Wednesday, 2011-11-16

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c_schmitzInviting mentors does not work08:11
c_schmitzServer error 500 :(08:11
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c_schmitzc'mon guys, it is like 5 days until the contest starts and the app feels like alpha status - why is that?08:18
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* Nightrose pokes SRabbelier08:29
Nightrosei really don't want to be a pita...08:29
Nightrosebut it's getting close and i have basically 0 time until the program starts :/08:29
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SRabbelierc_schmitz: because I didn't finish my thesis in time08:31
SRabbelierNightrose: Madhu is on it08:32
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SRabbelier> madrazr08:33
madrazrNightrose: Hi :)08:35
Nightrosehey madrazr :)08:35
Nightrosewas just being a pita about task submission ;-)08:36
Nightrosebecause it's getting damn close and I don't really have time until the contest starts08:36
madrazrNightrose: he he08:36
madrazrNightrose: you will have it fixed today :)08:36
madrazrNightrose: it is interesting to see how these errors occur only when they go to production :P08:37
Nightrosesounds familiar08:37
SRabbelieranyway, I'll hopefully be able to turn in my thesis today08:38
SRabbelierafter that maybe I'll actually have time to do some coding myself :P08:39
Nightroseyay SRabbelier08:39
Nightrosei have my very last exam tomorrow08:39
Nightroseand then i'm free08:39
SRabbelierNightrose: w00t!08:41
c_schmitzSRabbelier: is that volunteer work, or does Google pay for this?08:42
SRabbelierc_schmitz: little bit of both08:44
SRabbelierc_schmitz: regardless it's not a weekly contract08:45
madrazrSRabbelier: wow!08:45
madrazrSRabbelier: all the best!08:45
madrazrNightrose: sounds familiar? :D :D from KDE or previous Melange experience? :P08:45
* Nightrose bites tounge :D08:46
Nightrosei'll not comment ;-)08:46
madrazrNightrose: silence has its own implication :P08:46
SRabbeliermadrazr: get to work you! :P08:47
* SRabbelier gets ready for uni08:47
madrazrSRabbelier: I am ... :)08:47
madrazrNightrose: bit by the invite admins/mentor bug?09:03
Nightrosemadrazr: i haven't tried inviting more people yet09:05
Nightroseok - i have to leave - back in an hour or so09:06
madrazrNightrose: sure!09:07
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lifeethHello all - Can some one point me to how I can register as a mentor for GCI09:35
lifeethcant seem to find a register link09:35
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
lifeethmadrazr, thanks :)09:42
madrazrlifeeth: NP09:43
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SRabbelier|Lappyc_schmitz: invites should be working now10:03
c_schmitzSRabbelier: great, thank you!10:17
SRabbelier|Lappyc_schmitz: np10:37
SRabbelier|Lappyc_schmitz: thank madrazr10:37
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annmahi I got the mail after I was invited as admin for Code-In but the mail gives no link to accpt the invitation15:15
annmahow can I accept th einvitation?15:16
annmais it because I did not put my gmail address in my profile?15:27
annmaOK I got it15:37
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annmaSRabbelier: there's a typo in CREATE A NEW TASK, "Outrach" should be "Outreach"16:49
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Nightroseit seems i as the initial org admin don't show up in the list of people tasks can be assigned to16:56
Nightroseknown problem?16:56
Nightrosei tried inviting myself as a mentor but was told i already am16:57
SRabbelierannma: fixed that17:04
SRabbelierannma: thanks17:04
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SRabbelierNightrose: that's curious, can you create a for that?17:11
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
annmaSRabbelier: I have Outrach and Outreach now17:25
annmaand Code twice17:25
SRabbelierannma: twice?17:44
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c_schmitzSRabbelier: something is really really wrong with the bulk upload17:44
c_schmitzdo you know about this?17:44
annmaI see Documentation, Outrach, Outreach, ....Code, Code17:44
SRabbelierc_schmitz: heh, fail17:45
SRabbeliersec, fixing it17:45
SRabbelierc_schmitz: I assume you're referring only to the duplicated types?17:45
c_schmitzwell, that too, but it is not correctly parsing my csv in general17:46
c_schmitzI have quite some HTML in the description with linebreaks17:46
c_schmitzeverything is quoted properly17:46
SRabbelierc_schmitz: but?17:46
c_schmitzbut it won't import17:47
SRabbelierc_schmitz: as in, no tasks are created?17:47
c_schmitzsays the type is not set17:47
SRabbelierc_schmitz: ok, so it complains about the type?17:47
c_schmitzyes, and me not being a mentor ;)17:48
c_schmitzI tried to give my email address and my GSOC short ID17:48
c_schmitzbut both is denied17:49
SRabbelierfun times17:49
c_schmitzI can pastebin a couple lines from the CSV if you are interested17:50
SRabbelierc_schmitz: sure17:51
SRabbelierc_schmitz: I'll add them to the tests17:51
Arcwhats the url for mentors/admins to add their profile so they can be invited to join?17:55
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
Arcis that also for admins?17:57
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
SRabbelierArc: although in pratice it doesn't matter if you're not the first org admin :P17:59
Arcah cool17:59
ArcDocumentation, Outrach, Outreach, User Interface, Research, Training, Translation, Code, Code, Documentation, Outrach, Outreach, User Interface, Research, Training, Translation18:02
Arcthose are the types listed on the create a new task page18:04
Arcalso difficulties are Medium Hard Easy Easy Hard Medium18:05
Arcit also says that I (as org admin) am already a mentor but im not available in the Assigned Mentor drop-down18:06
Arcis bulk task uploads the only way that works right now?18:06
ArcDifficulty, one of the allowed difficulties (Medium, Hard, Easy, Easy, Hard, Medium).18:08
ArcTask types, one or more of the allowed types (Documentation, Outrach, Outreach, User Interface, Research, Training, Translation, Code, Code, Documentation, Outrach, Outreach, User Interface, Research, Training, Translation), comma separated.18:08
Arcso apparently this effects bulk uploads too18:08
SRabbelierlooking into it18:10
SRabbeliertrying to figure out how to fix it :P18:10
c_schmitzI think  we should only use 'Outrach' and delete all other categories :p18:11
SRabbelierlooks legit18:14
SRabbeliergot rid of most of the duplicates18:15
SRabbeliernow to copy that one task that's on Outrach18:15
SRabbelierfixed now18:19
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NightroseSRabbelier: you like kde don't you? ;-) (re bug)18:40
SRabbelierNightrose: well, I know you're cool :)18:41
Nightrosesure are18:41
SRabbelierNightrose: that if I sneak myself in as mentor you won't raise too much hell about it :P18:41
Nightroseyou think i won't!18:41
Nightrosejust wait and see ;-)18:41
annmahmm I added a second task and the first one disappeared18:43
annmafor KDE18:43
annmaah the third one is shown, why did the first one disappear18:48
annmaI changed the title18:48
annmaand then we'll see you in the mentors list18:54
SRabbelierannma: linky?18:59
annmaI recovered it19:00
annmanot sure what happened19:00
annmaI used back in my browser and then submitted again19:01
SRabbeliercurious indeed19:03
annmathere's no real indication the task is in19:03
annmaI would switch back to the task list maybe19:03
Arca mentor list would be useful.19:23
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SRabbelierNightrose: found your bug20:49
Nightrosecan the patient be rescued?20:51
Nightroseand \o/20:51
SRabbelierNightrose: yeah, messing with the datastore as we speak20:51
SRabbelierpatient might go into aniphileptic (sp) shock20:51
Nightrosei think it's anapylactic20:51
Nightroseor similar20:51
Nightrosehmmm there should be an h in there20:52
SRabbelieranaphylactic sez googlz20:52
SRabbelier('t would be an allergy to bugs ofc)20:52
SRabbelierNightrose: would you be so good as to try again now?20:53
Nightrosejep - sec20:53
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NightroseSRabbelier: :/21:06
Nightrosei've 2 mentors now who registered and i wanted to invite them21:06
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Nightroseand i get "user foo not found"21:06
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SRabbelierNightrose: what's their link_id?21:26
NightroseSRabbelier: one should be shreya21:26
Nightroseand the other one's email should be pixley.roger gmail21:27
SRabbelierNightrose: there's no-one by key_name shreya21:56
SRabbelierNightrose: you sure they done registered?21:56
SRabbelierNightrose: adding my "Alturin" alter ego as mentor for KDE :P22:12

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