Monday, 2011-04-11

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_wolf_SRabbelier, it seems that the request I emailed you is well not necessary to move over. They already have it in mapnik00:09
antrikSRabbelier: I see how the rankless proposal selection can make things easier for organisation that do most of their selection outside melange, and then only check in their final decision... but for those who actually do stuff in Melange, I fear it will be just extra work00:22
antrikwhat's more, it seems that quite a lot of orgs aren't really aware of this change yet...00:22
antrikI see another flame thread coming, even without my involvment ;-)00:23
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|Kev|SRabbelier: Did I miss a mail explaining the 'accept proposal' link? I don't think I've noticed this before.13:37
SRabbelier|Kev|: not yet, will be today :)13:37
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durin42SRabbelier: repr() is win for test functions13:59
SRabbelierdurin42: agreed14:00
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stperewe are having an issue adding a mentor to our organisation16:21
stperehe says his dashboard is empty, and when he tries to apply to become a member, it tells him he's already one for our organisation16:22
stperehowever, he's not showing into our list of mentors16:22
stpereand his dashboard is empty16:22
stpereany other thing I could do to troubleshoot this issue?16:23
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stperehmm.. is that a question better worth asked in #gsoc?17:00
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stpereSRabbelier: hi18:23
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dreimarkSRabbelier: I wonder that one proposal is accessible without login, is there a flag somewhere?18:34
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madrazrhello everyone, sorry for that "heh" in this channel around 2 hours back. I apologise for that19:02
madrazrI was surprised myself when I was going through the logs now to see if something happened in my absence19:03
madrazrit was a tab fail on my keyboard I guess, not sure though since it has been 2 hours back19:03
madrazrstpere: in the Request for my organization list on the Org Admin dashboard can you select "All" from the status and see if the request exists at all19:05
madrazrstpere: I doubt it got deleted19:05
orcunadreimark: do you mean public flag?19:05
madrazrstpere: I mean, it is very unlikely that has happened at all19:05
madrazrdreimark: yes that is quite possible19:06
madrazrdreimark: if the student checks the Publicly Visible box in the proposal edit form, the proposal is publicly visible19:06
madrazrdreimark: public also includes those who don't have login on the site19:07
madrazrdreimark: to make it more clear now, we are moving that feature, which was a check box in the proposal form to "Enable/Disable" button duals on the proposal review page19:07
asmeurerWhat is the status of the custom fields for proposals enhancement?19:08
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madrazrasmeurer: sorry, I did not get your question19:13
madrazrasmeurer: can you please rephrase that for me?19:14
gevaertsmadrazr: "Arbitrary fields for proposals (configurable by the org admin), editable inline on the proposals list" I assume19:15
asmeureryeah, that19:15
madrazrasmeurer: gevaerts: ah Sverre is working on it19:15
madrazrasmeurer: I don't know the ETA though, I can only tell that I am seeing a lot of commits related to that19:15
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asmeurerdo you know what the associated issue number is?19:16
madrazrasmeurer: let me look up19:16
madrazrasmeurer: sorry, I don't find one for that feature19:18
madrazrasmeurer: although there is a mail thread related to that feature on mentors list19:18
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gevaertsAre students supposed to see "accepted" at this point?19:36
dreimarkmadrazr: ok - i just wondered - thought first all are public on default19:38
madrazrgevaerts: No. They cannot see the proposal status anymore19:40
madrazrdreimark: No, that is not the default option19:41
gevaertsmadrazr: well, #gsoc seems to indicate they can19:41
madrazrgevaerts: strange, may be we did not cut a release?19:41
gevaertsI don't know! :)19:42
madrazrgevaerts: in the latest code, there is status column on student dashboard19:42
madrazrgevaerts: we did not cut a release from 9th April19:42
gevaertsAh, right19:42
gevaertsA bit of an annoying problem I guess. Showing "accepted" to a future accepted student is fine, but showing the same to someone who'll end up rejected isn't that great19:45
madrazrgevaerts: btw I checked with our last released tag, looks like the students cannot see the proposal status on their dashboards19:46
madrazrgevaerts: unless Chrome is doing some insane caching :P19:46
gevaertsWell, vikash claims he can19:46
madrazrgevaerts: thats strange19:48
* gevaerts points to #gsoc19:49
gevaertsoh, it seems to be on the proposal itself, not the dashboard19:49
madrazrgevaerts: we were definitely talking of two different things19:49
madrazrgevaerts: I am sure, Sverre will not be happy with me now :(19:50
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* MatthewWilkes groans19:51
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gevaertsmadrazr: bugs happen. I'm sure he knows that too19:53
MatthewWilkesIf he is me, I most certainly do19:54
gevaertsNot you, no19:54
gevaertsWell, you too :)19:54
leumasgod! I love lurking!19:55
leumasgood night ppl!19:58
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madrazrgevaerts: of course he does20:02
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stperehi madrazr20:17
stperesorry for the non answer20:18
madrazrstpere: Hi20:18
stpereI was busy at work20:18
madrazrstpere: NP at all20:18
madrazrstpere: can you try that now?20:18
* dr__house is away: Gone away for now20:19
stpereit says withdrawn..20:19
stpereI wonder why.. I'll ask mmadia who is the other admin20:19
stperebut.. the mentor said that when he goes to "apply to be a mentor" it says he's already one20:20
stperecan it be possible?20:20
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madrazrstpere: yes, because he submitted a request which he withdrew20:30
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madrazrstpere: he can't submit another request, however he can resubmit this same request20:30
madrazrstpere: ask the mentor to go to his dashboard and in the Request list, ask him/her to choose the All status20:31
madrazrstpere: he can then see the request20:31
vikashmadrazr, M back20:31
madrazrstpere: he can go to that and resubmit the request20:31
madrazrvikash: cool!20:31
vikashSo how should I proceed20:32
madrazrvikash: the code that displays the status is in melange/app/soc/templates/v2/modules/gsoc/proposal/review.html20:32
madrazrvikash: you can figure your way out there I guess20:32
madrazrit is pretty simple20:32
vikashI am seeing to it20:34
stperemadrazr: I asked the mentor to look for this.20:38
madrazrstpere: it works?20:38
stpereI've sent an email20:38
stperehe wasn't on IRC20:38
vikashmadrazr, I am sorry I coudn't find my way :(20:40
madrazrstpere: ah Ok, cool!20:41
madrazrstpere: let me know if you want any help20:41
madrazrvikash: you know basics of Django template and HTML?20:42
madrazrvikash: or at least the {% if %}{% endif %} blocks in Django templates?20:42
vikashDjango ella? Python and HTML (yes)20:42
madrazrvikash: yes20:44
madrazrvikash: ella?20:44
vikashmeans no20:45
madrazrvikash: you want a basic knowledge of Django for this20:45
madrazrvikash: but anyways20:45
madrazrvikash: do you see proposal status in that file?20:46
madrazrvikash: secondly have you signed Google CLA?20:46
madrazrvikash: I can't commit your fix until you sign it20:46
tpb<> (at
madrazryou will have to sign the Google CLA before we commit your patches20:49
madrazrvikash: it needs to be verified too20:49
vikashindividual cla and who does the verification?20:50
vikashmadrazr,  who does the verification?20:53
madrazrvikash: what?20:53
vikashfor cla20:53
madrazrvikash: sorry, I don't get your question20:53
madrazrvikash: if you are asking what does the verification mean, one of the Google employees should tell us that you signed the CLA20:54
vikashI guess you said -> "it needs to be verified too" but by whom20:54
carolsvikash: google verifies.20:54
vikashOk! so whom should I contact20:54
madrazrvikash: just fill up the form20:56
madrazrvikash: carols is here to help :)20:56
vikashcarols, thanks20:56
madrazrcarols: thanks :)20:56
harlanwhere do I submit enhancement requests to melange?20:57
harlanI'mn not seeing an obvious link...20:57
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vikashYa did sign the cla.20:57
LetterRiphi all, we had a mentor who accidentally withdrew his applicantion to become a mentor20:57
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
LetterRipand now when i invite hhim20:57
harlanthx madrazr20:57
LetterRiphe doesn't get a link to accept20:57
madrazrharlan: NP20:57
LetterRipany ideas?20:57
LetterRipmindrones is the mentors link id20:57
vikashmadrazr, now what should i do, I did see proposal.status in line 100 of review.html20:58
madrazrvikash: sure, basically you see the {%if <condition %} {% endif %} blocks in the HTML template20:59
madrazrvikash: it is the Django's syntax to insert some logic into HTML that should be ultimately generated20:59
madrazrvikash: in the mean time can you tell the name and email ID you used in the CLA?21:00
madrazrvikash: basically status is being shown if the public_comments_visible is True21:00
vikashcan I send that you on /query21:00
madrazrthis is the case, when the user is a student or an org admin or a mentor21:01
madrazrvikash: sure21:01
madrazrLetterRip: you can ask the mentor to resubmit his request21:01
LetterRipmadrazr i invited him, and he is shown as pending21:01
LetterRipbut he didn't get  a link to accept21:02
LetterRipin the email21:02
LetterRipoh wait21:03
LetterRipmight be a ID = 10T error :)21:03
LetterRipyep it was21:03
LetterRipsorry for the bother - user had email as text and overlooked it21:03
madrazrLetterRip: good to know that the issue is resolved21:06
madrazrLetterRip: let us know if you want any more help21:06
LetterRipthanks anyway21:06
madrazrvikash: continuing ...21:06
madrazrLetterRip: NP21:06
LetterRipalways feel silly when that happens21:06
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madrazrvikash: we do not want to make the status visible to students21:07
madrazrvikash: so it can be made visible to all the users who have access to private comments21:07
madrazrvikash: who are org admins and mentors21:07
madrazrvikash: so if you use the {% if private_comments_visible %} {% endif %} tag around the the status, you are good to go21:07
vikashok ! so just copy that line paste it in the private_comments_visible and commit it21:07
madrazrvikash: yes21:07
madrazrvikash: but run the tests21:08
madrazrvikash: see if they pass21:08
madrazrvikash: btw21:08
vikashhow to run test?21:08
* vikash lost my sleep21:08
madrazrvikash: you must run the test before you fix the error to see that there is actually a bug21:08
madrazrvikash: you can run the test using the command ./bin/run-tests21:09
vikashhow to run a test for this21:09
madrazrin your melange directory21:09
Nightroseis it correct that i am not yet seeing two fields for the slot number requests in my org profile?21:09
Nightroseaka is it not rolled out yet?21:09
vikashmadrazr, what about short description, will it also come in private21:09
madrazrNightrose: we have not made a release since April 9th. So yes, that is correct21:10
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madrazrvikash: yes, it should21:10
madrazrNightrose: NP21:11
madrazrNightrose: I know I am to blame for the slowed down release :P I have quite a bit of code in there which is not well tested :)21:11
vikashmadrazr, It is saying no such file or dir?21:12
madrazrvikash: ?21:12
vikashshould I run the in tests21:13
madrazrvikash: ouch21:13
vikashmadrazr, ?21:13
madrazrvikash: I am really sorry about that. You need to set up Melange :)21:13
tpb<> (at
madrazrplease read the Getting Started guide there21:14
elubieHi, I'm potential mentor for Blender and while going through the proposals I'd like to have a way to get an overview of the scores I already gave. Maybe a column in the list of proposals with my score? Would that be possible?21:14
madrazrvikash: you can't run that command until you execute the instructions in Setting up21:14
madrazrelubie: that feature is coming :)21:14
elubiemadrazr: :) cool! Thanks!21:15
vikashSetting Up= getting started?21:15
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vikashmadrazr, I shouldn't do the "running locally" thing? Am I going right so far?21:19
vikashmadrazr, And should I report this bug and then commit it?21:20
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madrazrvikash: you need not for now21:24
madrazrvikash: not necessary21:24
vikashmadrazr, Completed with setting up. duh21:25
vikashWhat abt Deploying to your own instance?21:25
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vikashmadrazr, Should I clone the repos again?21:40
vikashmadrazr, or pull it again21:40
harlanDo I need to provide an initial slot request estimate "soon"?21:47
madrazrvikash: pull21:47
vikashya pull21:47
vikashWhat are new features in melange21:47
vikashmadrazr, What are new features in melange21:49
madrazrvikash: from when?21:49
madrazrvikash: we are adding features pretty much every day21:50
vikashok! I would surely like to contribute and your help was indeed great21:51
madrazrvikash: thanks for your interest in Melange21:53
madrazrvikash: looking forward for your patches21:53
vikashSure, but will surely need you help in initial days :)21:54
vikashand once mastered will show my true colors21:54
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LetterRipI'm sure someone else has requested this21:58
LetterRipbut would appreciate a column showing the assigned mentor21:58
LetterRipand a column for potential mentors also21:58
* harlan waves at SRabbelier 21:59
SRabbelierharlan: greetings21:59
SRabbelierPlease state the nature of your medical emergency.22:00
harlanI have none - I was just waving.  Thanks for the response on the issue I opened.22:00
harlanalthough if you have a suggestion for reducing my sinuses from this head cold, I'll happily listen :)22:01
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harlan(and I am reminded of something Jeri Ryan said when she was about to go on-scene and "The Doctor" was there - as she was walking toward the set he apparently said: Your uniform is most ... informative.22:02
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vikashOK ! everyone I have one que. now as the students can't see the status of the proposal, so isn't it bad. Because everyone wants to know it and this will decide whether they have to apply for internships or not?22:14
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Triskeliosvikash: the organisations don't know how many slots they'll get yet, either22:17
vikashTriskelios, still ( this is just my opinion) this will be good for students if they can view it, ( if looked the other way round) it should be a must because its their application22:18
gevaertsWhat's so great about being able to see misleading information?22:19
vikashSo, why dont just mention as this is tentative in header or footer, and this is not the final result, subject to change22:21
gevaertsBecause people don't read22:22
vikashI just thought that way22:23
vikashlike Accepted/Rejected ( not the final result, subject to change, Results will come on Apr 25, IST xx:yy PM)22:24
SRabbeliervikash: of course22:24
SRabbeliervikash: they will know then ;)22:24
gevaerts"But it said accepted! Why am I not in?"22:25
vikashand I believe this will keep everyone slightly notified22:25
SRabbeliervikash: there is nothing to notify you of22:26
SRabbeliervikash: there's nothing students can do, or can be told, until the 25th22:26
vikashSRabbelier, I am sorry I didnt get you22:27
SRabbeliervikash: excactly what I said22:27
SRabbeliervikash: students can only wait22:27
vikashI am sorry, it was just how I felt22:27
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SRabbelierok :)22:28
vikashSo everyone !Good night22:29
vikashmadrazr, Good night!22:29
madrazrvikash: Good night22:29
vikashmadrazr, Will surely get in contact with you and submit more patches22:30
vikashtomorow onwards.. Just bear with me22:30
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mmadiahi.  i've two proposals that i want to revert from being accepted to being pending.  Each individual proposal shows "Revert" in blue and white.   However, my dashboard still lists them as being accepted.23:35
ptresselSRabbelier, the "private" setting on proposal replies says it restricts them to "admins and mentors" -- is that within the org the proposal is for, or all admins and mentors?23:36
* SRabbelier throws hands in air23:37
SRabbelierptressel: the former23:37
SRabbeliermmadia: working ont hat23:37
SRabbeliermmadia: there was a snafu :)23:37
SRabbeliermmadia: fixing it up manually now, please hold 2 mins23:37
mmadiasure thing :)23:37
SRabbeliermmadia: try now23:40
mmadialooks good.  thank you once again, SRabbelier :]23:43
SRabbeliermmadia: np, thanks for bearing with us ^^23:43
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harlanWhere do I learn about the "Accept Proposal" choice (under "Ignore Proposal", above "Proposal modifications")?23:58

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