Friday, 2011-11-25

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annmahi, I made a mistake with a task which was "actionNeeded" and I wanted to make it "Reopened" but I clicked on Unpublish08:08
annmanow my task is Unpublished, while I wanted to reopen it08:09
annmawhat can I do to fi xit please?08:09
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annmawhen the final deadline has passed then it's not intuitive what Melange does. It says in teh mail the task is reopened but it was actionNeeded08:26
annmaIthink it's a bug08:27
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madrazrannma: Hi10:11
madrazrannma: can you please link me to the task10:11
madrazrI can mark it re-opened10:12
annmatoo late10:13
annmaI deleted and added a new one10:13
annmaI think it would be nice what's going on when the deadline is finished10:14
madrazrannma: Ok10:14
annmaI think it would be nice to know what's going on when the deadline is finished10:14
annmait seems Melange adds new time?10:14
madrazrannma: yes, once the deadline passes for the task an extension of 24 hours is given to the student10:14
annmahas the mentor anything to do in taht case then?10:15
madrazrannma: nope10:16
madrazrit is the free 24 hours given to the student (by the student)10:16
annmait's not intuitive10:17
annmasince the mentor gets a mail10:17
annmathe mail should specify that 24 hours are added and no action is required10:18
madrazrannma: that is strange, can you please give the content of the mail? (For debugging?)10:19
madrazrannma: may be in PM?10:19
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pjcjmadrazr: did you see my question yesterday about editing claimed tasks?  It's possible that you may not have been in channel then.10:22
madrazrpjcj: I have not seen that, can you please ask that again?10:23
pjcjof course10:23
pjcj16:01  pjcj> Not being able to edit claimed tasks is proving to be something of a pain10:23
* madrazr was jetlagged yesterday without travelling :D10:23
pjcj16:01  pjcj> I frequently find myself wanting to edit the description to provide more details, to add a mentor, or to clarify a title.10:23
pjcj16:01  pjcj> Is there any way to do this?  Or could there be a way?10:23
pjcjI know that feeling :)10:24
madrazrpjcj: editing mentors and tags for the tasks at any time after being published is coming soon10:24
tpbTitle: #150776 KDE Pastebin (at
madrazrpjcj: and not allowing to edit any part of the task itself (like title, description, difficulty) was the decision taken while deciding on how to run the program10:25
madrazrpjcj: so that is Carol's territory :)10:25
annmamadrazr: I am subscribed to mails for this tasks10:25
madrazrannma: cool! thanks!10:26
pjcjmadrazr: OK - if it's a decision that's been thought about I won't argue over it.  I can see both sides.10:26
annmamadrazr: note that it does not say what action Melange has taken10:26
madrazrannma: It does say that 24 hours more is given10:26
madrazrannma: what more can we do to make it better?10:27
annmabut it says it sets it to actionNeeded10:27
annmaso as a mentor I assumed I have to take action10:27
annmawhat action ?10:27
madrazrannma: which is exactly what happens when the deadline passes10:27
madrazrit is a "Call for Action"10:27
annmamadrazr: no10:27
madrazrsince the deadline has passed10:27
madrazrannma: ?10:27
annmaas Melange takes action10:27
annmaMelange takes action, doesn't it10:27
annmait adds 24 hours10:27
annmawhat is the mentor supposed to do?10:28
madrazrannma: Melange does take action10:28
madrazrbut here10:28
madrazrannma: the "Call for action" is for the student10:28
madrazrthat it is time and he/she needs to act10:28
madrazrand now!10:28
madrazrRight now!10:28
annmahow I am supposed to know this?10:28
annmaand what doe sthe student need to do to change the status?10:29
annmastatus is for mentor10:29
madrazrannma: how can we make it better?10:29
annmatask status is for mentor10:29
madrazrannma: student only needs to submit his work10:29
annmafirst set the status to claimed10:29
annmastatus is for mentor, isn't it?10:29
madrazrannma: NOTE: Mentors or Students (or anybody) are not directly dealing with any task states10:30
madrazrtask states are representations to indicate what state the task is in10:30
annmaall status change are dealt by mentors, true or false?10:30
madrazrannma: False10:30
madrazrannma: in fact no one directly deals with any tasks states10:30
annmamentors do not know when they have to do something10:30
madrazrevery one does actions relevant to his roles10:30
madrazrwhich manipulates the task states10:31
annmaroles are not notified for mentors10:31
annmaif I subscribe to the task I get mails for students10:31
madrazrannma: what's up with roles? Mentor has a mentor's role in the system10:31
annmaif I do not subscribe I get nothing10:31
madrazrannma: you don't get mails for students10:31
madrazryou get mails for the task10:31
madrazrannma: there are no student mails and mentor mails10:31
annmathere are10:32
annmait's too confusing10:32
madrazrannma: I am not sure what you mean by "there are"10:32
annmasay in the mail: the student needs to submit his work10:32
madrazrpjcj: sorry10:32
annmathen if deadline has passed again  what's going on?10:32
madrazrpjcj: yes, good amount of time was spent on it10:32
madrazrpjcj: last year there were a lot of requests to allow editing10:33
madrazrpjcj: I am not sure if we did allow editing at some point (but apparently), there were complaints that difficulty of the tasks were increased to give advantage to some students10:33
madrazrannma: if the deadline passes again, the student did not act10:33
madrazrthe task re-opens10:34
pjcjmadrazr: Understood - we'll work with the decision then.  And yes, I can see why the decision was made.  Thanks for your explanation.10:34
madrazrpjcj: NP! Thanks for understanding!10:34
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madrazrannma: does this sound any better?10:39
madrazrMelange has detected that the initial deadline has passed and it has  set the task status to ActionNeeded. The student has 24 hours to submit work before the task is reopened and sent back to the pool for other students to claim.10:39
madrazrannma: great!10:39
annmaalso I was saying if the deadline is passed a second time10:40
madrazrannma: The student has 24 hours to submit the work before the task is reopened10:40
madrazrmeans exactly the same10:40
annmathe status stays to actionNeeded when Melange mail says it is set to reopened10:40
annmateh task was not reopened for me10:40
annmastatus stayed to actionNeeded10:41
annma"Melange has detected that the final deadline has passed and it has reopened the task. "10:41
annmain the second mail10:41
annmabut task was not set to reopened10:41
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madrazrannma: oops10:43
annmathus I deleted it and opened a new one which is unapproved...10:45
madrazrannma: we generally recommend not to delete tasks from the system (unless there is absolutely no way to go about it other than deleting). We lose history by deleting10:46
annmaI know10:46
annmabut I was desperate10:47
annmaI realized this afterwards10:47
madrazrannma: understandable10:47
annmawhen will the new task be open instead of unapproved?10:48
madrazrannma: the only thing is I cannot debug with that task now. For now I am going to leave this thing as is assuming that it was some failure from Appengine (that is what I can see at the moment)10:48
madrazrannma: if you run into the same problem again, please notify me10:48
madrazrannma: my email ID is [email protected]10:48
annmaI'll send you the task link if it happens again with mails10:48
annmathanks a lot madrazr10:49
madrazrannma: Dec 16th I guess? I will have to look at the timeline10:49
madrazrannma: or if Carol thinks we can re-open this task, I can open it10:49
madrazrannma: this is because, this task is a special case10:49
annmamadrazr: it was said we could add tasks until next Monday10:49
madrazrannma: Oh!10:49
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annmasince we struggled to put tasks in10:50
madrazrannma: my bad10:50
madrazrannma: I thought orgs can only edit tasks, but not add until this Monday10:50
annmaWe realize there have been some difficulties entering  and editing your initial tasks for GCI into Melange by today so we are extending the deadline until next Monday, November 28th at 8:00 UTC.  So please feel free to add more tasks or edit your tasks as you see fit over the next week.10:51
annmathis is the mail I got10:51
madrazrannma: awesome! thanks! I was looking at this
tpb<> (at
annmanew added tasks should be set to open until the above deadline10:52
madrazrannma: please link me to the new task10:52
madrazrannma: I can publish it10:52
annmaI'm on a slow connection and I am trying to list my tasks now10:53
madrazrannma: Oh Ok, take your time10:53
annmaI'll send it to you by mail11:02
annmaas I can't access it on this machine11:02
annmaok sent to your gmail address11:06
madrazrannma: great! email received11:07
annmaI am updating a tablet and it's taking all my slow bandwith11:07
annmathanks for your support madrazr11:08
annmait's great working wih the Melange team11:08
madrazrannma: You are welcome! Thanks for the appreciation, encourages to work harder (that too with limited resources) :)11:09
madrazrannma: the task has been published now11:09
annmathanks a lot11:09
madrazrannma: No problem!11:09
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