmeurer: when the task comes for review07:21
madrazrthat is after the student marks the task as complete07:21
madrazryou can either close it or mark is as needs more work07:21
asmeurerI didn't see the latter earlier07:22
madrazrneeds more work sends the task back to student for re-submission07:22
madrazrasmeurer: ssshhh ... :P07:22
asmeurerok, so I see it now07:22
asmeurerthis must have been implemented fairly recently07:22
madrazrasmeurer: :)07:22
asmeurerok, never mind07:22
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Mamarokwhy do I now see an item "Request to become a mentor" in my dashboard? Was this a new feature added? I presume there is no action needed from my part since I already am a mentor, right?10:12
SRabbelierMamarok: correct10:13
MamarokSRabbelier: thanks for the info :)10:14
Mamarokbtw, I just submitted a feature request :)10:15
SRabbelierMamarok: we get those a lot :)10:15
MamarokI bet you do :)10:15
MamarokI am not a coder so there is little I could help10:15
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pjcjis there any way to have mentors automatically subscribed to updates?11:59
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pjcjwe have some students who have managed to claim more than one task13:53
pjcjI understood this shouldn't be possible13:53
pjcjis this a known problem?13:53
gevaertspjcj: IIRC this was possible for a while yesterday, but it got fixed13:54
gevaertsSo possibly those students were just early13:54
pjcjaha, OK - that sounds plausible13:55
pjcjI'll keep an eye out to check it doesn't happen again13:55
pjcjand we'll try to manage those with more than one open task13:55
gevaertsSRabbelier probably knows more13:55
pjcjI never know who is in which timezone13:56
SRabbelierwhat gevaerts said13:56
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pjcjOK, thanks13:56
pjcjSRabbelier: while you're here: is there any way to have mentors automatically subscribed to updates?13:56
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Arcmentors and students14:21
Arcim finding students replying to tasks they've been assigned and not knowing about it, so i have to periodically click through all the claimed tasks to check for replies - and students likewise dont seem to get notified when i reply to them14:24
Arcas far as scaleability the extra load from having to regularly refresh the list to see if new claims have been requested or comments added..14:24
pjcjyes, trying to keep on top of all the tasks that are being worked on is really quite an effort14:28
Arceven something as basic as plugging into CIA to pitch updates direct to irc..14:28
SRabbelierpjcj: it's being worked on14:32
pjcjgood - I'm looking forward to it :)14:35
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etixHello there15:01
etixI'm currently unable to register as a mentor for the VideoLAN org15:02
etix"This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time."15:03
Arcso create a profile15:03
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etixhmm you're telling me that I missed that part ? :)15:03
pjcjetix: did you use the secret link: http://www.google-melange.com/gci/profile/mentor/google/gci201115:04
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at www.google-melange.com)15:04
etixpjcj: oh nice15:04
etixit works, thank you.15:05
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dreimarkSRabbelier: may be i am blind. I want to change "ClaimRequested" to "Claimed". Where is the  button hidden to do this15:52
SRabbelierdreimark: at the top, "Assign"?15:53
dreimarkthere is already a ./ sign15:53
SRabbelierdreimark: a what sign?15:53
dreimarki understand that as status sign, the green hook15:54
dreimarkplease add in a furure version mouse over, status or some bubble15:54
dreimarkit worked15:54
dreimarkI just not clicked on it15:54
pjcjSRabbelier: next question - is there any way to keep some formatting in replies?15:55
akedabaguspjcj: you mean rich text editing in comment form?15:56
pjcjyes, although I really would just like to keep paragraphs separate15:57
Arcand leading spaces15:58
SRabbelierpjcj: should probably turn on TinyMCE for comments15:59
pjcjhow do you do that?15:59
SRabbelierwe should do that I meant16:00
pjcjah, OK16:00
pjcjyes, that would work16:00
akedabagusSRabbelier: I will put it on issue tracker16:01
SRabbelierakedabagus: sounds good, do you want to implement it too?16:04
akedabagusSRabbelier: sure :)16:04
SRabbelierakedabagus: shouldn't be too hard, just make sure you use the 'minimal' configuration16:05
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robinkumarI pasted my video URL on the submit page but nothing is happening.17:45
SRabbelierrobinkumar: yeah that's not working atm, put it in a .txt file and upload it that way :P17:48
SRabbelierrobinkumar: we're working on fixing that though17:48
robinkumarthanks. I have uploaded my video instead.17:49
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SRabbelierrobinkumar: oh that works too17:55
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mang0Is there a problem with submitting for GCI? I can't upload a file....19:12
mang0SRabbelier? ^19:12
SRabbeliermang0: yeah not sure what's going on19:13
mang0SRabbelier: What do I do then? Contact the mentors directly?19:13
SRabbeliermang0: yes, submit a comment instead19:14
mang0SRabbelier: K, done.19:15
SRabbeliermang0: probably poke them manually too :)19:15
mang0Will do ;)19:16
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mang0SRabbelier: Just manged to upload my work! :D19:20
mang0Using Firefox19:20
SRabbeliermang0: weird19:20
mang0instead of Chrome19:20
SRabbelierprobably unrelated to browser19:20
mang0SRabbelier: Just check you can see it: http://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2011/7142254 it's not just me is it?19:20
tpbTitle: Test Developers Installation Documentation for Linux - Sahana Software Foundation (at www.google-melange.com)19:20
SRabbeliermang0: it's there, don't worry, if you can see it everybody can :)19:21
mang0SRabbelier: K. I'm just paranoid :P19:22
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DragooonWho's cooking?19:27
* mang0 is19:28
* mang0 serves up a full 8 course mean to Dragooon19:28
DragooonNot enough man, you missed the entre-desert coarse\19:29
mang0You're too fat for desert.19:30
mang0This is healthy food19:30
DragooonNo one tells me what's healthy!19:31
* mang0 holds up salad leaf19:32
mang0That's healthy.19:32
* mang0 holds up deep fried mars bar19:32
mang0That's not so healthy19:32
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DragooonDeep fried mars bar?19:45
DragooonThat's crap19:45
mang0 >:C Lies and Deceit. With a capital D.19:45
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nathan0n5irespectie, so for the content for the flyer, should I use some of the stuff form http://www.apertium.org/?id=whatisapertium&lang=en ?20:56
tpb<http://ln-s.net/9Mdg> (at www.apertium.org)20:56
nathan0n5ireoops sorry I posted in the wrong channel21:03
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RobinKumarWhat is the IRC channel of Sahana Software Foundation ?22:10
mang0Anyhoo, G'night :)22:10
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RobinKumaranyone else?22:12
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pjcjCan the Title in replies be made optional?22:18
pjcjone of my hardest tasks is thinking up what to put in there22:18
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subhashishI need to inqure about server error when I try to submit my work... Can I submit both the file and the url or any one?22:24
subhashishanyone here?22:25
RobinKumarenter the URL in a text file and upload it.22:34
subhashishbtw it finally accepted the file but encountered error while accepting url22:35
RobinKumarthat is a bug in their site. It happened with me too.22:36
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