Monday, 2011-03-28

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SRabbelierTalad: I'm deploying a fix now, so if you could test it in 40 seconds or so that'd be great00:02
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SRabbelierTalad: plesae try now from
tpb<> (at
Taladok, seems it worked00:04
Taladthe request is accepted00:04
Taladand the mentor is listed in the list below00:04
Taladthe requests remains there as trace00:04
* SRabbelier dances00:05
Taladwhich I think it's the supposed behaviour00:05
SRabbelierTalad: we'll auto-hide completed requests later00:05
SRabbelierTalad: yeah00:05
SRabbelierTalad: which request did you accept just now?00:05
Taladthe only one present00:05
SRabbelierTalad: [email protected]?00:05
Taladthe one I said it worked00:06
SRabbelierTalad: ok, I'll exclude him from the "oops, we messed up" email00:06
Taladcan I test it on the real app now?00:07
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SRabbelierctrl+w fail00:07
SRabbelierTalad: That was on the real app btw00:07
SRabbelierTalad: also00:08
Taladah ok00:08
TaladI thought it was a dev server00:08
SRabbeliercan you confirm that on all org admins are now also mentors?00:08
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierTalad: nope, just a non-default version00:08
Taladyes, confirmed00:09
SRabbelierTalad: allright, switching the default then00:09
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TaladSRabbelier: ok, I see it on default now00:15
TaladI guess the test is done00:16
TaladI go!00:16
*** Talad is now known as Talad|ZzZ00:16
Talad|ZzZsee you00:16
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: thanks for helping!00:16
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anth_xon mentor request pages, "No Page Name Present, Bug a Developer!". this is me following instructions. :-)00:21
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SRabbelieranth_x: *grin*00:23
nrungtaI keep getting an error when I was updating the public irc channel: Enter a valid URL. I thought that it was a valid one (irc://
SRabbeliernrungta: huh00:26
SRabbeliernrungta: I suppose Django doesn't think irc:// is valid00:26
nrungtalet me take it off and see whether it takes it00:26
SRabbelierboth mailto: and irc://00:26
SRabbeliernrungta: it will, but the on-page rendering will be crappy00:27
nrungtaeven after I dropped the irc:// it keeps giving me the Enter a valid URL error00:27
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nrungtathat is so bizzare00:27
SRabbeliernrungta: because it's not a url, doesn't start with http://00:27
SRabbeliereh, I'll disable cleaning on those fields for now00:27
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SRabbelierso you can enter whatever you want00:28
SRabbelieriandees_: I'm disabling validation for that field00:28
SRabbelieriandees_: so you'll be able to enter whatever you want00:29
scorcheSRabbelier: i will leave the application template like that unless you tell me otherwise in the hopes that it might simplify testing for you  ;)00:29
SRabbelieriandees_: including XSS and whatnot :P00:29
ArthurLiuSRabbelier: I'd like to have the onegoogle bar or similar back, is this possible? most notably I'd like to have the signon/logout link at the top right like before00:29
SRabbelieriandees_: but you guys are org admins00:29
ArthurLiuif possible, I'll open a bug, etc00:29
SRabbeliernrungta, iandees_: try now00:29
* iandees_ adds XSS to get all mentors to sign up to his organization.00:30
* iandees_ laughs maniacally!00:30
scorchenaw - we want students - not mentors  ;)00:30
gevaertsWe want new org admins!00:31
SRabbelieryeah, you're orgs though, so we trust you to not do that00:31
* gevaerts runs00:31
nrungtathe power of turning off validation succeeds!!00:31
iandees_tada, works great00:31
gevaertsscorche: can we put the ideas page on gopher next year to see if melange likes that?00:32
nrungtathanks SRabbelier00:32
SRabbeliernrungta: np00:32
scorchegevaerts: gopher support has been removed from most browsers by now  =(00:32
iandees_can i suggest that there be a limit to the number of tags for an org?00:32
SRabbelieriandees_: I think we can just have that be a social convention, no? :)00:32
scorcheiandees_: dont make me make a tag_containing_multiple_tags_about_my_org_like_this  ;)00:33
gevaertsscorche: please, no! That probably breaks my regexp!00:33
* SRabbelier rofls00:33
iandees_i suppoooose :) some of the orgs get more space on the org list cuz they have so many tags.  not fair!00:34
iandees_seriously though, the site looks great!00:34
scorcheiandees_: you can make stuff up too - hell, blender has a tag of "fur"!  ;)00:34
* scorche doesnt think that students will be filtering by the tag "fur" much00:35
SRabbelieriandees_: thanks ^^00:35
SRabbelierscorche: that's a bit disturbing00:35
iandees_"fur" is the tag that came to mind when i was poking through the list :)00:36
SRabbelieriandees_: hehe00:36
iandees_i can't seem to find a link i can send to my mailing lists to ask mentors to sign up00:37
iandees_i see invite links...00:37
scorcheif you are a mentor already, you cannot see the mentors sign up area00:37
iandees_i'm admin00:37
scorcheadmins are mentors  ;00:37
iandees_oh look at that big "mentors: apply!" when signed out00:38
iandees_that should be sufficient00:38
iandees_aww you cropped me out of the mentor summit photo  :)00:38
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SRabbelieriandees_: awr! :P00:39
SRabbelieriandees_: btw, it's best to just link them to your org home page00:39
iandees_k, thanks00:39
SRabbelieriandees_: as that will show the correct link depending on whether they are registered or not00:39
scorcheSRabbelier: ideally i would like to change the application template before students can sign up, so unless it will be worked on "soon", please do let me know to change it  ;)  (i am sure it is far from the highest priority, but...)00:41
SRabbelierscorche: it's actually high-priority00:42
SRabbelierscorche: I've been fiddling with css already00:42
SRabbelier(but wanted to fix the buttons first)00:42
SRabbelierscorche: django doesn't know how to clean irc:// links :(00:45
scorcheSRabbelier: surely there must be something - it cant be too difficult...00:45
SRabbelierscorche: heh, I'm just going to replace irc:// with http:// and run that through the url cleaner :P00:45
* scorche changed his links away from irc:// anyway, as the langing page on the rockbox web site seemed more informative and could be used with, say, web clients as opposed to an irc:// link00:47
Triskeliosare people able to request themselves to be added as mentors now? I want to provide some instructions to our mentors so they don't have to email the admins individually to be added00:47
scorcheTriskelios: yes00:47
SRabbelierTriskelios: tell them to go to the organization homepage00:48
scorcheTriskelios: tell them to go to your org homepage and look for the large box at the bottom of the page00:48
SRabbelierTriskelios: and apply there00:48
Triskeliosexcellent, thanks!00:48
scorcheTriskelios: (hint: you wont see the box unless you are not a mentor for that org already)00:48
SRabbelierno nvm00:49
SRabbelieryou used double negation00:49
scorchehint: you must not be listed as a mentor for that org already in order to see the sign up box00:49
SRabbelierscorche: better ^^00:50
scorches/not be/not already be00:50
SRabbelierscorche: I suppose we can add a box if you are already registered telling you that you are?00:50
scorcheSRabbelier: that would likely be better, yes00:50
scorche"you are signed up as a mentor for this org!"00:50
SRabbelierscorche: can do00:51
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anth_xonce i (as admin) approve a request to be a mentor, is there another action required by the mentor to move the request down into the actual mentor's list?01:04
SRabbelierscorche: validation re-enabled01:07
SRabbelieranth_x: no, should work instantly01:07
anth_xi've approved two requests which are still sitting there.01:07
SRabbelieranth_x: although we show the completed request still01:07
SRabbelieranth_x: did the status change to accepted?01:07
anth_xoh, okay. yes, accepted, but not in the mentor's list.01:07
SRabbelieranth_x: what link_ids?01:11
scorcheSRabbelier: is there currently a way to remove mentors from the list?01:14
SRabbelierscorche: n...o01:15
SRabbelierscorche: there will be01:15
anth_xSRabbelier: jas and de0u01:15
SRabbelieranth_x: they are indeed not mentors01:17
anth_xi've accepted them. the status indicates it and the buttons are gone.01:17
anth_x(not doubting you, just providing more info)01:17
SRabbelieranth_x: when did you accept them?01:18
SRabbelieranth_x: as in, how many minutes ago, approximately?01:18
anth_xrecently. after the "okay, go" announcement. um, an hour ago? not entirely sure.01:19
SRabbelieranth_x: in that case01:19
SRabbelieranth_x: you were hit by a bug in the request processing01:20
SRabbelieranth_x: I've emailed all the people that were affected by 8it01:20
SRabbelieranth_x: e.g., jeff.sickel has an email01:20
SRabbelieranth_x: but I didn't know who accepted the request01:20
SRabbelieranth_x: the request _should_ have been set back to pending01:21
SRabbelieranth_x: isn't it?01:21
anth_xi still see "The request has been accepted." and no button to accept on the resulting page.01:21
SRabbelieranth_x: hm01:22
scorcheanth_x: i see that too here, but they have still been moved down to the mentors list01:22
SRabbelierscorche: different org, right?01:22
scorcheof course01:22
anth_xum, since i asked about this a few minutes ago, two *other* mentors have vanished from the list - including me!01:23
* scorche backs away from anth_x01:23
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SRabbelieranth_x: vanished? oxy clean action?01:23
anth_xwe had three mentors (me, the backup admin, and one guy i accepted before the functionality went down a week and a half ago or whatever). now it's just the backup admin.01:24
SRabbelieranth_x: can you refresh the page?01:24
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
SRabbelieranth_x: do they show up there?01:25
anth_xfirst one has only the backup mentor, as listed on the web page. second one gives a 500.01:26
SRabbelieranth_x: make sure you include the trailing :01:26
anth_xoh, it hadn't. sorry.01:26
anth_xthe two who are missing (me and the other guy) are on that second one.01:27
SRabbelieranth_x: ok, in that case, let me try something01:27
SRabbelieranth_x: deploying a new version, that should fix your caching issue01:31
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SRabbelieranth_x: ok, when you reload your dashboard, it _should_ reload all assets, so you should notice that for example the lists start out missing (because the resources are still loading), please verify that that is indeed the case01:32
SRabbelierwell, nvm01:33
SRabbelierit was the other way around01:33
SRabbelierI broke the lists01:33
SRabbelierand didn't notice because _I_ am having caching issues :P01:33
anth_xer, yeah, i see no change.01:33
scorchenow i only see one entity under "MENTORS AND ADMINS FOR ORGANIZATIONS I AM AN ADMIN FOR"01:33
SRabbelierscorche: yeah, you'll only see mentors01:33
scorcheyou mean admins?01:33
scorchethe person i see if my backup admin01:34
SRabbelierscorche: oh, right, I mean, you'll only see people that are admins but not mentors01:34
scorchebut arent they technically considered a mentor automatically too?  ;)01:34
* scorche ducks01:34
SRabbelierscorche: yeah01:34
SRabbelierscorche: except in that bit of code01:34
SRabbelierlol, nice01:35
scorchei only wish i could make a lobster work in IRC like how i have it on my very useless landing page for my site:  (enable javascript and wait for it)01:36
tpbTitle: Why helloooooooooooooooooooo thar! (at
anth_xlooks more crab than lobster.01:37
SRabbelieranth_x: try now plesase01:38
SRabbelierschultmc: ^01:38
anth_xSRabbelier: still looks like crabs. ;-)01:38
anth_xthe three previously-present mentors are back in the mentor list (yay!) but the pending requests still show as accepted.01:38
SRabbelieranth_x: right, let me fix those01:39
SRabbelieranth_x: those link_ids again please?01:40
anth_xjas and de0u01:40
scorcheanth_x: meh - i like lobsters more - and head-on you would see more legs with a crab01:40
anth_xbut crabs are flatter. whatever, it's your art, call it what you like. :-)01:40
SRabbelieranth_x: ah, you could help me a lot if you gave me the request ids instead of the link_ids01:41
SRabbelieranth_x: (last component of the url)01:41
anth_xback in 5...01:43
SRabbelieranth_x: try now01:44
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anth_xthey now show as unreplied (yay!). is it safe to reply to them?01:47
SRabbelieranth_x: yup01:49
anth_xyay! everything now looks as i'd expect: the request show as accepted and the people are now down in my mentor list.01:50
* SRabbelier dance01:52
SRabbelierI can go to bed now? 0.O01:52
* SRabbelier goes to bed regardless01:53
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anth_xfair enough, as i'd gone to collect dinner. :-)02:09
anth_xnow going to go find a movie to watch. thanks again.02:09
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ptresselSRabbelier, Don't hit me but, the new melange is pretty an' all, but...where is the business end? Is there a link that will go straight to an org's page?03:19
robbyoconnorI agree with ptressel03:20
robbyoconnorI want the old melange back03:20
ptresselWell, I'm just hoping to put in a word for some more blatant nav links.03:21
ptresselAlso, here's something odd: Have a look at the "Personal Availability" section here:
tpb<> (at
ptresselThe link to the timeline is covered by what look like arrow symbols.03:25
ptresselAt least, on Firefox 3.6.03:25
robbyoconnorFirefox4 here03:26
robbyoconnor(not to make it look like an ambush)03:26
*** ptressel is now known as ptressel|bbl03:34
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krowIs there an admin for around?05:42
scorchethey are likely all asleep - whats up?05:42
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krowscorche:  Having an issue with seeing the "My Profile" or "My Dashboard" despite being logged in.05:51
scorcheodd - all i can tell you is it works for me - have you tried logging out and then back in?05:51
*** ptressel|bbl is now known as ptressel05:52
krowscorche: a couple of times :)06:02
krowscorche:  Oh well, I'll ask tomorrow. Thanks!06:02
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forznSo the GSoC page for Melange recommended I ask about ideas regarding 'World Domination'.06:08
forznIs there anything I should know before I submit a proposal tomorrow?06:09
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scorcheforzn: lots, i'm sure  ;)06:10
scorchei hope you have been speaking with the org(s) about it06:10
forznIn that case, I'll keep that one in my back pocket and submit something a bit more tame.06:12
forznBut in regards to actually submitting something, I haven't come to a conclusion on what I'd like to work on yet. Are proposals regarding the published ideas generally preferred, or would it be best to come up with something entirely new, but related?06:14
hypatiathat depends on the project, forzn06:17
hypatiasome are more open to new ideas than others06:17
forznSpecifically in regards to Melange is what I meant. There are 5 fully fleshed out ideas and around 20 one-liners on the ideas page.06:19
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forznI've never participated in GSoC so I'm not sure if those are the primary goals that need to be taken care of this Summer, or if these almost always get filled, and you handle a great number more that haven't been mentioned as well.06:21
ptresselSRabbelier, Another oddity: The old melange used to autocomplete. I'm not getting that behavior in the fields where I'd expect it. For instance in the list of approved orgs here:
tpb<> (at
* scorche fails06:24
tpb<> (at
scorchejust ignore the stuff there from 2008/2009/etc  ;)06:25
forznscorche: That's why I'm here :) I'm looking for information specific to what you want, before I submit a proposal.06:26
scorchewell, that all depends on the org..06:28
forznI might be confused here. What do you mean by org?06:28
scorcheoh, wait - this is #melange isnt it06:28
scorcheignore me - i thought this was #gsoc06:29
forznHaha, it's ok06:29
scorchewell, the advice i gave is still relevant, so dont completely ignore me, but you want some of the melange devs  ;)06:29
forznI'm guessing they're all asleep.06:29
scorcheyou would likely have better luck during times that .eu people are awake06:30
ptresselSRabbelier, one more: After registering as a mentor, on the personal dashboard, there is "You can now apply to Google Summer of Code". The word "apply" is linked to the page of accepted orgs, not to any application.06:30
forznI'm in Hawaii, so that's going to be a problem for me, regardless of the organization.06:30
scorcheforzn: there will always be overlap in times  ;)06:30
ptresselSRabbelier: On the dashboard, there is a section for "my organization applications" and "my requests" but no (obivous) way to either apply to an org or make a request.06:31
forznAt least the early work will mostly be communications, my coding is crippled between 6-10AM06:31
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ptresselSRabbelier: So I'm guessing the dashboard is (at the moment) aimed at students, not mentors. To conclude (and then I'll shut up and quit hinting), the nav tree on the old melange was very helpful, and made it more obvious where to find things.06:38
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akssps011Is the "create document" on melange has been removed ?08:52
akssps011I don't see any option to access my profile on melange08:52
madrazrakssps011: basically most of the things are new08:54
madrazrakssps011: so yes, in the new UI we have not added an interface to create documents for orgs08:55
madrazrakssps011: however we are able to do it at the program level08:55
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akssps011madrazr: so are they still available with the old link ?09:01
madrazrakssps011: org documents, no :(09:01
madrazrakssps011: I am just checking to see if there is a way to enable the legacy URLs09:01
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akssps011madrazr: that would be cool :)09:02
*** k0p has quit IRC09:02
*** Bilal_ is now known as bilalgce09:08
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madrazrakssps011: btw for accessing profile option, please feel free to file an issue09:18
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrakssps011: also btw I now realize that Create Document is intentionally removed09:19
madrazrakssps011: we want to get away from that idea09:19
madrazrakssps011: if you think it is important to you, please file an issue for that too09:19
madrazrakssps011: although if you have an existing document, I think, we can add a way to access them09:19
gedexmadrazr: Hi, do you have any clue why I couldn't invite mentors in my local-devel, the error was available here :
tpbTitle: Environment: Request Method: GET Request URL: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/inv - (at
madrazrgedex: how updated are you on the code base?09:22
gedexmadrazr: just updated sec ago. revision d17769a4305f exactly09:23
*** nirvanai has left #melange09:23
madrazrcheck thus09:23
tpb<> (at
madrazrgedex: that commit broke the code09:23
madrazrgedex: I think Daniel will fix that09:24
*** bilalgce has left #melange09:24
gedexmadrazr: Thanks dude :)09:25
akssps011madrazr: thanks. I think the create document is important. Though there's alternate ways of creating documents but within melange it was a useful tool09:27
akssps011madrazr: I didn't loose any documents. At least was smart enough to back them when the makeover was announced :)09:27
*** eduard_ has quit IRC09:29
akssps011madrazr: Is there any plan to restore the records of previous year GSoCs ?09:33
madrazrakssps011: yes, sure!09:36
madrazrakssps011: for creating documents, please file an issue09:37
madrazrakssps011: if you think it is useful, it might be useful for others too and so it may be necessary09:37
madrazrgedex: NP09:39
madrazrgedex: you can pull the changes now09:40
madrazrgedex: Daniel committed the fix09:41
gedexmadrazr: sure, wait sec09:41
gedexmadrazr: it works!09:46
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Nightrosehey :)12:00
Nightrosethe title of says "no page name present, bug a developer"12:00
tpb<> (at
Nightrosei'm doing that now :D12:00
SRabbelierNightrose: most kind ^^12:00
Nightrose:P i know12:01
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nrungta"The mentors and admins for organizations I am admin for" only shows some of the mentors from the set of mentor requests I have accepted.14:54
nrungtaThe ones that show up are the ones I accepted this morning. The ones I accepted last evening don't show up in the list.14:55
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)15:07
slingshot316echoditto will take care of the GCI UI too right?15:08
*** eoc has joined #melange15:09
eocheya, any way to re-invite mentors if somebody (erroneously) rejected the first application?15:10
eocSRabbelier: ^ sorry for the ping15:19
SRabbelierSRabbelier: they can accept the invitation after all15:19
SRabbeliernot me15:19
SRabbeliereoc: ^15:19
SRabbeliereoc: they can just go to the invite nad hit accept15:19
eocI meant rejection on org-admin side15:20
*** Leo has quit IRC15:24
eocSRabbelier: from what I got, admin: send invitation & admin: withdraw invitation disabled both us inviting the mentor and him applying15:25
SRabbeliereoc: ah, they withdrew?15:26
SRabbeliereoc: that is being fixed this release15:26
SRabbeliereoc: allowing them to resubmit15:26
eocah, great :)15:26
eocso now we just need to wait?15:26
SRabbeliereoc: it's live15:40
*** mayanks431 has joined #melange15:45
eocSRabbelier: then something is borked at least for me. I'm seeing a withdrawn invitation and have no way to interact with it15:47
eocthe mentor in question cannot apply as well "You are already for this organization"15:47
*** krow has joined #melange15:47
*** mayanks43 has quit IRC15:48
SRabbeliereoc: the person who withdrew needs to resubmit it15:48
SRabbeliereoc: if that was the to-be-mentor they should go to their dashboard from where they can fix it15:48
eocI as admin can't -> "An invitation to this user has already been sent." and the mentor cannot do as well, see above error15:49
SRabbeliereoc: they should go to the existing request15:49
SRabbeliereoc: or are they already doing that?15:49
eocthere's no buttons in it for both of us besides the message and all other data15:50
SRabbeliereoc: id of the request?15:51
eocSRabbelier: 647722615:51
SRabbeliereoc: looking into it15:52
eocthanks! (-.15:52
*** iamaregee has joined #melange15:56
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC15:57
*** mayanks431 has left #melange16:00
*** arun_ has joined #melange16:00
*** arun_ has joined #melange16:00
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange16:11
SRabbeliereoc: fix deploying16:12
eoctension rising :)16:13
krowIs there an admin for around?  Having an issue with seeing the "My Profile" or "My Dashboard" despite being logged in.16:16
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange16:16
SRabbelierkrow: sure16:19
SRabbelierkrow: what's the problem?16:19
krowSRabbelier: So when I login I don't see a "My Profile" or "My Dashboard".16:20
SRabbelierkrow: why should you have one?16:20
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC16:21
krowSRabbelier: I am told that I would have those boxes. The root of the problem is that I am trying to find my mentor id.16:22
SRabbelierkrow: are you a mentor already?16:23
SRabbelierkrow: is there a "Register" box on the homepage?16:23
krowSRabbelier: I am told that I am, but I don't see the register box.16:24
SRabbelierkrow: can you send me a streenshot of what you see on ?16:24
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierkrow: there's no "mentors: apply now!" box there?16:24
iamaregeehey is google api the google apps engine only ???16:27
iamaregeeor apps engine is a part of google api ??16:27
SRabbelieriamaregee: your question makes no sense to me16:28
iamaregeesorry for that...16:30
iamaregeegoogled it  ...16:30
iamaregeeclear now..16:30
*** bkgood has left #melange16:30
krowSRabbelier: I'm blind ;)16:30
SRabbelierkrow: hehe16:30
krowSRabbelier: Thanks, I had been told to look up in the left hand corner and I just read skipped everything else :)16:30
SRabbelierkrow: it won't there until you've signed up :)16:31
krowSRabbelier: Yeah, I had asked the person who is running the show for us this year and they had said "you are signed up, it is supposed to be there". Oh well, thanks again, have a great day!16:32
SRabbelierkrow: cool16:33
*** krow has left #melange16:43
*** dhaun has joined #melange16:43
*** nrungta has quit IRC16:51
*** kronos has joined #melange16:53
*** LetterRip has joined #melange16:56
LetterRipSRabbelier: another bug report - you can't give a message with your rejection anymore (I think you used to be able to)16:56
LetterRipa student applied to be a mentor16:56
SRabbelierLetterRip: ah!16:57
LetterRipand i wanted to give a message16:57
SRabbelierLetterRip: good point16:57
LetterRipthat he was applying to the wrong section16:57
SRabbelierLetterRip: will see about adding that back16:58
jljusten1Should it be possible to be both an admin and mentor in GSoC?16:58
LetterRipjljusten1: nope16:58
LetterRipnot allowed16:58
LetterRipohh wait16:58
LetterRipsorry :)16:58
LetterRipthought you said student and mentor for some reason16:58
SRabbelierjljusten1: you're automatically a mentor if you're an admin16:59
LetterRipbrain not awake :)16:59
jljusten1Ah, I was trying to test adding myself as a mentor, but now I can't do anything with the request... :)16:59
*** |Kev| has joined #melange16:59
|Kev|Righty, will spam in here instead of gsoc then :)17:00
SRabbelier|Kev|: sure17:01
|Kev|buglet #1 - It's claiming that the Public mailing list isn't valid, the text suggests it should be a URL or a mailto:, it's a standard URL.17:01
*** ptressel|zzz is now known as ptressel17:01
SRabbelierjljusten1: you probably shouldn't be able to invite yourself, or mentors :P17:01
|Kev|Buglet-that-kinda-isn't #2 - Can we allow other valid URI schemes to the chatroom field, please? Ours xs xmpp:[email protected]?join17:01
SRabbelier|Kev|: mhhh, but the icon says irc, yeah?17:02
|Kev|It does. I'd much rather it didn't, or it changed to xmpp: if it's an xmpp: link :)17:02
SRabbelier|Kev|: there's an issue for that already :)17:04
SRabbelier|Kev|: see the tracker, it has "CONTACT" in the issue title I think17:05
*** kronos has quit IRC17:05
* SRabbelier will bbs17:05
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC17:05
|Kev|Thanks. I'll have to track down the tracker then :)17:06
|Kev|Oh, found it!17:06
|Kev|Ah, my first report was in error, sorry. Bear'd put a trailing space in there, and it doesn't get trimmed.17:07
*** iamaregee has quit IRC17:10
|Kev|SRabbelier: Oh, well, that's especially amusing. I gave up on the xmpp:... thing, and deleted the content entirely. So Melange accepted it, and populated it with the old value.17:11
|Kev|Which is, unfortunately, wrong. I can't imagine why, but it seems Bear typod xmpp://[email protected] instead of xmpp:[email protected] :)17:11
*** ptressel is now known as ptressel|zzz17:11
*** ptressel|zzz is now known as ptressel17:14
*** iamaregee has joined #melange17:16
*** iamaregee has quit IRC17:26
*** iamaregee has joined #melange17:28
*** madrazr has quit IRC17:35
*** iamaregee has quit IRC17:36
*** Nightrose has left #melange17:37
*** iamaregee has joined #melange17:38
*** kronos has joined #melange17:50
*** nmudgal has joined #melange17:51
*** iamaregee has quit IRC17:55
*** iamaregee has joined #melange18:01
*** nmudgal has quit IRC18:02
*** weta has joined #melange18:13
wetaHi. I am an admin/mentor for a particular organization (Freeseer). We're getting a message "Organization Freeseer video recording and streaming suite is not active in Google Summer of Code 2011." when people request to be a mentor. Is anyone able to advise me on what to check to fix this up? Thank you kindly.18:13
SRabbelierweta: sure18:14
wetaSRabbelier: thanks.18:14
SRabbelierweta: did you ever sign up to be an admin?18:14
*** zxiiro has joined #melange18:14
wetaSRabbelier: I filled out the form to apply on behalf of the organization. And when I got the email asking for more information, completed that too.18:15
*** madrazr has joined #melange18:15
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr18:15
wetaSRabbelier: I can't recall seeing any request that I didn't complete. But stranger things have been known to happen. :P18:15
SRabbelierweta: what's your link_id?18:15
tpb<> (at
wetaMy linkid is fosslc18:16
SRabbelierweta: you're only a mentor for python atm, yeah?18:17
wetaSRabbelier: odd, that must have been carried over from 2010. I'm trying to apply to be a mentor for Freeseer for 2011. Getting the error above.18:18
SRabbelierweta: ah, you're right, I was looking at last year's profile18:19
SRabbelierweta: I'll make you org admin, since you created the org profile this year18:19
wetaThanks SRabbelier, I really appreciate the help. Is there something I should have done to avoid you having to make me admin?18:20
SRabbelierweta: done18:20
SRabbelierweta: yeah, you should have filled out your org admin invite in the old system, but it's quite allright18:22
SRabbelierweta: you should see the invite in your dashboard18:22
wetaSRabbelier: shoot, sorry to be a pain - I don't remember seeing it. Yeah, saw that and accepted it.18:22
wetaSRabbelier: we'll give 'er a go now and see if we're good. Thank you kindly for your help. We really appreciate it.18:22
*** rand6 has joined #melange18:23
SRabbelierweta: no problem, sorry that the system is being a pain18:23
wetaSRabbelier: I've been involved with various programs like this. Even with the bumps, it's still very well organized and out in front of most of them! So thank you.18:24
SRabbelierweta: awr, thanks!18:25
*** LetterRip has left #melange18:25
eoctrue indeed18:25
eocSRabbelier: again bothering you though, gnah :-/ I haven't found a solution to our mentor-withdrawn issue, neither mentor nor me can do anything to re-send any invitation or request18:26
*** crodjer has quit IRC18:26
*** iamaregee1 has joined #melange18:26
*** iamaregee has quit IRC18:27
SRabbeliereoc: oh?18:30
*** weta has left #melange18:30
*** madrazr1 has joined #melange18:31
*** iamaregee1 has quit IRC18:31
*** madrazr has quit IRC18:32
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange18:34
*** rand6 has quit IRC18:37
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange18:41
*** rand6 has joined #melange18:44
eocSRabbelier: yeah, can I be of any help to clear this? guess we need the mentor :-)18:48
SRabbeliereoc: yeah, it would be helpful if they could come over here :)18:49
SRabbeliereoc: because I was able to resubmit a withdrawn proposal18:50
eocby accessing the withdrawn invite or via 'invite mentor'?18:51
robbyoconnorWho designed the UI for melange this year? It'd horrid18:52
robbyoconnorhow the hell do I see submitted propsoals?18:52
scorcherobbyoconnor: you dont yet  ;)18:54
scorchealso, constructive criticism goes much further than "it is horrid"...18:54
*** mimico has joined #melange18:56
*** jamesturk has joined #melange18:57
jamesturkhi, I'm the admin for sunlightlabs and I noticed that on we aren't showing up18:57
tpb<> (at
jamesturkthough our page on works18:57
tpb<> (at
*** iamaregee has joined #melange18:58
*** diofeher has joined #melange18:59
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange19:01
*** skbohra has quit IRC19:01
jamesturkseeing as applications are about to start i hope there's a relatively simple solution to this?19:02
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC19:02
SRabbelierjamesturk: interestin19:03
*** sonney2k has joined #melange19:04
SRabbelierjamesturk: I don't know how you did this19:04
SRabbelierjamesturk: your organization is marked as inactive 0.O19:04
jamesturkhow I did it?19:04
SRabbelierthis is reaaaaly weird!!19:05
SRabbelieroh, wait19:05
SRabbelierI think I'm looking at last year's19:05
SRabbelieryes, nvm :)19:05
* SRabbelier facepalm19:05
*** carols has joined #melange19:06
SRabbelierjamesturk: ok, so... yeah, you should be showing up :D19:06
SRabbeliergevaerts: wrong channel19:07
gevaertsSRabbelier: *I* wasn't wrong! It's socinfo that doesn't live in the right place! :)19:07
SRabbeliergevaerts: good point19:07
*** rodrigo_barba has joined #melange19:10
rodrigo_barbahi everybody19:10
SRabbelierjamesturk: so... you are showing up19:10
tpb<> (at
rodrigo_barbacan someone help me?19:11
rodrigo_barbai did a submission to become a mentor, but i don´t wanna be a mentor19:11
rodrigo_barbaa wish to become a participant19:11
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: on your dashboard19:11
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: click on the request19:12
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: then withdraw19:12
jamesturkSRabbelier: so if we're in the JSON but not on the actual page is that a melange bug?19:13
SRabbelierjamesturk: yeah, definitely19:14
SRabbelierjamesturk: I've poked the responsible developer, this is not something I can fix myself atm, my JS chops aren't good enough :)19:14
SRabbelierjamesturk: it's #1 priority though19:14
*** iamaregee1 has joined #melange19:14
jamesturkSRabbelier:  thanks19:14
SRabbeliersonney2k: now, let me look at the invite thing19:15
sonney2kSRabbelier, I tried to invite ckwidmer as admin now19:15
tpb<> (at
rodrigo_barbaSRabbelier: when i go to this page that you told, has nothing19:16
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: url?19:17
*** iamaregee has quit IRC19:17
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: you don't see at the bottom a list with "MY REQUESTS"?19:19
rodrigo_barbaSRabbelier: has nothing in this part19:19
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: aaah, but you did fill out an mentor profile?19:20
rodrigo_barbaSRabbelier: no19:20
rodrigo_barbaSRabbelier: so, have no problem, that´s right?19:21
SRabbelierrodrigo_barba: then I don't understand your question19:21
eoc #gsoc: <danparker> The list of orgs is missing Phylosoc for some reason19:21
SRabbeliereoc: also?19:22
* SRabbelier suspects an off-by-one error now19:22
eocjust reporting, I've no business with them19:22
SRabbeliersonney2k: fix  deploying19:23
SRabbeliereoc: thanks19:23
*** mmadia has joined #melange19:24
sonney2kSRabbelier, ? I still get An invitation to this user has already been sent.19:24
eocoh that one looks familiar :-)19:24
k0pSRabbelier: dude are you there?19:25
k0pI'm not sure if it stupidness of the student19:25
SRabbelierk0p: yes19:25
SRabbeliersonney2k: I said deploying!! :P19:25
SRabbeliersonney2k: it's slow!19:25
k0pbut in the proposal, the image appears with local path19:25
k0pthe student submited a proposal19:25
SRabbelierk0p: lol19:25
* SRabbelier rofls19:25
k0pSRabbelier: in the code html.19:26
k0pwell, ok19:26
*** mimico has quit IRC19:26
k0p<img src="file:///C:/Windows/TEMP/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.png"<- it is the html code19:26
* SRabbelier falls over laughing19:27
k0pso, it is stupdiness ? :)19:27
eocseems like student-in-question did not pass the first selection criteria19:27
*** iamaregee1 has quit IRC19:27
k0pyeah, definally. :D19:27
*** diablo has joined #melange19:27
SRabbelierk0p: I must say I haven't tried the insert image functionality :)19:27
SRabbelierk0p: perhaps it's just that confusing19:27
SRabbelierwe don't have any19:28
SRabbelierso no clue how he got that in19:28
k0pSRabbelier: is there any melange-dev deployed?19:28
k0pjust to play a bit?19:28
SRabbelierk0p: sure, one sec19:29
SRabbeliersonney2k: D'0oh19:29
SRabbeliersonney2k: error deploying19:29
SRabbelier#appengine fail19:29
k0pI just have to be sure, how stupid is the student :)19:29
SRabbelierk0p: lol19:31
gevaertsTo be honest, I'd count "Doesn't know how web pages work" as a plus :)19:32
SRabbelierthe error is persistent19:33
k0pSRabbelier: this new melange is cool, but it does have yet "anti-lammers" feature :(19:34
SRabbelierk0p: eh?19:34
*** m4k3r has joined #melange19:35
k0pnot sure, in the template was a question: previouly open source experience. he point out a commercial website19:35
k0pdamm. :)19:36
SRabbelierk0p: hhehehe19:36
kronosSRabbelier, hey..sorry couldnt work on the autocomplete patch yet.. had been busy with some work.19:42
SRabbelierkronos: *nod*19:42
ptresselSRabbelier, I applied as a mentor, but my admin says the application didn't show up. I'm wondering if it has to do w/ the lack of autocomplete. I typed the org name in verbatim, but maybe that's not enough to get it to the right org.19:44
SRabbeliersonney2k: you around still?19:45
SRabbelierptressel: que? where exactly did you type in the org name?19:45
*** mimico has joined #melange19:45
sonney2kSRabbelier, yes19:46
robbyoconnor(I apologize if I came off rude)19:46
robbyoconnorscorche: sorry :)19:46
SRabbeliersonney2k: AppEngine won't let me deploy the fix; is it critical that they become admin right now?19:46
ptresselSRabbelier, Cancel that -- I'm wrong. I used the apply as mentor link on the org page.19:46
SRabbelierptressel: ok19:47
sonney2kSRabbelier, no not important right now but within this week would be nice - I'd like to have all the admin stuff done by then19:47
ptresselBut I didn't get to the org page via the autocomplete.19:47
SRabbeliersonney2k: sure, hopefully much sooner than that :P19:47
ptresselStill wondering why the application went poof.19:47
SRabbelierptressel: autocomplete where?19:47
SRabbelierptressel: I still have no idea what you mean19:48
ptresselOn the dashboard, there is a "my organizations" section.19:48
robbyoconnorput constructively: the UI doesn't show the workflow clearly :/19:48
ptresselrobbyoconnor, shhh.19:48
SRabbelierptressel: yes, those are the organizations that you are already an admin for :P19:48
SRabbelier(or mentor)19:48
SRabbelierrobbyoconnor: oh?19:48
robbyoconnorgonna heed ptressel's advice,I have a massive case of foot in mouth if you haven't figured that out in the four years I been around19:49
ptresselThere is also an org list that I guessed the link for, so not sure how to get there.19:49
SRabbelierptressel: it's like. this rather obvious box on the homepage? 0.O19:50
ptresselAnd there's the org list that's accessible via the "apply" link on the dashboard.19:50
SRabbelierptressel: "See all participating organizations"19:50
ptresselThat's not what I mean.19:50
ptresselI mean, I can't tell you which of the various org lists it was.19:50
ptresselI'm assuming you wanted to identify the particular input box.19:51
kronosSRabbelier, i read the patch u sent me and also looked at jquery ui autocomplete. the patch uses "/autocomplete/*" url to send datasource to the jquery js code as and when the user types university name. should i do the same thing ?19:52
ptresselSince my application never showed up, it might be that there's a different org list that led to org pages that were not appropriate for applying.19:53
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC19:53
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange19:53
SRabbelierjamesturk: hey19:56
SRabbelierjamesturk: bug identified19:56
SRabbelierjamesturk: sadly we can't deploy atm :(19:56
ptresselCan I suggest something?  That "see all participating organizations" is a tiny line buried amongst graphics. How about promoting it to a nice big "Participating organizations" on the nav bar?19:56
SRabbelierjamesturk: AppEngine is being a pain19:56
SRabbelierptressel: relaying suggestion to our design team :)19:58
ptresselFound it:  This is the org list I used to get to the application:
tpb<> (at
ptresselThat's the one I was thinking would be appropriate as autocomplete.19:58
gedexptressel: In the filter cols?19:59
ptresselThat's what the old UI did.20:00
ArthurLiuhow do I remove a mentor from my org?20:00
ptresselI see it now has instructions for how to use the filter, as in "type a return". ;-)20:00
SRabbelierArthurLiu: you... don't :D20:00
SRabbelierArthurLiu: seriously, you guys _already_ messed up?20:00
SRabbelierArthurLiu: I mean, we give you mentor management, and within 2 days you? :P20:01
SRabbelierArthurLiu: it's on our TODO20:01
SRabbelierArthurLiu: I can manually do it if it's important20:01
ArthurLiuETA ?20:01
eocSRabbelier: guess we were faster here20:02
ptresselOk, I think I see what went wrong with the "application".  It's not an "application" at all -- the word "apply" is not the relevant operation.  It's "request".  The "application" I filled out was apparently a "registration" form, regardless of the fact that I got to it via the org's mentor apply / request link.20:02
jamesturkSRabbelier: glad to hear it's been found20:02
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC20:03
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange20:03
*** lionel_ has joined #melange20:04
|Kev|Oh, minory bugglettes, 'Im handle' should a) Probably be 'IM handle', and b) has an example of, which is almost certainly not a useful example. Also url seems to never be uppercase, which is distracting.20:04
lionel_I found a bug on google-melange20:04
ptresselAfter filling out that not-an-application form, I recall there was a note that read something like "now you can apply to your organization". So I went to the dashboard, and there was an "apply" link, which got to the org list... Which is when I showed up here yesterday to ask if the dashboard was in a form intended for students...20:05
lionel_there are two proposals submitted for kde, the second proposal has a link to the first20:05
SRabbelierlionel_: investigating20:05
ptresselWhat might improve that workflow is a message that says, Wait! Before you can apply as a mentor, you need to Register! Fill out this form, and then Go Back to the org page and click request again.20:06
lionel_there are 3 proposals now20:07
lionel_all linked to the first20:07
SRabbelierlionel_: all linking to the same page? k20:07
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC20:07
|Kev|I guess that should probably have priority over invalid examples :)20:08
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange20:08
*** orcuna has joined #melange20:10
SRabbelierjamesturk: depoyed, you guys are back20:11
jamesturkSRabbelier: thanks!20:11
SRabbelierjamesturk: thanks for finding this bug :)20:11
*** diofeher has left #melange20:13
*** jamesturk has left #melange20:13
SRabbelierlionel_: mind making me an admin for your org?20:14
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange20:14
*** totycro has joined #melange20:15
lionel_SRabbelier: sorry I don't understand20:15
SRabbelierlionel_: invite me to be an admin for your org20:16
* SRabbelier notes to self to add impersonation20:16
SRabbeliertotycro: hi20:16
*** smaranda_f has joined #melange20:16
totycroi guess eoc already told you about our issue, i'm the one who can't be a mentor because of this: The request has been withdrawn by the sender.20:16
totycrois there something i should try?20:16
lionel_SRabbelier: I don't know if I can do that20:17
SRabbeliertotycro: ah, what url are you looking at?20:17
SRabbelierlionel_: I can, what org are you from?20:17
totycrothe overview here:
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliertotycro: ah, it's an invite?20:17
SRabbelierwell doh20:17
SRabbeliertotycro, eoc: we only added resubmit functionality to requests :(20:17
totycroi don't know what exactly has happened, i only clicked at the 'mentors: apply' link20:18
*** kronos has quit IRC20:18
totycroand this invitation is thw only thing in "my requests"20:18
eocyes, that's the odd stuff. it *is* no invite20:18
SRabbeliertotycro: try now20:19
SRabbelierwait what?20:19
totycroStatus: This request has had no reply yet.20:19
SRabbeliereoc: yes it is20:19
totycroerm, i guess that's progress :)20:19
SRabbeliertotycro: so hit accept now :)20:19
*** diablo has left #melange20:19
totycroUnknown Horizons20:20
eocSRabbelier: thanks a bunch indeed ;-)20:20
SRabbeliereoc: np20:20
SRabbeliertotycro: yw20:20
*** rodrigo_barba has quit IRC20:22
*** smaranda_f has quit IRC20:25
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC20:26
gedexI want my org appears in PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATIONS box of homepage :D *seriously I've an idea about this on my proposal20:26
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC20:27
*** zxiiro has left #melange20:28
*** rand6 has quit IRC20:28
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange20:28
lionel_SRabbelier: there is something I must do about the bug of links ?20:30
*** rand6 has joined #melange20:30
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC20:32
SRabbelierlimgad: what do you mean?20:33
*** eoc has quit IRC20:33
*** dan_w has quit IRC20:35
SRabbelierlimgad: ah, I found the bug20:35
*** dan_w has joined #melange20:35
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange20:36
lionel_SRabbelier: you are talking to me or limgad ?20:36
SRabbelierlionel_: you20:37
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*** eoc has joined #melange20:37
lionel_I mean, can I help you to solve the bug20:37
SRabbelierlionel_: no I've found it and am working on a fix20:38
limgadSRabbelier: what is it?20:40
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC20:40
lionel_limgad: a mistake :)20:41
limgadah, ok20:41
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange20:42
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SRabbelierlionel_: try now :)20:44
lionel_SRabbelier: good20:44
lionel_it works20:44
SRabbelierlionel_: excellent20:44
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*** Talad has joined #melange21:35
TaladI have a question21:35
TaladI received a request from an unknown person to be a mentor21:36
Taladand I would like to decline it21:36
Taladbut also send this guy a message21:36
Taladthe issue is that there is no email21:36
Taladthe only thing I see is : Email: contactyudhvir21:36
Taladbut I guess just a chunk of it for security reasons?21:36
SRabbelierTalad: it's a gmail address21:37
SRabbelierTalad: sorry about that21:37
Taladso [email protected] ?21:37
*** jacktheripper has joined #melange21:38
Taladcan be gmail.*21:39
TaladI guess there is one for each country21:39
SRabbelierTalad: no it's gmail.com21:39
Taladmaybe having: xxxx at gmail dot com21:40
Taladwill be clearer21:40
SRabbelierTalad: no will just add it regularly21:40
SRabbelierTalad: but forgot to denormalize21:40
Taladok, thanks21:41
* SRabbelier is somewhat surprised at how lucky they were21:44
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*** nirvanai has joined #melange22:22
durin42SRabbelier: lucky how?22:25
SRabbelierdurin42: found a bug very early22:25
SRabbelierdurin42: link_ids were not being checked for uniqueness properly22:26
*** nirvanai has left #melange22:29
SRabbelierdurin42: ugh, :P22:37
*** eoc is now known as eoc|off22:43
TriskeliosSRabbelier: it would be nice to be provide a link to return to the org profile view after editing it22:45
SRabbelierTriskelios: gedix's got it22:45
SRabbeliergedex I mean22:45
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange23:11
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scorcheSRabbelier: are these "REQUESTS FOR PROJECTS I AM AN ADMIN FOR" supposed to ever disappear?  ;)23:56
SRabbelierscorche: yeah, probably we'll filter by default on status != accepted23:56
* scorche nods23:57

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