Thursday, 2011-04-14

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gevaertsSRabbelier: are custom columns supposed to be saved in the column selection cookie?>08:37
SRabbeliergevaerts: no, but see
tpb<> (at
gevaertsah, ok08:39
gevaertsSorry, I should have looked there first...08:40
SRabbeliergevaerts: np :)08:40
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gevaertsoh, also when I change sorting, our custom column disappears, but it's still checked in the column setting list, so just clicking "OK" there brings it back08:50
SRabbeliergevaerts: it does?08:52
SRabbeliergevaerts: I can't reproduce08:53
gevaertsMaybe I should check with another browser08:54
* gevaerts looks for one08:54
gevaertsThis is iceweasel 3.5.1808:54
scorcheSRabbelier: it worked for me - let me get you an exact step-by-step08:54
SRabbeliergevaerts: so, as soon as you chagne the sort order of any column, all the columns disappear?08:54
scorcheas in the bug worked for me  =008:54
gevaertsSRabbelier: the custom column only08:54
gevaertsWe only have one custom column08:54
gevaertsI did clear all soc related cookies before reporting :)08:55
SRabbelierworks as expected on Iceweasel 4.008:55
SRabbelierscorche: please do08:56
scorcheSRabbelier: yup - i guess there is no step by step needed - i just go to my dashboard, hit columns, enable our custom column, change sorting of any column, and the list refreshes making the custom column disappear08:56
scorchesame in chrome 10.0.648.20408:58
SRabbelieryou don't have the filter set?08:59
scorchei havent touched the filter button since logging in08:59
SRabbelierthat's the problem08:59
gevaertsAlso fails in FF4 for me08:59
SRabbelierset the organization column to your own org08:59
SRabbelierand it'll work08:59
SRabbelierI've added a note saying that :)08:59
scorchei set the filter to organization equal Rockbox and then hit find09:00
scorchethen columns to enable interview09:00
scorcheand changing sorting does the same, disappearing behavior09:01
SRabbelierscorche: you shouldn't have to go to columns09:01
gevaertsscorche: try enabling the organization column and just selecting rockbox there09:01
SRabbelierscorche: as soon as you set the filter it should show up09:01
gevaertsThat works for me09:01
scorcheoh - it works when i dont go to filters - only when i use the drop-down list under organization09:02
SRabbelieryou were setting it on filters09:02
SRabbelierI see09:02
SRabbelierthat's because you didn't enter the right regexp in filters :P09:02
scorchewell, you said to set a filter!  ;)09:02
SRabbeliermy bad :D09:02
gevaertsThe filter thing knows which organisations one is in (clearly, because it shows the popup menu), so maybe it would be possible to auto-filter when there is only one09:03
SRabbeliergevaerts: hmmm09:04
SRabbeliergevaerts: yes, I suppose :)09:04
SRabbelierdoing that09:04
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tpb<> (at
gevaertsThanks :)09:12
SRabbeliernp :)09:16
* gevaerts now starts hitting reload every minute for the next day or so to see when it goes live :)09:17
SRabbeliergevaerts: cutting a new release :)09:22
SRabbeliergevaerts: deployed09:26
gevaertsThanks, that seems to fix all annoyances I had09:27
SRabbeliergevaerts: wooh :)09:28
gevaertswith the custom columns :)09:29
* gevaerts has to keep SRabbelier on his toes :)09:29
* SRabbelier is off to uni now09:29
* gevaerts waves09:29
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Archey SRabbelier|Lappy13:06
Arcwhats the format for extra fields, comma separated?13:06
Arcbtw, thanks :-)13:06
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SRabbelier|LappyArc: yes13:23
* SRabbelier|Lappy added some help text13:27
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ArcSRabbelier|Lappy: saving isnt working13:44
Arcoh you know what, that im in two mentoring orgs may be why13:45
SRabbelier|LappyArc: oh?13:48
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ArcSRabbelier|Lappy: yea im org admin of psf and a backup mentor in xsf, even when the org field is set to "Python" it doesnt save13:50
Arci can setup a 2nd account for myself though just to edit python, that would likely be easiest13:50
SRabbelier|LappyArc: that shouldn't be needed13:50
Arcthe save button at the top doesnt highlight or appear to do anything13:51
Arci hit "enter" on the fields and it looks normal.  i hit save repeatedly and still the data disappears when i hit reload13:52
SRabbelier|LappyArc: it should auto-save when you hit enter13:52
Arcits not13:52
SRabbelier|LappyArc: are you sure the org the proposal belongs to has the field you're editing?13:53
Arci am only showing Python applications.  i tried editign a number of them before hiting reload the first time, all disappered13:53
SRabbelier|LappyArc: can you try again now?13:57
SRabbelier|LappyArc: there were some datastore spikes earlier13:57
Arcmaybe its to saving, or maybe its not loading..13:59
Arcgoogle/gsoc2011/jayd3e/1 is the first one i edit each time14:00
ArcI keep entering "Pylons" into the Team field and no-go14:00
SRabbelier|LappyArc: what's your username?14:00
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SRabbelier|LappyArc: and you tried this just now?14:04
Arcat 9:59'ish yea14:04
Arcand just now14:05
SRabbelier|LappyArc: there are no POST requests coming from your username14:05
SRabbelier|LappyArc: what browser are you using?14:05
Arcif i switch the "Organization" drop-down on the column the data disappears too14:05
Arcfirefox nightly.  i can switch to firefox 414:06
SRabbelier|LappyArc: any error messages in the log?14:06
Arcfirebug is showing none14:07
Arcah but the error consol does14:08
ArcError: row.key is undefined14:08
ArcSource File:
tpb<> (at
SRabbelier|LappyArc: and if you edit a field and hit enter, do you see firefox doing a POST xhr?14:08
ArcLine: 60314:08
SRabbelier|LappyArc: that shouldn't be happening :)14:08
Arcyea that happens when i hit enter14:09
Arcmy guess is its the multiple orgs.  xsf doesnt have these fields14:09
Arcmy case is very rare though, i can just setup a dummy mentor account temporarily to edit this data14:09
SRabbelier|LappyArc: can you send me the output of ?14:10
tpb<> (at
SRabbelier|LappyArc: I tested it for multiple orgs, and that key field should always be present14:10
SRabbelier|LappyArc: sure14:10
SRabbelier|LappyArc: do you have more info on that error btw? line number etc.?14:11
Arcemail was sent14:13
SRabbelier|Lappythe file looks fine14:13
SRabbelier|LappyArc: can yo ugo ahead and try with Fx 4?14:13
Arcsame error on ff414:17
Arcsteps to reproduce:14:17
tpb<> (at
Arcselected only: title, student, organization, team, gender14:18
Arcchange organization column to just Python14:18
Arcclick top student's team field, type "Pylons", enter key, error message appears14:19
SRabbelier|LappyArc: let me invite myself as python mentor, sec14:19
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SRabbelier|LappyArc: we might have found out wha'ts going on14:27
SRabbelier|LappyArc: do both the organizations you are part of have the same column?14:27
ArcXSF is the other one, i dont think |Kev| added those14:28
Arc|Kev|: just trying to debug a melange bug14:28
SRabbelier|LappyArc: no, xsf has none14:28
|Kev|Are you trying to display a table with multiple datasets with different fields? :)14:29
Arcit displays fine, it doesnt edit14:29
SRabbelier|Lappy|Kev|: yes, we are ;)14:30
SRabbelier|LappyArc: you're using the dropdown right, to set org to python?14:30
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SRabbelier|LappyArc: I can reproduce here, we're investigating14:46
SRabbelier|LappyArc: we might've found the problem :)14:58
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SRabbelier|LappyArc: something to do with JQGrid pagination :P15:03
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ArcSRabbelier|Lappy: ah - if i change it to display all the tasks on one page it works15:12
SRabbelier|LappyArc: yeah :)15:14
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vikashmadrazr, Hey!16:38
vikashmadrazr, Hey!16:51
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madrazrvikash: Hi17:26
madrazrslingshot316: Heya!17:26
vikashmadrazr, Hey! I have my exams from Monday! So will be taking a break from the work! but will surely contribute after that17:28
madrazrvikash: cool!17:28
madrazrthanks for letting us know17:28
vikashNo probs! the pleasure is mine! and I believe saying truth is first rule of Open Source17:29
vikashmadrazr, But I will surely contribute to melange after that! also are there any things besides test's17:29
vikashmadrazr, No probs! the pleasure is mine! and I believe saying truth is first rule of Open Source17:29
madrazrvikash: there are many many many17:29
madrazrvikash: but tests are easiest to start with17:30
madrazrvikash: and it is fun to write17:30
slingshot316madrazr: hello :)17:30
vikashmadrazr, ok! and thanks for the support! can I /query you?17:30
madrazrvikash: need to think of various alternatives and stuff17:30
slingshot316madrazr: sorry was away17:30
madrazrvikash: what do you want?17:30
madrazrslingshot316: NP17:30
slingshot316madrazr: how have you been?17:30
vikashmadrazr, wanted to say something off the record?17:31
madrazrslingshot316: doing good17:31
madrazrvikash: Ok sure go ahead! it will anyways be recorded :P17:31
madrazrvikash: PM17:31
vikashmadrazr, ya pm17:31
slingshot316madrazr: is the reviewing process done?17:32
slingshot316madrazr: should i be asking that in the first place? :P17:32
madrazrslingshot316: yes you can ask :P17:40
madrazrslingshot316: but it is upto the org to answer that :D17:41
madrazrslingshot316: you won't lose anything in asking right?17:41
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay:P17:41
slingshot316madrazr: yep :)17:41
madrazrslingshot316: I can only tell you that reviewing process is not "done" yet17:41
madrazrdone as in not completed17:41
madrazrit is in process17:41
slingshot316madrazr: so any comments on my proposal?17:41
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay got it17:41
madrazrslingshot316: when we want more info from you, we will post a public comment on your proposal17:41
madrazrslingshot316: no public comment yet :)17:42
madrazrslingshot316: private, I cannot tell :P17:42
slingshot316madrazr: okay sure :)17:42
slingshot316madrazr: lol I know :P17:42
slingshot316madrazr: sorry was away due to exams :(17:43
slingshot316madrazr: and how is everyone at fossee?17:43
madrazrslingshot316: Ok Ok17:43
madrazrslingshot316: NP17:43
slingshot316madrazr: :)17:43
slingshot316madrazr: I was just reading the logs sometime back and you were talking to someone about tests for comments17:44
madrazrslingshot316: yes, not some one. our soon to be contributor vikash17:44
madrazrslingshot316: what about it?17:44
slingshot316madrazr: yes vikash, sorry i forgot the name , my bad17:44
slingshot316madrazr: is he on it? if not thought i'd take it up17:45
madrazrslingshot316: I have asked him to write test for one specific view17:45
madrazrslingshot316: there are many other things for which you can write tests17:46
slingshot316madrazr: yes17:46
slingshot316madrazr: like for a couple of exams i've got good 3 days gap, so can work on this during that time17:46
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vikashslingshot316, no probs17:49
slingshot316vikash: hey :)17:49
slingshot316vikash: i'm sorry i dint quite remember your name17:50
vikashslingshot316, hey!17:50
slingshot316vikash: my name is Selwyn Jacob and i'm from vizag, India17:51
vikashslingshot316, no probs! at all17:51
vikashslingshot316, Oh! vizag! noce!17:51
slingshot316vikash: :)17:51
vikashslingshot316, I am very sorry! I wont be able to do any work as my exams are starting in next week!17:52
slingshot316vikash: oh which college? and so can i continue your work on tests for comments?17:54
vikashManipal! if you have heard of? I am just beginner on the project!17:55
vikashslingshot316, Are you also one! because madrazr told this is one the easiestt work17:56
vikashslingshot316, Manipal! if you have heard of? I am just beginner on the project!17:57
madrazrvikash: and interesting ...17:57
slingshot316vikash: manipal, thats nice i have a friend there17:58
vikashslingshot316, which nranch and year?17:58
slingshot316vikash: medical second year17:58
slingshot316vikash: he is in kastirba17:58
slingshot316vikash: s/kastirba/kasturba17:58
vikashslingshot316, Oh! then I wont know18:01
vikashslingshot316, By the way, as of now ehat are you contributing18:01
slingshot316vikash: few days back I started porting GCI to the new views architecture, made some mockups, wrote a dashboard and started working on the task view but exams came in meanwhile and i had to take a break18:04
vikashslingshot316, thats great, even I couldn't understand some parts of that!18:05
vikashslingshot316, Hey ! I am off to studies18:05
slingshot316vikash: sure bye :)18:06
vikashbye guys! will catch up later18:07
*** vikash has quit IRC18:08
slingshot316madrazr: m off to sleep now18:17
slingshot316madrazr: ye18:17
slingshot316madrazr: bye18:17
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leumasSRabbelier hi!19:58
SRabbelierleumas: hello19:59
leumasSRabbelier: so, how is the reviewing going?19:59
SRabbelierleumas: slowly19:59
leumasSRabbelier: :)19:59
leumasSRabbelier: how is my proposal?19:59
SRabbelierleumas: no clue20:00
leumasSRabbelier: any comments...20:00
SRabbelierleumas: if any they'll be on Melange20:00
leumasSRabbelier: just wanted to know how my proposal is faring over there as there are no comments on it yet ...20:01
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leumasgood night ppl!20:07
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