Friday, 2011-11-18

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annmahi, I can't access my dashbiard, is there a problem?11:02
annmadashboard even11:02
annmaah it's back now11:05
annmatoo many connections maybe11:11
annmawhat reason could there be that my admin dashboard is unreachable?11:52
annmaSRabbelier: ^ ^11:52
annmaI need to add mentors11:52
annmaI am here the when I want to reach my admin Dashboard, I can't11:53
tpb<> (at
annmatpb: ???11:53
annmaI hate bots11:54
annmakil it11:54
annmaanyone willing to help :(12:07
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c_schmitzSRabbelier: Any chance to get a 'delete task(s)' function?14:35
c_schmitzthere is also no way to preview a task. Also even though you can import HTML there is no HTML editor in the task edit GUI14:37
c_schmitzso I am confused if there is really HTML support14:37
c_schmitzalso if there is HTML support how would tasks look like that don't use HTML? Would all linebreak be ignored?14:38
c_schmitzdurin42: ^^^14:39
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manugupt1Hi I have already invited a mentor, but the mentor is not visible on my admin dashboard nor is the mentor able to add tasks, but when I try to invite him / her again it says the mentor has already been invited, can anyone cross check the issue15:07
SRabbelier|Lappymanugupt1: probably caused by the fact that the mentor hasn't accepted the invitation yet15:15
SRabbelier|Lappyc_schmitz: yes, we're working on that15:16
SRabbelier|Lappyc_schmitz: see
tpb<> (at
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asmeurer_what should I tell people to do at so that I can send them mentor invites?21:12
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c_schmitzasmeurer_: tell them to register at
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
asmeurer_stefan-krastanov: try that21:30
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stefan-krastanovok, thanks21:35
asmeurer_let me know when you've filled it out21:36
asmeurer_I just created about this by the way21:44
tpb<> (at
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