Friday, 2011-04-08

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yffbravehi, anybody here?00:35
yffbrave do you know how to delete a proposal? cauz I can't find any hint00:38
Triskeliosjust leave a note on the proposal00:38
yffbraveleave a note? I made a mistake and submitted  the same proposal three times, I don't know which one left the organization will see, the latest one?00:41
Triskelioscheck your dashboard. if they were submitted separately all of them will be there00:42
Triskeliosyou're usually allowed to submit more than one proposal to an org, but they're also supposed to be different00:43
antrikyffbrave: you can withdraw the wrong ones00:44
yffbravewithdraw? how?00:44
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yffbraveTriskelios: yes, but I submitted the same proposals that's why I want to delete two duplicates.00:45
Triskeliosah yeah, there's supposed to be a withdraw button on the page00:45
Triskeliosyffbrave: check each proposal00:45
yffbraveok, I will have a try now00:45
yffbravehi, I did it, thank you guys :P00:51
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ptresselDoes anyone know why students are saying "trimester" for each month of their project timeline? Does that appear on a project template? It sorta kinda means three months...01:46
hypatiadoesn'y trimester also mean 4 months?01:49
hypatia1/3 of the year?01:49
ptresselUsually three months, or one academic term.01:49
ptresselBut all the proposals I've seen are using it to mean *one* month.01:50
ptresselSo I'm guessing it got put on some template.01:50
DankerI have a question from "air"... Does Google provide some API for OCR?01:56
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Dankerseems it does...01:59
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tepheHi, I'm submitting POST a html form to a certain melange view, but in that view, inside the "def post" no form attributes are available inside or What am i doing wrong?08:18
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SRabbelier|Lappytephe: can you put your code up somewhere?08:31
tepheall the code or just the view and html? I can put those in pastebin08:35
SRabbelier|Lappytephe: I don't see anything obviously wrong with your code08:54
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Alexia_Death_Last year admins had an option to reject applications that really really didnt quailfy.08:56
Alexia_Death_Is this option still there but hiddn or is it gone?08:56
SRabbelier|LappyAlexia_Death_: not added yet, madrazr is on it08:57
Alexia_Death_Im bafdli missing it.08:57
tepheI'm baffled myself, it should work08:57
SRabbelier|Lappytephe: try using a regular post, with a submit button?08:58
tepheTried, it still doesn't send anything in self.request.POST09:01
SRabbelier|Lappytephe: do other forms work for you?09:16
tepheYes, for example I can successfully submit a proposal09:19
tepheor edit my personal details09:19
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tephecan the seed_db be used to generate a GCI instance?09:38
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leumas@madrazr @SRabbelier Guys! do check out my proposal:
tpb<> (at
SRabbelier|Lappytephe: sortof, but only for the old code09:40
SRabbelier|Lappyleumas: we've seen it09:40
leumas@SRabbelier do I need to improve it ?09:40
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leumas@madrazr @SRabbelier guys! pls post the comments on any part of the proposal that has to be improved. waiting for response :)09:53
madrazrleumas: sure09:53
madrazrleumas: we will do it when we formally start reviewing the proposals09:53
leumas@madrazr ohh okay!! thanks09:54
madrazrleumas: NP09:55
leumas@madrazr hope you have seen it :
tpb<> (at
madrazrleumas: yes I have skimmed through it09:55
madrazrleumas: there is no need to give the link09:55
madrazrleumas: we can see your proposal09:55
madrazrleumas: and upon that because of awesome notifications SRabbelier|Lappy implemented we get the updates in our inbox too!09:56
leumas@madrazr oh! I thought I had to carry the link around with me. That's cool!09:56
madrazrleumas: not with Melange devs :P09:56
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leumas@madrazr I guess it's night right now over thr?09:58
madrazrleumas: there? It is 3:28 in the afternoon here :)09:58
leumas@maraze where r u guys? its 3:26 pm here09:59
madrazrleumas: we "guys"?10:00
leumas@madrazr I guessed you work in a company !10:00
madrazrleumas: Melange is an open source project and like most other open source projects, Melange devs are spread across the world10:00
madrazrleumas: with different timezones10:01
madrazrleumas: OMG! Melange is an open source project! Not a company!10:01
leumas@madrazr ya! I got some lingo problems! pls excuse me!10:01
madrazrmadrazr: Lingo problems are sure10:03
madrazrinfinite recursion is dangerous :D10:03
madrazrleumas: it was for you10:03
leumas@madrazr what happened?10:03
madrazrleumas: but you should read up IRC etiquette10:03
madrazrleumas: it is usually not a good idea to use SMS style language in IRC10:04
madrazrleumas: I have got some sarcastic remarks about that from devs during my early days in open source10:04
leumas@madrazr okay! i'll take that as an advice10:04
* madrazr checks if he can find a link to IRC etiquette 10:04
leumas@madrazr @ stands for admin ?10:07
madrazrleumas: what?10:08
leumas@madrazr the mark @ before your name and the other mentor's name - what does it show?10:08
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madrazrleumas: I am not sure what @ mark you are talking about10:09
madrazrleumas: I don't see any @ mark before my name10:09
gevaertsleumas: it means "having op privileges in the channel"10:09
gevaertsi.e. be nice or he'll kick you :)10:09
leumasgevaerts oh! well that's a precaution!10:10
leumas@madrazr okay then! gotta go!10:12
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madrazrgevaerts: I have a serious question10:12
madrazrgevaerts: I am lost I think10:12
madrazrgevaerts: what @ symbol is that?10:12
madrazrgevaerts: does any client show the OP with @ symbol?10:13
gevaertsSeveral do, yes10:13
madrazrgevaerts: Oh! I never knew about it. Pidgin addict I am10:13
madrazrgevaerts: I have always identify an OP as one with STAR :)10:14
gevaertsI disabled it here, but /names still shows them10:14
madrazrgevaerts: Oh10:14
gevaertsThose with a star are those that require footnotes to understand what they mean :)10:14
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madrazrgevaerts: LoLoL!10:15
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* madrazr tries to find if gevaerts has a star somewhere :P10:16
madrazrrockbox? :P10:16
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gevaertsmadrazr: yes, but we tend to not have them on by default10:17
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gevaertsWe ask chanserv for op when needed10:17
madrazrgevaerts: ah right. One of my friends always keeps telling me that it is not a good thing to be OP all the time10:17
gevaertsIt's a matter of taste I guess10:18
madrazrgevaerts: but I think it is fun to be an OP :P10:18
madrazrgevaerts: sure10:18
gevaertsAnd some people tend to behave differently when talking to an op, which you might not want10:18
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madrazrgevaerts: may be10:33
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praveen97umaSRabbelier: Hi, If you have time, Can you please take a look at the project proposal part of my gsoc application?12:04
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SRabbelier|Lappypraveen97uma: if I had time I would have already done that :)12:19
praveen97uma@SRabbelier|Lappy : ok sorry !!12:21
praveen97uma@SRabbelier|Lappy ! I submitted a patch today .. a correction for my  last patch12:22
SRabbelier|Lappypraveen97uma: yup, saw it :)12:23
praveen97uma@SRabbelier|Lappy : you seem to be too busy today .. otherwise you would have already commited that12:24
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slingshot316SRabbelier: madrazr hello :)13:52
madrazrslingshot316: Hi13:52
slingshot316madrazr: how have you been?13:52
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slingshot316madrazr: can you please review my proposal and suggest me if i went wrong anywhere as today is the last date for submission13:53
madrazrslingshot316: doing good13:53
madrazrslingshot316: yes, when we start formally reviewing the proposals13:54
madrazrslingshot316: sure!13:54
slingshot316madrazr: thank you :)13:54
madrazrslingshot316: if we think that we should allow you to update your proposal we can :)13:54
madrazrslingshot316: I am working on that feature now13:54
madrazrso ...13:54
slingshot316madrazr: oh thats nice13:54
slingshot316madrazr: was caught up with exams all these days, got algorithms tomorrow :)13:55
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madrazrslingshot316: ah!13:56
madrazrhow did the exams go13:56
*** atagar has joined #melange13:57
slingshot316madrazr: till now went well, though I messed up compiler design a bit but still then went well :)13:57
atagarSRabbelier: great, thanks - sorry about the false alarm :)13:57
madrazrslingshot316: cool!13:58
slingshot316madrazr: okay I better go back to books now, and thanks for that feature, bye take care :)14:00
madrazrslingshot316: see you14:00
madrazrgood luck with your exams14:00
slingshot316madrazr: thank you :)14:01
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m1k3yhey guys, any way by which i can change my link id on the google-melange site14:47
m1k3yi dont know who did it, but somebody set my link id (associated with my primary email id) to doofus14:47
SRabbelier|Lappym1k3y: you did? :)14:48
m1k3ySRabbelier|Lappy: dunno who did it, i swear14:49
m1k3ySRabbelier|Lappy: do you know of a way to change it?14:49
m1k3yit doesn't make much difference, but my gsoc proposal link contains the link id, and im a bit uncomfortable sharing it14:50
SRabbelier|Lappym1k3y: it's not possible14:51
SRabbelier|Lappym1k3y: link_ids are permanent14:51
m1k3yguess i'll just have to live with it14:53
m1k3ySRabbelier|Lappy: thanks14:53
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kaiSRabbelier|Lappy: got a minute?15:30
kaiI've just stumbled across a curious issue15:30
kainot sure if it's a bug or not15:30
kaiso as I just described I had a mentor request each for both orgs I admin from one person15:32
kai*described in #gsoc15:32
kaiI only saw one line for that person in my dashboard requests list, rejected that, and then realized that I actually expected two of them15:34
kaisure enough, there's two of them in there if I filter for rejected requests15:34
kaiI was wondering if one of my co-admins rejected the other one15:35
*** orcuna has quit IRC15:36
*** orcuna has joined #melange15:36
SRabbelier|Lappykai: probably15:42
kaiI guess so, just wasn't sure if this was a bug, a feature or an accidental feature15:43
SRabbelier|Lappykai: hehe :D15:44
kaiI guess 99.99% of applications of people to two mentoring orgs where you want to reject one of them are spam and you want to reject the second one as well15:44
*** SRabbelier|Lappy has quit IRC15:45
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BlankVersehow are you guys creating tables in melange html editor for proposal?16:29
BlankVersei had a gdoc which i exported to html and on copying it to melange html editor , the formatting is not preserved16:29
*** dhaun has joined #melange16:33
SRabbelierBlankVerse: not sure, I assume using regular html tables16:34
BlankVerseSRabbelier: regular html markup for tables doesn;t work on the editor , does it use some custom markup like wiki?16:35
SRabbelierBlankVerse: click the html button16:36
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i directly write on the advanced html editor16:36
BlankVersethe edit html source16:37
BlankVersethe format seems fine but no borders in tables actually16:37
BlankVerseif the same html source is copied and opened independently , the formatting look fine16:38
*** gedex has joined #melange16:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I don't know16:40
*** nmudgal has joined #melange16:41
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ArcI've been getting this message alot lately; "This proposal is not made public, and you are not the student who submitted the proposal, nor are you a mentor for the organization it was submitted to."17:04
Arcif i open the exact same url from a link from the dashboard it works17:04
SRabbelierArc: impossible :)17:09
SRabbelierArc: probably a loggedin-ness problem?17:09
ArcSRabbelier: no im logged in to the dashboard in a different tab when that happens17:09
SRabbelierArc: try going to explicitly17:09
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
Arcand from dashboard i middle-click on the same app it opens in a tab with the same url just fine17:10
ArcSRabbelier: it lets me in without a login17:10
SRabbelierArc: and if you then refresh the page from which you get the error?17:10
*** anubhav has joined #melange17:11
*** anubhav has left #melange17:11
ArcSRabbelier: i'd have to find one.  why is there some new cookie that was added recently?17:12
*** arun_ has quit IRC17:12
Arcor an issue between and
SRabbelierArc: the new cookie stores your list preferences, as was announced in the mentor mailing list?17:13
* SRabbelier doesn't like sounding like a broken tape17:13
*** nmudgal has quit IRC17:15
Arcin the deluge of email I haven't even noticed the existance of such a list17:16
SRabbelierArc: create a filter17:17
SRabbelierArc: for [Announce] and [Changelog]17:17
Arcim not even sure if im on such a list17:17
Arc[email protected]?17:18
SRabbelierArc: yes17:18
Arcgot it17:19
*** LetterRip has joined #melange17:19
LetterRipenhancement request - a way to 'group' proposals on the same topic17:20
LetterRipperhaps a tag field, then sort by tag17:20
ArcLetterRip: that was proposed by being able to tag applications but AFAIK thats not on the agenda for this year17:20
LetterRipyeah i'm sure you guys have a bazillion and one othe things :)17:20
ArcLetterRip: what I do (i admin for PSF, which is a big umbrella org) is grab the CSV of the applications once they close then manage them completely outside of melange, then push the list of students we want into melange when the data is together17:21
Arcanything else is chaos17:21
ArcCSV is a big step over having to use BeautifulSoup to parse the data off the website17:22
LetterRiphow many submissions do you have?17:22
Arcaround 90 at last count17:22
LetterRipah ok, we will have a bit less than half that17:22
Arcstill, thats a lot to sort through on the website17:23
SRabbelierI wanted to have that for you guys :(17:23
SRabbelierTotally forgot about it17:23
SRabbeliernext year!17:24
Arcits a lot of patience to enter the data back into melange.  best way ive found is always middle-click apps from the dashboard to open them in a new tab, score, close tab, because otherwise hitting the back button or going back to the dashboard requires reloading the very long lists and then having to set the list to display them all if you have more than 5017:24
*** arun_ has joined #melange17:24
Arcit would be great to be able to upload a CSV or somehow script uploading the scores17:24
Arcthe PSF has given me a paid assistant this year to work with melange so I can't complain :-)17:25
SRabbelierArc: you don't have to score anymore though17:25
SRabbelierArc: you can just multi-select the proposals you want to accept17:26
SRabbelierArc: and hit the "accept" button17:26
ArcSRabbelier: but how to put in order?17:26
SRabbelierArc: what order? :)17:26
ArcSRabbelier: um, ok lets start over.  first how can multi-select be done?  there's no checkbox next to them17:27
SRabbelierArc: not yet :)17:27
SRabbelierbut today/tomorrow17:27
Arcbut still we're given a certain number of slots *and* we always lose students to de-duplication, so how do we specify backup students in the order we want?17:28
Arcor is that something i just need to keep on my own database so i know who to fill in17:28
*** arun_ has quit IRC17:29
SRabbelierArc: ah, good point, we can make it tri-state?17:29
SRabbelierArc: or do you really need an order in the backup students?17:29
ArcSRabbelier: we do need an order for them17:30
Arcit'd be nice to be able to say "bam, these 30 we definetly want" and then score just the next 5-10 as backups17:30
Arciirc last year we lost 4 students to de-dup17:30
Arcno, 5.  we took 4 backup students then gave the 5th slot to moinmoin17:31
ArcSRabbelier: the multi-select is definetly appealing.  last year it was hours updating the scores each time (there were stages of refinement)17:32
SRabbelierArc: would it be sufficient to have an inline-editable note field for each student?17:32
SRabbelierArc: so that you can just number them yourself?17:32
ArcSRabbelier: no it'd be fine to keep records myself so long as carol/etc know we need to be able to replace students as de-dup happens17:33
*** tansell-laptop has quit IRC17:33
SRabbelierArc: In that case, do you even need a tri-state?17:33
ArcSRabbelier: no, doesnt seem that way17:33
SRabbelierArc: wouldn't just making it very easy to accept proposals be enough?17:33
SRabbelierexcellent :)17:33
SRabbelierand of course, during de-dup, when you un-accept one, and accept another, the de-dup will be updated17:34
ArcSRabbelier: yea KISS is a good design philosophy17:34
Arcour process in the PSF is every student is required to provide a code patch by the 18th, at which time the project under us also give their preferences for students in order17:35
*** lonocvb has quit IRC17:35
Arcso this weekend I'll go through and split up the list by project to make sure we have everyone17:35
* SRabbelier nods17:36
Arcthen the 19-20th is when the lists are combined and final review is done17:36
SRabbelierArc: great17:36
Arctagging would make it a little easier because I wouldnt need to cut up the list for everyone, but we're doing our own metrics to measure success of the big female applicant drive we ran this year17:37
Arcso the offline stuff would be needed anyway.  if we don't do this we don't have a good measuring stick to guage success17:38
* SRabbelier nods17:38
Arci also generally do some stats on nationality, timezone, and nationality to see where we need to focus next year and help match mentors better17:39
Arcit'd be great if we could add fields to students and export that data to google docs to render charts and such :-)  </wislist>17:42
SRabbelierArc: free-form tags? :)17:42
Arctags aren't easily exported to a spreadsheet for sorting and graphing17:43
*** arun_ has joined #melange17:44
Arci mean like gender (note: this should not be a binary option, we had 2 trans applicants this year), timezone, etc17:44
SRabbelierArc: (we know, it's already tri-state isn't it?)17:45
SRabbelierArc: so you need arbitrary key-value pairs, yes?17:45
SRabbelierArc: gender-male?17:46
SRabbelierArc: as a tag? :P17:46
Arcyea but then how does that get from a tag into a chart?17:46
Arcwhat im saying is itd be nice to be able to tie into google docs to just get automatic charts17:46
SRabbelierArc: we can pimp it during export17:47
SRabbelierArc: maybwe17:47
Arcalso how to graphically display which applications don't have a gender tag?17:47
SRabbelierArc: gender-none?17:48
SRabbelierjust brainstorming17:48
Arcno i mean, when you look at a list of 90 students, how do you determine which ones need gender data entered still?17:48
SRabbelierArc: ah17:48
Arcon my spreadsheet these are columns and i can just go down the columns looking for blanks17:49
SRabbelierArc: maybe easier if we allow orgs to specify bonus fields? :P17:49
*** LetterRip has left #melange17:49
Arcthats what im thinking17:49
SRabbelierArc: that shouldn't be too hard17:49
Arcthen also we could assign students to teams in a custom column too, and sort by it17:49
SRabbelierArc: I can add that for this year17:50
Arcreally? thatd be awesome17:50
SRabbelierArc: how much easier would that make things?17:50
Arcthat one feature is why i need to keep a separate spreadsheet which is easily a majority of my annual work17:50
*** arun_ has quit IRC17:50
SRabbelierArc: you owe me chocolate :P17:52
Arcwe have more data than melange can hold, and the only way to manage that data is through an outside resource.  it'd save so much time not to have to do that17:52
Archeh if it saves me even one all-nighter this year some chocolate is a small price to pay17:53
SRabbelierArc: caramel chocolate ^^17:53
Arci'll bring it to the mentor's summit :-)17:53
*** skbohra has joined #melange17:54
SRabbelierArc: done17:54
Arcthank you :-)17:55
SRabbelierArc: inline editing?17:55
SRabbelierArc: (with somewhat akward save button at the top)17:56
SRabbelierArc: in the list view17:56
Arcyou mean on the table? that'd work17:56
Arcesp since a lot of the data can be entered bulk17:56
SRabbelierArc: can do17:56
Arci'm going out for a drink tonight.  i just realized i haven't left the house the job I did Tuesday and haven't done anything but answer gsoc email and talk to students on irc since17:59
SRabbelierArc: excellent idea17:59
Arcyou should take a break too at some point, i cant imagine much offline time over the last two weeks18:00
*** laserbled has joined #melange18:00
laserbledHi.. ..would anyone try to fix this ?18:01
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierArc: I took yesterday off18:02
SRabbelierArc: had a nice BBQ18:02
SRabbelierlaserbled: yes, it's on our TODO :)18:02
laserbledcool :)18:02
SRabbelierArc: (and, true, I haven't)18:03
Arcwell a day off before the app close rush is a good plan, i wish i had18:04
SRabbeliertruly :)18:05
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*** arun_ has joined #melange18:15
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*** madrazr has quit IRC18:33
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr18:35
*** madrazr has joined #melange18:35
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr18:35
*** laserbled has quit IRC18:38
*** krkhan has joined #melange18:39
krkhandoes anyone know how app ids are calculated in melange18:40
gevaertsI hope so18:40
madrazrgevaerts: heh18:41
madrazrkrkhan: leave it Appengine. Just don't bother about it18:41
madrazr*leave it to18:41
madrazrkrkhan: at least Melange devs don't :)18:41
*** carols has joined #melange18:42
* SRabbelier high fives madrazr18:42
* madrazr high fives SRabbelier18:42
madrazrSRabbelier: what are we serving?18:42
madrazrSRabbelier: or isn't that public?18:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: sure18:43
SRabbelierit's dropped a little18:43
madrazrOh Ok18:43
krkhanmadrazr: but at least some dev would know whether they're account specific or universal? im curious because all of my apps end up with interesting ids18:43
SRabbelier12 was our peak about 15m ago18:43
SRabbelierwe're down to 918:43
madrazrSRabbelier: ah Ok! Not bad18:43
madrazrStudents are becoming clever :P18:43
SRabbeliermadrazr: heh, probably not18:43
madrazrSRabbelier: ROFLMAO :D18:44
madrazrSRabbelier: btw I am not following anything on #gsoc. I don't even understand how you guys are having a conversation there :D18:44
NightroseSRabbelier: mind if i PM?18:44
SRabbelierNightrose: all admins/mentors can PM me any time :)18:45
krkhani guess ill wait until accepted proposals are announced and see how their ids are faring :P18:46
*** Alexia_Death has quit IRC18:49
SRabbelierkrkhan: they start at 1, and then go up in increments of 100019:02
SRabbelierkrkhan: that's how appengine allocates ids19:02
krkhanSRabbelier: thanks for the explanation19:04
SRabbelierkrkhan: np19:04
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*** asmeurer has joined #melange20:44
asmeurerCan I give a virtual high-five to whoever implemented the mouse-over text for the Average Score?20:45
SRabbelierasmeurer: lol21:00
SRabbelierasmeurer: sure21:00
* SRabbelier high fives asmeurer21:00
SRabbelierasmeurer: it's just numbers right? :P21:00
* asmeurer high fives back21:00
asmeurersay, is there plans to add an "average score" column to the proposals list21:00
asmeurertotal score isn't very useful21:01
SRabbelierasmeurer: yes21:01
SRabbelierasmeurer: I'm adding it now actually :)21:01
SRabbelierwriting the mapreduce now21:01
asmeurerthanks for making "Private" default too21:01
SRabbelierasmeurer: thanks for reminding :)21:02
asmeurerThis is my first year on the mentor/admin side of things, and I must say you guys are doing a great job21:03
SRabbelierasmeurer: thank you :D21:05
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*** downeym has joined #melange21:35
downeymHi. :) When viewing a student proposal, does the drop-down list of mentors appear to be broken for anyone else since the latest release? (I'm using Chrome 10.)21:36
SRabbelierdowneym: define broken?21:38
downeymNot a clickable element and visually rendered messily21:39
downeymI was planning to open an issue ticket with a screen shot. :)21:39
*** socinfo is now known as socinfo_21:40
tpb<> (at
*** mmadia has joined #melange21:42
*** socinfo_ is now known as socinfo21:43
SRabbelierdowneym: thanks21:44
downeymSRabbelier: pleasure :) keep up the good work21:44
mmadiahey all.  one of my mentors is having some issues being accepted (axeld to Haiku).21:44
mmadiawhat can i do to help fix this?21:44
SRabbelier!learn moredata as Please provide more data on your problem, have you tried turning it off and on again?
socinfoSRabbelier: The operation succeeded.21:45
tpbTitle: YouTube - Have you tried turning it off and on again (at
SRabbeliermmadia: ^21:45
mmadiamoredata is [#1] melange complains that he has a valid link_id, but has not filled out a profile.  ...21:46
mmadia[#2] according to the mentor, melange also thinks he's already accepted as a mentor21:46
mmadiaand when trying to send an invite,  i get "An invitation to this user has already been sent."21:46
*** downeym has quit IRC21:47
mmadiaoops, [#1] was old data and can be ignored.21:49
mmadiaanything else, SRabbelier?21:50
SRabbeliermmadia: ok, so sounds like ha's a mentor, do you see him on your org admin dashboard?21:51
mmadiayes, under "REQUESTS FOR MY ORGANIZATIONS", with  Status = "pending"  and 'withdraw' as a possible action.21:52
SRabbeliermmadia: and if you go to the request?21:56
mmadiawithdraw is the only actionable item in the invitation --
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliermmadia: it's an invitation21:57
SRabbeliermmadia: that means the invitee needs to accept it21:57
SRabbeliermmadia: e.g., your mentor21:57
* mmadia chases that mentor down with a trout.21:57
SRabbeliermmadia: excellent21:58
mmadiathanks. :)21:58
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