Sunday, 2011-04-24

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leumas@madrazr: hi12:20
leumasmadrazr: so, did the tests work in the night?12:21
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madrazrleumas: Heya!13:08
madrazrdr__house: spamming again? :P13:08
dr__housemadrazr: no idea, let's see13:09
leumasmadrazr: hey, so what happened to the code, is it working?13:10
madrazrleumas: didn't I tell you that yesterday?13:12
madrazrleumas: I asked you to try too13:12
madrazrleumas: you did not try yet?13:12
leumasya, but I was sleepy and tomorrow I got a test13:12
leumasinfact 3 tests straight!13:13
leumaswell, it's not a problem, I can test it on wednesday :)13:14
madrazrleumas: cool!13:14
leumasmadrazr: thanx :)13:14
leumasmadrazr: man! I can't wait ...13:15
madrazrleumas: for?13:15
leumaswhy does google not tell us the results even if the ranking is done??13:15
madrazrleumas: who said that ranking is done?13:16
leumasmadrazr: then, what happened on 22nd, apart from deduping?13:16
leumasmadrazr: moreover, there is no interim period b/w 22nd and 25th13:19
madrazrleumas: for Google to decide on stuff13:20
madrazrleumas: everything is not over on 22nd13:21
leumasmadrazr: what's been left?13:21
madrazrleumas: lot of things13:21
* gevaerts thinks that anyone who read through the deduplication meeting and what followed should know why there's a buffer period13:21
madrazrleumas: Orgs may give up slots after dedup13:21
leumasmadrazr: oh! didn't think abt that!13:22
madrazrgevaerts: it was on #gsoc?13:22
gevaertsmadrazr: yes13:22
madrazrgevaerts: ah Ok :)13:22
gevaertsI'm not divulging secrets here :)13:23
madrazrleumas: sure :) Google knows it better. After all this is the 7th year they are running this program!13:23
madrazrgevaerts: heh13:23
leumasmadrazr: yup, I get it now :)13:23
madrazrgevaerts: if it is logged, there is no secret in it right? :P13:23
gevaertsIIRC one org complained about the way carols resolved a duplicate, claiming that the duplicate shouldn't have been there in the first place because it was resolved earlier between the orgs, and the other org hadn't unaccepted the student as promised13:24
gevaertsThat sort of thing needs a bit of time to resolve13:24
madrazrgevaerts: ah Ok13:25
madrazr Also the slot transfers right?13:25
leumasbut, she did wrap it up quite quickly yesterday :P13:25
gevaertsThose too, yes. That's (the?) one bit that was easier when a pure ranking system was used instead of the current acceptance system13:27
madrazrgevaerts: heh :)13:29
gevaertsAre slots that become available during the deduplication meeting still redistributed actually? I mean, there are only very few of them, and I could imagine that it's judged to be not worth the hassle13:31
madrazrgevaerts: depends I guess. An org can leave a note to Carol telling that they want the slot to be given to an org X13:34
madrazrgevaerts: and may be that org X is/was related to the organization giving up the slot13:35
madrazrlike previously part of umbrella?13:35
gevaertsWell yes, but there's still the risk that this will cause a new duplicate13:35
madrazrgevaerts: yes, we cannot rule out that possibility13:35
gevaertsWell, technically you could fix that by not allowing people to accept students that are already accepted elsewhere after a certain time13:37
* gevaerts likes transforming all problems into software issues :)13:37
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madrazrgevaerts: true, the former I agree. You can file an issue on that :)13:41
madrazrgevaerts: about the latter, I wish life was so easy :)13:41
madrazrgevaerts: in that case, the first thing I will ever ask is to have Google search for Physical things that I tend to forget13:41
eocwhich would perhaps effectively give those orgs an advantage that do less review13:41
madrazrgevaerts: where did I keep my book13:42
eocor are just smaller in general13:42
madrazrwhere did I leave my watch ... ;-)13:42
gevaertsmadrazr: store them in a proper hash!13:42
gevaertseoc: I don't really see that13:42
madrazrgevaerts: I wish Software can do that automatically :P I never hash my website myself :P13:42
madrazreoc: not really13:43
madrazreoc: this is only for the extra slots they receive13:43
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