Saturday, 2011-04-23

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leumas_i'm on a proxy and using windows 7 os04:27
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leumasany idea what the error is : "abort: error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not pr operly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond"04:53
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leumasphew! finally got Mercurial working :)08:50
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leumasis there any createProposer similar to createMentor in gci?14:02
leumasor, how do I instantiate a general user in gci?14:03
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madrazrleumas: whats up?14:28
madrazrleumas: if I was free, I would have been here obviously ;-)14:28
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madrazrleumas: whats up with instantiating users in GCI?14:30
madrazrleumas: what are you doing with GCI?14:30
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leumasmadrazr: hi14:47
madrazrleumas: Hi14:47
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leumasmadrazr: thr? got some connection probs14:56
madrazrleumas: I am very much here :)14:57
leumasmadrazr: can I def a createProposer() method14:57
madrazrleumas: where?14:57
leumassimilar to createMentor() method?14:57
madrazrleumas: where?14:57
leumasin test_proposal_review.py14:58
madrazrleumas: let me take a look at the code once14:58
madrazrleumas: Oh btw!14:58
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madrazrleumas: I should tell you about this before you do any further work14:59
madrazrleumas: have you updated your source code today?14:59
madrazrleumas: in last 1 hour?14:59
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leumas_madrazr: sorry, what were you saying 'btw'15:01
madrazrleumas: I should tell you about this before you do any further work15:02
madrazrleumas: have you updated your source code today?15:02
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madrazr leumas: in last 1 hour?15:02
leumas_the whole of the structure seems to have changed15:03
leumas_what happened?15:03
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leumas_madrazr: what's up with the repository?15:05
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madrazrleumas_: yes15:05
madrazrthere are a lot of changes going on15:05
madrazrleumas_: the tests are now moved to tests/app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/...15:07
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madrazrleumas_: which is why I wanted you to pull in those changes and work on the updated source15:07
leumas_ya, apparently15:07
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leumas_madrazr: what about the accepted proposals...15:18
leumas_madrazr: what about the results????15:20
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madrazrleumas_: what?15:25
madrazrleumas_: what are you asking?15:25
slingshot316madrazr: hi :)15:25
madrazrslingshot316: Heya!15:25
leumas_madrazr: pls don't mind that :)15:25
madrazrleumas_: mind what?15:25
madrazrleumas_: I am curious to know what your question was15:26
madrazrleumas_: what about accepted proposals and results?15:26
leumas_madrazr: I was just worried because of the discussion yesterday15:26
leumas_madrazr: the conflict b/w i and slingshot31615:27
leumas_Lennie said that only one would be selected15:27
madrazrleumas_: did he say that?15:29
madrazrleumas_: he just said we have only so many slots15:29
madrazrleumas_: he did not tell that only one of you will be selected15:29
madrazrleumas_: we cannot tell anything related to the acceptance until Carol makes an announcement15:29
leumas_madrazr: atleast, can I know how many slots are left...15:30
leumas_madrazr: yup, Lennie did say that, with a :P15:30
madrazrleumas_: all the decisions have been made15:31
madrazrleumas_: the timeline says that right?15:31
madrazrleumas_: April 22:    All mentors must be signed up and all student proposals matched with a mentor - 07:00 UTC   Student ranking/scoring  deadline. Please do not add private comments with a nonzero score or  mark students as ineligible (unless doing so as part of resolving  duplicate accepted students) after this deadline - 17:00 UTC15:31
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leumas_madrazr: u mean to say that accepted guys are finalized?15:32
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madrazrleumas_: I thought, what I pasted meant that15:32
madrazrvery obvious it is15:32
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madrazrleumas_: if no more rankings should be done after that date15:33
madrazrthat means everything should be done before that15:33
madrazrdr__house: why are you spamming our channel ;-)15:33
madrazrdr__house: rather the entire freenode :P15:33
madrazrdr__house: I will complain to freenode managers :P15:33
dr__housemadrazr: it would be easier to disable join/part alerts on your client :P15:34
madrazrdr__house: that solves only half of the problem :P15:34
madrazrdr__house: I won't be able to see that. But the spam data is still transferred to the client, before it blocks :P15:35
dr__housemadrazr: "As a great philosopher, Jagger once said, you can't always get what you want." :P15:35
madrazrdr__house: bah, philosophy :P15:35
dr__housemadrazr: that's from House :P15:35
madrazrdr__house: I wish Lennie was here ;-)15:36
dr__housemadrazr: yeah me too, I wanted to ping him, he'd have recognized the line. :P15:36
madrazrdr__house: heh15:36
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tpb<> (at
leumas_madrazr: I tried to do something, pls give me a feedback!16:12
leumas_what should I do now?16:12
leumas_madrazr: der?16:14
leumas_madrazr: waiting for reply :)16:30
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madrazrleumas_: have you enabled code review on your clone?16:47
madrazrleumas_: can you enable please, if not16:48
leumas_no, doing it right away16:48
leumas_okay, how to do it?16:48
madrazrleumas_: also can you give me access to comment on the code?16:49
madrazrleumas_: may be in Admin?16:49
madrazrleumas_: if you go to Administer at and click on the Source tab16:50
tpbTitle: banmido69-gci-test - Test for Post Comments Class - Google Project Hosting (at
leumas_madrazr: i did this: Allow non-members to review code16:50
madrazrleumas_: you should be able to see Enable code reviews16:50
madrazrleumas_: great!16:50
leumas_madrazr: that's already enabled16:50
leumas_np :)16:51
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madrazrleumas_: check comments16:56
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leumas_madrazr: how to run the tests?17:00
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leumas_madrazr: is there any online facility in soc to test the changes made in code?17:03
madrazrleumas_: what online facility?17:16
madrazrleumas_: run tests with the command ./bin/run-tests17:16
leumas_madrazr: in cmd line?17:17
madrazrleumas_: yes17:17
leumas_madrazr: okay17:17
leumas_madrazr: i can't find a bin that contains run-tests17:19
madrazrleumas_: because you did not follow GettingStarted wiki?17:20
leumas_madrazr: oh! i guess :P17:20
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leumas_madrazr: python is unable to identify the modules, what might be wrong?18:05
leumas_madrazr: ping!18:27
leumas_python is unable to identify the modules, what might be wrong?18:28
madrazrleumas_: what do you mean?18:30
madrazrthat means nothing to me18:31
madrazrleumas_: whats up?19:35
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leumas@madrazr: hey!20:16
leumas@madrazr: sorry, was away :)20:17
madrazrleumas: NP20:21
madrazrleumas: how is it going?20:21
leumasnot very good :\20:21
madrazrleumas: what happened?20:22
leumasbin\run-tests is giving a big set of errors20:22
leumasmadrazr: don't know how to digest it20:22
leumasmadrazr: ImportError: No module named views.helper20:23
madrazrleumas: paste20:23
madrazrleumas: in pastebin?20:23
madrazrleumas: you use windows?20:23
leumasmadrazr: yes20:23
leumasmadrazr: what is pastebin?20:24
tpbTitle: dpaste: New (at
madrazruse that20:25
madrazrleumas: paste there20:25
madrazrand give the link20:25
tpbTitle: dpaste: #535054 (at
madrazrpython2.6 ./thirdparty/google_appengine/ --allow_skipped_files build20:30
madrazrleumas: ^20:30
madrazrcan you run that20:30
leumasmadrazr: Allow dev_appserver to check for updates on startup? (Y/n):20:32
madrazrleumas: n20:32
leumasmadrazr: it got stuck!20:33
madrazrleumas: correct20:33
madrazrnow open your browser20:33
madrazrand run20:34
tpbTitle: dpaste: #535057 (at
madrazrleumas: did you follow the instructions on getting started correctly?20:36
madrazrleumas: are you sure there were no errors in those steps20:36
madrazrI suspect something has gone wrong there20:36
leumasokay, i'm sure I did them correctly20:37
leumasbut, I'm checking them just in case20:38
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madrazrleumas: there is one good news to you20:51
madrazrleumas: even I am running into the same problem20:51
leumasmadrazr: what do you mean?20:51
madrazrleumas: I am seeing the same problem you are seeing20:51
leumason your system also?20:51
leumasmadrazr: is it a problem with the new repo?20:52
madrazrleumas: looks like20:52
leumasthe diff shows a new file that's completely absent in the new repo20:53
madrazrleumas: Oh!20:57
leumasmadrazr: got something?20:57
madrazrleumas: not yet20:57
madrazrleumas: looking into it20:58
madrazrleumas: ufffffff...21:04
madrazrfinally figured out what we broke :P21:04
madrazrleumas: let me run hg blame, to see whom I can blame :P21:04
leumasmadrazr: wow! what is it?21:05
madrazrleumas: you will see the commit soon21:05
leumashe he21:05
madrazrleumas: hg pull && hg update21:09
leumasis it working now?21:12
madrazrleumas: hopefully :P21:14
leumasman, I'm off to sleep now :)21:15
madrazrleumas: see you gn21:16
leumasmadrazr: gn man!21:16
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