Sunday, 2011-11-20

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pjcjit would be very useful to have a way to officially change mentors00:08
pjcjotherwise we'll have to manage it unofficially00:09
SRabbelierpjcj: yes, we'll try to have it working before monday :)00:11
pjcjthanks :)00:13
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asmeurer__SRabbelier: Unknown is one of the choices in the new task creation form, and it also included in the bulk taks spec01:20
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dreimarkwhat is
tpbTitle: Issues - melange - This is my copy of melange source code. - Google Project Hosting (at
dreimarkand where is the reak melange issue tracker07:53
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^07:56
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SRabbelierdreimark: should be soc09:06
SRabbeliernoet melange09:06
SRabbelierlol that's praveen09:06
SRabbelierone of our students09:07
madrazrdreimark: works too, if you want to submit a new issue :)09:08
SRabbelierdreimark: what, you can't remember ?09:18
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
SRabbelierI created that for its memorability! :P09:18
dreimarkyes, may be add it to the topic of the channel09:20
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^09:21
c_schmitzSRabbelier: out task list won't open anymore09:21
c_schmitzit's really really slow now09:21
SRabbelierc_schmitz: checking logs09:22
SRabbelierc_schmitz: deadline exceeded problems09:22
SRabbelierc_schmitz: looking up all the arbitrary tags for each task is taking too long09:23
SRabbelierI'd take them out but then there'd be complaints about that :P09:23
c_schmitzI just uploaded 215 tasks09:24
c_schmitzno error messages09:24
c_schmitzbut I got the feeling they were at least duplicated09:24
c_schmitzif not tripled09:25
SRabbelierc_schmitz: why?09:26
c_schmitzbecause when I tried to open the task list at first it showed over 500 taks09:26
c_schmitzbut maybe it's a followup to the timeouts09:27
c_schmitzso if you can fix that first :)09:27
c_schmitzit would be embarassing if the _search_ for tasks would not really work when the Google is sponsoring this event :p09:29
SRabbelierc_schmitz: appengine actually didn't really support search until recently :P09:30
SRabbelierc_schmitz: what's your org link_id again?09:30
madrazrSRabbelier: does it still support it? :P (isn't Full-text search still in trusted-tester program?)09:34
madrazrc_schmitz: is the excuse for us, Read the last line of the issue report carefully ;-)09:35
tpb<> (at
c_schmitzSRabbelier: limesurvey09:47
c_schmitznow it shows 278, which sounds about right09:49
c_schmitzas there wereroughtly 70 tasks already before the upload09:50
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SRabbelierc_schmitz_: yes, there are  287 tasks in your org atm10:07
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c_schmitzSRabbelier: thanks10:13
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c_schmitzguess we are set, then11:07
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ThomasWaldmann"Unknown" difficulty is handled how exactly?16:27
ThomasWaldmannthe "Help" in melange misses documentation for it. Under "Tasks" it only describes the specific difficulties, but not "Unknown".16:27
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pjcjI have an admin who hasn't received the invitation.  Melange won't let me send him another.  Is there any way around this?16:37
pjcjI sent him a mentor invitation which he received and was able to use to sign up as a mentor16:37
ThomasWaldmanni have no idea how melange handles this internally, but it might be interesting that it says that admins are automatically also mentors16:39
ThomasWaldmannso maybe it does not expect that he is already mentor?16:39
pjcjno, that works - I did it that way around myself16:40
pjcjthe problem now is that he doesn't have a link to click and I have no way, it seems, to send it again16:40
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asmeurer_ping SRabbelier20:27
asmeurer_(or another melange dev)20:28
asmeurer_Is there a we that we can bulk delete all of our tasks20:28
asmeurer_we made a typo with the bulk uploading20:28
vpericOr can one of you do it for us manually?20:29
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asmeurer_madrazr: are you a melange dev?21:12
madrazrasmeurer_: yes!21:12
asmeurer_can you help us?21:12
madrazrasmeurer_: yeah21:12
asmeurer_we need to delete all of our tasks21:12
madrazrasmeurer_: which organization?21:12
asmeurer_we had a typo when we bulk imported21:13
madrazrasmeurer_: Ok21:13
madrazrlet me do that for you21:13
asmeurer_by the way, doesn't work21:15
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
asmeurer_it just times out21:15
madrazrasmeurer_: oops Appengine21:21
madrazrasmeurer_: Appengine just timed out on that request21:21
madrazrI see the error in the log21:21
madrazrasmeurer_: just refresh the page21:21
madrazrit should work21:21
asmeurer_yeah, I've been refreshing21:21
asmeurer_apparently if you do it enough times, it will eventually work21:21
asmeurer_(according to vperic )21:21
asmeurer_but I haven't gotten it yet21:21
vpericit works like once in five times for me21:22
asmeurer_if the app engine is timing out before the program even starts, this is a problem21:22
vpericwell, either it loads right away, or it times out (eventually, I usually just refresh it again before that happens)21:22
asmeurer_ah, that's useful to know21:23
madrazrasmeurer_: we will look into it, I am not sure if there is anything we can do if it is Appengine's problem21:28
madrazrbut if it is not, but Melange's problem21:28
madrazrwe will fix it soon21:28
madrazrasmeurer_: btw you have 145 tasks correct?21:28
vpericyes madrazr (I'm also from SymPy)21:28
madrazrvperic: and all 145 needs to be deleted?21:28
vpericYeah,we'll do the bulk import again.21:29
madrazrvperic: Ok21:29
madrazrwiping them away!21:29
asmeurer_there should be more than that I think21:29
madrazrit is so much fun to wipe them away ;-)21:29
vpericno, it's 14521:29
asmeurer_maybe that was a problem our our side, though21:29
asmeurer_there are 167 columns in our spreadsheet21:29
madrazrasmeurer_: but looks like only 145 of them got uploaded21:30
asmeurer_madrazr: did you delete them?21:30
madrazrasmeurer_: anyway21:30
madrazrasmeurer_: not yet21:30
madrazrasmeurer_: let us first delete these 14521:30
asmeurer_is there a limit on your bulk import thing?21:30
madrazrasmeurer_: nope21:30
asmeurer_I guess we will need to verify all tasks are imported when we do this as well21:30
asmeurer_well, go ahead and clear what's there21:31
vpericYay. :)21:31
madrazrasmeurer_: but if it is in 1000s Appengine may throw Deadline exceeded21:31
asmeurer_I don't think we will get that many21:31
asmeurer_that's a whole order of magnitude above what we currently have21:31
madrazrasmeurer_: can I PM you? just need to make sure if the list I am seeing is correct21:31
madrazrasmeurer_: wiped out :)21:32
madrazrvperic: ^21:33
vpericgreat, thanks!21:33
asmeurer_thanks madrazr21:33
asmeurer_we may need some more help, btw21:33
madrazrasmeurer_: You are welcome!21:34
madrazrasmeurer_: sure!21:34
madrazrasmeurer_: I should be around for most of the day21:34
asmeurer_any chance you can add category information and an edit button to the task pages?21:34
madrazrasmeurer_: just in case none of the devs are around, mail to [email protected] will get you the response too :)21:35
madrazrasmeurer_: category == ?21:35
asmeurer_madrazr: at
asmeurer_I guess technically the tags metadata is not listed there either21:36
madrazrasmeurer_: Oh! tags are not displayed?21:36
madrazrasmeurer_: oops21:36
madrazrwill add that21:36
asmeurer_and add an "edit" button21:36
asmeurer_that would be very helpful21:36
asmeurer_is there a reason I'm not automatically subscribed to updates?21:37
madrazrasmeurer_: I am not sure about that, I will try21:37
madrazrasmeurer_: updates?21:37
asmeurer_it says "subscribe to updates" at the top21:38
madrazrasmeurer_: you may or may not be, do you think you are not?21:38
asmeurer_ok, it did it again21:38
asmeurer_for some reason, some of our tasks get difficulty = unknown21:38
madrazrasmeurer_: you need to file an issue, if there isn't an issue already for the task subscription thing (Our issue tracker is
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrasmeurer_: can I have a look at a part of your CSV? May be PM?21:39
tpbTitle: gci task test Gist (at
madrazrasmeurer_: great!21:40
asmeurer_I guess it's already
tpb<$> (at
asmeurer_previously, I tested a task, and it did unknown, and I just did the same one, and it worked21:40
asmeurer_(previously meaning one of the ones you deleted)21:41
madrazrasmeurer_: so the tasks still get Unknown? Or do they not?21:42
asmeurer_I'm sorry, I don't understand your question21:43
madrazrasmeurer_: are your tasks still getting the difficulty as "Unknown"21:43
asmeurer_some of them21:43
madrazrasmeurer_: I suspect it has something to do with CSV data21:43
asmeurer_for no apparentant reason21:44
madrazrasmeurer_: at least the ones you gisted looks alright21:44
tpbTitle: gci task test Gist (at
madrazrasmeurer_: do theses tasks difficulty as Unknown?21:44
vpericsome of them21:44
asmeurer_madrazr: ok, here is an example21:45
vpericthe "infinity should be.." and "Fix the occasions.."21:45
asmeurer_both imported from the exact same csv data21:45
asmeurer_one has the correct difficulty, and one has "unknown "21:46
asmeurer_the csv is line 3 from the gist21:46
madrazrasmeurer_: weird21:47
madrazrasmeurer_: can you please submit an issue for this?21:47
asmeurer_in the mean time, how should we work around this?21:47
vpericasmeurer: I guess we should just upload 'em all and fix the difficulty manually on those that fail?21:48
madrazrvperic: yes21:48
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
madrazrwill be the edit page for the corresponding task21:49
madrazrasmeurer_: you can also get it from your dashboard21:49
tpb<> (at
asmeurer_I suspect the task list is going to die again once we upload all of our tasks, so we'll see if that is doable21:52
* vperic agrees with the above.21:53
madrazrasmeurer_: Ok, let me know if it dies21:53
vpericAt least you can ctrl-click the tasks once it is open.21:53
vperic(as in, open them in a new tab)21:54
asmeurer_ok madrazr: there's another problem22:12
asmeurer_I tried to upload multiple tasks with the same title22:12
asmeurer_and it broke22:12
asmeurer_I put in ten tasks, 7 of which had the same title22:12
asmeurer_it uploaded one of the unique ones22:12
asmeurer_and now it won't let me upload any more22:13
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madrazrasmeurer_: just to make sure this is publicly logged22:24
madrazrasmeurer_: there is an email system that sends an email once all the tasks are uploaded22:24
asmeurer_yes, I see them now22:25
madrazrasmeurer_: rather all the tasks are tried for uploading :D22:25
madrazrasmeurer_: cool!22:25
madrazrasmeurer_: did you get an email for the duplicate title tasks too?22:25
asmeurer_ok, so let me verify there are no problems in the pyflakes issues22:25
madrazrasmeurer_: cool!22:25
madrazrasmeurer_: but it is still weird that I cannot see them in the logs :D22:25
asmeurer_I'm not sure.  I have a lot of emails22:25
asmeurer_ah, pyflakes also has QA22:26
madrazrasmeurer_: Oh! Ok22:26
madrazrasmeurer_: If I understand correctly, I may be wrong, you must get an email only once per upload22:26
madrazrone upload == once you hit submit on the bulk create page22:26
asmeurer_yes, but I've been doing it in chunks, so I have a lot of emails22:27
madrazrasmeurer_: ah Ok22:27
madrazrasmeurer_: that is actually easier for you I guess?22:27
madrazreven if that means lot of emails22:27
madrazrasmeurer_: easier to search22:27
asmeurer_well, since I cannot bulk delete, yes, in case I make any mistakes22:27
madrazrasmeurer_: Ok22:27
madrazrasmeurer_: it will be helpful if you let me know (any time), if there was an email for the tasks which got difficulty as Unknown22:29
asmeurer_ok, so I tried uploading this:22:30
tpbTitle: gci task csv Gist (at
asmeurer_no errors in the email22:30
asmeurer_it uploaded 3 of the pyflakes tasks, and did not upload the bin/test task22:30
asmeurer_and one of the pyflakes tasks got "Unknown"22:30
vperic(which I've fixed in the meanwhile)22:31
madrazrasmeurer_: it looks like pyflakes task got created 7 times22:37
asmeurer_ok, they are there now22:38
asmeurer_unless vperic fixed the rest, it looks like they have the correct difficulty too22:38
vpericI fixed one of them.22:39
vpericthe others were fine22:39
asmeurer_ok, so sometimes it doesn't import them all at once22:40
madrazrasmeurer_: great!22:40
asmeurer_so you can close that issue, I think22:41
madrazrasmeurer_: if there is any failure you should probably get an email22:41
asmeurer_yes, I will check that from now on22:41
asmeurer_ok, this is already starting to take a long time to load the task list, and we are only at 4022:56
vpericasmeurer: look at #gsoc22:57
vpericSRabbelie is saying he can fix it by disabling the "Tags" column22:57
vpericWhich is not something I'd mind.22:58
SRabbeliermadrazr: you around?23:06
tpb<> (at
asmeurer_oh awesome23:12
asmeurer_so we could probably actually go in and add additional categories to some of the tasks23:14
asmeurer_ah, sorry meant to type that in #sympy23:14
madrazrSRabbelier: yes now23:15
SRabbeliermadrazr: ok, need you in #gsoc :)23:16
madrazrSRabbelier: ah one min23:16
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asmeurer_should I open an issue about the all tasks list timing out?23:26
SRabbelierjust deployed a new version23:29
SRabbeliercan you try again?23:29
* vperic does so.23:30
vpericdoesn't seem to be much better, to be honest23:31
asmeurer_it timed out23:31
vpericyeah, doesn't seem to work any better than it was before23:31
asmeurer_which means "still not at all", unfortunately23:32
vpericwell, it loaded for me after the third try23:33
SRabbelieronly seeing tow timeouts23:33
SRabbelieryeah the query profile is actually a lot improved23:34
asmeurer_vperic: how many tasks does it tell you there are at the bottom?23:35
SRabbelieryou should do a full page refresh23:35
SRabbelieryou might still be getting an old backend or something silly like that23:35
asmeurer_ah, ok, I got it all loaded23:35
asmeurer_it took forever, though23:35
asmeurer_how do you clear the cache in chrome?23:35
vpericctrl f5 should do it, no?23:36
vperic(well, I guess it's apple f5 for you or whatever :P)23:37
asmeurer_no, that starts VoiceOver23:37
vpericSRabbelier: Anyway, I'm still timing out 2 times out of three.23:37
vpericcmd f5 then?23:37
asmeurer_apple = cmd23:38
asmeurer_anyway, I think cmd-R does a hard reload23:38
vpericanyway, I'm definitely running the new code, because I see a new link for all of my invitations on my dashboard23:38
SRabbelierin that case23:39
SRabbelierI might have to kill more fields23:39
SRabbelieryeah I'm seeing the timeouts23:39
asmeurer_it works for me, but it slow23:39
SRabbelieryeah I'll look into this later23:41
SRabbelierif you want create an issue23:41
SRabbeliersay in the issue that it's casued by DeadlineExceededErrors23:41
pjcjis there any way to keep mentors in the same order as that in which they were added?23:59

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