Saturday, 2011-04-09

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_wolf_SRabbelier, Re yours and Arc's discussion. I'm also all in favor of it :). We have pretty much the same needs00:24
_wolf_I'll also chip in to the choco pool to get this done for this year!00:24
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laserbledHi...would it be possible to include indexes of idea pages of orgs in the search option we have in melange...might be useful....atleast next year00:41
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harlanHow about a "countdown clock" to the next "event" in the timeline?04:06
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NightroseSRabbelier: we had 169 applications last night plus 7 invalids08:24
Nightrosenow i can only see 145 and 7 invalids08:24
Nightrosecan you please investigate?08:24
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NightroseSRabbelier: narf - please ignore - fuck-up of other admin08:31
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NightroseSRabbelier: but one thing to fix is probably that there is no "ignored" in the dropdown for the status filter08:49
Nightroseonly "all, valid, withdrawn"08:49
Nightroseand invalid didn't include the ignored ones08:50
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SRabbelierNightrose: will fix10:15
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NightroseSRabbelier: thx10:29
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klickverbotHey there, I could find a way to set the »public« bits on my existing proposals any longer (I apparently forgot to set them during the application period) – is this on purpose?12:03
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k0pSRabbelier: around?12:09
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SRabbelierk0p: sure12:14
SRabbelierklickverbot: not possible unless your organization allows you to edit your profile, good point, can you create a for that?12:14
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
k0pSRabbelier: can a admin ajust the score manually?12:16
k0pbecause I'm just seeing average score.12:16
SRabbelierk0p: no, not yet; why do you need to do that?12:17
k0pI'm wondering about proposals with same score12:18
k0pso, this ajusts should be done, I guess12:19
SRabbelierk0p: why does it matter?12:19
k0pSRabbelier: is it the rank, right?12:20
SRabbelierk0p: we're not using rank anymore this year12:20
SRabbelierk0p: (I've sent an [Announce] mail to the mentor list about that)12:20
k0poh, sorry. I'll check12:21
klickverbotSRabbelier: Okay, done:
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierklickverbot: thanks12:26
k0pSRabbelier: plans for proposals?12:39
k0pis the topic?12:39
SRabbelierk0p: uhh, probably?12:40
k0pSRabbelier: so, the org selects the number of proposals equal to the number of slots? And conflits are solved by hand?12:41
SRabbelierk0p: yes. and that's how it's always been12:42
SRabbelier(conflicts were always solved by hand I mean)12:42
k0pIn such case, orgs has to peak another proposal?12:42
Nightroseor give away the slot12:43
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waldihmm. i can't longer select proposals per project ...13:34
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AureiAnimushiya guys. Can i still access my task list from the gci somewhere? it seems to have disappeared with the site renewal for the gsoc17:53
madrazrAureiAnimus: not at the moment. But we have plans to revive all GCI pages17:56
AureiAnimusokay, thanks17:57
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asmeurerinstead of a page that just says "This proposal is not made public, and you are not the student who submitted the proposal, nor are you a mentor for the organization it was submitted to.", why not put that in a normal Melange frame18:41
asmeurerthat way, I could login and be redirected to the proposal18:41
antrikBTW, the "allow modifications" feature is very helpful IMHO -- that's really an improvement over previous years :-)18:43
SRabbelierantrik: glad it's helpful18:59
SRabbelierasmeurer: because you should never see error pages unless you're doing something weird :P18:59
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malexIf there are multiple mentors for a student only one of the mentors can be assigned and the others must click on the "I wish to mentor this project", so they'll show up in the "Possible mentors". Is this correct?20:51
SRabbeliermalex: the first part, yes20:51
SRabbeliermalex: multiple mentors can be assigned once the proposal is converted to a project20:52
malexSRabbelier: conversion from a proposal to a project only happens after the slot assignment, though, isn't it?20:52
SRabbeliermalex: correct20:53
malexSRabbelier: Thank you.20:54
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