Wednesday, 2011-04-13

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madrazrNightrose: did you see that you guys made it into slashdot again? :P07:40
* madrazr wishes Melange would some day make it into slashdot07:40
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Nightrosemadrazr: heh no - with Active?07:47
madrazrNightrose: Active? I don't know what that means, I can see it on front page of slashdot07:48
* Nightrose looks07:48
madrazr"KDE's New Projects Take On Portable Devices"07:48
Nightrosethat'd be Active07:49
madrazrNightrose: :)07:49
madrazrI so envy ... :P07:49
svuorelamadrazr: switch projects :p07:50
madrazrsvuorela: I would rather switch the names of the projects on /. ;-)07:50
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svuorelaSRabbelier|Lappy: hi11:25
SRabbelier|Lappysvuorela: hello11:26
svuorelaSRabbelier|Lappy: I wrote you a email  about change of linkid yesterday. I didn't fully get what to do to get my email address associated with a different linkid.11:28
svuorelashould I create a new account and get you to swap them? or something else?11:32
SRabbelier|Lappysvuorela: I have to manually do that11:33
svuorelaoh. so I should just sit back and wait?11:34
SRabbelier|Lappysvuorela: yup11:36
svuorelagood. I can figure out to do that.11:37
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vikashmadrazr, Hey! sorry last night I didnt knw when did I fell to sleep!13:23
madrazrvikash: heh Ok13:24
madrazrvikash: are you still working on the test?13:24
vikashmadrazr, I can see test comment post on line 93 in proposal_review13:24
vikashmadrazr, Ya I still wish to do that13:24
vikashmadrazr, I can see test comment post on line 93 in test_proposal_review13:26
vikashmadrazr, also I am trying to understand proposal_review13:26
madrazrvikash: that one test is not sufficient13:27
madrazrvikash: it needs to be more comprehensive13:27
madrazrneed to test what happens for each type of user13:27
vikashmadrazr, Ok! So what all it should test13:28
madrazrvikash: post a public comment as a. Proposer b. Mentor for that org c. Org Admin for that org d. Student of another org e. Mentor of another org f. Org Admin of another org g. Any general user when proposal is public and when it is not public13:29
madrazrvikash: similarly for private comments13:29
madrazrvikash: ensure that Private comments are posted as private13:29
madrazrvikash: also, it is better to separate out comment into its own test method13:30
madrazrvikash: rather 2 test methods, one for public proposal and another for private proposal13:30
vikashSo something like public_proposer13:31
madrazrvikash: public_proposer?13:31
vikashI meant test_public_comment_proposer13:32
vikashI meant test_public_comment_mentor_org13:32
vikashWhat should be the naming convention I should follow13:34
vikashmadrazr, But still I dint understand the use of this test's? Can you please throw some light on that13:35
vikashmadrazr, What should be the naming convention I should follow13:35
madrazrvikash: you need to follow the code convention we follow there13:35
madrazrvikash: just seeing around that file helps, to name your methods13:35
madrazrvikash: you don't understand the need of these tests?13:36
vikashmadrazr, Ya I know that might sound a bit silly13:36
madrazrvikash: sure, there is nothing silly about asking questions13:37
madrazrvikash: when you don't know something, ask. Ask loud enough so that it is heard :)13:37
vikashmadrazr, thanks for acknowledging me that way! I wanted to know the use of these test cases when things are already working fine on the website?13:38
tpbTitle: Software testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
madrazryou should read this13:38
madrazrvikash: things are already working fine?13:38
madrazrhow do you know? :)13:38
vikashmadrazr, Thats the point, I dont feel any problems either?13:39
madrazrvikash: everyday I get a few to several (varying each day) on things that are broken or not working13:39
madrazrvikash: if things were fine, I must first understand why we get so many mails :)13:40
madrazrvikash: the site is used by 8000 people :)13:40
vikashmadrazr, for this one seriousy :)13:40
madrazrvikash: not 1 vikash, not 1 madrazr, not 1 X users13:40
madrazrvikash: ?13:40
vikashmadrazr, so many mails13:41
madrazrvikash: and coming to the most important of all the points13:41
* vikash is listening13:41
madrazrvikash: I write some code today in file which uses the classes and methods from Y.py13:41
madrazrvikash: 10 days later, I want to refactor so that I can also use the same class and methods in Z.py13:41
madrazrvikash: how do you ensure that this refactoring doesn't break
madrazrvikash: few mind blowing stats I should give you13:42
madrazrvikash: Melange team has done some insane amount of work in last 58 days13:42
vikashmadrazr, insane ? like!13:43
madrazrvikash: on February 13th we had 4703 commits in our source repo13:43
madrazrvikash: as on today, including the ones I have not pushed yet, we have 630x commits13:44
madrazr1600 commits in over 58 days13:44
madrazr30 thousand lines of code changed13:44
vikashmadrazr, May because everyone would be busy on Feb 14, valentimes day ( Just kidding)13:44
madrazrvikash: yeah the rest of the world was13:44
madrazrvikash: but Melange team was sitting in Google's Dublin office13:44
vikashhe he he13:44
madrazrchurning code like crazy13:44
* vikash wish to see himself in google one day! I am the manger of Google technology Users Group Manipal13:45
* vikash <cont> and churning code13:46
vikashmadrazr, But can explain the reason for above stats13:47
madrazrvikash: awesome!13:49
madrazrvikash: the reasons are all around internet :)13:49
vikashmadrazr, hmmm13:50
madrazrvikash: if you look into any document that talks about Source Code analysis and stuff13:50
madrazrvikash: you will soon realize that a developer won't write(change) more few 1000 lines of code per month at this stage of the project13:51
madrazri.e project which is 2.5 years old13:51
madrazrvikash: 30K lines and 6 developers is like ... I don't know how to explain that awesome thing13:51
madrazrvikash: we need to ensure quality, if we are changing code at this pace13:51
madrazrvikash: makes sense?13:57
vikashmadrazr, ensure quality (30k lines and 6 developers)was some what strange because I thought if more number of people then the better a prg in open Source. But I think when I will come to job one day it will make more sense13:58
madrazrvikash: exactly you are right13:59
madrazrvikash: more people in an org, better13:59
madrazrvikash: here 6 is too less13:59
madrazrvikash: we need more people to do more awesome work :)14:00
vikashmadrazr, and for that surely count me in!14:00
madrazrvikash: that is why we are welcoming you :)14:00
madrazrvikash: come to job? where?14:00
vikashmadrazr, As in grow older, I am still in my sophomore14:01
madrazrah Ok14:02
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vikashmadrazr, When I am trying to compile ant test<filename>.py it is giving an error "No module named tests.timeline_utils"14:10
madrazrvikash: sorry, I did not get you, what are you trying to compile in Python?14:11
vikashany test case ( python file )14:11
madrazrvikash: how?14:11
madrazrvikash: btw compile Python file?14:11
madrazrvikash: why would you compile a Python file? Python is an interpreted language and if you are trying to byte-compile, you should not worry so much14:12
madrazrvikash: Python interpreter will take care of htat14:12
vikashmadrazr, I didn't intend to compile but was doing python <file_name>.py and it is giving an error14:13
madrazrvikash: thats not the way to run the test14:14
madrazrvikash: to run the tests use ./bin/run-tests from your melange source directory's root14:14
vikashok! so thats the only way! I wanted to confirm this only14:15
madrazrvikash: for now to save some time you can use ./bin/run-tests tests/new-views since that is the point of interest for your work14:15
vikashmadrazr, Thanks for sharing that, it will be a great help14:16
madrazrvikash: cool!14:17
vikashmadrazr, I am going for dinner! Byr14:34
madrazrvikash: sure, bye14:34
vikashmadrazr, Bye14:34
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vikashmadrazr, can you send me I think I have made some problem in the main file itself16:42
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vikashmadrazr, can you send me I think I have made some problem in the main file itself16:47
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madrazrvikash: what do you want me to send you?16:47
madrazrvikash: why should I send you that?16:48
madrazrvikash: you have the repo with you16:48
vikashmadrazr, By mistake I have made some error in the file, that I dwn from repo and I cwnt be able to dwn again16:50
madrazrvikash: drop your changes16:50
madrazrvikash: learn to use revision control systems!16:50
madrazrvikash: it is a pre-requisite for most GSoC students I thought?16:50
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vikashOoh! I dint know that16:50
madrazrvikash: hg update -C in this particular case of yours drops all the changes you have made and syncs your working directory to the last commit in your branch16:52
vikashmadrazr, Hope that works!16:52
vikashmadrazr, Yes it did16:54
vikashmadrazr, What is #Hacky16:59
madrazrvikash: the code following it is hacky :)16:59
madrazrvikash: a kind of workaround or such16:59
vikashmadrazr, SOme more info would be awesome! And I am very sorry if I never let you work! or disturb you17:00
madrazrvikash: there isn't much I can add to it17:00
madrazrvikash: I have told you what it means17:00
madrazr"(10:30:10  IST) madrazr: vikash: a kind of workaround or such"17:00
madrazror at least what I understand from it17:01
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vikashmadrazr, I have just tried for mentor's public comment, its very general and is just a test, please look at it17:40
tpbTitle: [Python] test - (at
vikashtpb, Thanks and it is
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madrazrvikash: I would suggest you to wait, if there is no response from me17:44
madrazrvikash: I am on a call17:45
madrazrvikash: I will definitely see the messages, if I am here17:45
vikashmadrazr, Oh! I am sorry17:45
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madrazrvikash: Hi19:04
madrazrvikash: good going19:04
madrazrwrite a test19:04
vikashmadrazr, It was just a test prg and is it correct19:05
vikashfor the matter19:05
madrazrvikash: it is a good start, although I cannot tell you if it is correct, until you write a test19:05
madrazras in make an assertion :)19:06
vikashI guess I sent you a test link! and not getting an error when I ran a test. I just wanted to confirm, was that on the track and will work properly for mentors public comment or needs changes19:08
vikashmadrazr, I guess I sent you a test link! and not getting an error when I ran a test. I just wanted to confirm, was that on the track and will work properly for mentors public comment or needs changes19:08
vikashmadrazr, Oh! it might have expired19:09
tpbTitle: [Python] test - (at
vikashmadrazr, hey ! I am off to sleep ! good night19:14
madrazrvikash: sure19:18
madrazrsee you19:18
madrazrvikash: talk to you tomorrow19:18
vikashmadrazr, thanks! but please just check that once19:19
madrazrvikash: hey19:19
madrazryou gave me the same link again?19:19
madrazrvikash: I don't see any test there?19:19
vikashmadrazr, ok 2 min19:20
madrazrvikash: I just see that you have set up some fixture data?19:20
tpbTitle: [Python] test - (at
madrazrvikash: looking at it19:21
madrazrvikash: it is the same thing again19:21
madrazrvikash: tell me what are the lines that does the actual test? :P19:22
madrazrvikash: if I am obviously overlooking19:22
madrazrvikash: btw19:22
madrazrvikash: it is always better to send the diff than the file19:22
madrazrvikash: I see that you have this method def testCommentProposal(self):19:22
madrazrwhich ends at proposal = self.createProposal({...19:23
madrazrthats all I can see19:23
vikashmadrazr, Ok! from next time I do that19:23
madrazrvikash: anyways if you would like to sleep, please go ahead19:23
vikashok! sure19:23
madrazrI don't want to stand between you and the sleep :P19:23
vikashno no I will try to dome some today19:23
vikashSo whats the problem ?19:24
vikashmadrazr, So what's the prob in the code19:25
madrazrvikash: problem?19:25
madrazrvikash: there is nothing19:25
madrazrvikash: there is no test at all :)19:25
madrazryou should definitely look around19:25
madrazrlook at other tests, at least the ones in the same file19:26
vikashmadrazr, ok! I havent understood the test yet! Wil look at it now19:26
madrazrvikash: you are familiar with Python programming?19:27
vikashya! but not that proficient with oops yet19:27
vikashmadrazr, ya! but not that proficient with oops yet19:28
madrazrvikash: Ok NP19:30
vikashmadrazr, :(19:30
vikashmadrazr, Thanks!19:30
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madrazrvikash: you should read this
tpb<$5> (at
madrazrand of course Django testing documentation19:31
vikashmadrazr, ok! thanks for being so supportive and helpful19:32
madrazrvikash: NP19:32
vikashmadrazr, One que! Are you in Google? or melange or independent19:32
madrazrvikash: I am not in Google :)19:34
madrazrvikash: I am a developer of Melange19:34
vikashmadrazr, Does it has an office in India? in Delhi?19:35
madrazrvikash: office? which one?19:35
vikashmadrazr, melange's19:35
madrazrvikash: Melange is an open source project19:35
madrazrvikash: it is a community project19:35
madrazrvikash: and No, we don19:35
madrazr't have offices like most other open source projects which are run by community19:36
vikashmadrazr, ok! nice! I didnt know Open Source projects didnt have offices19:36
madrazrvikash: interesting :)19:36
vikashmadrazr, Yup19:37
madrazrvikash: it is not true for all open source projects :)19:37
vikashmadrazr, Lucky19:37
madrazrvikash: there are open source projects which are backed by companies19:37
madrazrvikash: Lucky for?19:37
vikashmadrazr, No office issues19:38
madrazrvikash: LoL!19:38
madrazrvikash: where ever you are, whatever you do, ultimately commitment matters19:38
vikashmadrazr, Commitment will come in capital letters I guess? And you are from where ?19:39
madrazrvikash: I would not like to reveal my location in public channels :) I hope you understand19:39
madrazrvikash: it is not difficult to figure that out though :P19:39
vikashmadrazr, SureSure19:40
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lhSRabbelier: are you actually awake right now? because you ought not be.23:10
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SRabbelierlh: don't remind me23:11
lhSRabbelier: wanted to check in with you before filing a bug. I just received a comment email and comment was posted nearly 16 hours ago.23:12
lhSRabbelier: i just wanted to make sure that nothing would be revealed if i posted links to private comments, etc. in the issue tracker.23:12
lhSRabbelier: take your time, this is very not urgent.23:12
SRabbelierlh: not unless the student marked his proposal as public, in which case you'd publishing an url they might want to keep private, although that seems unlikely23:13
lhSRabbelier: ok, will assume that we're fine. filing bug now23:13
SRabbelierlh: don't see anything wrong with the mail systems, should be working fine; what's it say on the "received" tiemstamp thing?23:13
lhSRabbelier: are you asking for the mail headers or the time stamp from melange?23:14
SRabbelierlh: compare those I suppose23:14
SRabbelierlh: noting that Melange timestamps are in UTC23:14
lhSRabbelier: and there you go, suddenly it all makes sense. i shush now.23:14
SRabbelierlh: wooh ^^23:14
lhSRabbelier: i lied that does not explain my issue23:16
SRabbelierlh: sad panda23:16
lhSRabbelier: comment posted at 11:30 PM and email received ~15 minutes ago.23:16
SRabbelierlh: correct23:17
lhSRabbelier: be not a sad panda. i will file a bug. you do your thang.23:17
SRabbelierlh: it is currently 11:30PM utc23:17
SRabbelieralmost :P23:17
SRabbelier23:17 Wednesday (GMT) - Time in GMT23:17
lhSRabbelier: oh for goodness sake. thank you.23:17
* lh slinks off into a corner muttering about how this whole time zone thing will eternally be beyond her23:17
SRabbelierlh: we need a clock on Melange don't we?23:18
lhSRabbelier: no, i need a patch for my mental time zone bug.23:18
k0pfolks, is possible to export proposals?23:19
SRabbelierk0p: first, why do you need to?23:20
k0pfor instance, export all content of proposals.23:20
SRabbelierk0p: (to prevent an X/Y problem)23:20
*** lh has quit IRC23:20
k0pSRabbelier: a mentor of my organization will travel 2 days23:20
SRabbelierk0p: and wants to review them offline? mh23:20
k0pSRabbelier: yes, but well, he will save it23:25
k0por maybe we do a script23:25
k0psomething like that23:25
SRabbelierk0p: when is it needed23:25
k0pSRabbelier: well, tomorrow. But if it just a feature for one person, it does n't care. However, it will be cool, that organization can save the proposals in the end.23:27
k0pIMHO. :)23:27
SRabbelierk0p: it's not possible atm, :(23:27
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k0pno worries ;)23:29
k0pI just wondering, because there are option to export to cvs, so maybe some option could work to export.23:29
k0pdoes not matter. thanks anyway23:29
k0pwell, i'm checking out the source code, just to take a look. maybe I can contribute23:32
k0pbut I'm not an expertise with this23:32
SRabbelierk0p: it can easily be added in, look for 'addSimpleColumn('score' ...23:35
SRabbelierk0p: but I'm off to bed now :P23:35
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k0panyway, does not matter :)23:39
k0pi'll see.23:44
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