Sunday, 2011-04-10

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dreimarkSRabbelier: do you plan some elapse / collapse feature, for sections of the proposal?07:11
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SRabbelierdreimark: sections?09:24
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halinCan I insert images in my proposal ?09:50
halinI don't see any place to insert an image via external links09:50
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dreimarkSRabbelier: a proposal can be very long, and needs lots of scrolling11:24
SRabbelierdreimark: to get to the bottom (comment section)?11:25
SRabbelierdreimark: perhaps an anchor instead?11:25
dreimarkor some sidebar11:25
dreimarkwith titles of a comment11:25
dreimarksimiliar to mailfolder11:25
dreimarkan anhor for now, further improvement in a future version11:27
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^11:31
SRabbelierdreimark: titles of a comment? comments don't have titles do they?11:31
dreimarkyes, thats the problem currently11:32
dreimarkthey should and then they can grouped by that11:32
dreimarkcurrently it is a just a unsorted list11:32
dreimarkand "replies" by a student must be sorted by the mentor to the right comment11:33
SRabbelierdreimark: they're not sorted by date?11:34
dreimarkthey are11:34
dreimarki am used to write different changesets for different kind of questions11:35
dreimarkif I send now 3 comments and some other mentors did this too11:35
SRabbelierah, right11:35
SRabbelierThe student would have to link to the relevant comment11:36
SRabbelierWTB "reply to" button, yes?11:36
dreimarkbtw. if there would be a title and the notification tool would send that it is also grouped by the mail client11:39
SRabbelierdreimark: hm, don't know, sounds a bit overkill :P11:40
gevaertsOnly if the mail client is broken :)11:40
gevaertsYou're supposed to use the appropriate headers for that!11:40
SRabbeliergevaerts: I dont' think we can set in-reply-to and whatnot ;)11:42
gevaertsSRabbelier: I'm not the one asking for this feature :)11:43
* gevaerts is happy with the comments the way they are now11:43
dreimarkgevaerts: your mail client did not sort by title?11:44
gevaertsdreimark: I believe it has an option to do that, which I decided to not set11:44
dreimarkmine tells currently Re: Private comments made public11:44
dreimarkI am speaking about that note, it could be changed into an information11:46
dreimarkwrong example11:46
dreimark[MoinMoin] New private review on Tests - py.test 2.011:46
dreimarkwe have students which have named it quite identical11:47
SRabbelierdreimark: it should include the student name, yeah?11:47
dreimarkthat helps a lot11:48
SRabbelierdreimark: any suggestiosn on the wording?11:49
SRabbeliercurrently it's:  '[%(group)s] New %(review_visibility)s review on %(reviewed_name)s 'by %(reviewer_name)s11:50
dreimark'[%(group)s] New %(review_visibility)s review on %(reviewed_name)s ((%student)s) 'by %(reviewer_name)s11:54
SRabbelierdreimark: parens, good idea11:54
dreimarkthe other point with the title, that we know that it is new, because we never get old11:56
dreimarkbut i can live with that11:57
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|Kev|SRabbelier: I did look to see if I could close my ticket for the 15/16 applications issues after we sorted it out, but I didn't seem able to do so.14:18
SRabbelier|Kev|: yeah14:18
SRabbelier|Kev|: I forgot about it :P14:18
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kblinSRabbelier: I'm currently working on pimping the factoids plugin19:46
SRabbelierkblin: chocolate exchange it is19:47
SRabbelierkblin: any preferences?  ^^19:47
SRabbelierkblin: or perhaps a beer?19:47
kblinnah, you're doing great work on melange, it's just fair if I do my part19:48
SRabbelierkblin: :D19:48
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kblinI've got it to reply to a learn command with the new factoid value19:52
kblinseeing as many people were doing a !learn <factoid> as ... followed by !<factoid>19:53
kblin@learn yes as this is the factoid19:53
gsocbotkblin: "yes" is this is the factoid19:53
gsocbotgevaerts: Error: "cookies" is not a valid command.19:53
kblin@learn yes as this is the second factoid19:53
gsocbotkblin: "yes" is (#1) this is the factoid, or (#2) this is the second factoid19:53
gevaertsBah! It doesn't know anything useful yet!19:53
kblinempty database19:53
kblinfor making the @factoid | <nick> work, I need to dig into the tokenizer, that's a bit more complicated19:54
kblinbut that certainly is next19:54
kblinnot sure if I can get a queueing module to work for the dedup meeting, but for next year's rejected org meeting it should be operational19:56
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SRabbelierkblin: oooh, it's already cool :D20:02
* SRabbelier nods20:02
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kblinhey, it wasn't supposed to join here again.. :)20:04
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SRabbelierkblin: where are you testing it? :P20:07
SRabbelierDAMN YOU ctrl+w20:15
* gevaerts tries ctrl-w20:17
SRabbeliergevaerts: I want ctlr-w to remove the last word everywhere, not close the whole bloody application20:17
gevaertsThat's what happens here :)20:18
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jpf_adminSRabbelier is there a way to sort the proposals other than the modified date?20:23
SRabbelierjpf_admin: yeah20:23
SRabbelierjpf_admin: click the column you want to sort on20:23
jpf_adminSRabbelier: Ah! I only saw the arrows on the last modified. But you are right it changes when you click on it20:24
jpf_adminSRabbelier: thanks! sorry didn't realize it20:24
SRabbelierjpf_admin: np ^^20:25
SRabbelierjpf_admin: note we added the average column20:25
SRabbelierjpf_admin: so you should be able to sort on that too!20:25
jpf_adminSRabbelier: we turned off scoring for mentors in melange, making them do it in a separate shared document. I will go ahead and add the final scores.20:26
jpf_adminit is nice to have the average score box20:26
SRabbelierjpf_admin: ah, why is that?20:27
jpf_adminlast year, we really struggled with the scoring mechanism. The hardest part for us was not be able to rank literally "1, 2, ...".20:29
SRabbelierjpf_admin: have you heard about the new way we're doing student acceptacne this year?20:30
jpf_adminSome mentors went ahead and scored students, while others were wrote emails, private comments. We have 20 mentors.20:30
jpf_adminnew way? I may have missed that20:30
SRabbelierjpf_admin: this year the score is only for your conveninec20:31
SRabbelierjpf_admin: you'll just select the students you want accepted in the list view20:31
jpf_adminSRabbelier: was this announced on the mailing list?20:32
SRabbelierjpf_admin: truly it was20:32
SRabbelierjpf_admin: In an [Announce] even20:32
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jpf_adminSRabbelier: let me peruse my emails20:33
jpf_adminSRabbelier: Configurable scoring by org admin in org profile (#stars,20:34
jpf_admindisable/enable scoring)20:34
jpf_adminSRabbelier: is that it?20:35
SRabbeliermhhh, not quite, sec20:35
SRabbelierjpf_admin: [Announce] Plans for proposa20:36
jpf_adminSRabbelier: got it! It is a binary thing accept/reject?20:37
jpf_adminSRabbelier: once we have our slot allocation, we can go ahead and accept/reject20:37
SRabbelierjpf_admin: yes it is, but we're also adding custom columns20:37
jpf_adminSRabbelier: what do mean by custom columns? BTW this does make our lives (admins) tons easier.20:38
SRabbelierjpf_admin: so you can just enter 1 2 3 4 in a custom column if you need that20:40
SRabbelierjpf_admin: in the org profile you define that you want a "rank" and a "gender" and a "patch submitted" column20:40
SRabbelierjpf_admin: then in the proposal list you can edit those field values inline20:41
jpf_adminSRabbelier: is the custom columns a work in progress? cause I don't see the options in my org profile20:41
SRabbelierjpf_admin: WIP, yeah, ETA tomorrow or so20:42
jpf_adminSRabbelier: that will be great20:43
jpf_adminSRabbelier: I did not enjoy the scoring process I had to  go through last year.20:43
SRabbelierjpf_admin: we try to make things easy for you guys ^^20:44
jpf_adminSRabbelier: We appreciate the effort! Thanks! :)20:44
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_wolf_SRabbelier, is there any way to move a proposal to another org?21:13
socinfoSRabbelier: "fix" is Send me an email from the account you are registered with on the site, with your link_id, and your desired status change. My email is my nick at gmail.21:14
SRabbelier_wolf_: np :)21:14
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