Wednesday, 2011-03-30

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orcunaSRabbelier: i think i found the issue that i want to prepare patch for00:18
SRabbelierorcuna: do share00:20
orcunaSRabbelier: it's #320 documents should offer templating features00:20
orcunadoes it contain only documents?00:20
SRabbelierorcuna: Melange documents00:20
SRabbelierorcuna: such as
tpb<$$> (at
SRabbelierorcuna: but in particular those used for other purposes :)00:21
orcunaSRabbelier: and is it enough just using template variables (but choosen ones)00:21
orcunado we need to provite any tags (so any filters)00:22
SRabbelierorcuna: you can probably reuse Django00:22
SRabbelierorcuna: just put the document through Django's template's facility00:23
orcunabut that processes all tags then. this isn't a problem isn't it?00:24
SRabbelierorcuna: django is very specific about what it'll accept00:25
SRabbelierorcuna: only stuff like {{ some_variable }}00:26
SRabbelierorcuna: that's not likely to occur in any document ;)00:26
SRabbelierorcuna: besides, this is a feature intended for program administrators00:26
orcunaSRabbelier: ok then :)00:27
orcunaSRabbelier: are documents created through web iface?00:27
SRabbelierorcuna: yeah, do you have a local instance running yet?00:28
orcunayes, but i couldn't figured out views for it yet00:28
orcunai will look for them00:28
SRabbelierorcuna: did you run seed_db?00:28
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orcunayes, it creates some initial data but not any documents (i think)00:29
SRabbelierorcuna: there's one :)00:29
SRabbelierorcuna: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/document/show/site/site/home00:29
SRabbelierorcuna: replace show with edit00:29
orcunaSRabbelier: i missed it :)00:30
SRabbelierorcuna: np00:30
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, so entity's content attribute will go through Django's template system with some context on the fly, and result will be sent to the final "show" template00:33
SRabbelierorcuna: you got it perfectly00:33
SRabbelierorcuna: you know much Django?00:33
SRabbelierorcuna: (good first impression :D)00:33
orcunaSRabbelier: thank you :) yes, i developed an application on AppEngine with Django. i also worked for Pardus project this summer, contributed developing of Pardus's official community web application http://www.ozgurlukicin.com00:35
tpbTitle: Özgürlük için... (at
SRabbeliermost curious title00:36
SRabbelierorcuna: Turkish, says Google?00:36
orcunaSRabbelier: sorry, i couldn't get what you mean :)00:37
SRabbelierorcuna: the language of the site?00:38
orcunayes, i'm from Turkey, and Pardus is a Turkish distro :)00:38
SRabbelierorcuna: ah! makes sense :)00:39
SRabbelierorcuna: so is that site running on AppEngine, or...?00:39
orcunaSRabbelier: Pardus also contributed GSoC two times before00:39
orcunaSRabbelier: no, it's not00:40
SRabbelierorcuna: they did? as mentoring orgs?00:40
SRabbelierorcuna: what was the GAE project you worked on?00:40
orcunaSRabbelier: yes it was mentoring organization at 2008 and 200900:42
SRabbelierorcuna: did you participate in GSoC before?00:42
orcunaSRabbelier: it wasn't an open source project. it was for private use . it lives on http://famer2.appspot.com00:43
tpbTitle: FaMer Online - Fatura Merkezi (at
orcunaSRabbelier: no, i didn't00:43
SRabbelierah, what'd it do?00:43
orcunaSRabbelier: it was being used as a bill payment software for some customers in Turkey.00:44
* SRabbelier nods00:45
SRabbelierorcuna: sounds like you know your chops :)00:45
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orcunaSRabbelier: thanks :) i really like Python and Django, but i try develop myself on Linux too (not stuck on just web)00:47
orcunaSRabbelier:  i also contribute Pardus for CoMaK project this year (multiple desktop installitions)00:47
orcunaSRabbelier: we've been ported Pardus to LXDE, Enlightenment, FluxBox, XFCE and Gnome00:48
SRabbelierorcuna: sounds good; any particular reason you're interested in working on Melange this summer?00:48
SRabbelierorcuna: impressive :D00:48
orcunaSRabbelier: i really appreciate what Google does with GSoC, bring together newbie students and open source projects.  i was just wondering if Melange can be used for other purpuses. I visited GSoC 2011 page and see that Melange is being working to serve for more general purposes for other organizations and i thought this is a great idea, and i wanted to contribute Melange with my best effort00:52
SRabbelierorcuna: neat ;)00:52
SRabbelierorcuna: lookign forward to seeing your patch ^^00:53
SRabbelierorcuna: don't hesistate to ask questions if you get stuck on anything00:53
orcunaSRabbelier: thank you :)00:54
orcunaSRabbelier: yes,i'd better to start get off the ground00:55
orcunaSRabbelier: thanks for replies00:55
SRabbelierorcuna: so are you in .tr at the moment?00:56
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, i am00:58
SRabbelierorcuna: isn't it late there? (I'm in .nl, it's late here :P)00:59
orcunaSRabbelier: yes it's 4:00 am01:00
SRabbelierorcuna: ouch :)01:00
SRabbelierorcuna: night owl01:00
orcunaSRabbelier: i'm a nightcrawler :)01:00
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, you too :)01:00
SRabbelierit's only 3am here :D01:01
orcunaSRabbelier: you can catch me if i fall asleep :D01:02
* SRabbelier chuckles01:03
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yffbraveI'm applying GSoC and I made a mistake to submit the same proposal three times, but I can't find how to delete, can anybody tell me how to delete a proposal?04:11
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k0pfolks, just to be sure. Students can edit the proposasl during this period after submit under melange right?09:48
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TaggnostrI'm searching for an application I made last year for gsoc 2010, but I can't find it on melange10:02
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k0pTaggnostr: try change the year by hand10:09
k0pon URL10:09
TaggnostrI tried here: but the list is empty10:11
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tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
Taggnostrk0p, on that page I see a list of proposals and requests, but they are both empty (even if I'm logged in)10:12
k0pTaggnostr: no idea, sorry10:17
Taggnostrok, thanks anyway10:18
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TaladSRabbelier: Hi11:36
Taladin the proposals list in melange, is there a way to list the proposals by ranking?11:37
Taladalso is the ranking only those 5 stars?11:37
Taladit's hard to create a ranking of students just with 5 levels11:39
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SRabbelierTalad: notice the "max stars" setting in the org admin dashboard12:18
TaladSRabbelier: cannot find it12:19
Taladis that in the "My dashboard" page?12:20
SRabbelierorg profiel I meant12:20
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TaladSRabbelier: found, thanks12:27
SRabbelierTalad: cool12:27
Taladmax 1212:27
Taladshould be ok12:27
Taladis there a way to list the proposals by ranking?12:28
SRabbelierTalad: not yet, but Lennard is on it12:28
Taladalso the "Assign mentor" on the proposal page shown an empty list12:28
Taladbut we have mentors approved12:28
SRabbelierTalad: they need to say "I wish to mentor" first12:29
SRabbelierTalad: will update the help text12:29
|Kev|Oh for goodness sake. How many people are going to join in the "Oh, it's changed, I don't like it" rant without offering anything constructive to improve matters? #@#)*(@&#)&@)#(*&#12:34
|Kev|That is all.12:34
|Kev|SRabbelier et al.: Keep up the good work.12:34
SRabbelier|Kev|: thanks12:36
SRabbelier|Kev|: and, I agree, balefires will be forthcoming for those12:37
|Kev|I don't like everything about the new site either, but I've tried to at least suggest ways of 'fixing' them.12:37
SRabbelier|Kev|: exactly12:38
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pacmanHi, I would like to do one of  the projects suggested my melange for GSoC13:12
SRabbelierpacman: go on13:13
pacmanthe one that suggests changing the whole GCI architechture makeover13:16
pacmanto be precise, porting GCI to the views architecture and giving the dashboeard functionality to users and also building a data seeder for GCI13:18
* SRabbelier nods13:19
SRabbelierpacman: you worked with AppEngine before?13:19
SRabbelierpacman: go on13:22
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pacmanI've built an online linux event (/bin/bash) for the technical festival of my college, using the appengine13:27
SRabbelierhow did it work?13:28
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pacmanThe event basically was an online questionairre13:33
pacmanwherein the interface provides the students with a set of objective questions and would receive anwers from the users.13:35
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pacmanand the questions could be chosen from different levels of difficulty13:46
pacmanand out of the 200 questions that were put into it, 20 questions were selected from it in a random fashion13:46
pacmanthe link for the event: http://excel2010bash.appspot.com13:47
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tpbTitle: EXCEL2010 MEC SlashBinSlashBash Contest (at
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pacmanSRabbelier: would love to hear what you think about it.13:58
SRabbelierpacman: thanks for the ping, hadn't noticed you replied13:58
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SRabbelierpacman: what UI framework did you use?13:59
pacmanthe UI was built purely using html, css and jquery to build the dynamic elements.14:02
SRabbelierpacman: so you included html in the python directly?14:02
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|Kev|Unimportant, but if someone happens to be near the code anyway - there's currently no 'fetching' message if you refresh a view.14:05
|Kev|That is of no practical importance to me.14:05
|Kev|Just mentioning :)14:05
pacmanI've used the webpp module which includes django's templating system14:08
pacmanand so the htm code can be kept in a separate file14:09
SRabbelierpacman: ah, that's fine, so you know how things work14:10
SRabbelier|Kev|: ah, nice catch14:10
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pacmanI've partnered with Sarath Lakshman, my colleague(winner of GSoC thrice) in doing different projects.  link: www.sarathlakshman.com14:26
pacmanand different projects on my own14:27
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SRabbelierpacman: what interests you about Melange?14:32
pacmanbasically it's about the kind of projects that melange offers14:37
SRabbelierpacman: such as? :)14:37
pacmanin the sense the projects have python, and django written all over it14:38
pacmanand python is my default coding language14:39
* SRabbelier nods14:39
pacmanand I feel that this can turn out to be a very good way to sharpen my knowledge about python, django and the appengine14:41
pacmanand I feel that this would definitely be a very good way to spend my vacation14:44
SRabbelierpacman: I would be inclined to agree  :)14:47
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pacmanI came to know about Melange from my friend Sarath who happens to be a friend of madrazr and the quest led ultimately has led me to you14:52
pacman*has ultimetely led me to you14:53
pacmanand also the fact that my contribution will be to the development of the GSoC site itself, that definitely is something14:55
SRabbelierpacman: ah :)14:58
pacmanthe two other projects, exporting to google docs and also testing looks doable to me(on condition that I'll get you as my mentor :)  )15:03
SRabbelierpacman: haha, why me? :P15:04
pacmanbest explanation is the patience you've shown in talking to a complete stranger15:08
pacmanI've done my bit of googling about you15:08
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pacmanand I'm positive that you will definitely be an awesome mentor for my project15:10
pacmanconsidering the way you've interacted with me now15:10
* SRabbelier laughs15:10
SRabbelierwell, the rest of our contributors are good mentors as well ;)15:11
pacmanbut I dont know them yet..15:11
|Kev|You'd have to provide cookies.15:12
SRabbelierpacman: you know madrazr right? :P15:13
pacmanmy friend does.. and from what I've heard he's awesome15:13
pacmanI need someone who can give me constructive criticism and can also hear me out.15:16
SRabbelierpacman: I expect that from all team members :)15:17
pacmanso then I find these three projects doable..15:18
pacmanwhat do you suggest?15:18
pacmanwhich one means more to melange?15:18
SRabbelierpacman: we'll definitely want to get a new-and-improved Code-In module :)15:21
pacmanboth those projects dont have you as a mentor on it..15:26
SRabbelierpacman: They have Madhu though, and we all co-mentor all projects :)15:26
SRabbelierpacman: it's just that Madhu knows most about the code-in module15:27
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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello :) can you please change my email address? my link_id is slingshot31615:27
SRabbelierslingshot316: haven't I already done that?15:28
slingshot316SRabbelier: no :(15:29
SRabbelierslingshot316: what should it be changed to?15:29
slingshot316SRabbelier: it is [email protected] can you please change it to [email protected]15:30
pacmanby the way.. sorry for not introducing myself.. I'm Paul Thomas, 3rd year at Model Engineering Cllege, Kerala , India15:31
SRabbelierpacman: np :)15:31
pacmanso then how should I start working on it now?15:32
pacmani have to create the project proposal for it15:33
SRabbelierslingshot316: done15:34
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SRabbelierpacman: I suggest you pick one of the new high-priority feature from the issue list and submit a patch for it15:34
slingshot316SRabbelier: thank you, will just check15:34
slingshot316SRabbelier: sweet, thank you very much :)15:35
pacmanshould that be done during the period frm april to may?15:36
SRabbelierslingshot316: np15:36
pacmanthe iterim period that we have before the actual coding starts..15:36
pacmanour university exams'll be starting this week15:39
pacmanand that'll end by april 25th..15:40
pacmanafter that I have all the time in the world15:40
SRabbelierpacman: well, no, it's so that we know that you are set up15:42
SRabbelierpacman: it's a filtering process for the application period :)15:42
pacmanso then that can leave me in a very tight spot,15:43
pacmanthe proposal, exams and a patch all in the very same week15:44
SRabbelierpacman: that's why ideally student contact us before the proposal period starts :)15:51
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pacmanyeah.. my mistake..15:53
*** nofrills has quit IRC15:53
SRabbelierpacman: not much use crying over split milk :)15:55
pacmanso then what can be done?15:55
*** nofrills has joined #melange15:56
*** westi|gone is now known as westi15:56
SRabbelierpacman: submit an awesome application, demonstrate that you're awesome, even if you can't send in a patch as illustration15:56
pacmanyea will do my best..15:57
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pacmanit was great talking to u.16:04
SRabbelierpacman: looking forward to seeing your application16:06
pacmanyeah.. will work on that..16:07
slingshot316madrazr: hello :)16:09
slingshot316madrazr: I have just submitted my proposal to Melange :)16:10
slingshot316SRabbelier: I just submitted my proposal to Melange, please take a look at it :)16:10
SRabbelierslingshot316: cool16:11
slingshot316SRabbelier: :)16:12
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|Kev|SRabbelier: A definite +1 (or 12*) rating for the request for admins to see how people scored :)16:42
*** gedex has joined #melange16:42
SRabbelier|Kev|: :)16:44
|Kev|No real rush, but I can't see how we'll reasonably deal without that, come voting time (without asking mentors to duplicate their votes also in comments).16:46
SRabbelier|Kev|: sure16:47
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harlanwhere do I edit the "tags" for the organization?  I'm not seeing it on the main "edit" page17:22
SRabbelierharlan: looks like we lost the field17:41
SRabbelierharlan: in the edit page that is17:42
harlan'k, thx...17:42
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SRabbelierharlan: will add it back asap :)17:46
LetterRipSRabbelier: just another +1 to allow old style scoring17:46
LetterRipdidn't want to deluge you with more emails on it :)17:46
SRabbelierLetterRip: *nod*17:46
harlanappreciated - whenever it happens is fine with me.  I'm listening to cdibona at #NASAoss...17:46
SRabbelierharlan: nice :)17:47
SRabbelierLetterRip: appreciated17:47
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iamaregeehey google appengine works with python 2.6 or jus with 2.5 ??17:55
*** sumitk85 has joined #melange17:57
SRabbelieriamaregee: it works with python 2.5-2.718:01
SRabbelieriamaregee: but on the server it's running on python 2.518:02
SRabbelieriamaregee: so don't use any features from python 2.6 and up18:02
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BetelgeuseAny hopes of getting reopened? I have the UI butchering my name currently.18:31
tpbTitle: Issue 818 - soc - Make shipment name required and remove ASCII restriction from first/last name - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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pacmanmadrazr1: Hi18:37
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr18:37
*** madrazr has quit IRC18:37
*** madrazr has joined #melange18:37
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr18:37
madrazrpacman: Heya!18:37
pacmanmadrazr: Sir, I would like to do the GSoC project to build a better GCI module18:39
pacmanmadrazr: I'm a colleague and friend of Sarath Lakshman, creator of the SLYnux distro and also winner of three GSoC's18:41
pacmanI've partnered with him in doing different projects18:41
pacmanand it is through him that I got to hear about you and Melange18:41
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malexWhy is the drop down menu for mentor assignment empty?19:17
malexOh, got it - can't 'force' someone to mentor - they have to click on the 'wish to mentor' button first... Never mind.19:18
SRabbeliermalex: :)19:19
malexSRabbelier: what good is being an admin if I can't whip them mentors around ;)19:20
SRabbeliermalex: heeh19:20
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eocSRabbeIier: just wanted to thank you for your awesome work on the new UI :-)19:25
eocguess the people than now claim "unusable crap" are exactly the same that told everybody how outdated and uncomfortable previous one was19:26
eocsure, some valid points, but overall reaction feels too negative19:26
SRabbeliereoc: thank you, a lot19:29
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ArthurLiusoooooo, we're basically allowed to have browsers load an arbitrary URL in an img tag upon visiting GSoC's main page?20:06
ArthurLiugood thing all admins are trustworthy :)20:06
ArthurLiu(logos are loaded by URL)20:07
SRabbelierArthurLiu: correct20:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: what are you going to do with an image tag url?20:09
*** iamaregee has joined #melange20:10
gevaertsSRabbelier: collect independent gsoc statistics of course :)20:12
ArthurLiuto be complete, it's already possible to embed <img> in proposals and org descriptions, but this is on the front page20:13
SRabbelierArthurLiu: yup20:13
SRabbelierArthurLiu: and orgs that game the system lose their slots20:14
gevaertsArthurLiu: any funny games would mean no more gsoc for that org forever I would expect20:14
Triskeliosis the maximum size of the new images are 65x65 or 64x64? I notice there are is a 90x40 image in the current lineup..20:15
SRabbelierTriskelios: 65x65, why would it be 64x64?20:16
ArthurLiunicer binary representation20:17
SRabbelierTriskelios: notice alos that the current lineup has smaller ones too20:17
Triskeliostext below the field says "Please ensure that the image you provide is smaller than 65px65px.", which suggests the maximum is 64x6420:17
SRabbelierTriskelios: sure, for you it's 64x6420:20
Triskeliosare you interpreting "smaller than" differently?20:23
gevaerts65x64 is smaller than 64x64 :)20:24
gevaerts65x64 is smaller than 65x65 :)20:24
gevaertsAnd what about 32x128?20:24
* SRabbelier balefires you all20:25
ArthurLiuwhat norm are you using? what if I want to use a seminorm?20:25
*** mmadia has joined #melange20:25
SRabbelierArthurLiu: norm?20:27
gevaertsI'll use *really* small pixels, so I can do 128x12820:27
mmadiare 1135 & action required. is a 150 x 50 logo acceptable?20:29
tpb<> (at
Triskeliosgevaerts: my reading is "largest dimension", but you can certainly go with "bounded area"... area alone would lead to 1x4224 being valid20:29
ArthurLiu"If your logo doesn't fit in this box, then you cannot bring it on the plane!"20:31
gevaertsBut it's just a plain logo!20:31
* SRabbelier tries20:32
SRabbeliermmadia: it's scaled down to 65x2120:32
SRabbeliergevaerts: lol20:32
TriskeliosArthurLiu: exactly what I was picturing for a bounding box20:32
SRabbelieryou people are smart enough to figure this out20:32
iamaregeehey I am unable to run melange... :(20:33
*** mjohnst has quit IRC20:33
iamaregeeneed some help..!!20:33
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: hi any hopes of getting issue 818 reopened?20:34
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: no20:36
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: hence why I closed it20:36
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: Your last comment is wrong.20:36
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: It currently forces me my name on comments to applications to ASCII20:36
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: There is no way to write my name in ASCII that would be pronounced correctly20:37
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: that's an different problem20:37
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: e.g. "Comment form displays first name + last name instead of public name"20:37
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: and what else is the public info first + last name used for?20:38
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: it shouldn't be used anywhere20:39
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: why ask it then?20:39
SRabbelierI have a half-cooked fix for that outstanding20:39
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: it's used for shipping?20:39
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: There is a shipping name field20:39
iamaregeethis is  the error i am facing while trying to run melange
tpbTitle: Paste #4726 | LodgeIt! (at
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: not everybody fills that in20:39
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: remove public name and make shipping name mandatory20:40
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: That will tell people that the name will not show up in the site20:40
SRabbelieriamaregee: pastebin the contents of build/app.yaml please20:40
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: or just remove the whole shipping stuff and make the current one that is already required the shipping20:41
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: indeed20:41
SRabbelierthat doesn't work20:41
SRabbeliersince students might have a different legal address for their cards20:41
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: is there a ticket for showing public name in comments?20:41
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: At least you could add a comment on the form that the public info is not actually public info20:42
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: no there isn't20:42
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: it is public info though20:42
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: If it's public info then UTF8 just isn't acceptable20:43
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: I see your point20:43
SRabbelierI'll take it up with Carol20:43
BetelgeuseThere is a world outside the US20:43
* gevaerts looks around20:44
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: please stop assuming it has anything to do with being in the US20:45
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: it's offensive20:45
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: Because of the US we are stuck with ASCII in general20:46
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: my remark stands20:47
*** malex has left #melange20:47
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: And it isn't offensive that I can't use my real name?20:47
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: the way you've been addressing me doesn't help your case much now does it?20:47
BetelgeuseI would say the communication isn't working.20:48
BetelgeuseIt should be clear that I am neither a native English speaker and from a different cultural background.20:49
gevaertsBetelgeuse: have you considered the possibility that some of the people involved here are also not Americans or native English speakers?20:49
*** orcuna has joined #melange20:49
Betelgeusegevaerts: more than likely20:50
Betelgeusegevaerts: But to be offended by the comment you would need to be American20:50
gevaertsBetelgeuse: good one20:50
*** madrazr has quit IRC20:51
BetelgeuseHere that is used in good spirit.20:51
orcunaSRabbelier: hi, i've created a patch for documents to support templating features20:52
orcunaSRabbelier: i want to show you before i submit20:52
SRabbelierorcuna: whoah, nice work!20:52
SRabbelierorcuna: just send it as a patch to the mailing list, where we'll review it20:53
SRabbelierorcuna: dont' be shy :)20:53
orcunaSRabbelier: ok :) but i want to ask first, i added {{program_name}} as variable20:54
orcunaSRabbelier: what else can be added?20:54
orcunaSRabbelier: i mean as variable20:54
SRabbelierorcuna: ah, that depends on the situation where we'll use the functionality I suppose; I assume it's just passing in a context?20:55
orcunaSRabbelier: yes. so i submit to mail-list and discuss it there?20:56
SRabbelierorcuna: sounds good, go for it20:56
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: To sum up I didn't mean to offend anyone and all efforts to fix the thing are appreciated.20:56
BetelgeuseNow that it's acknowledged that there is an issue.20:57
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: ok, thank you20:57
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: sorry if I snapped at you20:57
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: We've been getting a lot of flak on this and there isn't much we can do about most of it20:58
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: modulo the things you mentioned20:58
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: Well the expectations for websites are pretty high these days.20:58
orcunaSRabbelier: is it any problem if i share it via instead of adding as attachment. (for easier review)20:58
BetelgeuseSRabbelier: Especially in this kind of a crowd.20:59
SRabbelierorcuna: both inline and attach it please, so we can reply inline21:00
SRabbelierBetelgeuse: no lie21:00
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, thanks21:00
Betelgeusethanks and good night everyone21:04
Betelgeuseor whatever time it is :)21:06
gevaertsIt's night here too :)21:06
*** orcuna has quit IRC21:10
*** orcuna has joined #melange21:24
iamaregeehey i tried generating app.yaml form  script/ local-dev21:24
iamaregeethen running with thirdparty/google_Appengine/ build ...thig gave error similar to this only
tpbTitle: Paste #4726 | LodgeIt! (at
SRabbelieriamaregee: I already replied to you21:25
iamaregeeya but whn i am running melange on localhost..21:25
*** dhaun has quit IRC21:27
*** iamaregee has left #melange21:27
*** iamaregee has joined #melange21:31
SRabbelieriamaregee: I asked you to pastebin the contents of build/app.yaml21:33
iamaregeewhen i used scripts/ it created a app.yaml file in app directory21:35
SRabbelieriamaregee: it gets symlinked if you run bin/paver build21:35
iamaregeeand giving the command .... / app/ starts the server21:36
iamaregeeso right now melange is working on the local host..21:37
SRabbelieriamaregee: ok21:39
iamaregeebut i suppose this is not the way it is supposed to be executed ...comparing with getting started guide..21:40
*** m4k3r has quit IRC21:44
*** m1k3y is now known as m1k3y|sleep21:44
*** Talad|Away is now known as Talad21:44
*** jojow has quit IRC21:50
SRabbelierorcuna: how did you figure out so fast only system staff is allowed to create documents? ;)21:53
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC21:55
*** iamaregee has left #melange21:58
*** mjohnst has joined #melange21:59
orcunaSRabbelier: i remember you told me something like that yesterday :)22:10
SRabbelierorcuna: how clever of me to tell you22:10
SRabbelier(and then forget)22:10
orcunaSRabbelier: do you think i should develop it more, add e-mail templating feature?22:18
SRabbelierorcuna: why don't you take on the related issue about that?22:19
orcunaSRabbelier:  its normal to forget as you talk to many students a day :)22:19
SRabbelierorcuna: about sending student emails22:19
SRabbelierorcuna: your patch would get used in the next few weeks ;)22:19
SRabbelierorcuna: ~5k students will benefit from your efforts! :D22:19
orcunaSRabbelier: that sounds good :) do you mean take on issue #320 ?22:21
SRabbelierorcuna: link?22:22
orcunaSRabbelier: or start a new one for this?22:22
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliermost kind22:22
SRabbelierorcuna: that's fine22:23
orcunaSRabbelier: ok, i will take on #320. i didn't used google code before, will i have permission for this (to change status, owner)?22:28
SRabbelierorcuna: I can make you a contributor22:29
SRabbelierorcuna: what is your google account?22:29
*** eoc` has joined #melange22:29
orcunaSRabbelier: yes, it's [email protected]22:30
SRabbelierorcuna: added22:31
SRabbelierorcuna: try22:31
*** eoc|off has quit IRC22:33
orcunaSRabbelier: have you checked me for edit issues permission?22:33
*** gedex has quit IRC22:34
SRabbelierorcuna: I was hoping all contributors get them, will check the docs, sec22:34
orcunaSRabbelier: oh, ok22:36
SRabbelierorcuna: try nao22:38
orcunaSRabbelier: it's now :)22:40
SRabbelierorcuna: excellent22:41
SRabbelierorcuna: feel free to claim the other issue as well and mark it as started22:41
orcunaSRabbelier: ok, will my patch for "templating documention" be aplied yet?22:44
SRabbelierorcuna: there's a style issue22:47
orcunaSRabbelier: ops correct, i will correct it and submit it to the related issue then22:48
SRabbelierorcuna: sure22:49
orcunaSRabbelier: i have a school work for tomorrow and i will turn back to work as soon as possible, thanks for now :)22:50
*** orcuna has quit IRC23:04
Taladhi SRabbelier: should the logo image of the org have a trasparent background or white?23:10
SRabbelierTalad: either works, it's displayed on a white background23:10
*** orcuna has joined #melange23:17
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange23:17
TaladSRabbelier: submitted it now, should the images rotate already?23:22
SRabbelierTalad: see mentor list23:22
SRabbelierTalad: every 30m23:22
Taladok, thanks23:22
*** orcuna has quit IRC23:29
*** Talad is now known as Talad|ZzZ23:33
*** orcuna has joined #melange23:43
*** mmadia has quit IRC23:43
*** monish has joined #melange23:44

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