Sunday, 2011-04-03

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Talad|Awayok I will write a small program to download the page every 30 minutes00:03
Talad|Awayand that will probably prove me wrong00:03
gevaertsI'd do evert 15 minutes, to avoid weird sampling issues00:03
SRabbelierTalad|Away: pretend to be googlebot! :D00:06
Talad|Awayok, I have it :)00:15
SRabbelierTalad|Away: yeah? :D00:15
Talad|Awaythe program00:15
* SRabbelier is sure Talad|Away will just remove the timeframe during which electric blue is on the frontpage00:15
gevaertsSRabbelier: atomic!00:16
Talad|Awayit reads the page and save it to a file00:16
SRabbeliergevaerts: same difference00:16
SRabbelierTalad|Away: and then you delete the incriminating file, obviously ;)00:16
Talad|Awaywill send it to you without the right file :)00:16
SRabbelierhahaha :D00:16
gevaertsSRabbelier: electric blue can be split, atomic blue can't!00:16
Talad|Awaywell, it's more to know when our logo was displayd00:16
Talad|Awayprobably your code is right00:17
SRabbeliergevaerts: fair point good sir00:17
SRabbelierTalad|Away: probably while you were asleep00:17
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cognificentmaybe undefined sneakily means sorted alphabetically00:30
cognificentbut i guess that wouldn't really make it the first since i'm sure it's gone through plenty of cycles00:31
SRabbeliercognificent: alphabetically on what though?00:37
cognificenthaha, that too00:37
gevaertsThe middle letter of the org name of course00:38
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ferozeSRabbelier: hey :) Who is the mentor for Google Docs data export ?06:30
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Taladahhhh... connection timed out and the program exited :)09:51
TaladI have to manage exceptions better09:51
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Genghiz9Good Morning madrazr :)10:01
madrazrGenghiz9: morning!10:01
madrazrGenghiz9: it is 3:30PM here though ;-)10:01
Genghiz9You are in india ?10:01
Genghiz9I though you were supposed to be in MIT10:01
Genghiz9Its 3:30 here too. I'm from Chennai :P10:02
Genghiz9madrazr, I was here asking about the Export to Google Docs10:02
madrazrGenghiz9: me in MIT? why?10:03
Genghiz9err are you Madhu Sudhan ?10:03
Genghiz9 ?10:04
tpbTitle: Madhu Sudan's Home Page (at
madrazrGenghiz9: no10:04
madrazrGenghiz9: that is not me10:04
Genghiz9A case of mistaken identity :P10:04
Genghiz9sorry about that10:04
madrazrGenghiz9: and I am in no way connected to MIT10:04
madrazrGenghiz9: you should be careful about such things10:04
madrazrGenghiz9: wowow! that looks like a brilliant profile though!10:05
madrazrI wish I was!10:05
Genghiz9What are you ?10:05
Genghiz9YOu are madhu right ?10:05
madrazrGenghiz9: I am a humble Melange developer :)10:05
madrazrGenghiz9: I am Madhusudan.C.S (specifically with .C.S)10:06
madrazrthats my identity :P10:06
Genghiz9LOL :P10:06
Genghiz9sorry. I will google with initials next time :)10:06
Genghiz9Which city ?10:06
Genghiz9Ok. Maybe that was a bit too personal.10:07
Genghiz9Forget that.10:07
madrazrGenghiz9: sure. Forget that :P10:07
madrazrGenghiz9: what do you want to know about the project?10:07
Genghiz9Could you give me a overview of what is to be done ?10:08
Genghiz9What tables need to be exported to Google Docs ?10:08
Genghiz9madrazr ?10:09
madrazrGenghiz9: it is not about exporting single table or a set of tables10:09
madrazrGenghiz9: you use Melange right?10:09
madrazrGenghiz9: of course if you are a potential GSoC student you should have :P10:10
madrazrGenghiz9: you see lists all over Melange?10:10
madrazrGenghiz9: like for the ones on the dashboard, participating organizations list10:10
Genghiz9one for previous years participants10:10
madrazrGenghiz9: we need to be able to export every list to Google Spreadsheets10:10
madrazrGenghiz9: I have other ideas too10:10
madrazrGenghiz9: like being able to export documents10:10
Genghiz9The proposals ?10:11
madrazrGenghiz9: sorry those are not my ideas10:11
madrazrsorry for the misuse of credits :)10:11
madrazrthey are our ideas (Melange team)10:11
Genghiz9No problem10:11
madrazrwe have documents in Melange10:11
madrazrlike the FAQ page you see if a Melange document10:11
madrazr*is a Melange10:11
madrazrthere are quite a few others like that10:12
madrazrso we should be able to export those docs to GDocs10:12
madrazrand be able to do it in other way also10:12
madrazri.e import10:12
madrazrGenghiz9: I would personally also like to see the students proposals also to be able to done in the same way10:12
madrazrexport and import10:12
Genghiz9Ok. it would be convenient to make the proposal on gdocs and when finished import it to melange10:13
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Genghiz9madrazr, I am fluent in py have some experience with the gdata API10:14
Genghiz9If I wnt to get into the project, what would you recommend me to get familiar with ?10:14
madrazrGenghiz9: sure, that is my idea10:15
madrazrGenghiz9: as a GSoC student I did that10:15
madrazrGenghiz9: it is because you can get it reviewed by all your friends10:15
madrazrGenghiz9: and once you make those changes from the review it will be just a matter of hitting, import again10:15
Genghiz9But the current project is exporting lists right ?10:16
Genghiz9madrazr, I'm already familiar with Django. I'm curently download SoC and will be studying it10:18
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madrazrGenghiz9: to CSV, yes10:21
madrazrGenghiz9: cool!10:21
Genghiz9madrazr, OK so bascially, an end-user (me) should be able to click on a button like the "Export to CSV"10:22
Genghiz9and have it saved to my Google Docs10:22
Genghiz9Is that right ?10:22
madrazrGenghiz9: there is already Export to CSV10:24
madrazrthere should be an option to export to Google Spreadsheets10:24
Genghiz9I know that10:24
Genghiz9yea That's what I meant10:24
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Genghiz9click on a button like the "Export to CSV" and instead have it saved to my Google Docs10:24
Genghiz9Ok. So that's what the whole project is about ?10:25
Taladhi madrazr : I have a problem with a student that submitted 2 proposals by mistake10:26
Taladone should be deleted10:26
Taladhe clicked on withdraw, but the proposal is still there10:26
Taladis there a way to delete it?10:26
madrazrTalad: OMG!10:26
madrazrI am really sorry. I remember seeing this from you yesterday or so10:27
madrazrI thought I will reply later and forgot10:27
Taladdo you think God has something to do with it? :)10:27
madrazrTalad: let us not get into the controversy between theism and atheism ;-)10:27
madrazrTalad: it ends up really bitter all the time I do that :D10:27
Taladthese are the 2 proposals10:28
Taladthe one to delete is google/gsoc2011/ujjwal_sen1803/100110:28
madrazrTalad: can you send an email to SRabbelier with the links to these proposals and telling which one to delete?10:28
madrazrTalad: we have carefully stayed away from letting people to delete stuff10:28
SRabbelierTalad: actually, the student should10:28
DJWillisIs there an 'easy' way to pull out comments on proposals from previous years? I only ask as we (that is the org I am part of) sort of cheated and used a lot of 'template' comments to help ge the apps into shape we copy/pasted from older years ;)10:29
TaladI think it's a good idea to avoid students delete their docs10:29
Taladbecause I'm nearly sure they will delete the wrong one :)10:29
Taladbut the admin should be able to10:29
madrazrSRabbelier: you mean, student should send the mail?10:29
iamaregee1madrazr : this project also involves OAuth as well right ...?10:29
SRabbeliermadrazr: right10:29
madrazrSRabbelier: completely makes sense :)10:29
madrazrTalad: which is the reason why there is no delete there :)10:30
Taladwell, I think should be the admin, not the student10:30
madrazrTalad: so, can you please ask your student to send the email to SRabbelier?10:30
Taladthey are already messing it up10:30
madrazrTalad: not really. Only the user is responsible for his data10:30
Taladthey are not very good at organizing10:31
Taladthey are kids :)10:31
madrazrTalad: man!10:31
madrazrthey are 18+ for sure10:31
madrazrTalad: they are called adults (or majors) officially in most parts of the world for that age ;-)10:31
TaladSRabbelier: can you check with the admin in case you get request of deletion?10:31
SRabbelierTalad: why? the students own their own data10:32
madrazriamaregee1: of course, you need to authenticate right?10:32
SRabbelierTalad: I have a look at the proposals before I delete them10:32
SRabbelierTalad: but that's it10:32
madrazriamaregee1: but there is already some work on it done by one of the students from GSoC 2010. The code is not merged with Melange mainline code10:32
madrazriamaregee1: but you can take look at that code here:
tpb<> (at
Genghiz9SRabbelier, are you free at the moment ?10:34
SRabbelierGenghiz9: yes and no10:34
madrazriamaregee1: but now the Google's APIs support the awesome OAuth 2.0. So we must start using that from now on10:34
Genghiz9You are the mentor for the "Export to Google Docs" right ?10:34
madrazrGenghiz9: you can ask the questions to me as well10:35
madrazrGenghiz9: if SRabbelier is not free10:35
madrazrGenghiz9: if there is something I cannot handle, we can call SRabbelier for help then10:35
Genghiz9madrazr, oops I thought you were busy with removing the copy.10:35
Genghiz9ok :)10:35
madrazrGenghiz9: ??10:36
Genghiz9I'm currently reading up on
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliermadrazr: heheh :)10:36
Genghiz9madrazr, Could you give me a brief over view of the steps involved ?10:36
Genghiz9user clicks on button10:36
Genghiz9application makes oath request to google10:36
Genghiz9and then we create a new document10:37
Genghiz9and write the list.10:37
Genghiz9Is that right ?10:37
madrazrGenghiz9: correct. Thats for list10:37
madrazrGenghiz9: and also for Documents10:37
Genghiz9yes. That is a project right ?10:38
Genghiz9*the project10:38
madrazrGenghiz9: may not be worth a complete GSoC project10:39
Genghiz9madrazr, Yes I realise it is too small10:39
madrazrGenghiz9: IMHO, it is not worth 13 weeks of work10:39
Genghiz9That is why I wat to know what more I could add10:40
madrazrGenghiz9: so it depends on how you put your proposal. What you propose to make your proposal worth a 13 weeks project10:40
Genghiz9madrazr, surprisingly,  you have listed its difficulty as moderate :P10:40
Genghiz9that is what I was wondering10:40
Genghiz9If it was more complex10:40
madrazrGenghiz9: you will very soon know after starting the coding why it is moderate10:40
Genghiz9How do I make it worth 13 weeks of work ?10:41
Genghiz9formatting ?10:41
madrazrGenghiz9: sure, thats one thing10:41
Genghiz9now melange is built on django right ?10:41
madrazrGenghiz9: take a look at Melange, see how it works10:41
Genghiz9so data would be stored in models10:41
Genghiz9Yes.. I'm doing that now10:41
madrazrif you can think of something great to pull off, we are open to your ideas10:41
madrazrGenghiz9: we can discuss about that10:42
Genghiz9madrazr, is it currently possible to import proposals from Gdocs ?10:43
madrazrGenghiz9: nope10:43
Genghiz9So that can be included in this project ?10:44
madrazrGenghiz9: sure10:44
madrazrGenghiz9: that was what I was saying10:44
Genghiz9madrazr, you said this10:45
madrazrI would personally like to see that10:45
Genghiz9<Genghiz9> Ok. it would be convenient to make the proposal on gdocs and when finished import it to melange10:45
Genghiz9<Genghiz9> ?10:45
Genghiz9* BlankVerse has quit (Quit: leaving)10:45
Genghiz9* BlankVerse ([email protected]) has joined #melange10:45
Genghiz9<Genghiz9> madrazr, I am fluent in py have some experience with the gdata API10:45
Genghiz9<Genghiz9> If I wnt to get into the project, what would you recommend me to get familiar with ?10:45
Genghiz9<madrazr> Genghiz9: sure, that is my idea10:45
Genghiz9<madrazr> Genghiz9: as a GSoC student I did that10:45
Genghiz9the last sentence10:45
Genghiz9got me confused10:45
madrazrGenghiz9: I generally know what I say, copy pasting the previous conversations in the channel will spam the channel10:45
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madrazrGenghiz9: please don't do that10:45
madrazrGenghiz9: it is Ok for now. Please don't do it again10:46
madrazrGenghiz9: I meant, I wrote my proposals on Docs and got it reviewed and edited there.10:46
Genghiz9Oh ok.10:46
Genghiz9madrazr, So I should first ready the Objective and then ask you about splitting it into 13 weeks ?10:48
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Genghiz9This is my first time. Please pardon my questions if they seem newbie10:48
Genghiz9*me if my10:49
madrazrGenghiz9: I think both of them go hand in hand (readying the objecting and splitting into 13 weeks)10:49
madrazrGenghiz9: if you do first prepare the objective and split it over 13 weeks, you may end up with a contrived schedule10:49
Genghiz9But the task seems too small for 13 weeks10:49
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akashm1990If I withdraw a proposal, is it deleted from my dashboard, or can I still see it and reinstate if I want to?10:50
madrazrGenghiz9: that is why, take a look at Melange. See how it works. Think of how you could improve wrt to documents and spreadsheets10:51
madrazrGenghiz9: and propose them in a coherent form in your schedule10:51
SRabbelierakashm1990: the latter10:51
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iamaregee1is it okay i send my proposal to the mailing list for a review before i submit it officially ??11:43
SRabbelieriamaregee1: you can, but it doesn't buy you that much11:45
SRabbelieriamaregee1: it's better to send a patch instead ;)11:45
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TaladSRabbelier: any ETA on the students proposal table update?13:47
Taladto have name, rating, etc...13:47
SRabbelierTalad: 20 minutes ago13:47
SRabbelierTalad: (3:24:17 PM) SRabbelier: ojwb: live13:47
Taladah, cool!13:48
Taladmuch much better!13:48
gevaertsSRabbelier: maybe Talad just didn't see it, similar to his logo! ;)13:48
* gevaerts runs away from Talad13:48
* SRabbelier high fives Ge13:48
SRabbelierTalad: had to write some new infrastructure first13:49
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TaladSRabbelier: btw removing a score doesn't work13:52
SRabbelierTalad: no?13:52
TaladI can change it and it's properly saved, but if I remove it, it's not saved13:53
Taladit keeps the previous one13:53
SRabbelierindeed it doesn't13:53
SRabbelierTalad: can you create a for that?13:54
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
* Nightrose wonders if SRabbelier has a script for that sentence13:56
SRabbelierNightrose: I should, shouldn't I?13:57
SRabbelierI'm pretty sure that's possible in pidgin13:57
Nightroseyou could probably get it to do autoreplce13:57
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Nightroseand do something short like "newissue" and always replace it with that13:57
* SRabbelier nods13:57
SRabbelierNightrose: probably13:57
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierTalad: thanks13:59
iamaregee1madrazr:Regarding this project of exporting list to gdocs...14:02
madrazriamaregee1: ?14:03
iamaregee1as melange already have this csv generator , so exporting the list with help of apis can be done without much complexities....14:03
iamaregee1what are the major complexities involved in this.. ?? is it related to authentications...?14:04
SRabbelieriamaregee1: see the mailing list14:04
SRabbelieriamaregee1: it's been discussed in detail by Mario14:04
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)14:45
madrazrslingshot316: Hi14:45
slingshot316madrazr: wasn't yesterday worth missing a few hours of your work? :)14:46
madrazrslingshot316: of course it was!14:46
slingshot316madrazr: :)14:46
madrazrslingshot316: moments of lifetime :)14:46
slingshot316madrazr: just a little curious, m sorry if I shouldn be asking this but did anyone else propose the same idea?14:47
slingshot316madrazr: totally :)14:47
SRabbeliermadrazr: awr, I thought that was the mentor summit :(14:47
madrazrslingshot316: I am not suppose to tell that :)14:47
SRabbelierslingshot316: many14:47
SRabbelierslingshot316: at least 300 others14:47
slingshot316SRabbelier: hello :) how have you been14:47
slingshot316SRabbelier: :P14:47
SRabbeliercoding :)14:47
madrazrSRabbelier: there can be multiple moments of lifetime :)14:47
madrazrSRabbelier: Mentor Summit is in that list for sure :)14:47
madrazrSRabbelier: OMG! I cannot imagine Mentor Summit not being in that list. It is implicit!14:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: hehe :D14:48
SRabbeliermadrazr: it better be!14:48
madrazrSRabbelier: ha ha sure!14:48
madrazrSRabbelier: Mentor Summit is also an experience! (that I cannot put in words)14:49
SRabbeliermadrazr: I can, awesome14:49
slingshot316madrazr: Mentor Summit is for the mentors from all the orgs?14:49
madrazrSRabbelier: he he :)14:49
madrazrslingshot316: yeah, 2 mentors from each Org14:50
slingshot316madrazr: oh wow! that should be fab!14:50
SRabbelierplus all Melange developers ;)14:50
slingshot316SRabbelier: really nice and also you get to go to a new country :P14:51
SRabbelierslingshot316: heh, I've been to the US so many times now that it's not much of an event for me anymore :P14:51
madrazrSRabbelier: it is your next home :)14:52
madrazrrather, 2nd home14:52
SRabbeliermadrazr: fair enough14:52
slingshot316thats nice14:53
madrazrSRabbelier: thanks for pulling in all of us :)14:57
*** bitner has joined #melange14:58
SRabbeliermadrazr: ^__^14:58
*** madrazr has quit IRC15:00
TaladSRabbelier: I have a pretty serious bug to reort15:57
Taladthe "additional info" box in the proposals is not displayed to admins15:58
Taladthis is why most of our proposals looked bad15:58
Taladbecause people linked full docs to it, but we coudn't see it15:58
TaladI guess it's not displayed to mentors as well15:59
TaladI will create a ticket now16:00
tpb<> (at
*** eoc has quit IRC16:05
*** eoc has joined #melange16:05
SRabbelierTalad: curious16:06
*** schultmc has joined #melange16:06
Taladbtw also the "publicly visible" flag is not visible to mentors16:08
Taladbut that's not a big problem I think16:08
SRabbelierTalad: working on a fix :)16:09
TaladSRabbelier: many thanks16:10
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr16:17
SRabbelierTalad: deploying16:43
*** iamaregee1 has quit IRC16:44
SRabbelierTalad: try now please16:45
TaladSRabbelier: perfect!16:46
SRabbelierTalad: thanks for reporting16:46
TaladI see the text16:46
SRabbelierTalad: great16:51
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*** eoc` is now known as eoc17:06
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atagarHi, out of curiosity is there a method to either get email notices when there's app updates or get the interface to show the date last modified? It's kina a pita to click through every application each day to see if there were updates.17:52
*** shayan has joined #melange17:54
*** Talad is now known as Talad|Away18:04
SRabbelieratagar: I'm working on notifications now18:07
SRabbelieratagar: in the testing stage :)18:07
atagarfantastic - thanks!18:07
atagarbtw, spotted in #gsoc that you're a relay operator - thanks for that too :P18:07
*** akashm1990 has joined #melange18:08
SRabbelieratagar: hehe, np :)18:16
*** _wolf_ has joined #melange18:23
_wolf_hey SRabbelier caould you help with a mentor application gone wrong?18:23
SRabbelier_wolf_: sure18:23
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*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr18:34
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Nightroseis there a way to tell who has voted on ?  (voting is closed so far for my org but this one has a vote and i am wondering if it is a bug or if one of my co-admins maybe voted)18:40
SRabbelierNightrose: it's the latter :D18:43
Nightroseok - now i wonder who of them i have to hit on the head :D18:43
SRabbelierNightrose: we do want to add that though :)18:44
Nightrosethat'd be great18:44
*** Talad|Away is now known as Talad18:46
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mayanks43just a suggestion but shudnt the list of orgs be a link on the sidebar as well?20:12
SRabbeliermayanks43: we don't want to crowd the sidebar20:15
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kronosSRabbelier, hey.did u have a chance to look at the patch ?20:44
SRabbelierwrong channel20:45
SRabbelierkronos: if I'd had time to look at it you'd have seen a reply :)20:45
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* kblin gives socinfo a cookie20:50
SRabbelierkblin: awr :(20:50
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC20:50
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SRabbelierkblin: can't it share snippets with #gsoc? :P20:51
kblinnope, they're per channel20:52
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kronosSRabbelier, I was looking at the project ideas for melange. I was wondering if i could select ideas from "Other Ideas" section.21:48
*** crodjer has quit IRC21:49
SRabbelierkronos: sure, if you work it out21:49
kronosSRabbelier, I was interested in the integration of events with the Google Calendar API .. and the messaging module for better communication .21:50
SRabbelierkronos: cool21:51
kronosSRabbelier, Will that be a good project ? And who will be mentoring it?21:51
SRabbelierkronos: whoever is interested21:52
kronosSRabbelier, Ok. I will write a mock proposal for the topics im interested and send it to the mailing list and see if people are interested to mentor.21:54
SRabbelierkronos: cool21:54
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Taladhi kronos22:17
Taladyou there?22:17
kronosTalad, hi22:17
TaladI've sent you a number of emails22:18
Taladbut you didn't respond22:18
Taladit's for Atomic Blue22:18
Taladand PlaneShift22:18
Taladyou signed up on our website on 22 March22:18
kronosTalad, sorry .. must have skipped. i'll look into them immediately.22:18
Taladskipped? :)22:19
Taladmaybe you typed your email address wrong22:19
kronosTalad, yeah .. i've joined a lot of mailing lists lately ..u know for gsoc .. so my inbox has been a mess.22:19
Taladshould we drop your submission then?22:20
Talador you are still interested?22:20
*** Talad is now known as Talad|ZzZ22:52
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rahul_The Gambit Project's logo URL, as entered on the Organization Profile is This is a 65px by 33px png. It is invalid according to Brett Profitt who emailed the mentors list earlier to notify us. Any ideas why it is invalid?23:04
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