Friday, 2011-04-01

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madrazrTalad|ZzZ: Nope00:13
madrazrWe have very carefully stayed away from that this time00:13
madrazrTalad|ZzZ: although if you want to do that, you can send an email to Sverre00:13
madrazrTalad|ZzZ: with the proposal URL you would like to be deleted00:14
madrazrI am off to bed guys00:23
madrazrsee you all00:23
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)16:56
madrazrslingshot316: Hi16:56
slingshot316madrazr: how have you been?16:57
slingshot316madrazr: i submitted my proposal two days back16:57
madrazrslingshot316: I am doing good16:57
madrazrslingshot316: I have read parts of your proposal16:57
madrazrslingshot316: I still haven't got time to comment on it though16:57
madrazrslingshot316: I had kept weekend time for it and seems like tomorrow is gone16:58
madrazrslingshot316: I am now like why did India even qualify for finals :P16:58
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slingshot316madrazr: sorry got dc16:59
madrazrslingshot316: you can check the logs, eh?16:59
slingshot316madrazr:i just did16:59
slingshot316madrazr: it dont show the conv yet17:00
madrazrslingshot316: unfortunately our log bot lags a bit17:00
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slingshot316madrazr: sorry got dc17:19
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madrazrslingshot316: BSNL?17:19
slingshot316madrazr: and no dont say that, good we went to finals :)17:19
slingshot316madrazr: LOL :P how you know?17:19
madrazrslingshot316: I am losing 14 hours of my work time :P17:19
madrazrslingshot316: LoL! even more, considering the time I am spending on all the useless news I am readin17:20
slingshot316madrazr: lol, same17:20
slingshot316madrazr: but its worth it :)17:20
madrazrslingshot316: how good?17:20
slingshot316madrazr: how good what? bsnl?17:20
slingshot316madrazr: oh you mean India in finals?17:21
madrazrslingshot316: ah I thought said "good we went to finals, how you know?"17:21
madrazrsorry for the confusion17:21
slingshot316madrazr: how you know was for bsnl :P17:21
slingshot316madrazr: sorry for confusion17:21
madrazrslingshot316: any other service, you won't get disconnected so often :)17:21
madrazrslingshot316: get a better connection man17:22
slingshot316madrazr: yea i'm trying but this is the only decent connection we have, i''m gettin my line fixed this monday, should be fine from then17:22
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madrazrslingshot316: cool!17:27
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madrazrslingshot316: you also use Landline at home? Just check, it might the problem in the way your ADSL splitter is connected17:27
slingshot316madrazr: yes I use landline and yea i checked the splitter,its fine.I even tried with my friend's, the problem is with the telephone line17:28
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jpf_adminI am the admin for Java Pathfinder. I have a couple of missing mentor requests. The mentors say they have applied, but I do not see a request from them. When they try to reapply, it says "This request has had no reply yet"22:00
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madrazrjpf_admin: Hi23:49
jpf_adminhi madrazr23:50
madrazrjpf_admin: what does it say when they visit your JPF home page?23:50
madrazris there a Request button still?23:50
jpf_adminthey still see the "apply button"23:50
madrazrjpf_admin: upon clicking?23:50
jpf_adminbut when they click on it .. it says this request has had no reply yet23:50
madrazrjpf_admin: strange23:50
madrazrjpf_admin: I don't see any errors in the logs23:51
jpf_adminso have them try again? because I thought the apply button should go away once they have sent their request23:52
madrazrjpf_admin: thats correct23:52
madrazrthats the expected behavior23:52
madrazrjpf_admin: once they request, the button should go away23:52
jpf_adminI'll ask them to do it from a different browser or something. I am grasping at straws here23:53
madrazrjpf_admin: sure23:53
madrazrjpf_admin: some other org had the same problem two days back, but their mentors could not see the Apply button23:53
madrazrjpf_admin: also the admin was able to see the requests after some lag23:54
jpf_adminin most other cases the lag I have noticed is atmost few minutes23:54
jpf_adminmadrazr: I had another question The Assign mentor drop down menu. Is it possible to just populate it with the mentors? Currently it says the mentor has to click on the "I want to mentor"23:56
madrazrjpf_admin: it is already there!23:58
madrazrjpf_admin: go to your organization profile edit page and check that List all mentors checkbox and you will have what you need!23:58
jpf_adminmadrazr: Thanks! Found it23:59

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