Thursday, 2011-04-07

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LetterRipSRabbelier, another feature request :) would it be possible to have the 'invite' be that they can't accept until they fill out the profile, instead of we can't invite them till the fill it out?00:46
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socinfoLetterRip: "bug" is file melange feature requests & bugs at
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
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higeryHi, can anyone tell me how to delete my proposals ?04:57
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LetterRipi believe last year had alternating shades for each row06:04
LetterRipit makes it easier to read since you can better tell where one proposal/item ends and the next begins06:04
madrazrLetterRip: alternating shades where?06:15
madrazrLetterRip: seems like log doesn't know that :)06:15
madrazrLetterRip: btw that Profile/Invite thing is a nice feature. If there is any time we must work on it :)06:16
madrazrLetterRip: did you file the issue?06:16
LetterRipfor the columns06:16
LetterRipmadrazr, yeppers06:17
LetterRipfiled an issue on the profile invite06:17
|Kev|Ooh, are the partial stars new? Very swish.06:17
LetterRipthe columns as in the 'proposals submitted to my orgs'06:17
LetterRipthe eyes don't differentiate very well - the title from one flows into the other06:18
LetterRipso to create seperation06:18
LetterRipyou need either actual space06:18
LetterRipa gap between each column06:18
LetterRipor contrast06:18
LetterRipa varied background color alternating from one row to the next06:19
LetterRipoops rows instead of columns06:19
LetterRipmadrazr,  -
tpb<> (at
LetterRipsee how it goes light dark light dark06:20
socinfoLetterRip: "bug" is file melange feature requests & bugs at
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
LetterRipfiled a request for it06:23
LetterRipttyl all06:25
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higeryHelp:  how to delete my proposals which I don't need?07:33
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Myth17how do I format my application properly? After copying from a .odt file the formatting and font size all gets messed up!07:48
higeryIMO, Just in the edit area in the page. or else , the content maybe in a disordered form.07:51
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|Kev|Is there a known issue with different people seeing different subsets of projects? I see 16, one of my mentors sees only 15 (with consistently the same one missing)08:14
* |Kev| trundles off to the bugtracker08:15
tpb<> (at
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|Kev|SRabbelier|Lappy: Yes, I wasn't going to upload them to c.g.c :)08:53
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SRabbelier|Lappy|Kev|: just wanted to make sure that was clear :P08:54
|Kev|I've got my SS, waiting for the mentor to send me his.08:54
|Kev|Ah, he's just gone /away.08:54
|Kev|Got them both uploaded. PM?09:06
|Kev|( SRabbelier|Lappy )09:08
SRabbelier|Lappy|Kev|: sgtm09:09
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tepheHi, i deployed melange on GAE but when I run seed_db it returns a 404 error? Has anyone encountered this? Locally seed_db is running ok11:22
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aseemHi! I just submitted a GSoC application. I just wanted to know what does 'Status: pending' means ?13:35
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LetterRipok another wish list item :) a wiki revision view/diff of proposals, so I can see only the changed parts of a proposal instead of having to skim/read the whole thing again16:58
LetterRipor just underlining of the new since last time16:59
socinfoLetterRip: "bug" is file melange feature requests & bugs at
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
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|Kev|SRabbelier: Just for a counter opinion from a student: "melange is much nicer than last year", I was just told :)17:31
Triskeliosaseem: I think all applications will be status: pending until accepted or rejected after the deadline...17:33
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Alexia_DeathIm admin on GIMP. I wa told I dont need to/cant separately sign up as mentor.18:00
Alexia_DeathIm getting spam on reviews, but I can t see the revew via the link mailed.18:01
Alexia_DeathThis proposal is not made public, and you are not the student who submitted the proposal, nor are you a mentor for the organization it was submitted to.18:01
Alexia_DeathIm an admin for the org...18:01
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schumamlis there any easy way to make the gsoc web pages as wide as possible - i.e. not limit the width to 633px?18:04
madrazrAlexia_Death: can you just see if you are logged into Appengine?18:07
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: checked, was18:07
Alexia_DeathOr pecame18:07
madrazrschumaml: GSoC website uses 960px width18:07
Alexia_Deathno change18:07
madrazrschumaml: and I am sorry, I think we cannot. It was part of the UI design EchoDitto chose18:07
madrazrschumaml: they used 960gs18:07
schumamlmadrazr: the 'tables' use 633px18:08
Alexia_DeathI looked up the application throuh the listing18:08
madrazrschumaml: correct. 960px is the entire width18:08
schumamlat many places, actually18:08
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: I cant see comments there eitehr18:08
madrazrAlexia_Death: let me check if that is a bug18:08
madrazrAlexia_Death: Oh!18:08
Alexia_DeathAll they say is "None"18:08
schumamljust like someone wanted to make sure that it isn't changed easily by users :)18:08
madrazrI will try to reproduce that locally18:08
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: I can see the comments existing, but not the content18:09
aseemTriskelios: Thanks :)18:09
madrazrAlexia_Death: really!?18:09
madrazrAlexia_Death: weird!18:09
madrazrAlexia_Death: I am taking a look18:09
madrazrschumaml: many places?18:09
madrazrschumaml: I am sorry. I didn't get what you said18:10
schumamlmore than once (e.g. one div of width 633px, others nested inside), at least18:10
madrazrschumaml: yeah, so?18:10
schumamlmakes it a bit more complicated to chnge by e.g. greasemonkey18:11
madrazrschumaml: ah!18:12
schumamlthere are even some style="width:633px" attributes18:12
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madrazrAlexia_Death: I am sorry. Please bear with my speed of working today. I have forgotten my mouse in lab today and having tough time to move back and forth18:25
madrazrAlexia_Death: but I am still on what you reported18:25
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sumanahhow do I as an org admin remove a mentor in Melange?18:42
madrazrAlexia_Death: so that means you can visit the review page now?18:42
madrazrAlexia_Death: it doesn't say that "This proposal is not made public ... " when you visit a review page?18:42
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: It does not say it wwhen I visit the proposal page.18:43
Alexia_DeathI dont know if there is a spearate review page.18:43
madrazrAlexia_Death: can you give me the link please?18:43
sumanahSRabbelier: maybe you can help?18:43
Alexia_Deathbut I do not see the comment content, just none.18:43
madrazrsumanah: remove as in?18:43
madrazrAlexia_Death: that is the review page18:44
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: thats the link with the error18:44
sumanahmadrazr: I am removing this person's mentor relationship with the project I'm administering18:44
antha student proposal has gone missing from my dashboard (but is still reachable via the link directly). someone else in #gsoc also reported missing proposal(s). is there a know issue right now?18:44
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: this is the link I can vew, but comments as none18:45
madrazrAlexia_Death: Ok. That gives you white page with just that text?18:45
sumanahmadrazr, |Kev|, gevaerts or SRabbelier -- maybe you know?18:45
madrazrAlexia_Death: Oh!18:45
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: yes18:45
madrazrboth are same page18:45
gevaertssumanah: sorry, I'm only a lowly mentor, I've never even seen the admin pages18:45
Alexia_Deathbut one has has an achor link to the comment as I persume.18:46
madrazrsumanah: as far as I can tell you, you cannot18:46
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sumanahmadrazr: yeah, and that's a problem for me right now...18:47
madrazrAlexia_Death: that is a very weird error18:47
madrazrAlexia_Death: I am on trying it and fixing it18:47
madrazrAlexia_Death: thanks for reporting18:47
madrazrAlexia_Death: please feel free to ping me if you don't see it fixed by our tomorrow's release18:48
madrazrAlexia_Death: not sure if we are cutting another release today18:48
madrazrsumanah: why?18:48
sumanahmadrazr: things have changed such that this person's no longer going to mentor for our org18:49
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: My user account has a pending mentor aplication I cant accept stuck on it btw. maybe it has something to do with it?18:49
Alexia_Deathmentor inivitation*18:49
sumanahcarols: maybe you can help me out?  if there's no option for me to do this, could I communicate with you or your staff to remove the person?18:49
sumanahI bet other people will also have this question/issue18:50
madrazrAlexia_Death: may be in your case, the mentor withdrew his application?18:50
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: ?18:51
Alexia_DeathI corrected that. The pending thing is a mentor invitation to me.18:51
Alexia_Deathfor me to be a ,emtor as well as admin.18:51
Alexia_Deathbut the need to do that was removed before I could accept it.18:51
madrazrAlexia_Death: ah! and you cannot accept it?18:52
Alexia_DeathI get an error.18:52
madrazrAlexia_Death: you can email Sverre to just delete that18:52
Alexia_DeathI was told its not an issue as such.18:52
madrazrAlexia_Death: and yes you do not need to be a mentor specifically18:52
madrazrAlexia_Death: yes, correct18:52
madrazrAlexia_Death: we have resolved to stick to it that all org_admins are mentors by default18:52
Alexia_DeathIm just wonering if bug is related to that.18:52
madrazrAlexia_Death: I am not sure, I am still thinking ...18:53
madrazrI was not able to reproduce the bug you have locally18:53
madrazrI am trying different ways18:53
madrazranth: the student probably withdrew the proposal or something?18:54
anthi doubt it (we've been in regular contact), and there's no indication of that on the application itself (when referenced via the url directly)18:54
anthit is theoretically possible, though.18:54
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madrazranth: can you click on the grid icon, among the 3 icons at the bottom left of the Proposals Submitted To My Orgs list18:56
madrazrenable Status and Org18:56
madrazronce those columns appear on your list, choose all for each of them and try?18:56
anthah, good.18:57
anther, well, that problem's solved. except now i need to understand why the heck he withdrew his application.18:58
anthsorry for the noise.18:58
madrazranth: absolutely no problem. I am happy to know that somehow the issue was resolved :)18:58
madrazrAlexia_Death's problem is overwhelming me. It should not happen technically :)18:59
madrazrwe guys don't write such a buggy code that it is not reproducible :P18:59
madrazrI should add "generally" I suppose :P19:00
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: the link that does not work differs in the host part19:02
Alexia_Deathalso, I doubt I should see the comments as "None"19:02
madrazrAlexia_Death: you can just replace the host with and try19:02
madrazrAlexia_Death: you should not19:02
madrazrAlexia_Death: you are an Org Admin for heavens sake!19:02
madrazrAlexia_Death: you should have access to all the data of your org19:02
madrazrAlexia_Death: in Melange that is :P19:03 brings up the error.19:03 is fine19:04
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madrazrAlexia_Death: for both the links?19:04
madrazrAlexia_Death: also were able to access these proposals before?19:05
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: It seems I need a separate login for and socghop19:05
madrazrAlexia_Death: w00t!19:05
madrazrAlexia_Death: ah!19:06
Alexia_Deathnow that Ive done that I have the None-s on both pages.19:06
madrazrAlexia_Death: thats how the Appengine domains work. We are sorry about that19:06
Alexia_Deathone of those should just redirect :/19:06
madrazrand scroll the page to a comment?19:06
madrazrAlexia_Death: both of them on
Alexia_Deathparse error.19:07
madrazrAlexia_Death: I am confused19:07
madrazrAlexia_Death: can you elaborate a bit more, please?19:07
Alexia_DeathIm looking at the same page through both hosts now. The comments are still "None"19:08
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Alexia_DeathOne of the domains seamlessly redirecting to other would be just nice to have.19:08
Alexia_DeathWhile I cant vow that the student really didnt write none... I doubt it.19:09
madrazrAlexia_Death: this was a comment made by the student?19:09
madrazrAlexia_Death: we had a bug reported today that, users can enter comments without any content which appears as None on the form19:10
madrazrI think that might be the case19:10
Alexia_DeathOk. Students are liable to submit anything:)19:10
madrazrAlexia_Death: heh. What does that mean? :)19:10
madrazrmocking? :P19:10
Alexia_DeathIt seems Im sorted then:)19:11
madrazrAlexia_Death: btw!19:11
madrazrAlexia_Death: that is the case19:11
madrazrAlexia_Death: you can ask the student if you would like to19:11
madrazrbut I can confirm, that is the case19:11
Alexia_DeathOk, great:D19:11
madrazrstudent submitted the comment form without putting any content19:11
madrazrAlexia_Death: there is a bug report filed for it, please feel free to star it :)19:12
madrazrAlexia_Death: will link, few mins19:12
Alexia_DeathNot that bothered by that much now that I know what it is.19:12
madrazrforgetting the mouse, has really impaired me today :(19:12
madrazrshould start using terminal more :P19:12
madrazrshell I mean :P19:12
madrazrAlexia_Death: ah Ok19:12
madrazrAlexia_Death: also your access error was something with cookies I guess19:13
Alexia_DeathYEah, domain confusion19:13
Alexia_DeathI log on to socghop19:13
madrazrAlexia_Death: we enabled cookies yesterday and some browsers were not feeling good about that yet :P19:13
madrazrAlexia_Death: ah, and that one19:13
Alexia_Deaththe emails link to google-melange...19:14
madrazrAlexia_Death: I really request all our users to use from now on19:14
madrazrAlexia_Death: thats correct. We recommend that19:14
madrazrAlexia_Death: "now on" I was lying :P Sorry19:14
madrazrAlexia_Death: we wanted our users to use since we got that domain :P19:14
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: perhaps that error page could redirect/link to loggin on the right page.?19:15
madrazrAlexia_Death: I mixed up a bit there19:15
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madrazrAlexia_Death: thats the plan, yes19:15
madrazrAlexia_Death: btw thank you for your patience :)19:15
* DrJoel got the message "Invalid XSRF token." while trying to post a comment on a student's proposal. What does that mean?19:16
madrazrAlexia_Death: Please feel free to star it :)19:16
tpb<> (at
madrazrDrJoel: we caught you :D19:16
madrazrDrJoel: we caught you while you tried to forge ;-)19:17
DrJoelforge what?  It sounds like I would be minting coins?19:17
madrazrDrJoel: on a more serious note, your form is not valid19:17
madrazrDrJoel: refresh the page and submit the comment again19:17
DrJoelthat did it.  I must have written for two long19:18
DrJoelwhat part of my form?19:18
madrazrDrJoel: basically I think it was across sessions19:18
madrazryou logged out of Google account and logged in elsewhere19:18
madrazrDrJoel: it is not a part of the form, it is the entire form19:19
madrazrDrJoel: we hold the signatures per form to check if you are not forging the forms across sessions19:19
madrazrDrJoel: it is a well known exploit19:19
DrJoelLOL.. I am spaced today... I didn't log out but I am on via my phone and likely idle on a couple of computers at home19:19
madrazrDrJoel: ah! that may (or may not be) be the reason19:20
madrazrDrJoel: your phone went out of connectivity or something?19:20
DrJoelIt might have.  Just sitting in my office but it has been known to happen.19:20
DrJoelThat sneaky droid...19:21
madrazrDrJoel: same problem here :P19:21
madrazrDrJoel: but I am not blaming, Android for that, but my MSP :P19:22
madrazrDrJoel: we have some really great connectivity here (because of all those scams) ;-)19:22
DrJoelI love my G2... had a G1 before.. Love them both.19:22
madrazrDrJoel: ah! never used either of them19:23
DrJoelDid you see my blog this morning?  I got a great spam about heroin, rocket fuel, and "Tomohawk" missiles..19:23
madrazrDrJoel: wow! I did not. Will read now ...19:23
DrJoelFunnier than the Russian dating spam with Ralf's email on it that slipped to the mailing list earlier this week19:23
madrazrDrJoel: from address was Ralf's?19:24
Nightrosehey :)19:25
Nightrosei got a few students who were confused by the "pending" status of their proposal19:25
Nightrosemight be worth considering renaming that19:25
Nightroseto "in review" or so19:26
DrJoelmadrazr: well I really doubt it but mailman thought so enough to let it through19:26
* DrJoel agrees with Nightrose 19:26
madrazrDrJoel: OMG!19:29
madrazrDrJoel: this spam is just crazy19:29
DrJoelmadrazr: I thought it was exceptionally tasty.. I get a lot and this just grabbed my eye19:29
madrazrNightrose: considered19:29
DrJoelmadrazr: you are not American.. so the offer is available to you. LOL19:30
madrazrDrJoel: he he he :D19:30
madrazrNightrose: I will add it to my TODO and get it done tomorrow morning. I am really sleepy today to put any code to Melange code base :P19:30
Nightrosehehe sure19:31
madrazrtime to crash on the bed, see you all, g'night19:34
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* carols is back19:46
carolsdid someone ping me?19:46
MatthewWilkes[20:49:54]  <sumanah> carols: maybe you can help me out?  if there's no option for me to do this, could I communicate with you or your staff to remove the person?19:51
MatthewWilkesremoving mentors19:51
carolsthanks MatthewWilkes19:52
carolslooks like sumanah isn't online anymore.19:52
carolsoh well.19:52
MatthewWilkesAh, I love being able to code19:54
MatthewWilkesI just wrote an app that lets us do a zero-knowledge sorting of people I'm living with to assign rooms19:55
MatthewWilkesthen a function that checks it's a sufficiently random ordering given the inputs19:55
gevaertsThat should sort them out!19:56
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DankerMaybe Melange is lacking some project proposals? :D21:41
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leumasGuys! here's my proposal, pls feel free to comment:
tpb<> (at
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ptresselSRabbelier, Is there formatting markup that can be used in student proposals?22:34
SRabbelierptressel: you can use most html22:34
ptresselAha, good!22:34
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ptresselWe were wondering how people were doing tables for timelines and such.  Thanks!!22:35
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