Tuesday, 2011-03-29

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forzn_SRabbelier: Are you available right now? I'm looking at the project ideas for Melange, and had a few questions about developing tests, and what you're looking for.01:02
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SRabbelierforzn: I'm actually going to bed right now, but please do send an email to our mailing list01:03
forzn_Will do. I'm in Hawaii, so it's still pretty early here.01:03
SRabbelierforzn: hehe, it's 3am here01:04
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* SRabbelier is off to bed01:05
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ArthurLiuinteresting, we can know how many applications a student submitted before submitting ours01:15
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forzn_Oh, Leo - you're listed as a mentor for the testing project as well01:21
forzn_ArthurLiu: For the more fleshed out projects you have on your ideas page, specifically the test suite, do you already have students selected?01:23
ArthurLiuforzn_, I'm not a melange mentor01:23
forzn_Ah, damn, that's ChongLiu, not ArthurLiu01:24
forzn_my fault01:24
forzn_apologies for the mistake01:24
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mjohnsthey, I am trying to build the run melange locally, but I am getting a AppConfigNotFoundError.  I do have the app.yaml file in my app directory though and I am running the code from the directory i checked out.  any suggestions?01:38
mjohnstnot build the run >.< just run ^^01:38
mjohnstwhoa scarry face lol01:38
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nrungtaSRabbelier do you know of any reasons why some of the accepted mentors don't show "Mentors and Admins for organizations I am an admin"?02:54
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mayanks43hey do we get to see our summarized student profile on some link?03:25
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Taladon the student application, can the students attach a document, like a PDF?08:55
Taladwith the actual proposal08:55
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iandees_should i be receiving e-mail alerts when mentors apply?12:37
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SRabbelieriandees_: yes, but you don't at the moment12:42
iandees_ok. i'm 3/4 of the way finished with a bug ... should I keep going or just let you fix it? :)12:43
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SRabbelieriandees_: go ahead and file it13:02
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)16:52
madrazrslingshot316: Hi16:53
slingshot316madrazr: can I borrow a couple of section headings from your cv please?16:53
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madrazrslingshot316: heh16:57
slingshot316madrazr: er, can I?16:58
madrazrslingshot316: my CV is in CC-BY (NC)17:00
madrazrslingshot316: I mean the content of my CV is in ...17:00
madrazrslingshot316: so you are free to use the content of my CV in any non-commercial use but by attributing :)17:01
slingshot316madrazr: sure, thank you :)17:01
slingshot316madrazr: also, I have my end semester exams during the community bonding period, will that be a problem :(17:02
slingshot316madrazr: but i will put that as a part of the schedule in the proposal though17:02
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madrazrslingshot316: sure17:28
madrazrslingshot316: if you let us know you stand higher chances17:28
madrazrslingshot316: the reason is we all know that many many Univs will have exams during end of April or May. So that is obvious17:29
madrazrslingshot316: we need to know how you manage time17:29
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slingshot316madrazr: sure will do that :)17:30
slingshot316madrazr: sorry got dc17:30
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madrazrslingshot316: there are logs for you!17:31
slingshot316madrazr: should I strictly follow the proposal template? or can I make certain changes?17:31
slingshot316madrazr: yes, I read them17:31
slingshot316madrazr: :)17:31
madrazrslingshot316: it is a good idea to cover everything that we expect from you17:31
slingshot316madrazr: definetly will do that17:32
madrazrslingshot316: if you want to add something extra you are welcome, but make sure your proposal won't be too long17:32
madrazrslingshot316: of course we will have to read several proposals. Don17:32
madrazr*Don't make your proposal long and boring17:32
slingshot316madrazr: yea sure, will keep that in mind17:32
madrazrslingshot316: in 99.99% of the cases, long == boring :D17:33
slingshot316madrazr: yea17:34
slingshot316madrazr: one more doubt17:34
slingshot316madrazr: I'm thinking that even soc.modules.gci.tasks should be written17:35
slingshot316madrazr: am i right?17:35
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madrazrslingshot316: should be written? It is already written right?17:35
slingshot316madrazr: sorry rewritten17:36
slingshot316madrazr: i'm sorry, my bad17:36
madrazrslingshot316: slight modifications will be needed because we will change some data models17:36
madrazrslingshot316: it need not be entirely rewritten, like we do for views17:36
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay17:36
slingshot316madrazr: but will GCI models be modified?17:37
madrazrslingshot316: I don't have any plan to let GCITask model to be modified17:37
madrazrslingshot316: it is good as is17:37
slingshot316madrazr: yea, even I thought17:37
madrazrslingshot316: but models related to profiles, need to be modified of course17:37
madrazrslingshot316: we want to use new Profile system17:37
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slingshot316madrazr: this whole idea of task work flow is really brilliant17:37
madrazrslingshot316: :)17:38
madrazrslingshot316: the code is poorly written though :D17:38
slingshot316madrazr: oh well :)17:38
madrazrslingshot316: it is a big big big mess and totally unreadable17:38
slingshot316madrazr: like what modifications?17:38
slingshot316madrazr: i mean for the profile model17:38
madrazrslingshot316: in this rewrite, I want to be very careful in handling those methods17:38
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange17:39
madrazrslingshot316: like?17:39
madrazrslingshot316: the entire Profile system has changed now17:39
madrazrslingshot316: now we have one profile for user per program17:39
madrazrslingshot316: before we used to create org admin entities and mentor entities for user separately17:39
madrazrwell there is more to it17:39
slingshot316madrazr: If i get through, I will try keeping it as organised and as readable as possible with your help :)17:39
madrazrslingshot316: cool!17:40
slingshot316madrazr: well i'm a little confused about the Profile System17:41
madrazrSRabbelier: I have support request for Melange :P17:41
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SRabbeliermadrazr: GO FIX IT URSELF U LAZY MEN17:41
slingshot316madrazr: so a users should have different Profiles for different programs?17:41
madrazrSRabbelier: ha ha ha ha ha :D17:41
madrazrSRabbelier: I even thought I will file an issue for that, but was lazy to do that too :D17:42
SRabbelierslingshot316: correct17:42
SRabbeliermadrazr: lol17:42
slingshot316SRabbelier: cool17:43
slingshot316SRabbelier: can i submit my proposal to the list before i submit it on melange?17:44
SRabbelierslingshot316: you can, but it doesn't add much17:44
slingshot316SRabbelier: oh okay17:44
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slingshot316madrazr: there?18:17
madrazrslingshot316: yes18:17
slingshot316madrazr: should the views be written in user perspective18:18
slingshot316madrazr: i mean, should the views be seperate for mentor,org_admin,student etc?18:18
slingshot316madrazr: the view for the task18:18
madrazrslingshot316: nope18:19
slingshot316madrazr: as hyou18:19
slingshot316madrazr: sorry18:19
madrazrslingshot316: if the view is for a task, how it is in user's perspective? :P18:19
slingshot316madrazr: as you suggested, I will start off with the task view and it deals with the task status, comments for the task etc right?18:20
madrazrslingshot316: you can't really classify as to what/from whose perspective views are written18:21
slingshot316madrazr: okay18:21
madrazrslingshot316: we write those views we want for our workflow18:21
madrazrslingshot316: yes, pretty much18:21
slingshot316madrazr: okay, i'm a little confused about the task view, can you please make it a little clear18:21
slingshot316madrazr: i'm sorry if m asking for too much18:22
madrazrslingshot316: sure ask18:23
slingshot316madrazr: well in the view, we'll first check if the user exists and if the task exists and if its open/reopen18:24
slingshot316madrazr: and then if its open and the student claim it, both get locked18:24
slingshot316madrazr: and from then on the other stages are carred out?18:25
slingshot316madrazr: but should created and approved states be in the same task ?18:25
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slingshot316madrazr: in that case for created/approved .. check_access will be different right?18:26
slingshot316madrazr: as only org admin can do that18:26
madrazrslingshot316: I don't understand your first line clearly as to check whether user exists and task exists. I am not sure where you are doing it and why18:27
madrazrbut yes for task getting locked and carrying out other stages18:27
slingshot316madrazr: one second18:27
madrazrslingshot316: I honestly don't understand what you mean by approved and create states are in the same task18:28
madrazrslingshot316: A task can be in one and only one state at any given point in time18:28
madrazrslingshot316: just think of a state machine18:28
slingshot316madrazr: yes i do know that18:29
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slingshot316madrazr: http://dpaste.com/526759/18:29
tpbTitle: dpaste: #526759: by slingshot316 (at dpaste.com)18:29
slingshot316madrazr: i wrote a very basic view for the task18:30
diofeherSRabbelier, hey, i can't submit a proposal.. i'm logged with my google account, i had an account from last year, but i have to register again18:30
slingshot316madrazr: in the check_access, we check wether the user has a profile in the program and then check if the task he/she claimed is present and is open/reopen18:31
slingshot316madrazr: is this right?18:31
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SukhESRabbelier: Hi. I am unable to access the list of projects/ students from 2010. Is this expected behaviour? (2010 student here)18:32
*** madrazr has quit IRC18:32
SukhEBTW, I am here: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/list_projects/google/gsoc201018:33
SRabbelierSukhE: yes, we're on working on it18:33
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8g1d> (at www.google-melange.com)18:33
SukhESRabbelier: Thanks, I just wanted to confirm.18:33
SRabbelierSukhE: what does it say?18:33
SukhENothing, the page loads but the list doesn't.18:33
SRabbelierSukhE: confirmed, that's weird18:34
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madrazrslingshot316: 00:00 HRS net cut ftl :P18:42
madrazrslingshot316: not sure what this view is doing18:44
madrazrslingshot316: but looks something close to our new views :)18:44
*** nmudgal has joined #melange18:44
slingshot316madrazr: yes18:45
slingshot316madrazr: well i was talking about check_access18:46
madrazrslingshot316: I saw the logs now18:46
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay18:47
madrazrslingshot316: sounds Ok. But that may need some refactoring.18:47
madrazrslingshot316: it is not necessary to go too detailed into the code at this stage18:47
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay18:47
madrazrslingshot316: implementation comes after the plan18:47
slingshot316madrazr: yea, it needs a lot of refactoring18:47
madrazrslingshot316: you will hurt yourself if you go too much into the implementation before you plan how to do it18:48
slingshot316madrazr: yes, i have made a rough plan18:48
madrazrslingshot316: cool!18:48
slingshot316madrazr: and is drafting it now :)18:48
madrazrslingshot316: one very interesting aspect I want to share from my GSoC project is this18:48
madrazrI wish there are other students who see this too18:48
slingshot316madrazr: planning before implementing?18:49
madrazrslingshot316: Lennard and myself worked together very hard, met very frequently (something like once a day specifically for planning) and prepared all the documents necessary to implement GCI module18:50
madrazrslingshot316: you can see them in the wiki today18:50
slingshot316madrazr: yes i did18:50
slingshot316madrazr: and went through all of them more than twice18:50
madrazrslingshot316: then first half of my coding period reduced to mere translation of that design to a language understood by computers18:50
madrazrslingshot316: thats cool!18:50
slingshot316madrazr: sounds very cool18:50
madrazrslingshot316: plan well. Minor implementation details can be dealt later18:51
slingshot316madrazr: now i'm understanding that design is very important aspect too18:51
madrazrslingshot316: and minor details are bound to change, in the very last minute18:51
slingshot316madrazr: sure, i will18:51
slingshot316madrazr: thank you for the advise18:51
madrazrslingshot316: NP18:51
slingshot316madrazr: and also for you patience :)18:52
madrazrslingshot316: LoL! thanks. I always thought I was the least patient amongst all the Melange developers :P18:52
madrazrslingshot316: no where close to how patient Sverre or Mario are. They always surprise me :)18:53
slingshot316madrazr: then i wonder how more patient the others are but you've got some really good patience18:53
slingshot316madrazr: i always was scared of getting a RTFM, but never got one from you and yea sverre is very patient18:54
madrazrslingshot316: no need to wonder. Just notice how SRabbelier takes all the questions here, on #gsoc and on the mailing lists :)18:54
slingshot316madrazr: yes, he very patiently went through my sloppy dashboard implementation and mockups18:54
madrazrslingshot316: ah! RTFMs are always motivational :)18:54
slingshot316madrazr: but scary too :P18:55
madrazrslingshot316: they are not18:55
slingshot316madrazr: hm... yea when taken in a very positive way18:56
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SRabbelierorcuna: please don't PM me without permission19:55
SRabbelierorcuna: ask your questions here, so that everybody can benefit19:55
*** orcuna has quit IRC20:00
*** orcuna has joined #melange20:15
orcunaSRabbelier: sorry for that20:16
orcunai have a question20:16
orcunai want to apply with "export to google docs" project20:17
orcunado i need to submit a patch before applying?20:17
orcunaor can i start doing somethings about job20:17
SRabbelierorcuna: that's always appreciated20:18
orcunai would like to fork melange and try to code startup to offer you or try to submit a patch about a general purpose. which one is a better start?20:21
SRabbelierorcuna: I'm not sure what you mean with "and tyr to code startup to offer you"20:27
orcunai mean "try to write some code for very* early stage of project"20:29
SRabbelierorcuna: preferrably the latter20:30
SRabbelierorcuna: pick one of the recently created Priority-High issues (ask first though)20:30
orcunaSRabbelier: thanks for advice20:35
orcunaSRabbelier: ask first though ** Do you mean discuss here?20:35
SRabbelierorcuna: yes, ask here before starting on anything20:35
orcunaSRabbelier: ok, i'm seaching for an issue  that suits me, thanks for now.20:37
SRabbelierorcuna: sure20:37
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LetterRipSRabbelier: I'd already discussed the issues i had21:15
LetterRipone was mailing lists21:15
LetterRipif you put in an email address then it wasn't parsed21:15
SRabbelierLetterRip: what about them?21:15
SRabbelierLetterRip: that's fixed now though, isn't it?21:15
LetterRipdon't know, i just changed to the expected format21:15
SRabbelierLetterRip: it's validated now, either a url or a mailto:21:16
LetterRipthe point i was making on the list was that it was broken during the 'rish'21:16
LetterRipie when it was mentioned on slashdot21:16
LetterRipwas the peak traffic21:16
SRabbelierLetterRip: what rush?21:16
LetterRipSRabbelier: when the projects are announced initially21:17
SRabbelierLetterRip: there was a peak on the 23rd (before the new UI launched)21:17
LetterRipif you look at the traffic21:17
SRabbelierLetterRip: and traffic has been increasing steadily since the day before yesterday or so21:17
SRabbelierLetterRip: but there was no slashdot peak21:17
LetterRipwell i suspect that the brokenness was an issue21:18
LetterRipjust don't know how big an issue21:18
SRabbelierLetterRip: about 7,370   visits from slashdot21:18
LetterRipSRabbelier: right but around that time is when it was posted to everywhere21:18
LetterRipi didn't mean /. specifically21:18
SRabbelierLetterRip: there's no other site that had a higher referral21:19
LetterRipheh i'm not communicating clearly apparently :)21:19
LetterRiplets say that /. does n traffic, and we have 200 sites that do n/10021:19
LetterRiptotal traffic will be 3n21:20
LetterRipanywho the traffic you are seeing now is likely a lot of 'returning folks'21:20
LetterRipie i'm doing regular checks21:20
LetterRipas are most mentors21:20
LetterRipanywho not saying it was a the sole issue or anything :)21:20
LetterRipjust that it might have had an impact for some orgs21:21
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LetterRipany other gsoc mentor want to have a look at this proposal? doesn't seem like enough 'meat' to keep them busy for the summer - http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/proposal/review/google/gsoc2011/jason_hays/121:52
LetterRipsorry wrong channel21:55
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