Monday, 2011-11-21

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SRabbeliereh, they should be?00:00
pjcjI did a bulk upload with two mentors and order changed00:02
vpericit's reverse order00:02
SRabbeliermost curious00:02
vpericYeah, I noticed that too00:03
SRabbelierI don't see anything that would cause that to happen though00:03
SRabbelierso no clue00:03
vpericNot like it matters too much.00:03
vpericAnd even if it did it's too late now. :D00:03
pjcjonly too late for one of my tasks00:04
pjcjif it is reverse order I'll alter my upload00:04
vpericYeah, it's definitely just reverse order.00:05
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pjcjOK, then I'll try the next one with reverse order and see how it goes00:06
* rafl hopes it's just ordered alphabetically by surname so he won't end up being listed first in all the tasks pjcj is about to create00:06
vpericit's definitely not alphabetic, rafl00:07
pjcjareverse <ESC>:w    :)00:09
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pjcjreverse order on the mentors made no difference00:28
vpericpjcj: I dunno, but "mrocklin, vperic, krastanov, asmeurer" definitely ain't alphabetic (not even if you consider our first names or last names).. it is, however, exactly the reverse of what we had in the csv file.. /me shrugs.00:31
pjcjI only had two mentors and it made no difference the order I had them in00:32
pjcjI'm past caring :)00:32
pjcjI think tags are reordered too00:33
vpericwell, the issues appear in random order00:34
vpericso I guess it's safe to say mentors get reordered somehow too00:35
vpericthough they're all in same order for me00:35
vperichence the reverse-order idea00:35
vpericoh well00:35
pjcjis ther any limit to the number of tasks I should upload at once00:36
pjcjeither specified or empirical?00:36
asmeurer_I was doing ten at a time, but then I jumped to doing the last 100 at once00:37
asmeurer_I would do a few at a time, and verify that they are right00:37
asmeurer_because you can't bulk delete tasks00:37
asmeurer_anyway, any errors will be in the email, so make sure to check that after each upload00:37
pjcjOK, thanks00:38
pjcjWhere does Difficulty: Unknown come from?00:45
asmeurer_it's a bug00:47
asmeurer_you just have to fix it manually00:47
pjcjhmmm, OK thanks again00:48
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pjcjI did a bulk upload about 20 minutes ago.  I've got no mail and the tasks aren't in the list.  Can anyone let me know whether the upload has failed or if it's still running?01:29
pjcjmadrazr or SRabbelier, that's a question for you, I suppose01:30
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pjcjOK, it looks like it's just uploaded the tasks01:34
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madrazrpjcj: cool!01:52
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madrazrpjcj: and no email?01:52
Jumpyshoeshi all, i'm an org admin for videolan01:52
Jumpyshoeswe're having great trouble uploading tasks01:53
madrazrJumpyshoes: Hi01:53
madrazrJumpyshoes: and they are?01:53
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Jumpyshoesis there any reason why the export format not the same as the import format?01:53
Jumpyshoesit makes it very difficult to duplicate tasks01:53
pjcjit's hard to tell which mail relates to which upload, but I think I just got the last mail - trouble viewing the tasks though01:53
madrazrJumpyshoes: Export format is customizable01:54
madrazrJumpyshoes: import format is not01:54
madrazrpjcj: it should not be that difficult, the email should list the tasks that had problem uploading01:55
madrazrpjcj: that should tell you which upload the email refers to01:55
Jumpyshoesmadrazr: how do i customize export to have the same format as the import?01:55
pjcjno tasks have errors, it's just taking forever01:55
Jumpyshoesalso what is the unknown difficulty01:57
madrazrJumpyshoes: hmm... I may be wrong, but it may not be possible, unless we figure out some way to order the columns the same way it is needed01:58
madrazrthat is definitely not possible for now01:58
madrazrJumpyshoes: that means that uploader was not able to figure out what the difficulty for the task was01:59
madrazrJumpyshoes: feel free to edit the task to set the difficulty01:59
Jumpyshoesmadrazr: i see, so we can modify it after the fact? i.e. during the competition?01:59
madrazrJumpyshoes: not during the competition01:59
madrazrJumpyshoes: but you can edit it now, yes!01:59
Jumpyshoesmadrazr: ah, thanks02:00
madrazrJumpyshoes: NP02:00
madrazrpjcj: you do not know if there are any errors, if it is taking forever :)02:00
madrazrpjcj: you get an email only after one upload job is complete02:00
pjcjwell, I got the email and it said the time the upload started02:01
madrazrpjcj: which organization btw?02:01
pjcjbut instead of adding tasks it seems to have removed the last bulk upload02:01
pjcjI'm seeing 100 tasks total - there were 200 before I started the last bulk upload02:01
madrazrpjcj: that is weird02:03
pjcjthat's one word :)02:03
madrazrpjcj: unfortunately I don't see any errors on your tasks while uploading02:06
pjcjno, I was very careful :)02:07
madrazrpjcj: heh02:11
pjcjcan you see how many tasks we actually have at the moment?02:11
pjcjthe app is reporting 100, the last figure I saw was 200, I have uploaded 33602:12
pjcjmadrazr: also, I'm regularly getting "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again" on the tasks page02:18
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* rafl confirms that02:19
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pjcjhey folks, madrazr, SRabbelier, can anyone help here?  It's 3:40 am for me and I'm rather keen to get this sorted02:41
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madrazrpjcj: I hope you are still not awake04:35
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pjcjmadrazr: were to able find out anything?04:55
pjcjthe teasks page is now reporting 200 tasks ahain, when it does not give errors04:55
pjcjthe 200 seem to be selected from amongst the 336 tasks I have uploaded04:55
pjcjand then it went to 100 tasks05:01
pjcjnow it's showing 33705:01
asmeurerI think that's just loading05:02
pjcjafter four hours?05:02
pjcjanyway, I'll asume all tasks are uploaded and it's just display problems05:03
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madrazrpjcj: it does load then!05:07
madrazrpjcj: the thing is05:07
madrazrwe fetch tasks in batches05:08
madrazrpjcj: batch of 10005:08
madrazrpjcj: we are sorry to having you kept awake :(05:09
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pjcjOK, so the batch loading made it look as if some of my uploads had failed or rolled back05:36
pjcjI have one duplicate somewhere while I'll look for later05:37
Jumpyshoescan i mass delete tasks?05:38
madrazrJumpyshoes: not yet05:54
madrazrJumpyshoes: but I can help05:54
Jumpyshoesmadrazr: for videolan, i typoed in the task description: "Write an assembly function": "Points will be awarded if once" -> "Points will be awarded once05:55
madrazrJumpyshoes: Oh06:01
madrazrJumpyshoes: s/Oh/Ok/06:01
dreimarkmadrazr: i don't have an admin view for moin but I signed to become thebackup admin06:06
madrazrdreimark: your user id on Melange?06:07
dreimarkmadrazr: ^06:08
madrazrdreimark: sorry06:25
madrazrlooking it up06:25
madrazrdreimark: your project ID is moin?06:41
dreimarkOrganization: MoinMoin Wiki06:41
dreimarkmadrazr: Organization ID moinmoin06:42
dreimarksome days ago i was able to modify the org profile06:42
dreimarkmadrazr: ^06:43
madrazrdreimark: sure, I searched on the name06:43
madrazrdreimark: it looks like you are not listed as one of the admins for GCI 2011 program06:52
madrazrbut you are for 201006:52
madrazrdreimark: please ask your org admin to invite you as org admin again06:53
madrazrhe can do some from his dashboard06:54
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Arcmidnight pst has hit08:04
valorietrying to fix the "unapproved" -- I'm not being allowed to08:05
valorieI hit submit, and it comes back to the edit page08:05
valoriedunno why we have so many, but we have quite a few08:06
Arcsome of our tasks are unpublished, some unapproved08:06
Arcit looks like those added via bulk are unpublished, while those added via web form are unapproved08:07
valoriei'm trying to approve them08:08
valoriebut nothing is happening08:08
valoriethe mentors who submitted them aren't able to see the unapproved ones08:08
Arcas i understand they were all suppose to change to published at midnight pst - 8 minutes ago - automatically08:09
madrazrArc: the tasks created by org admins are unpublished08:09
madrazrArc: the tasks created by mentors are Unapproved08:09
Arci created most of them either via webform or bulk08:09
madrazrthe idea is, some time later, Org Admins will have the capability to Approve the tasks created by Org admins08:09
madrazrArc: since you bulk uploaded, you are the org admin for your org and all the tasks you bulk uploaded should be unpublished!08:10
madrazrvalorie: all the Unapproved tasks will be published08:11
madrazrso no worries I guess?08:11
valorieah, ok08:11
valoriewonder why the mentors can't see them then08:11
*** asmeurer has joined #melange08:11
*** ptressel has joined #melange08:12
Arcmadrazr: so i guess they're being published now, its just taking time?08:12
madrazrArc: we are deploying, yes!08:13
madrazrArc: they will be very soon08:13
Arctime for a bite to eat, and then finish up my gsoc report for the psf board08:14
ptresselGotta problem: We have one mentor who apparently didn't receive his invite, so our tasks that had his link id on them didn't upload.08:15
ptresselWe're trying to resend the invite, but since it's already been sent, we're not being allowed to resend it. Can't find a "cancel" for the original.08:16
*** asmeurer has quit IRC08:16
SRabbelierptressel: it should be onhis dashboard08:16
ptresselHe's looked...08:16
ptresselWe made him look repeatedly.08:16
Arcwe had to resend an invite a few times08:16
ptresselArc, How did you manage the resend?08:17
ptresselDid you clear the original one somehow?08:17
Arci just went back into the invite a mentor and put his linkid in again.08:17
Arcit was like the invite was never sent08:17
ptresselOur admin is trying to resend, but getting blocked because the original is still there.08:17
Arcoh weird08:17
ptresselAha, so that's a different case, it sounds like.08:17
*** michaelhowden has joined #melange08:18
SRabbelierok wait08:18
ptresselAnd there's our admin, ^08:18
ptresselThe missing mentor is nursix.08:18
SRabbelierhave him copy paste his link_id from the left hand 'status' column?08:18
ptresselYou mean in case the link id isn't what he thinks it is...08:19
* SRabbelier coughs08:20
* valorie hands SRabbelier a coughdrop08:20
SRabbeliervalorie: most kind08:20
ptresselHere's what the missing mentor has on his status:08:21
ptresselYou are logged in as: [email protected] (change)08:21
ptresselYour username is: nursix08:21
SRabbelierptressel: and when you enter 'nursix' as link_id?08:21
ptresselmichaelhowden, What happened when you did that?08:22
ptresselnursix says he's getting status updates for the invite, just not the invite itself!08:22
michaelhowdenFor what exactly - for the invite?08:22
ptresselWhen you try to resend it.08:22
michaelhowdenUser nursix has already been invited to become mentor.08:23
SRabbelierthe email he receives08:23
SRabbelierthe "status update"08:23
SRabbelierthat's the invite :P08:23
SRabbelierit contains a link08:23
SRabbelierperhaps he's using a retarded email client?08:23
*** asmeurer__ has joined #melange08:24
ptresselHe looked -- no link.08:25
ptresselThe message says...08:25
valoriehe might have to look at the raw email08:25
valoriethere is a bug08:25
ptresselHi, Your invite to become a Mentor for has been resubmitted.08:25
SRabbeliervalorie: always interesting08:25
SRabbelierptressel: ok, so he should find the original one08:25
SRabbelierand/or go to his dashboard08:25
SRabbelierhave him make a screenshot of his dashboard :P08:25
*** asmeurer__ has quit IRC08:26
ptresselOk, I asked him.08:27
ptresselHe looked at the raw text and found a link to the dashboard.08:29
ptresselAnd he says the link is incorrect.
SRabbelierthat's not the right link indeed08:30
SRabbelierwhen he's logged in08:30
SRabbelierin the sidebar08:30
SRabbelierthere's two links to his dashboard08:30
SRabbelierthe top one is the one he needs08:31
ptresselHis dashboard is empty -- only says participant dashboard.08:31
*** nursix has joined #melange08:31
ptresselHere he is. ^08:31
SRabbelierI don't see join msgs08:31
*** MatthewWilkes has joined #melange08:32
ptresselnursix: SRabbelierwhen he's logged in, in the sidebar there's two links to his dashboard08:32
ptresselnursix: SRabbelierthe top one is the one he needs08:32
nursixWhat do you need from there SRabbelier?08:32
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
valorieis the correct URL08:32
nursixI am there08:33
nursixThe page is empty08:33
SRabbeliervalorie: no your dashboard is at
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
nursixIt says "Paticipant dashboard" and that's it08:33
SRabbelierthat's curious :)08:33
nursixAnd the profile contains the form08:33
SRabbelierI"ll deal with you later08:33
SRabbeliergotta launch a site first08:33
valorieyes, dashboard is08:33
nursixI have a funny selector on my profile page to select an image file08:34
nursixNo explanation on that08:34
michaelhowdenSRabbelier: We can't add half our tasks without nursix as a mentor.. :S08:35
SRabbeliermadrazr: ^08:35
nursixWhat am I supposed to select from that box and what for?08:35
SRabbeliermadrazr: can you help him?08:35
madrazrnursix: it will be one of the avatars, which indicates one of your profile pictures08:36
madrazrnursix: :)08:36
madrazrnursix: so select the one that you think fits you the best :)08:36
nursixHow? It shows just filenames08:37
madrazrnursix: choose one for now, you can edit it later!08:37
madrazralso it is not a mandatory field!08:37
nursixUgh - and if it is a grizzly bear or a pink elephant - how would I know :S08:38
nursixNo, didn't choose one, just wondering what this was for08:38
madrazrnursix: It is not that bad08:38
madrazrnursix: we will soon have a fancy UI to see what they are on the profile page itself08:38
michaelhowdenUmm… is this an essential step in getting nursix added as a mentor for Sahana08:39
nursixNo, it's not mandatory08:39
nursixI was just wondering whether it would be08:39
michaelhowdenI can't currently upload a heap of tasks where nursix is mentor?08:39
ptresselno, optional, nursix just asked what it was.08:39
michaelhowdenmadrazr: Any why you can add nursix as a mentor for Sahana directly?08:40
ptresselWas just asking the same thing...08:40
* valorie waves at ptressel08:41
valoriehow are you this dark, damp night?08:42
*** asmeurer_ has joined #melange08:42
ptresselFreezing.  33 degrees outside, not that warm inside.08:42
ptressel(Remind me -- I should probably know you but have forgotten...)08:43
ptressel(I expect I'll be embarrassed a bit...)08:44
Arcwow, I actually have been adding tasks for so long today that I forgot that I spent the morning making thanksgiving meals for the elderly across town, but it wasnt that cold out this morning.08:44
valoriepat, it's valorie08:45
ptresselNice, Arc!08:45
madrazrmichaelhowden: not really08:45
madrazrhe should at least create his profile08:45
ptresselOh, *that* valorie!!!!08:45
Arcptressel: yea we managed to get 76 up.  was aiming for 100.  next year we'll have a better infrastructure for compiling them ahead of time08:45
michaelhowdenmadrazr: I believe he has a profiel....08:46
michaelhowdenHey valorie!08:46
* ptressel blushes08:46
michaelhowdenmadrazr, and while I'm bugging you about this - we met at the GSoC summit right?08:46
ptresselNow I remember having trouble w/ the linkedin request, having spelled your name w/o the o.08:46
valorienp, it's a nailbiter when you are trying to get in under the wire08:46
Arci think we all met at gsoc.  it seems like it was a prerequisite for getting in :-)08:47
valoriebut when you mentioned sahana, I thought -- ptressel has gotta be Pat08:47
michaelhowdenArc - not sure I remember you though… or maybe I just remember you as more than just 3 letters!08:47
Arci was at the gci session, end of table, spent the time cutting sleves off women's gci 2010 shirts08:48
* asmeurer_ remembers that08:48
michaelhowdenArgh - I had to leave before that session :(08:48
michaelhowdenWhat did I miss?08:49
Arcyea people seem to think its strange to recycle surplus ladies shirts like that :-P08:49
ptresselToo bad there was a surplus.  :(08:50
asmeurer_we learned all about code-in08:50
ptresselWe got zero female GCI students last time...08:50
asmeurer_stuff you should hopefully know about already08:50
Arcyea I know.  ive been reaching out to middle and highschools in the DC area trying to get more young women and non-white students08:51
ArcDC youth are largely black and hispanic08:51
Arcwe'll find out.08:51
Arcmy coach is a 7th grade english teacher, on my team alone we have teachers in 5 schools, and my husband is a branch manager for dc public libraries so networking was easy.08:52
ptresselI "work" (==volunteer) for an early-stage startup called -- social project for good causes.08:52
michaelhowdenArc: which project are you with?08:53
ptresselI'm just putting together some projects aimed at drawing in kids to STEM fields.08:53
ArcI'm also Python Software Foundation's org admin.  with both sympy and pysoy accepted python didn't have enough interest left to be in gci08:53
asmeurer_Arc: how many mentors do you guys have?08:53
Arc5 right now.  we have 2 more coming on board.08:54
asmeurer_I'm trying to gauge your task count to ours08:55
asmeurer_yeah, I saw that above08:55
Archow many do you have?08:55
ptresselmichaelhowden, didn't you say we have about that many? or at least, once the missing projects get added?08:56
ptressel(See how I sneakily brought the topic back round to our problem?)08:58
asmeurer_+/-  few, I don't know the exact number08:58
asmeurer_ok, it's 16508:59
*** annma has joined #melange09:01
c_schmitzhi everyone09:02
c_schmitzstill can't list our tasks09:02
c_schmitztakes like forever, and then only list 100 max09:03
c_schmitzIsn't the contest already started?09:05
annmac_schmitz: it seems to have a slight delay09:05
asmeurer_hey, how did the project with the onion logo get such a big logo on the main page?09:06
c_schmitzannma: ah ok, is that delay voluntary?09:06
Arcasmeurer_: kde i presume?09:06
annmac_schmitz: I think not09:07
c_schmitzwhat a mess09:07
asmeurer_can't know for sure. Org pages are still not up.09:07
annmaKDE has a K for logo, not an onion!!!!09:07
Arcmost students are asleep anyway.09:07
annmaArc: not in Europe09:07
asmeurer_Arc: the contest is worldwide09:07
annmathe onion is not KDE09:07
annmaArc: I am in Europe as mentor for example09:08
Arcyea sorry its 4am here, forgive my slowness09:08
*** michaelhowden has quit IRC09:08
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC09:10
*** r0bby has joined #melange09:10
*** michaelhowden has joined #melange09:10
michaelhowdenSorry bung internet09:11
michaelhowdenYes - 76 projects - although only 56 now :S09:11
asmeurer_are you talking about pysoy?09:12
*** asmeurer_ has quit IRC09:15
michaelhowdenNo - Sahana09:16
madrazrmichaelhowden: sorry, I was just distracted09:23
madrazrmichaelhowden: yes we met at the summit!09:23
madrazrmichaelhowden: and I remembered later that we indeed met at!09:24
madrazrmichaelhowden: you have a better memory!09:24
*** Mazi|away has joined #melange09:25
Mazi|awayhey folks, a short question for all the melange developers out there: I'm a GCi mentor and when trying to view the task list of my organization I always get a "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again" error. reloading the page leads to the same error message.09:26
Mazi|awayany ideas how I can work around that?09:26
*** Mazi|away is now known as Mazi09:26
valoriein my experience, refresh the list or the whole page to try again enough times and it will finally work09:26
Arcmichaelhowden: ill trade you for my current tech problem :-P09:27
valoriealso, I poured a small whisky09:27
valoriethis also helps09:27
Mazican anybody explain why the error shows up at all? are the servers too busy? is it a coding problem?09:28
michaelhowdenArc - you mean switch tech issues!09:29
c_schmitzat least you can say it is a well-known problem :)09:29
michaelhowdenMy problem?09:29
Arcmichaelhowden: two days ago my netbook started to repeat this weird focus problem ive had with other systems; focus gets locked on a window until i click a menu, then the window i want.  even the screensaver cant activate until i come back and click a menu, then it activates and deactivates09:29
michaelhowdenYeah… does that mean that there's an easy solution?09:29
michaelhowdenHow can I re-invite a mentor?09:29
Mazidoes a bug report for the page loading problem ("Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again") alreadyx exist?09:35
SRabbelierwe're well aware09:35
SRabbelierlooking into it atm09:35
Mazik, thanks for your feedback09:35
MaziSRabbelier, I'm talking about the task list of "Limesurvey" if that helps debugging it09:36
SRabbelierit's happening for all of them :(09:36
Mazik, then it wasn't me who broke it :-)09:37
Arcrefresh #3 worked for me09:37
Arcall tasks show as open09:38
*** Mazi|away has joined #melange09:46
c_schmitzSRabbelier: It seems  don't get any notifications, student wrote to me he applied but I did not get any email09:47
c_schmitzwhat is the deployed release supposed to fix?09:48
SRabbelierc_schmitz: it told me that taggable sucks beyond reason09:49
*** Mazi has quit IRC09:49
c_schmitztask list still does not work, though :/09:49
Archomepages are active09:50
valorieodd, I get 100 tasks09:54
valoriewe have over 20009:54
valorieany other reports of this?09:54
SRabbelierdeploying now09:54
SRabbeliergot rid of the difficulty and type tags09:55
SRabbelierbecause somehow they're fubared09:55
SRabbeliertry now09:56
Mazi|awayvalorie, same problem here. it says there are 100 tasks but we definitely have more09:56
SRabbelierMazi|away: which org?09:56
valorieok, 328 showing now09:56
SRabbelierphew :)09:56
Mazi|awaySRabbelier: Limesurvey09:57
SRabbelierMazi|away: can you do a full page refresh?09:57
* valorie shares the excellent whisky with SRabbelier09:58
MatthewWilkesexcellent whisky?09:58
Mazi|awaySRabbelier, looks better now, 295 tasks09:58
* SRabbelier nods09:58
SRabbeliervalorie: thanks... although I think I'll have a shower first :P09:58
valorieyou deserve both09:59
valoriethank you for all your hard work09:59
*** Mazi|away is now known as Mazi10:03
SRabbeliermichaelhowden, nursix: ping10:04
nursixYup, here10:04
SRabbeliernursix: I see you're properly registered as a mentor10:05
nursixBut I still have nothing on my dashboard10:05
*** c_schmitz has quit IRC10:06
*** c_schmitz_ has joined #melange10:06
*** c_schmitz_ is now known as c_schmitz10:06
SRabbelierdo you know michaelhowden's link_id?10:06
nursixNo, but I guess "michaelhowden"10:06
SRabbelierlol, yup :P10:06
nursixSo, if I am registered as a mentor, why does melange refuse to upload my tasks then?10:07
nursixAt least that is what michaelhowden says10:07
SRabbeliernursix: cos you're not an mentor for that org yet10:07
SRabbelierI'm doing that now10:07
*** madrazr has quit IRC10:08
nursixRight - never got an invitation (although I got updates about my invitation)10:08
SRabbelierchecking :)10:09
SRabbeliernursix: you're invited both as mentor and as admin10:10
nursixSeems so, yes.10:10
nursixBut I don't see the invitation (no link to accept), just have notifications about /that/ I have been invited10:11
SRabbeliernursix: can you try ?10:11
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
michaelhowdenSRabbelier: Thanks10:11
nursixYup, I see two invitations10:11
michaelhowdenHe doesn't need to be an org admin10:11
nursixWhat shall I do about this now?10:11
michaelhowdenbut np if he is10:11
SRabbeliernursix: Wooh, click it!10:11
SRabbeliernursix: click one of them10:12
SRabbelierand accept it10:12
nursixAnd *now* I have a dashboard10:12
nursixAnd can see the invitations10:12
michaelhowdenSRabbelier: Can I still upload tasks?10:12
SRabbeliermichaelhowden: yes10:12
SRabbeliermichaelhowden: I'll run the MR to accept them when you're done10:12
nursixSo you can see the invitation only after you accepted the invitation?10:13
SRabbeliernursix: apparently10:13
SRabbelierI think I fixed thatn ow10:13
nursix:) good. Seemed to be a little bit difficult a workflow.10:14
nursixCan the remaining tasks now be uploaded?10:14
nursixOh, it seems they're already there10:15
michaelhowdenW00t! nursix added, tasks uploaded10:15
nursixmichaelhowden said there were only 58 of 76 tasks, but I see 7010:15
michaelhowdenAll is good with the world10:15
michaelhowdenThanks SRabbelier!10:15
michaelhowdenNuwan had 4 tasks10:16
SRabbeliermichaelhowden: np10:16
SRabbeliermichaelhowden: shall I run the MR then?10:16
michaelhowdenSRabbelier: Yes (I presume MR posts the tasks for the students)10:18
SRabbeliermichaelhowden: yes10:19
SRabbelieroff it goes10:19
SRabbeliermichaelhowden: done10:21
Arcok whats expected to happen when a student requests a task?10:28
Arcdoes the task show something other than Open?  email sent?10:28
Arcis there a way to display all the tasks which a student has requested pending mentor's action?10:29
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC10:33
SRabbelierArc: it changes state to "ClaimRequested"10:46
SRabbelierArc: yes, on your task list10:46
Mamarokshouldn't the mentors get a mail when a task is claimed?10:47
ptresselJust adding a belated Yay! and thanks! ;-)10:47
SRabbelierMamarok: yes10:47
SRabbelierbut they don't yet :P10:47
SRabbelierptressel: np10:47
MamarokSRabbelier: that doesn't seem to work though10:49
vpericSRabbelier: Did you fix the performance? Seems to be much better now.10:49
SRabbelierMamarok: correct, not yet10:49
SRabbeliervperic: yes, I did, by removing the difficulty and type tags10:49
SRabbeliervperic: taggable is made of lame10:49
*** himcesjf has joined #melange10:50
vpericWell, you know, in the spirit of performance.. you could've also dropped the title column.. that's not important at all. :P10:50
vpericLeave just the Org and the time to complete, and call it Google Roulette-in :P10:50
MamarokSRabbelier: thanks :)10:52
SRabbeliervperic: that doesn't cause any performance problems though :P10:52
SRabbeliervperic: lol10:53
Arc+1 lets have students take tasks at random10:59
Arcdont bother with lists.  you get what you get.11:00
vpericIt's how real programmers do it!11:00
Arcyou do what needs to be done.  none of this being picky business11:01
vpericSRabbelier: Would it be too much to ask for for the task list to be sorted.. like alphabetically by title? Or would that kill performance again.11:02
SRabbeliervperic: we can do that11:02
SRabbeliervperic: it's not sorted at all currently I'm guessing?11:02
vpericWe've got some tasks that repeat.11:02
vpericand it would be good if that was immediately obvious to the student(s)11:02
SRabbelierah, right11:02
*** sandroandrade has joined #melange11:48
c_schmitzSRabbelier: I have students who would like to upload a file or link for task finalization but can't do so - is that known?11:55
SRabbelieryeah, looking into it11:55
*** ptressel has quit IRC11:59
*** nursix has left #melange12:13
*** antrik has left #melange12:18
*** michaelhowden has quit IRC12:19
*** himcesjf1 has joined #melange12:28
*** himcesjf has quit IRC12:29
*** KushKaushik has joined #melange12:46
KushKaushikcarols: hi12:55
KushKaushikwhen will the tasks released12:55
KushKaushikcarols: ^^^^^^^^^^^12:55
rafljudging from the fact that we already have a few tasks claimed by students, i'd say "a few hours ago"12:58
SRabbelierKushKaushik: they are already13:03
KushKaushikyar but i am not able to see them in my browser13:03
*** KushKaushik has quit IRC13:09
*** himcesjf1 has quit IRC13:18
*** rindolf has joined #melange14:10
Arc500 Server Error14:14
Arc when I click "Assign"14:14
tpbTitle: "Organically Grown" Blender Model - PySoy Cloud Game Engine (at
SRabbelierArc: checking logs14:15
vpericBecause he removed the claim, no?14:15
Arcdoesnt look like it14:15
vpericthat's what the comments say, though14:16
Arcoh weird timing14:16
Arci had to hit reload14:16
SRabbelierArc: lol14:17
Arcso much for our first student :-P14:18
* SRabbelier offers cookies14:18
Arcdont tease.  i started zero-carb yesterday14:18
SRabbeliercarb-free cookies? :-/14:18
Arcmade with chic pea flour and no sugar, we call that lembas bread, and its only edible once you've gone without real bread for awhile14:19
* SRabbelier chuckles14:21
SRabbelierGLWT eh :D14:21
Arci did it last year, lost 10kg in a month, trick is to focus on that and not how much you want to eat pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast14:22
SRabbelierArc: oatmeal for breakfast is bad? :(14:22
SRabbelierbut I like oatmeal :(14:22
Arcso do i.  its all carbs.14:23
vpericApparently it didn't work so well if you are doing it again, though? ;)14:23
Arci played the last rugby game of the season saturday, 6 weeks of no-carb dieting, then 6 weeks intensive crossfit training under a US Eagle before spring season.  I'm competing in Manchester UK next June in an international tournament14:24
Arcno it worked.  i just need to drop more and this diet only works for 4-6 weeks at a time14:24
vpericYeah, of course.14:24
vpericJust go paleo. :)14:24
Arcamericans playing rugby against australian and british teams, on british soil14:25
Arcid rather not have a heart attack thanks :-)14:25
vpericOh c'mon, what's wrong with paleo!14:25
Arci am not a caveman, and that is not a caveman diet - its a fantasy caveman diet.14:26
Arcguy on our team did paleo for a few weeks, he had to stop when he got daily heart palpatations and his doctor said he developed a murmur from high cholesterol14:27
Arcno carb just makes you feel grouchy so you need to watch your attitude a lot14:27
vpericI dunno, I don't care about the ideology stuff, but I really do eat a whole lot of meat.14:27
vpericAnd you need to if you're playing rugby (or lifting).14:28
Arcna thats what hemp is for14:28
Archemp protein is way more bioavailable.  plus, for playing rugby, you need roughly 85% of your calories from carbs14:29
Archence starting no-carb the day after our last game. :-)14:29
vpericYeah, I guess you're right actually, I'm coming at it from purely a lifting perspective (and you still need tons of carbs for that too).14:30
vpericBut anyway, breakfast -> eggs. Never failed me. :)14:30
SRabbeliertasty yoghurt!14:31
Arcyea im lifting right now, and mens pilates, but just to maintain.14:32
c_schmitzhow can I switch the task to 'NeedsWork' ?15:03
c_schmitzSRabbelier: ^ ?15:03
SRabbelierc_schmitz: the student has submitted work?15:03
c_schmitzhe managed to switch the task to Status: NeedsReview15:04
SRabbelierhehe, right15:04
c_schmitzand sent the files by email15:04
SRabbelierc_schmitz: which buttons are available?15:04
c_schmitzSRabbelier: mark as closed, unassign, subscribe15:05
SRabbeliertheree.... should be a third :)15:05
SRabbeliererr, fourth15:05
c_schmitznope, there isn't :)15:05
SRabbelierc_schmitz: doesn'ts eem possible atm15:10
*** michaelhowden has joined #melange15:20
*** michaelhowden has quit IRC15:31
*** himcesjf has joined #melange15:40
ArcSRabbelier: rough eta on email/irc/xmpp/sms/smokesignal notifications for students requesting tasks and other status changes?15:45
SRabbelierArc: the MR to subscribe has been written15:46
SRabbelierjust needs to be run15:46
SRabbelierlater tonight hopefully15:46
*** MikeFromCanmore has joined #melange15:50
MikeFromCanmoreHi, I'm trying to sign up as a mentor at but when I submit the form, I'm told "Your age does not allow you to participate in the program." Is this a known issue? Also, submitting the form redirects me to, which looks like the student sign-up form :\15:51
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
* MikeFromCanmore patpat tpb15:51
*** joelberger has joined #melange15:52
joelbergerHi GCI, I'm trying to register as a mentor and I'm getting "Sorry, we could not save your data. Please fix the errors mentioned below... Your age does not allow you to participate in the program.15:53
joelbergerI'm 28, but I even tried changing the date to something in the 60s and it still didn't go15:54
joelbergerany thoughts15:54
SRabbelierMikeFromCanmore: clear your cookies, somehow you got hit by the age verification15:54
joelbergerI'll give that a go15:54
SRabbelierI know the problem15:54
SRabbelierwill fix15:54
joelbergerok holding15:54
joelbergerwhile I'm here, can I ask what the drop-down with 'n-color.jpg' is for, we have been having guesses over at #gci15:57
SRabbelierjoelberger: avatar :D15:58
MikeFromCanmoreShouldn't it have a selector where you can see the options? Or at least a description.15:59
* MikeFromCanmore nominates this for a GCI task :P15:59
SRabbelierdeploying fix -> joelberger16:00
SRabbelierMikeFromCanmore: yes, Akeda was working on that, but I don't think he finished it yet16:00
raflplease don't deploy fixes onto joelberger. i like him just the way he is.16:00
joelbergerthanks rafl, it means alot16:00
SRabbelierrafl: too late :(16:01
joelbergershould I dump the cookies too?16:02
joelbergerI guess it can't hurt16:02
SRabbelierjoelberger: no there's no need16:06
joelbergeroh well, anyway, registration worked thanks16:07
*** r0bby has quit IRC16:11
*** joelberger has left #melange16:14
*** asmeurer has joined #melange16:17
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC17:11
dreimarksandroandrade: can i see claim requests in my dashboard17:12
*** iuser_admin has joined #melange17:19
*** SRabbelier has joined #melange17:28
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o SRabbelier17:28
*** sandroandrade has quit IRC17:41
*** annma has quit IRC17:42
dreimarkSRabbelier: how can i subscribe all open tasks without opening each ?17:48
*** rindolf has quit IRC17:50
*** rindolf has joined #melange17:51
c_schmitzdreimark: you can't17:53
Arcdoes the subscription do anything right now?18:07
asmeurercan someone explain what "Reopened" means?18:10
SRabbelierasmeurer: see rules18:22
*** himcesjf has quit IRC18:22
*** himcesjf has joined #melange18:23
*** darthdweller has joined #melange18:23
raflso, is downloading results uploaded by students something that's not actually implemented yet?18:24
darthdweller@SRabbelier , i get an error saying that download broken when i try to upload my work18:25
SRabbelieryeah we're aware of the issue and are investigating18:25
*** himcesjf has quit IRC18:29
*** himcesjf has joined #melange18:29
*** berekuk has joined #melange18:32
*** darthdweller has quit IRC18:44
*** shlomif has joined #melange18:51
*** rindolf has quit IRC18:51
*** shlomif is now known as rindolf18:51
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr18:53
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*** gedex is now known as akedabagus19:48
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*** MikeFromCanmore is now known as utterfailure22:06
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*** utterfailure is now known as [[Mike]]22:25
*** variable has joined #melange23:04
variabletpb: :)23:05
madrazrvariable: thats our bot :)23:05
variablemadrazr: yeah. It gives me friendly warnings about my ident23:06
madrazrvariable: and your password too? :P23:06
variablemy password is ******23:06
madrazrvariable: ha ha, I can read that23:06
variablesee, if you type your password into IRC it converts it into stars for everyone esle23:06
variabletry it!23:06
madrazrI hope you have read the famous hunter2 snippet? :P23:06
variablemadrazr: yeah, that is where I got this from23:07
madrazrvariable: sure ******23:07
madrazrthats my password23:07
variablemadrazr: I irc using telnet as root!23:07
variable(ctcp version me :) )23:07
madrazrvariable: :)23:07
* gevaerts recommends more advanced clients like his own :)23:08
variablegevaerts: netcat ?23:08
* variable read about that somewhere23:08
gevaertsvariable: no. I don't want to type in /ctcp version replies by hand :)23:09
variablegevaerts: awesome !23:09
* variable likes your version23:09
variablegevaerts: %curl -I localhost:44323:10
variableSSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.8_hpn13v11 ENIAC-2.023:10
gevaertsI'm reasonably sure you can't do public key cryptography on eniac and have it negotiate keys in a single decade23:11
variablegevaerts: there we go: security! it will take at least a decade to hack into my computer23:12
gevaertsI predict that nobody will even bother! :)23:13
*** scorche has quit IRC23:32
*** scorche` has joined #melange23:32

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