Thursday, 2011-11-17

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NightroseSRabbelier: hmmm they said they registered yes06:53
Nightroseshould i ask them to register again?06:54
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Mamarokgood morning everyone :)07:27
MamarokI have a problem: I can't add multiple instances of the same task, not even by adding a number to the title, it just replcaes the previous entry07:28
MamarokSRabbelier: could you please have a look at it?07:28
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MamarokSRabbelier: another question: the CSV format for import is the same as the exported one? It doesn't have the description field08:25
SRabbelierMamarok: it says what the format is on the bulk upload page08:25
Mamarokright, I will as our admins then08:25
MamarokSRabbelier: did you see my previous question?08:27
SRabbelierMamarok: yeah that'll be fixed in todays release08:27
Mamarokthank you :)08:27
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c_schmitzSRabbelier: i had someone signung up as mentor15:16
c_schmitzbut I can't add him15:16
c_schmitzas mentor15:17
c_schmitzSRabbelier: can mentors create tasks?15:24
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shreyaHi all...i am not visible on this year Code-in website even after filling and saving my details..why so?16:01
shreyaplease help16:01
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Nightroseshreya is with me16:29
Nightrosei can't invite her16:29
Nightrosebut she showed me a screenshot of her profile being saved successfully16:30
Nightroseand i don't know where it's going wrong16:30
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shreyahere is the link to the screenshot:
shreyaPLease check!16:41
c_schmitzNightrose: do you invite her by using her email?16:50
Nightrosec_schmitz: tried email and nick16:51
c_schmitztry the nickname instead, that worked for me sometimes16:51
Nightroseneither work :/16:51
Nightrosethe strange thing is that i can invite others16:51
c_schmitzdid she sign up using the mentors link?16:51
c_schmitzno clue, sorry16:52
c_schmitzthis is all very close cut16:54
c_schmitzhaving the GCI system available just one week earlier would have been so much better16:55
c_schmitznow it is all very stressful16:55
shreyaCan i particpate now ?16:56
shreyaI really want to do so16:56
c_schmitzshreya: i guess you will have to contact/wait for SRabbelier to get this fixed16:57
Nightroseshreya: don't worry - we'll make this work :)16:57
shreyac_schmitz: Nightrose:Ok...thanks :)16:58
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SRabbeliershreya: hey17:35
shreyaSRabbelier: hey....17:36
asmeurer_quick question: will I be able to bulk delete tasks?17:36
asmeurer_in case I mess up the bulk upload.17:36
SRabbelierasmeurer_: probably not :P17:38
c_schmitz+1 for that question17:38
SRabbelierNightrose: shreya_pandit17:38
SRabbelierNightrose: did you try that link_id?17:39
NightroseSRabbelier: nope... -.-17:39
Nightrosewill try now17:39
SRabbelierNightrose: that's her username17:39
SRabbelierNightrose: what did you try?17:39
Nightroseand email17:39
c_schmitzwhere can this link ID be seen?17:39
SRabbelierNightrose: I think there's a bug with the email :)17:39
NightroseSRabbelier: alright - let me try that one then quickly17:39
SRabbelierc_schmitz: would probably be useful to display that somewhere eh?17:39
shreyaNightrose: yep?17:40
c_schmitzSRabbelier: yes, as useful as that bulk delete ;)17:40
Nightroseshreya: nevermind :) trying again to add you now17:40
shreyaNightrose: thanks!17:40
Nightroseshreya: you should be in now17:41
NightroseSRabbelier: thanks!17:41
shreyaNightrose: how do I verify?17:42
Nightroseyou should have an email now i think17:42
shreyaaccepted :)17:44
shreyanow shows the info screen17:45
shreyaanything else required?17:45
Nightroseshreya: you should probably subscribe to the mentor list ([email protected])17:46
shreyacool ok17:46
Nightroseother than that only adding your tasks17:46
shreyathat would be where?17:46
Nightrosein melange now - probably a link on your dashboard17:47
shreyaNightrose: i see that ,thank you17:47
shreyaSRabbelier: Thanks a lot!17:47
SRabbeliershreya: np, sorry for the trouble17:47
shreyaSRabbelier: it ok :)17:48
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c_schmitzSRabbelier: why is there a 'my Dashboard' and and 'Org Admin Dashboard' if on both dashboards ar ethe same icons/functions anyway?17:56
SRabbelierc_schmitz: the main dashboard will be the dashboard that shows your tasks in the new format17:57
tpb<> (at
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c_schmitzSRabbelier: sorry for getting on your nerves, but see private chat18:10
NightroseSRabbelier: i think you need to get the rest of your team in here and do some load-balancing ;-)18:14
Nightrosewe don't want to wear you out18:14
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SRabbelierNightrose: they're all otherwise occupied :)19:24
Nightrosethought so19:24
Nightrosepoor you19:24
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SRabbelierc_schmitz: can you try the bulk upload again?20:19
c_schmitzSRabbelier: works now, thank you!20:41
SRabbelierhappy dance20:43
c_schmitzdifficulty is not imported20:43
Arcdon't interupt the happy dance with "well"20:43
SRabbeliersad dance20:43
c_schmitztype is not imported20:43
c_schmitztags are not imported20:43
SRabbelier /o\20:43
c_schmitzonly task title and description20:44
c_schmitzadn time20:44
SRabbelierepic fail :)20:44
c_schmitzand mentor20:44
c_schmitzwell, on the bright side you are halfway there ;)20:44
SRabbelierc_schmitz: what value did you use for the difficulty?20:44
SRabbelierc_schmitz: there ya go, we don't accept Medium task, either pick Easy or Hard, all this "it's kinda in between... let's pick Medium" nonsense can't be tolerated any longer!20:49
c_schmitzlol ;)20:50
SRabbelierc_schmitz: did you happen to call the difficulty field Difficulty?20:51
c_schmitzhuh, how would i do that?20:52
c_schmitzdo I need a header line for the import?20:52
annmaSRabbelier: we do call our field "Difficulty" for KDE in our spreadsheet20:53
annmado you mean it's good or bad?20:53
SRabbelieryou're right20:53
SRabbelieris no headers20:53
SRabbeliersad panda20:53
annmawe're all tired20:53
SRabbelierc_schmitz: can you /query me a task with the title and description substituted with something short? :P20:55
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SRabbelierc_schmitz: also can you /query me the link to one of those tasks that failed to import properly20:59
SRabbelieryeah nvm21:06
SRabbelierfound the bug21:06
SRabbelierc_schmitz: please be so kind as to try again21:13
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ArcSRabbelier: are you using python's csv module?21:41
SRabbelierArc: yes21:41
Arcdefault settings or in compat mode?21:41
SRabbelier(in reality we're hand parsing)21:41
SRabbelier(every 'bulk upload' is handled by a small army of interns)21:42
Arcwell some are foolish enough to write their own csv module and then need to deal with fringe cases21:42
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierin particular21:42
Arcjust want to know since ill be using the same module to generate our csv for upload21:42
tpb<> (at
Arcie, there's excel compat mode21:43
SRabbelierArc: *nod*, you know as much as Id o now21:44
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ThomasWaldmannmoin :)23:08
ThomasWaldmanncan one delete a submitted, but not published task?23:09
c_schmitzSRabbelier: I am afraid to try the import again because seem not be able to delete any tasks23:58
c_schmitzthis is like pulling teeth23:59

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