Friday, 2011-04-22

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brooksI'm seeing proposals that report as being duplicates, but where this isn't another project shown in the admin interface
tpb<> (at
brooksis this a known issue?01:56
brooksoops, my bad, we really were conflicting with ourselves (that could be made a lot more clear)02:07
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robbyoconnorbrooks: that's cute08:08
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vikashmadrazr, reached the city13:50
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slingshot316madrazr: hey :)17:44
LennieHi jacob :)17:45
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slingshot316Lennie: hello :)17:45
madrazrslingshot316: Hi17:46
slingshot316madrazr: how have you been? and as the scoring deadline is in an another hour, should I provide any further details?17:48
madrazrslingshot316: scoring deadline?17:49
slingshot316madrazr: yea deadline for scoring proposals17:49
leumasreally an hour? that should be heated up!17:49
SRabbelierslingshot316: sure, if you're already selected you shouldn't stop interacting now :)17:49
Lenniedon't worry madrazr, we can still score if we really really want to :P17:50
madrazrLennie: thats what I was wondering :P17:50
madrazrLennie: I went to timeline to check, if timeline tells that :D17:50
slingshot316SRabbelier: but I dont know if I'm already selected :\17:51
SRabbelierslingshot316: dont' take chances then17:51
SRabbeliermadrazr: it's a social convention, not a technical limitation17:51
madrazrSRabbelier: ah :)17:52
slingshot316SRabbelier: well , okay :(17:52
LennieTalking about projects17:53
Lennieslingshot316, GCI right?17:53
slingshot316Lennie: yes :)17:53
slingshot316Lennie: Portin GCI to the new views Architecture17:53
LennieDid ED give us a timeline on that yet? Would be nice to integrate their designs in there, although the dashboard can stay the same for now17:53
Lenniealthough of course most work is on the backend anyway17:54
Lenniewhich is what matters :)17:55
LennieSRabbelier, any idea?17:55
slingshot316Lennie: yes :)17:55
SRabbelierLennie: uh, yes, let me check17:55
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leumasmadrazr: hi!17:58
leumasmadrazr: finalizing proposals i guess!17:59
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leumasLennie: hi!18:02
LennieHi :)18:02
madrazrleumas: I am not sure we should tell that :)18:03
madrazrI will leave that to SRabbelier or Lennie :P18:03
leumasmadrazr: it's fine!18:03
LennieI'm not saying who got accepted :p?18:03
LennieWhat's your real name btw leumas :)?18:03
leumasLennie: Samuel, it's the reverse of my nick :P18:04
SRabbelierno dates were set18:04
SRabbelierfor GCI that is18:04
SRabbelierjust a schedule18:04
SRabbelierbut I don't think the kick-off meeting has been done yet18:04
SRabbelierwill ask carols when she gets back18:05
Lennieleumas, aha GCI proposal as well18:05
leumasSRabbelier: i just wanted to know if I have to improve my proposal if needed.18:05
Lenniemeet your competition slingshot316 :)18:05
leumasLennie: yes18:05
leumasLennie: I know him well!18:05
slingshot316leumas: hi18:05
leumashi man!18:06
slingshot316Lennie: yea, we spoke before :)18:06
slingshot316Lennie: I think he proposed for a Better GCI module18:07
leumasLennie: he worked a lot for this proposal18:09
Lenniehe, or you :p?18:11
Lennie(reads back)18:12
LennieOh you two know each other :)18:12
slingshot316yes, at Melange18:12
leumasLennie: why don't take both?18:12
SRabbelierleumas: hehe, there's only so many slots ;)18:13
SRabbelier(and mentors)18:13
LennieYou two might get tangled in the same work18:13
LennieAll are welcome to contribute if you are not accepted18:14
leumasSRabbelier: we applied for different projects under GCI right!18:14
SRabbelierleumas: dunno18:14
slingshot316leumas: sure :)18:14
slingshot316Lennie: sure :)18:15
leumasLennie: ya! definitely!18:15
leumasLennie: don't know if it's allowed, but we can collaborate18:24
LennieYou can't18:24
Lennieit's against the rules18:24
leumasoh! sorry, didn't know that!18:25
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Nightroseit's a Lennie!18:31
Nightrosehi! :D18:31
Lennieo hi Nightrose18:31
SRabbelierNightrose: he comes out once in a blue moon18:31
SRabbelierNightrose: take pictures while you can18:32
LennieI took IRC out of my default programs :p18:33
SRabbelierLennie: I thought you used it for your gaming stuff?18:33
NightroseLennie: what a horrible thing to do!18:35
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LennieSRabbelier: I used to back in the day when Unreal2k4 was still cool :p18:36
SRabbelierLennie: ah, right18:37
SRabbelierLennie: you still play shooters these days?18:37
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LennieNot atm18:42
SRabbelierLennie: shocking18:44
Lennieit kinda is18:46
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leumasmadrazr: thr?20:39
madrazrleumas: Hi20:40
leumasmadrazr: I want to write some testing code20:40
madrazrleumas: sure!20:40
madrazrthank you for volunteering20:40
leumasmadrazr: are you free now?20:40
leumasmadrazr: can u pls guide me?20:41
madrazrleumas: you can ask your questions now, yes :)20:41
madrazrleumas: sure20:41
madrazrwhat guidance do you want?20:41
leumaswhat exactly is a test?20:41
leumasI mean, what do i test here?20:41
leumasmadrazr: i'm currently looking at this file:
tpb<> (at
madrazrleumas: for your first question on what is a test, you must read up and
tpb<> (at
madrazrleumas: here, in Melange, we test whether our code works as it is expected to work20:45
madrazrleumas: if you take an example of a View test. We test whether the view returns the expected response20:45
madrazrwhether it uses the right templates, and whether all the context variables get the data we intend to have in them20:46
madrazrleumas: thats an example for a view. However there are tests for logic and models too20:46
madrazrleumas: sure, what about that file?20:46
leumasnothing, just going through the logs and found out that you suggested vikash this file for writing code on testing20:47
leumasmadrazr: it's like making a mock user and trying to find out the system's response to this user20:49
madrazrleumas: yes!20:49
leumasthis file contains many methods: are they all tests?20:50
leumasmadrazr: like testReviewProposalPublicView20:50
madrazrleumas: all the methods that start with test are tests20:51
madrazrother methods are generally the methods to setup test data and such20:51
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leumas_madrazr: sorry, some net problem20:55
madrazrleumas_: NP20:56
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leumasmadrazr: why are the test made to fail by default in some cases?21:20
leumas# fail if mentor tries to accept the proposal21:20
madrazrleumas: I don't think any test is made to fail21:20
madrazrleumas: where is that?21:20
madrazrleumas: can you link me?21:20
madrazrleumas: sorry21:21
madrazrwhich line?21:21
madrazrwhich file?21:21
leumas line 20521:21
tpb<> (at
madrazrleumas: Oh!21:23
madrazrleumas: thats the right test case21:23
madrazrleumas: a user who is logged in as mentor should not be allowed to accept the proposal21:23
madrazrleumas: if the code accepts that, there is some problem with the code21:23
madrazrleumas: so in that case, the test should fail21:23
madrazrleumas: because there is a bug there21:24
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leumas_madrazr: what's the bug?21:26
madrazrleumas_: I just explained that21:26
madrazrif the code accepts a user who is a mentor to accept a proposal, then that will be because the code is buggy21:27
madrazrleumas_: the test should indicate that, by failing21:27
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leumasi'm back!21:30
leumasloaded connection :(21:31
leumasdunno, if i hit enter, it doesn't make a connection to the server21:34
leumassame with whois21:35
leumasgot any idea madrazr?21:37
madrazrleumas: what?21:38
madrazrI am not sure what you are telling21:38
leumassome weird problem:21:38
leumasthe irc client wouldn't make contact with the server21:39
leumasbtw, is there any test case that I can write code for, madrazr?21:39
madrazrleumas: I don't know then. It must be specific to your connection21:40
madrazrleumas: sure!21:40
madrazrwe need a lot of test!21:40
madrazrleumas: since you have already read the logs21:40
leumasso, what should i test?21:40
madrazrleumas: can you take up the same test that I suggested to vikash?21:40
madrazrsince he is away for quite some time21:40
leumasi'll give it a shot, thanx!21:41
madrazrleumas: sure!21:42
leumasmadrazr: what's the difference b/w and proposal_review.py21:49
madrazrleumas: can you please give me the path of both the files?21:50
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tpb<> (at
madrazrleumas: and?22:00
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leumasmadrazr: did u check it?22:01
madrazrleumas: you gave me the link to only one file22:01
tpb<> (at
madrazrleumas: Oh!22:02
leumasthis is the other one22:02
madrazrleumas: isn't that obvious?22:02
madrazrleumas: the latter one contains the actual code for reviewing proposals22:02
madrazrleumas: and to display that page22:02
leumasi get that much!22:02
madrazrleumas: the former one contains the tests for the same22:02
leumasso, if i write tests for posting comments, i should write the test code in using classes from
madrazrleumas: yes22:09
madrazrthats correct22:09
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