Tuesday, 2011-04-12

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mmadiaharlan , are you on the google mentors-list?00:00
mmadiafrom:[email protected] subject:"[Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and Deduplication - Long But Important"00:00
harlan'k, I mst have missed that - I'll re=read.00:00
mmadiastep 3 and 4 mention it.00:01
harlanI was working on steps 1 and 2 :)00:01
SRabbelier"read all of it" she says, yeah? ^^00:06
harlansome days are better than others...00:06
SRabbeliertime for bed00:07
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LetterRiphi all if i add an 'assigned mentor link id' column is that visible to the students?02:21
TriskeliosLetterRip: the dashboard is for your own account02:22
LetterRipcan the students see that column though?02:23
Triskeliosstudents can't see any tables02:23
LetterRipah - duuhhh :) thanks i feel dumb02:23
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asmeureris there an easy way to either see which mentors have clicked "I want to mentor" this project for all the projects, or to see all the projects that a given mentor has done this for?02:28
LetterRipasmeurer - not that i see02:31
asmeurerI didn't think so, so I created http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=121402:35
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8iqL> (at code.google.com)02:35
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asmeurerit would be super helpful if you guys could implement that02:37
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leumasin the new page layout, can the student resubmit it now? i mean, after the deadline?04:35
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Nightrosei have to say that i find the buttons in the proposal very confusing now :/10:40
Nightroseall of them seem clickable but only half of them make sense at any given time10:41
Nightroseand i can't tell which half it is10:41
Nightroseah there are error messages when you click the one that isn't useful...10:44
Nightroseimho those shouldn't be presented in the first place10:44
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Alexia_Death_Hi, a question, what is the Accept proposal button for?11:49
* Alexia_Death_ is an admin for her org11:49
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|Kev|Nightrose: Yes, it's terribly confusing for a poor soul like me :)12:08
Nightrose|Kev|: hehe good to know it's not just me who is confused12:10
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SRabbelier|LappyAlexia_Death_: read carol's announcement on the mentor list12:42
Alexia_Death_SRabbelier: give me a bit of title to search by.12:43
SRabbelier|Lappy!learn read as If you are an organization administrator (or even a mentor), please read all [Announce] emails that are sent to the mentors list.12:43
gsocbotSRabbelier|Lappy: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.12:43
SRabbelier|LappyAlexia_Death_: [Announce]12:43
Alexia_Death_Ive been spammed so much that I cant find anything sensible any more.12:43
SRabbelier|LappyAlexia_Death_: all [Announce] emails are, read them12:45
SRabbelier|LappyAlexia_Death_: in particular the ones that are from carols and say "Long but important" :P12:46
* Alexia_Death_ makes an appropriate gmail filter.12:46
SRabbelier|LappyAlexia_Death_: thanks12:46
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leumashi guys!13:27
leumasI think in the new proposal page, the new options shouldn't be highlighted at the top13:27
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leumasIt would be friendly if they are at the end of the page, what do you say?13:28
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* DrJoel would like a pointer on how to view a column to see which proposals have mentors assigned and/or interested13:31
DrJoeldoh.. it is at the bottom of the table13:32
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leumasmadrazr: I think in the new proposal page, the new options shouldn't be highlighted at the top13:58
leumasIt would be friendly if they are at the end of the page, what do you say?13:58
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madrazrleumas: link please?14:03
madrazrleumas: you mean Submit proposal page?14:03
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leumasmadrazr: yes14:23
leumasmadrazr: sorry I was away!14:24
madrazrleumas: let me look at that14:24
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svuorelahi peoples. is there any way to change one's link id from previous years ?14:26
leumasmadrazr: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/samuelab0/114:28
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8iAc> (at www.google-melange.com)14:28
madrazrsvuorela: why do you want to do that?14:28
madrazrsvuorela: it is like changing your username14:28
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leumasa few guys here also said its a bit disturbing14:29
madrazrleumas: what new option are you talking about?14:30
svuorelamadrazr: because when I signed up 2 or 3 years ago, it wasn't described as a user name, just as something that should be unique. and I filled it with something unique. not something that actually is a username for me.14:30
madrazrsvuorela: it is still not exactly a username14:30
madrazrsvuorela: I just used it as an analogy14:31
madrazrsvuorela: the simplest analogy I could think of14:31
leumasmadrazr: the two new options to "publicly visible" and "withdraw proposal"14:31
svuorelamadrazr: but still. I would like to change it.14:31
madrazrleumas: why shouldn't that be at top? we want to clearly separate the comment form input and its buttons and these options14:31
madrazrsvuorela: you can write an email to SRabbelier with your current link_id and the email ID with which you have registered on the site14:32
madrazrsvuorela: SRabbelier's email ID his nick here at gmail14:32
svuorelamadrazr: and then he can change it? or let me register from scratch or something ?14:32
madrazrsvuorela: I am not sure what he will do, but thats the way to go about it14:33
madrazrsvuorela: :)14:33
leumasmadrazr: but, it's not like a user will be checking the "withdraw proposal" as frequently as comments14:33
svuorelamadrazr: my link id is very unique hello_hello_hello_hello, but not very useful for pointing to me.14:33
leumasmadrazr: I just fear that I might click on the "withdraw proposal" accidentally!14:34
madrazrsvuorela: you are a student?14:34
svuorelamadrazr: no.14:34
madrazrsvuorela: Ok14:35
madrazrsvuorela: it is better you write an email to SRabbelier14:35
svuorelaI'm helping the debian people, but no projects for me this year. was mentor last year, and the previous year I was also helping.14:35
madrazrsvuorela: creating a profile from scratch has an obvious problem that, we can't associate you with your old data14:35
madrazrsvuorela: ah cool!14:35
madrazrleumas: I don't know what to say for that14:35
madrazrleumas: we had a user today who was supposed to use one of these buttons and he thought they did not work and he should go down to the page and hit the submit button14:36
madrazrleumas: he did that to only see the empty comments getting posted14:36
madrazrleumas: if we move these new buttons down, these problems aggravate14:36
leumasmadrazr: oh! it seems a bit more complicated than I thought...14:37
madrazrleumas: sure14:37
madrazralso this is more of a matter of choice14:38
madrazrleumas: and the most important piece of information I would like to share with you14:38
madrazrleumas: it is more of a human tendency to resist to change14:38
madrazrleumas: you know why most people resist to switch to Linux from Windows quoting that "Windows is more user friendly"14:38
madrazrwhich I still haven't understand what that actually means ;-)14:39
leumasmadrazr: u have a point14:39
madrazrgive my mom a Windows computer and she will run away, because she never used Windows ;-)14:39
svuorelamadrazr: I've mailed sverre, let's see what happens.14:39
madrazrleumas: so these buttons are new and I feel it takes some time to get acquainted with it14:39
leumasha ha!14:39
madrazrsvuorela: cool!14:40
madrazrleumas: but one thing, after using these pages for quite some time, if you still feel they are distracting, feel free to file an issue at http://tinyurl.com/new-issue14:40
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at tinyurl.com)14:40
leumasmadrazr: sure thing!14:41
madrazrleumas: it may also be possible that, I am resisting to change it since I have been seeing in in development from quite some time now :D14:41
madrazrleumas: I have got used to it TBH14:41
leumasmadrazr: on a side note, it actually looks good :p14:41
madrazrleumas: thanks :)14:42
leumasesp the colors!14:42
madrazrleumas: but they are soon going to change :P14:42
leumaswhy? it matches with the theme of the web page!14:43
madrazrleumas: users are complaining that it is not obvious as to which button is Enabled and which is Disabled :P14:43
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leumasmadrazr: that's some what true ..14:43
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jpf_adminIs any of the melange admins around?15:10
jpf_adminAre* any of the melange admins around?15:11
madrazrjpf_admin: depends on what you want15:12
madrazrjpf_admin: I am a Melange developer and I am around15:12
jpf_adminmadrazr: A mentor incorrectly made comments public, he didn't realize it was public15:12
madrazrjpf_admin: Ok15:13
jpf_adminis there is way to delete those public comments?15:13
jpf_adminit was not supposed to be public and he would like them removed so students can't see them15:13
madrazrjpf_admin: they can be converted to private (and it can be done by sending an email to SRabbelier)15:13
madrazrjpf_admin: but it is already recorded15:13
madrazrand very likely logged for ever in the student's inbox15:13
madrazrjpf_admin: we can delete/make the comment private, but it is very likely that the student has already read it in his/her email15:14
jpf_adminmadrazr: we realize that. but for posterity would like it removed since it was done in error15:14
madrazrjpf_admin: Ok15:14
madrazrjpf_admin: just ask the mentor who made that comment  to email SRabbelier from the email ID with which he is registered on the site15:15
madrazrjpf_admin: along with his link_id15:15
jpf_admingot it15:15
madrazrjpf_admin: cool!15:16
jpf_adminthanks madrazr15:16
madrazrjpf_admin: NP15:16
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sumanahI hereby thank SRabbelier and the whole Melange team -- especially for CSV export!15:59
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vikashHello Everyone!17:17
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vikashmadrazr, Hey I am back!17:26
vikashmadrazr, What can I do today17:27
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gevaertsWeren't the dashboard columns supposed to be saved in a cookie, or am I misremembering/17:30
* vikash feels sorry because he couldnot commit yesterday! but is ready for today17:31
gevaertsOr did I screw up my cookie settings...17:32
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* gevaerts now allows persistent cookies from melange. That should help17:32
madrazrgevaerts: hopefully :)17:34
madrazrvikash: cool!17:34
madrazrvikash: Hi17:35
vikashmadrazr, hey! last night was Awesome and I am surely ready to commit tonight17:35
vikashmadrazr, how are you17:35
madrazrvikash: cool! great to know that17:35
madrazrvikash: I am good17:35
madrazrvikash: I am just looking at how you can help us17:35
madrazrvikash: perhaps you can write a test, can you?17:36
vikashmadrazr, Thanks for being so nice17:36
vikashtest, didnt get you much on that17:36
madrazrvikash: they are small and good to begin with17:36
madrazrvikash: unit tests?17:36
gevaertsmadrazr: it works :)17:36
madrazrgevaerts: great!17:36
vikashok ! so how do I proceed?17:37
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madrazrvikash: basically if you look at our source code, our tests are stored in melange/tests17:52
madrazrvikash: we are lacking tests for this specific feature of posting comments/reviews on the Student's proposals17:53
madrazrvikash: the tests for this should be written in the file tests/new-views/test_proposal_review.py17:53
madrazrvikash: if you look at that file, you can see a lot of other features which have tests17:53
madrazrvikash: you can write a test for Posting Comments?17:54
madrazrvikash: would you be interested in doing that?17:54
vikashSure, why not!17:55
vikashmadrazr, Sure17:59
madrazrvikash: great18:06
madrazrvikash: the tests that exist there should lead you in the right direction18:06
madrazrvikash: the actual code you need to test lives in melange/app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/proposal_review.py18:06
madrazrthe PostComment class18:06
madrazrvikash: that is part of my work today18:09
madrazrlet me know if you can do that18:09
vikashok ! 5 min ! dads calling18:09
madrazrI have shared that with you :)18:09
madrazrvikash: sure18:09
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vikash5 min18:11
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vikashmadrazr, Sorry for being late, I am back18:28
vikashmadrazr, I got a mail for my public review and unable toview it18:29
vikashmadrazr, http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/vikashagrawal/1#c1600118:29
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8iyW> (at www.google-melange.com)18:29
vikashmadrazr, So is this because of this18:29
*** madrazr has quit IRC18:31
vikashmadrazr1, So I should start from which proposal_<  >.py18:34
madrazr1vikash: why can't you view your public review? What is the error you get when you go to that page?18:35
madrazr1vikash: is that because of what?18:35
madrazr1vikash: I did not get your question about proposal_<>.py18:36
vikashno error! I can just veiw my application page and ntn else18:36
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vikashmadrazr1, http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/vikashagrawal/1#c1600118:40
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8iyW> (at www.google-melange.com)18:40
madrazr1vikash: because you are not logged in?18:45
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr18:45
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vikashmadrazr, Oh I got so dumb :(18:45
madrazrvikash: NP18:47
vikashmadrazr, So now I am going through proposal_review.py! and what should be the next step after this18:50
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*** lresende_ is now known as lresende18:53
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madrazrvikash: to write a test for the PostComment class19:02
vikashin which file19:03
vikashpostComment or publicPostComment19:04
vikashmadrazr, postComment or publicPostComment? and in which file19:04
madrazrvikash: as far as I can see there is only one PostComment class19:05
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC19:05
madrazrin proposal_review.py19:05
madrazrvikash: where do you see publicPostComment?19:05
vikashmadrazr, no I dint see that! I confused it to with writing a new class19:06
madrazrvikash: you need not write a new class19:07
vikashmadrazr, I am seeing PostComment class19:07
madrazrvikash: the necessary classes are already there19:07
vikashmadrazr, got it19:07
madrazrvikash: you need to write a test for this class19:07
vikashok! so how to proceed now19:07
*** vikash has quit IRC19:16
*** vikash has joined #melange19:29
madrazrvikash: ?19:31
madrazrvikash: did you take a look at the test file I mentioned?19:31
harlanI'm still wrestling with my "amazing" number.  We have a small range there, and I'm not sure where in that small range I should "pick" (ie, high- or low- side).19:43
*** weta has joined #melange19:43
harlanAm I overthinking this?19:43
madrazrvikash: ping19:44
madrazrvikash: do you need some help there? are you struck at some point?19:44
*** weta has left #melange19:45
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axeldSRabbelier or madrazr: is anyone online? AFAIK each of you has been bothered with my problem becoming a mentor for the Haiku project already.20:07
madrazraxeld: I am online20:07
*** eoc` has joined #melange20:07
madrazraxeld: we were bothered? really? :)20:07
madrazraxeld: we were happy to help :)20:07
axeldHi madrazr, great!20:07
axeldThat's good because it looks like I need some more :-)20:08
madrazraxeld: can you please remind me what the problem was?20:08
madrazraxeld: sure, I am here for that :)20:08
axeldI've been trying to become a mentor for the Haiku project20:08
madrazraxeld: rathere in a more inclusive sense, we are here for that!20:08
madrazraxeld: Ok20:08
axeldAt first it said (on the Haiku page): you already are a mentor20:08
axeldBut I didn't see any applications20:08
axeldNow it says: you've already been invited20:08
axeldBut I still doesn't see anything20:09
madrazraxeld: can you go to your dashboard?20:09
*** r0bby_ has joined #melange20:09
madrazraxeld: in the Requests for my organization list in the dashboard, you must be able to see a drop down for status column20:09
axeldWhen I go to my dashboard, and set status to "all", I see that someone (supposedly me) has withdrawn the invitation from Haiku20:09
axeldBut I certainly didn't do that20:09
madrazraxeld: No problem20:10
madrazraxeld: go to that request and resubmit20:10
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axeldmadrazr: how?20:11
madrazraxeld: you don't see Resubmit button?20:11
madrazraxeld: can you please give me the URL of that request?20:12
axeldI have the browser open on another system; is the last ID enough? That would be 651821320:12
*** r0bby_ is now known as robbyoconnor20:12
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axeldmadrazr: Firefox 3.6.16 on Ubuntu btw20:13
madrazraxeld: is it /gsoc/invite or /gsoc/request in the URL20:13
axeldmadrazr: gsoc/invitation/20:14
axeldmadrazr: on WebPositive in Haiku I also don't see that button20:14
madrazraxeld: ah!20:14
*** eoc` has quit IRC20:15
madrazraxeld: this is not your mistake :)20:15
axeldmadrazr: I guessed that much 8-)20:15
madrazraxeld: Status: The request has been withdrawn by the sender.20:15
madrazraxeld: your org admin has withdrawn the invitation :)20:15
madrazrone of the org admins20:15
*** eoc` has joined #melange20:15
axeldmadrazr: hm, I got two invitations to the wrong eMail address20:16
axeldmadrazr: and it definitely said "you're already a mentor for Haiku" on that page20:16
axeldsome days back, that is20:16
madrazraxeld: yes, it used to say so even if you had the request/invite20:16
axeldmadrazr: okay, so should I bother my org admins to send out another invitation to the correct address this time? :-)20:17
madrazraxeld: not another invitation20:17
*** eoc has quit IRC20:17
madrazraxeld: he/she has to resend the same invitation20:17
*** eoc` is now known as eoc20:17
madrazraxeld: Oh!20:17
madrazraxeld: the wrong email address is perhaps because you are registered with G with 2 addresses?20:18
axeldmadrazr: but I don't even remember my password for the other address...20:19
madrazraxeld: I think and if I am correct, your "wrong address" is the default address20:19
axeldmadrazr: not sure how that could happen20:19
madrazraxeld: Ok, then send an email to Sverre with your new address and ask him to associate the right address with your link_id20:20
axeldmadrazr: where would I change that? And if my addresses are merged, why is only one of them working with melange?20:20
madrazraxeld: new == right20:20
madrazraxeld: we don't have an UI for that unfortunately :(20:20
madrazraxeld: SRabbelier can help you fix that though20:20
axeldmadrazr: in melange I see the correct address and link_id20:20
axeldmadrazr: what's his email address?20:21
madrazraxeld: his nick at gmail20:21
axeldsrabbelier or sverre?20:21
madrazraxeld: SRabbelier20:21
axeldmadrazr: okay, great, thanks!20:21
madrazraxeld: once the email is fixed, you can ask your org admin to resent the same invitation20:21
madrazrand you can accept it20:21
madrazraxeld: ideally, you should be able to do that even now. But it is too complicated to think that way for me20:22
axeldmadrazr: what's his real name when I write him the mail? :-)20:25
*** lionel_ has quit IRC20:25
madrazraxeld: Sverre :)20:25
axeldmadrazr: ah, that explains it :-)20:25
madrazraxeld: :)20:25
axeldmadrazr: Mail is out, I hope he's still working :-)20:27
*** leumas has joined #melange20:28
axeldmadrazr: anyway, thanks a lot so far20:30
madrazraxeld: NP at all20:31
madrazraxeld: he will reply if he is working. If he is working he is unbelievably fast :)20:31
axeldmadrazr: so since he hasn't replied yet, he's probably not working ;)20:33
madrazraxeld: probably20:33
*** leumas has quit IRC20:38
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* malex wonders what the "Accept Proposal" button actually does at this point. There is nothing in the melange faqs20:59
*** kblin has left #melange21:02
madrazrmalex: Hi21:15
malexmadrazr: Hi21:19
madrazrmalex: Accept proposal button is a way of separating this proposal from other proposals21:25
madrazrmalex: it is like saying, I want this project in21:26
madrazrmalex: subject to the number of slots you were given21:26
madrazrmalex: last year, we had this ranking the proposals up/down for org admins21:26
malexmadrazr: The number of slots given has not shown up anywhere, but the accept button is there. Weird.21:26
madrazrmalex: this is a simpler approach to the same problem than the last year's21:27
gevaertsThe number of slots given has not been defined yet :)21:27
madrazrmalex: that is why I said, subject to the number of slots alloted21:27
malexThat's what I am saying. that button should not logically appear until slots are actually in.21:27
madrazrmalex: I am not sure about that21:28
gevaertsI don't really see that21:28
madrazrmalex: I can't understand why21:28
madrazrmalex: can you please explain?21:28
*** kronos has quit IRC21:29
gevaertsSure, you can now "accept" more proposals than you will have slots, but that's easily corrected later, and it's still useful to mark some proposals as must-have21:29
*** lresende_ has joined #melange21:29
madrazrmalex: and who knows you may be lucky ;-)21:30
malexSo, in that sense number of projects that I use that button for should = # of $amazing_proposals and possibly $slots_requested (which is > $amazing proposals)?21:30
madrazrmalex: definitely not when allocating slots21:30
madrazrmalex: Carol and Chris won't take this into consideration at least21:30
madrazrmalex: but if your org thinks, that is right, you can do that21:31
malexmadrazr: Which is why that button looks like a "NoOp" at this time to me.21:31
gevaertsIt's informational, for you21:32
gevaertsIgnore it if you like21:32
malexgevaerts: that makes sense21:32
gevaertsBut it's still useful for some :)21:32
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