Saturday, 2011-04-02

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jpf_adminmadrazr: Actually I only see a subset of the mentors. It is related to another problem. There are some requests that I accepted for mentors but they don't show up in the list of the mentors on the main page (or the drop down)00:01
madrazrjpf_admin: when did you accept?00:02
madrazrjpf_admin: one question though00:02
jpf_adminit was on the first day they could apply00:02
jpf_admini forget the date00:02
madrazrjpf_admin: do you see all the mentors in the drop down who are listed in your dashboard?00:02
jpf_adminlet me double check00:03
madrazrjpf_admin: sure00:03
madrazrjpf_admin: also, can you see the status of those requests?00:03
madrazrjpf_admin: it will be on your dashboard as well00:03
jpf_adminthe status of the request is "The request has been accepted"00:03
madrazrjpf_admin: and those mentors still don't appear?00:03
jpf_adminthat is correct00:04
madrazrjpf_admin: how many mentors do you have totally in your org? (including the ones you accepted and not showing up?)00:04
jpf_adminall the mentors on the dashboard are in the drop down00:04
madrazrjpf_admin: Ok00:04
madrazrjpf_admin: can you please give me the URL of those requests?00:04
madrazrjpf_admin: that have been accepted but mentors not being added00:05
madrazrjpf_admin: just give me 1 or 200:05
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
jpf_adminI have four accepted but missing from dashboard mentors00:06
jpf_adminwe had 15 requests; I accepted 14; rejected one; 4 don't show up00:07
madrazrjpf_admin: you mean you had 20 totally?00:08
jpf_adminNo 15 total00:08
jpf_adminrequests that is00:08
jpf_adminThere are 4 from the 15 that don't show up as members of my organization00:09
jpf_adminActually 5 are missing00:09
madrazrjpf_admin: these are the URLs of those requests you accepted and the mentors don't show up right?00:11
madrazrthose 2 URLs?00:11
madrazrjpf_admin: Ok00:12
jpf_adminI can provide you the URLs for others too if you want00:12
madrazrjpf_admin: looks like the requests are successfully completed00:12
madrazrjpf_admin: not necessary00:12
madrazrjpf_admin: just wondering why things have failed00:12
madrazrjpf_admin: the requests have successfully completed00:12
jpf_adminThe only thing different was these were accepted on the first day when the requests could be made and accepted00:12
jpf_adminI remember cause I accepted these in the evening.00:13
jpf_adminAll the requests I accepted after that came up fine.00:14
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madrazrjpf_admin: Oh!00:17
jpf_adminyou found the problem?00:17
madrazrjpf_admin: not really00:18
madrazrjpf_admin: I just suspect something00:18
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madrazrjpf_admin: I am just wondering if appengine datastore write for some reason and it went unnoticed00:23
jpf_adminmadrazr: how could we reset it?00:24
madrazrjpf_admin: can you please send an email to Sverre with the link IDs of all the mentors whom you accepted and but are not showing up as mentors?00:24
madrazrjpf_admin: do you know Sverre's email ID?00:24
jpf_adminit must be in the mentors list email. let me check00:25
madrazrjpf_admin: sure00:25
madrazrjpf_admin: or I can PM you00:25
jpf_adminI found it. Can I CC you in it?00:26
madrazrjpf_admin: sure00:29
madrazrjpf_admin: can I PM you my email address?00:29
jpf_adminyes please00:29
jpf_adminmadrazr: all requests are on march 27th00:33
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madrazrjpf_admin: I am sorry, for some reason I lost the connection00:35
jpf_adminsticky interwebs00:35
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madrazrjpf_admin: yeah and with sucky bandwidth in these parts of the world, it is much painful00:36
madrazr jpf_admin: btw you guys put a different logo?00:37
madrazrjpf_admin: this one looks better than the previous one :)00:37
jpf_adminyes we did.00:37
jpf_adminmadrazr: thanks!00:37
madrazrjpf_admin: YW :)00:38
jpf_adminthe previous had a dimension issue ;)00:38
madrazrjpf_admin: it was way too long :P00:38
madrazrjpf_admin: I will hit the sack now00:39
madrazrjpf_admin: it is 6:10AM here :P00:39
jpf_adminYou are in India?00:39
madrazrneed to get some sleep before it gets too bright and hot :)00:39
madrazrjpf_admin: yeah, I am :)00:39
jpf_admincool, good nite, or morning :)00:40
madrazrjpf_admin: thanks :)00:40
madrazrjpf_admin: see you, have a good evening00:40
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shayanAny devs around?04:19
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tpb<> (at
slingshot316sorry my bad, that was for my friend :(07:54
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Alexia_DeathHi, Im having problems with melange.10:58
Alexia_DeathIm a secondary admin for my project and also plan to be a mentor.10:58
Alexia_DeathPrimary admin sent me a mentor invite, but I cant accept it:(10:58
Alexia_DeathAll Im getting is this: You cannot be a mentor for GNU Image Manipulation Program to access this page.10:59
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madrazrAlexia_Death: Hi13:47
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madrazrAlexia_Death: all the org admins are by default Mentors13:50
madrazrAlexia_Death: there need not be a special invite to be a mentor for an org for org admins13:50
madrazrAlexia_Death: is there some place where you cannot be listed along with the mentors?13:50
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Taladanyone had issues with removal of proposals?14:13
Talada student submitted a duplicate and he wants to remove it14:13
Taladhe clicked on withdraw, but doesn't go away14:14
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Alexia_Deathmadrazr: I found that out yes, but now I have a pending invite I cant accept. Is it safe  to reject it? Or would that cancel my default status?14:26
madrazrAlexia_Death: that leaves me wondering how the other admin was even able to send you an invite14:27
madrazrAlexia_Death: I would ask you to leave that invite as is14:27
madrazrAlexia_Death: it doesn't change anything for you14:27
Alexia_Deathmadrazr: Ok. It just feels like a bug:)14:27
madrazrAlexia_Death: it was a bug in sending the invite14:28
madrazrAlexia_Death: it is at least fixed the latest code I have (may not be in the release yet)14:28
madrazrAlexia_Death: I cannot send a mentor invite to an org admin14:28
madrazrAlexia_Death: was the invitation sent yesterday? If so I see that the fix was made late yesterday and would have come in the release we made later14:33
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Alexia_Deathmadrazr: that invite was sent 3 days ago, on 30th of march.15:03
madrazrAlexia_Death: ah! that explains15:06
madrazrAlexia_Death: but yeah, all Org Admins are by default mentors15:06
madrazrAlexia_Death: you need not become a mentor explicitly15:06
Alexia_Deathgreat:) This was not the case previously I think...15:07
madrazrAlexia_Death: if there is some action that you as an org admin cannot do that mentors can, please let us know15:07
madrazrwe will fix them15:07
madrazrAlexia_Death: it was almost the case, we did not maintain consistency (and also we let the admins to become mentors too but let org admins do all the tasks that mentors could do)15:08
madrazrAlexia_Death: we are trying to eliminate such inconsistencies with our new approach15:08
Alexia_DeathCool :)15:08
madrazrAlexia_Death: :)15:09
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shayanI would like to participate in gsoc15:17
shayanI am interested in
tpb<> (at
shayanCan you give me directions?15:19
shayanAh, seems there's lot of competition for that one15:22
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kronosSRabbelier hello .. ive completed the university  autocomplete feature and send the patch to the mailing list. Can u please review the patch ?16:57
SRabbelierkronos: yeah, I saw the mail16:57
SRabbelierkronos: it's in my inbox16:57
kronosSRabbelier, thanks.16:58
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ferozeI was looking at the GSOC ideas list17:40
ferozeAnd i have some questions regarding Google Docs17:41
ferozeExpor to Google Docs project17:41
ferozeIs Sverre/Mario/Daniel online ?17:41
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madrazrferoze: yes SRabbelier is one of them :)18:10
SRabbelierferoze: hi18:10
madrazryou can guess who among the 3 I guess :P18:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: can you take this though?18:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: I'm up to my elbows in notifications18:10
madrazrSRabbelier: sure18:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: much oblidged18:11
madrazrSRabbelier: NP at all18:11
madrazrferoze: what would you like to know about that idea?18:11
ferozemadrazr: I'm interested in the "Export to Google Docs" project18:13
madrazrferoze: great to know18:13
ferozeI have some experience with gdata18:13
ferozedocs was somewhat documented but I tried to get finance to fetch me stock prices.. In vain18:13
ferozeanyway.. I want to know what this prt involves18:14
ferozemadrazr: what does the project involve ? I'm familiar with Django18:19
ferozeYou want to export the documents to Google ADoc18:19
ferozeShould the formatting be changed ?18:19
madrazrferoze: first and foremost thing we need to concentrate in this project is to be able to export Melange's lists to Google Spreadsheets18:20
ferozeWhat do you mean by Google Melange's list ?18:22
ferozethe Organisation/ prvious year students list ?18:22
ferozeAre you Madhu Sudan ?18:26
ferozeTamilian ?18:26
madrazrferoze: one min, on call18:31
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madrazrferoze: sorry18:45
madrazrferoze: no race related questions here please :P18:46
madrazrferoze: and my name is not Madhu Sudan (there is no such Indian name btw). My name is Madhusudan18:46
madrazrferoze: exactly, by list, I mean the those grids you see all over Melange18:47
madrazrferoze: the participating orgs list, the lists on the dashboard, etc18:47
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madrazrferoze: I need to go and have some food. I will be away for a while. Probably I will also join the celebrations. So see you in half an hour or more18:52
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madrazrferoze: back19:42
kronosmadrazr, I was planning to apply to melange for gsoc. I found the idea on Google Code-In module rewrite interesting to work on.20:06
madrazrkronos: cool!20:06
kronosI have started browsing through melange code and have also submitter a patch(to be reviewed) for university name autocomplete to Sverre and mailing list.20:07
kronosmadrazr, So could you suggest me what should i do next ?20:08
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madrazrkronos: have you taken a look at the GCI module?20:14
madrazrkronos: if not please do that, also please take a look at the wiki documents related to GCI20:14
kronosmadrazr, no.20:14
madrazrkronos: it has the design and implementation document20:14
kronosmadrazr, ok.. will do that.20:14
madrazrkronos: Task workflow document and so on.20:14
madrazrkronos: read them20:14
madrazrkronos: also there is one another student who is try to redesign the task public view20:15
madrazrkronos: if you look at the code in the soc.modules.gci.views.models.task.View there is a method called def public20:15
madrazrhe is working on that20:15
madrazrkronos: it will be nice if you can take up on another view and convert it to our new views infrastructure20:16
madrazr*one another view20:16
kronosmadrazr, ok. i'll read the documentation and get back.20:16
madrazrkronos: sure20:16
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kronosmadrazr, I read the GCI User Manual. couldnt find any other related documents.20:55
madrazrkronos: there are at least 2 other documents20:56
madrazrkronos: let me get the links for you20:56
madrazrkronos: and sorry, I forgot to tell you that GCI had a predecessor which Google used to call as GHOP20:57
madrazrkronos: the docs are here20:57
tpbTitle: GHOP - soc - Design/discussion for GHOP - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: For_GHOP_20 - soc - GHOP features which we are 99% sure we do not want in the first Melange based GHOP - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
tpb<> (at
kronosmadrazr, thanks.. will look at them.20:58
madrazrkronos: those 4 document should help you20:58
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cognificent_Hi, is anyone around?21:06
cognificent_I know it's a little late in the game, but I wanted to express an interest in applying for gsoc (export to google docs)21:07
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realityhi, I just submitted my gsoc application and it came out white on black. apparently this is a bug21:09
*** cognificent_ is now known as cognificent21:09
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eocwhat is a bug? what did you do? what did you expect? what happened?21:17
orcunaSRabbelier: hi, i wanted to implement templating student accept/reject emails, but this feature already available21:48
orcunaSRabbelier: i'm little confused about what to implement?21:49
SRabbelierorcuna: it is?21:49
SRabbelierorcuna: oh, what I meant was that it should use a google doc for import21:50
SRabbeliernot google doc :P21:50
SRabbelierorcuna: should use a melange document for it's text21:50
SRabbelierorcuna: not a static template21:50
SRabbelierreality: screenshot please21:52
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orcunaSRabbelier: how to associate e-mail view with the document?21:57
SRabbelierorcuna: a setting in the program profile21:57
SRabbelierorcuna: see ex. "contact_page"21:57
SRabbelierreality: nice21:57
SRabbelierorcuna: whatp age?21:57
SRabbelierorcuna: **what page?21:57
SRabbelierorcuna: also, what program did you paste from?21:58
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orcunaSRabbelier: sorry, did you asked to me?22:01
SRabbelierorcuna: I prefixed my question with your nick didn't I? :P22:01
SRabbeliersorry about that :P22:01
SRabbelierreality: ^^^22:01
SRabbelierthe "what page? also what program did you pasge from" was for reality22:01
SRabbelierorcuna: the rest was to you22:02
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, let me assure i get it22:02
realitySRabbelier: I pasted it from vim, I wrote it in plain text. this is the page:
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierreality: let me guess, your vim is set to white text on a black background?22:03
orcunaSRabbelier: program profile page will have a selection "accept email" that lists all documents, and program admin will select one of them22:03
SRabbelierorcuna: it should use the same autocomplete functionality we have at the moment22:04
orcunaSRabbelier: sure22:04
SRabbelierorcuna: so in the html call the autocompleter thingy22:04
realitySRabbelier: I've got set background=dark, yes. Why would it copy formatting information??22:04
SRabbelierreality: because that's how vim is exporting it matey22:04
realitynaughty vim22:05
SRabbelierreality: it's not like TinyMCE is reaching into your editor and stealing that information ;)22:05
realitySRabbelier: thanks for the explanation anyway :)22:05
SRabbelierreality: you can either click the 'html' button in tinymce22:05
SRabbelierreality: and fix the markup yourself22:05
SRabbelierreality: or fix your editor ;)22:05
realityat least it makes my application, uh, stand out22:05
realityhmm there doesn't seem to be anything in the html suggesting it should be this colour22:06
realityand in the editor itself it's black on white22:07
SRabbelierreality: you pressed the html button?22:07
SRabbelierreality: ah22:08
SRabbelierreality: it's the <pre>22:08
SRabbelierreality: our css says that pre should look like that apparently22:09
orcunaSRabbelier: i get it , after i finish this work i will try to prepare my proposal22:10
SRabbelierorcuna: cool22:10
orcunaSRabbelier: thanks for help22:10
SRabbelierorcuna: np22:10
realitySRabbelier: hmm, might just keep it like that. all the formatting messes up if I remove it..22:10
SRabbelierreality: we should really fix our css not to leak, but not sure how to xD22:12
realitywell I would have thought the css would have a rule like pre.wheremelangeusesit { properties } and leave the root one alone22:13
SRabbelierreality: it does22:15
SRabbelierreality: except your proposal is inside wheremelangeusesit22:15
SRabbelierreality: I'm asking EchoDitto for some help with this22:16
SRabbelierreality: if you keep your proposal the way it is they can see what I mean :P22:16
realityok will do22:17
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orcunaSRabbelier: i guess "app.soc.models.program.Program" is not an expando model22:44
orcunaSRabbelier: so how new fields for program will be created??22:45
SRabbelierorcuna: add them to soc.models.program manually22:48
orcunaSRabbelier: hmm, ok but how new attributes are behaved when they're not expando class?22:53
SRabbelierorcuna: if they're not set you eman?22:53
SRabbelierorcuna: as long as you don't make them required they're just None22:53
orcunaSRabbelier: ok, i thought you can not set a new class attribute unless it's not expando22:55
SRabbelierorcuna: hah, that would suck22:55
SRabbelierorcuna: we do it all the time22:55
SRabbelierorcuna: in fact22:55
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierorcuna: just did22:55
orcunaSRabbelier: yes :) so gae documentation is tricky then
tpb<> (at
*** dhaun has quit IRC22:57
SRabbelierorcuna: expando allows you to add new fields on the fly22:57
SRabbelierorcuna: e.g., at run time22:57
SRabbelierorcuna: we're just adding fields at compile time22:57
orcunaSRabbelier: yes i got it wrong22:57
Talad|AwayHi SRabbelier, is there a place where I can see the source of melange, and in particular of the rotating logos?23:28
Talad|AwayI would like to get an idea of how it works23:28
SRabbelierTalad|Away: no, it's proprietary23:28
SRabbelieroh wait23:28
SRabbelierapril fools was yesterday :)23:28
Talad|AwayI followed the logos for about 2 days, but our logo never shown23:28
* SRabbelier is looking up the file23:28
Talad|Awayand there are logos like OpenMRS which are there very often23:29
SRabbelierTalad|Away: what org?23:29
Talad|AwayI understand it's just a small thing23:29
Talad|Awayatomic blue23:29
SRabbelierTalad|Away: link_id?23:29
SRabbelierTalad|Away: we might have to add a sort column or such23:29
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
Talad|Awaymmm... ok, I cannot read it23:32
Talad|AwayI don't know python too much23:32
Talad|Awayanyway I was expecting just an array and cycling on it every 523:33
Talad|Awaywhile it seems way more complex than that in the code23:33
Talad|AwayI guess I will live as it is :)23:33
SRabbelierTalad|Away: hehe, well, yeah, that would be way to expensive :)23:34
SRabbelierwell, not way23:34
SRabbelierbut you get the idea23:34
Talad|Awayan array of 175 elements?23:34
SRabbelierTalad|Away: fetching it23:34
Talad|AwayI don't think it's very expensive23:34
SRabbelierTalad|Away: takes about a second on appengine23:34
SRabbelierTalad|Away: time it takes to fetch n entities is O(n)23:35
Talad|Awaywell, I'm 90% sure the current code is wrong anyway :)23:35
SRabbelierTalad|Away: could be the lack of a sort order, but that shouldn't affect what is being shown23:35
SRabbelierTalad|Away: all that could do is display it out of order23:35
Talad|Awaythe order is quite random23:35
Talad|Awayand I've seen many orgs appearing multiple times in one day23:36
Talad|Awaybut maybe it's just me being picky23:36
gevaertsSRabbelier: could the lack of explicit ordering cause orgs that update their data to jump in the list?23:36
Talad|Awaylet's say I wanted to have at least our org shown one time :)23:36
SRabbeliergevaerts: mhhh, it shouldn't, let me double check the docs23:36
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliergevaerts: ". If the results for a query change between uses of a cursor, the query notices only changes that occur in results after the curso"23:39
gevaertsSRabbelier: do you keep one cursor all day?23:39
SRabbeliergevaerts: we advance the cursor every 30m23:40
gevaertsThat should be fine then I'd expect23:40
SRabbeliergevaerts: where with advance I mean, we throw away the old one, and get a new one after fetching new entities23:40
gevaertsI'm not sure if I understand what you mean by that23:42
* gevaerts tries to figure it out from the source23:42
SRabbeliergevaerts: like the doc says23:43
SRabbeliergevaerts: see the sample code in Cursors and Data Updates23:43
SRabbelierhmm, sample code is not that great23:43
SRabbeliergevaerts: we construct the query, the first time we fetch the first  5 orgs23:44
SRabbeliergevaerts: after fetching, we call the cursor method23:44
SRabbeliergevaerts: we store the cursor with the entities in memcache23:44
gevaertsIf I read your code right, you keep the same cursor around all the time, right?23:44
SRabbeliergevaerts: then the next time23:45
* gevaerts wishes he knew python...23:45
SRabbeliergevaerts: we get the cursor, start a new query, apply the cursor, fetch the results23:45
SRabbeliergevaerts: after fetching, we get a new cursur by calling cursor on the query23:45
gevaertsWhy get a new cursor?23:45
SRabbeliergevaerts: there's no way to 'move' the existing one :)23:45
SRabbeliergevaerts: **no other way23:45
SRabbeliergevaerts: the way we do it is the idiomatic way to advance a cursor23:46
SRabbeliergevaerts: it's just "where did I leave off in this query"23:49
SRabbeliergevaerts: so after fetching you get a new "where did I leave off"23:49
SRabbeliergevaerts: you could keep using the same cursor to point at the same position if you wanted23:49
gevaertsI can't say I understand this, but I'm going to assume that you've been using appengine before today :)23:49
SRabbeliergevaerts: hehe, ok :P23:50
SRabbeliergevaerts: Query Ordering when Sort Order Is UnspecifiedWhen a query does not specify an order, the datastore returns the results in the order of retrieval. As we make changes to the datastore implementation, the order of results in an unordered query may change as well. Therefore, if you require a specific sort ordering for your query results, be sure to specify it in the query. If you don't specify a sort order, the ordering of results is undefined23:53
SRabbelierTalad|Away: ^23:53
SRabbelierso unless they change the implementation multiple times a day, the missing sort order shouldn't be a problem ;)23:53
Talad|Awayok, thanks for checking23:54
gevaertsTalad|Away: do you have logs from the webserver that serves the logo? That should give conclusive answers23:55
Talad|Awaygevaerts: good tip, but that logo is on a machine I do not have direct access to23:56
*** madrazr has quit IRC23:56
Talad|AwayI could probably move it to another machine23:56
* SRabbelier sets up a cron job to hit Talad|Away's organization's logo every 5 minutes23:57
Talad|Awaybut should be from the right machine ;)23:58
gevaertsWell, mainly with the right referer header23:58
* SRabbelier knows how to fake referrer headers23:59

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