Sunday, 2011-03-27

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scorcheso i clicked on "My Profile" and i got "This web site needs a different Google Maps API key. A new key can be generated at"01:30
scorcheis this expected currently?01:30
SRabbelierscorche: yeah, Mario found a fix01:31
SRabbelierscorche: or rather, figured out what was going wrong :P01:31
scorcheok  =)01:31
scorcheso why did they say that the timeline should go counter clockwise?  - that just seems counter-intuitive...01:32
SRabbelierscorche: eh, apparently it's a calendar01:32
SRabbelierscorche: and those are always that way, or something :P01:32
scorche....they are?01:33
scorchei admit, i have never had my calendar in circle-fashion, but it still seems counter-intuitive01:33
SRabbelierscorche: the guys who designed the new look01:33
scorchedoes the "participating organizations" logos rotate, or are only the biggest/most famous orgs as determined by google supposed to be there?01:35
SRabbelierscorche: deploying fix for the calendar widget01:35
SRabbelierscorche: the latter, but we want the former01:35
scorcheso that is on a to-do list?01:36
SRabbelierscorche: why don't you create a so we dont' forget?01:36
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
scorchewill do01:37
SRabbelierscorche: most kidn01:38
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tpb<> (at
SRabbelierscorche: thanks01:47
scorcheI assume that stuff like managing mentors, etc is still to be implemented?01:47
SRabbelierscorche: yes, hopefully tomorrow we'll at least have Requests/Invites on the dashboard01:51
scorcheSRabbelier: there was no previous recommendation for formatting the IRC field on the org profile - due to this, the IRC contact link/button would be quite malformed - if i clicked it, it would lead me nowhere with "irc://" instead of the proper formatting of irc://
SRabbelierscorche: yeah, we weren't sure what do go with01:52
SRabbelierscorche: I'm writing an email to the mentors list01:52
scorcheit would probably be best to tell admins to make it compatible with proper link formatting and then change the field for the profile to attempt to enforce proper formatting01:53
mmadiasimilar for the Public mailing lists01:53
mmadiaeg, mailto:
tpbTitle: FreeLists / Haiku mailing list (at
SRabbeliermmadia: mhhh, maybe we just shouldn't make that a mailto: link01:53
scorchewe (rockbox) dont even have a mailing list button even though i specified one on the profile01:53
SRabbelierscorche: can you double check your org profile?01:54
Triskeliosmost mailing lists require subscription so posting wouldn't be possible immediately01:54
SRabbelierTriskelios: good point01:54
scorcheTriskelios: i was just about to type that  =)01:54
SRabbelierTriskelios: so probably should stay a url?01:54
SRabbelierone sec01:54
scorcheSRabbelier: which field does that pull from?  email, public mailing list, or development mailing list?01:55
Triskelioswow, the new melange site looks pretty slick01:55
SRabbelierTriskelios: thank you very much01:55
SRabbelierscorche: public mailing list01:55
scorcheSRabbelier: I specified something in each field in the org profile, but there is no mail link01:55
scorchefor that, i put this:  "rockbox-dev at is our main development mailing list - subscription info here:"01:56
madrazrSRabbelier: I think we need to check whether the public mailing list is a URL or email type and then add mailto:01:56
SRabbeliermadrazr: nah, I'm just turning it into a link01:56
madrazrthere are organizations which have entered in the email ID format, I just checked01:56
SRabbeliermadrazr: I thought you were going to bed anyway?01:56
madrazrSRabbelier: I was about to, just saw this message01:56
madrazrI am off01:56
scorchei would be happy with it being a regular link where i would put somehting like
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliermadrazr: haha, ok01:56
madrazrSRabbelier: see you01:57
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SRabbelierscorche: ugh, this means email addresses look weird though01:57
SRabbelierperhaps madrazr does have a point :)01:57
SRabbelierscorche: does it show a linky now?01:57
TriskeliosSRabbelier: would be better if full functionality was restored though.. this is quite late to be making changes :P01:58
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierTriskelios: what full functionality do you mean?01:58
SRabbelierTriskelios: pfff, it wouldn't be Melange if we didn't JIT everything01:58
scorcheat least you hope it would be JIT ;)01:58
TriskeliosSRabbelier: mentor management, for one01:58
SRabbelierTriskelios: fear not! :P01:59
SRabbelierscorche: I see an envelope thingy!01:59
scorcheSRabbelier: oh - i didnt realise that those were 2 different icons01:59
scorchei thought that the envelope was some sort of bullet point for each contact method which would be on different rows02:00
SRabbelierscorche: ah02:00
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tpb<> (at
scorchei feel stupid, however maybe this says something about another thing to be improved to make it more intuitive  =)02:01
scorcheyeah - we dont have an official blog besides individual developers'02:01
SRabbelierscorche: perhaps put the envelope thingy at the end? :P02:01
mmadiawould it be worthwhile for "Public irc channel (and network)" to support   ''  or similar web based clients?02:01
tpbTitle: freenode Web IRC (qwebirc) (at
scorcheit does make more sense after seeing that page though02:01
SRabbelierscorche: so that it's obviously not a bullet point02:01
SRabbeliermmadia: atm it's a irc:// link02:02
scorcheSRabbelier: i would just put the information on different rows and have the "button" followed by "mailing list", "irc", "blog", etc in text02:02
Triskelioshm, the org profiles now only list the "public IRC channel"?02:02
Triskelioswhat if the developer one is more relevant to GSoC?02:03
Triskeliospublic mailing list I mean02:03
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Archey guys02:04
Arcis there an ETA when we org admins will be able to manage mentors again?02:04
SRabbelierTriskelios: not sure I understand what you're saying02:04
scorcheSRabbelier: it isnt like there isnt a ton of Y-axis to use up in that column02:04
SRabbelierTriskelios: oh, you want the other emails on there as well02:04
SRabbelierArc: the new site is live02:04
SRabbelierArc: mentors can apply02:04
SRabbelierArc: and technically you can accept them too, but you need to know the url :P02:04
Triskeliosright, or an option to choose the only one listed02:05
ArcSRabbelier: ok, then how can i access the mentor list?02:05
SRabbelierArc: we'll add that tomorrow02:05
SRabbelierArc: going to bed now 0.O02:05
SRabbelierit's 4am02:05
SRabbelier(damn you DST)02:05
scorcheSRabbelier: should I just open up tasks for this then?  ;)02:05
TriskeliosSRabbelier: also where is the org contact email used?02:05
SRabbelierscorche: please do :)02:05
Arci dont blame you, i just want to schedule my weekend out since this is a big chore02:05
SRabbelierTriskelios: probably not02:05
Arcthanks, the new site looks much better02:05
SRabbelierArc: why don't you have the mentors apply?02:06
SRabbelierArc: also, atm, you can't invite them unless they are registered on Melange02:06
ArcSRabbelier: i have a list of link_id's to invite02:06
SRabbelierArc: which they can do by applying to you02:06
scorcheSRabbelier: i just dont want to look silly by opening a task for something that isnt supposed to be working yet anyway  ;)02:06
SRabbelierArc: they need to have full profiles though, I think02:06
SRabbelierscorche: it's fine to add an issue as a reminder that it should be working at some point02:06
Arcyea ive collected that data.  the problem is if they apply through melange and I get their name on a list, I may not know who they are or what group they're with02:06
SRabbelierscorche: we love closing issues as Fixed :)02:06
SRabbelierArc: you'll be able to see their link_ids, which you already have, yes?02:07
SRabbelierArc: their email addresses too02:07
Arcthere's no email address listed or other contact info on the site with their request to follow up, so i go in one direction only02:07
ArcSRabbelier: plus, i have a list, and its easier to go down the list than wait for each one to request and check them off that list02:07
Arci'd kill for a big text entry field to enter them each on a line by themselves or separated by spaces to do them all in a batch02:08
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SRabbelierArc: what do you mean with your first "here's no email address listed or other contact info on the site with their request to follow up,"02:08
SRabbelierArc: that can be arranged02:09
Arcunless the interface has changed, it used to just show the full name they enter and link_id, last year I had to google their names to figure out if they were legit02:09
ArcPSF has over 80 mentors, I don't know who they all are so I have to trust the project leads to give me a list of their mentors02:09
ArcSRabbelier: that would be fantastic :-)02:10
scorcheSRabbelier: i would say something about the massive amount of wasted space on a 1600x1200 screen, but i think i might not have the ear of the common user there...02:10
Arcmaybe some way to batch enter student grades too, on one big page?02:10
SRabbelierscorche: I hear you, and it's a property of usign 960 css, (which means the page is viewable on a 1024x768 screen)02:10
TriskeliosSRabbelier: I seem to be unable to edit my user profile, btw. the result if I submit the form is as if most of the fields were blank (so the submission is rejected)02:10
mmadia404:  faqs:
SRabbelierArc: sure, please create a for that02:11
mmadia404: timeline:
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
SRabbeliermmadia: fixing02:11
SRabbelierTriskelios: were you an org admin/mentor for this year?02:11
TriskeliosSRabbelier: yes, both02:11
SRabbelierTriskelios: but there's no "My profile" link when you sign in?02:12
Arcevery year I end up with a list of students we want in order and need to go through a several hour process of "select 1000 applications to view", "control-f student name", "click on profile, reload until it finally loads", "select grade, submit", "select 1000 views", "verify student grade actually got entered"02:12
TriskeliosSRabbelier: no, it's there, and the fields are populated as before in the form02:12
TriskeliosSRabbelier: if I submit it I get "Sorry, we could not save your data. Please fix the errors mentioned below." and all of the fields are blank except "Public name" now02:13
SRabbelierTriskelios: can you send a screenshot of the page after you submitted?02:13
Triskelioslink_id is trisk, fwiw02:13
SRabbelierTriskelios: oooh, maybe I broke something earlier02:13
SRabbeliermmadia: thanks, fixed02:14
SRabbelierTriskelios: yeah, I broke it02:14
scorcheSRabbelier: sorry - i feel like i am whining without posting patches to these tasks to make the page behave as I would wish it, but I just don't have that kind of free time lately  =/02:14
SRabbelierscorche: thank you, and it's ok02:14
scorcheSRabbelier: shall i also open a task about making each tag clickable which would lead to sorting by that one tag?02:15
SRabbeliermmadia: the irc links are now regular a hrefs02:16
SRabbelierscorche: you can filter on tags at the top02:16
TriskeliosSRabbelier: do you need any more info from me?02:16
SRabbelierTriskelios: looking into it, please hold :)02:16
* Triskelios has a train in catch in 5 minutes :\02:16
scorcheSRabbelier: yes - but i would think that clicking on one would be much more intuitive  (i seem to keep using this word...)02:16
SRabbelierTriskelios: found it02:17
SRabbelierscorche: I think people expect to go to the org's page when they click on a row02:17
scorcheSRabbelier: agreed, but I would expect that the tags would have an easier way to sort by clicking on each tag - this is how it worked back in previous years when we used...i think delicious?02:19
SRabbelierTriskelios: fix deploying!02:19
SRabbelierscorche: hmm, that was on a separate website though :P02:19
scorcheclicking on org name/name cell would take you there, however the tags would sort by that tag02:19
SRabbelierscorche: hmmm02:19
SRabbelierscorche: where with sort you mean filter, yes?02:20
scorcheSRabbelier: yes, but i dont see the harm on looking at what they did to potentially improve how melange works  ;)02:20
scorcheSRabbelier: yes - filter02:20
SRabbelierscorche: valid point02:20
TriskeliosSRabbelier: fixed, thanks for the quick turnaround!02:20
scorcheif it would be too hard to make the listview do it, there could be links made on the tags section of each individual org, though i do think that would be more work to use to filter by02:21
SRabbelierTriskelios: we try02:21
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scorcheSRabbelier: also, i assume previous years have been planned on still appearing, but havent been pushed to the new site yet? - or are those intended to be gone forever?02:24
SRabbelierscorche: the former02:25
scorche(you can go to bed now and come back to answer these questions tomorrow too)  ;)02:25
SRabbelierscorche: they data is already there02:25
SRabbelierscorche: the urls accessible even02:25
SRabbelierscorche: just not advertised, since the experience is a bit lacking atm02:25
SRabbelierscorche: (e.g., profile page is inaccesible atm, should be readonly)02:25
* scorche nods02:25
SRabbelierscorche: and the dashboard isn't quite finished yet either, which you won't notice yet, since there aren't any student projects, but in previous years it'd show :P02:26
* scorche nods some more02:26
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mmadiafwiw, all of socinfo's urls work.02:28
mmadia*those listed in Factoids02:28
SRabbeliermmadia: you're a hero for checking02:29
SRabbeliermmadia: many thanks02:29
scorcheSRabbelier: also, I had my homepage previously display the rockbox logo across the top of it, as i thought it was more aesthetically pleasing than the block of text - will there be the ability to have more control over the home page as we had with the old application (what with also being able to add links to completed projects on, etc), or is it planned to auto-generate based upon information from the org profile and logos02:30
scorchegets implemented?02:30
SRabbelierscorche: the description is HTML02:30
SRabbelierscorche: you can make that link to wherever you want02:30
SRabbelierscorche: same way the old "homepage document" worked02:30
SRabbelierscorche: or is that not what you meant?02:31
scorcheSRabbelier: great - some sort of indication of this for the description field might be handy - though i imagine there needs to be a new webapp handbook/guide written for this site that would address such things as well  ;)02:31
scorchei can use that to accomplish the same thing02:32
SRabbelierscorche: see also the email to the mentor list02:32
SRabbelierscorche: you'll have a good ole' TinyMCE editor there02:32
scorchei just didnt knwo it was HTML before rather than just a plain text field02:32
SRabbelierscorche: except we're having a big of a problem with getting TinyMCE to work :P02:32
SRabbelierscorche: *nod*02:32
scorcheSRabbelier: good thing i dont have to rely on TinyMCE to write HTML  ;)02:33
SRabbelierscorche: indeed, but that'd be a good indication that it's html, yeah? :)02:33
scorchei now see the <p> in the description, so i guess that could have been a clue  ;)02:34
scorcheSRabbelier: is there a link that i could use to get to the rockbox document "homepage" so i can easily copy/paste what i did before the switch was made?02:35
mdcWas just checking out the new UI.  I can't seem to find the admin interface.  Is that part offline right now?02:36
scorchemdc: certain parts are accessible - mainly just editing the org profile02:36
mdcscorche: Thanks.  I'll check back tomorrow.  Just wanted to make sure.02:37
SRabbeliermdc: anything else you were looking for in particular?02:39
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scorche opened as well02:47
tpb<> (at
scorcheSRabbelier: shall i make the next one to continue the conversation about clicking on tags to filter them?  ;)02:47
SRabbelierscorche: why not02:47
scorchethanks again for all of your hard work  =)02:48
SRabbelierscorche: thank you ^^02:49
ArcSRabbelier: oh hey how do additional mentoring orgs get their logo on the frontpage?02:51
Arcit'd be great to get PSF on there, we're one of the larger orgs02:52
mmadia  --- Arc02:53
tpb<> (at
* mmadia was just reading it :)02:53
Arcok so this is going to be done soon?02:56
mmadiaat the least, it's a recorded & known issue.02:57
Arcyou know in the space available there every submitted icon could be shown right now02:57
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Arcthat would be a more powerful statement than a text list02:58
skbohra_Team, the new UI is really good02:59
skbohra_text-align:justify; padding-right:10px; would make description on home page more readable03:00
skbohra_also, I think Contacts are repeated twice, in the side bar and in footer. We can get rid of one of them, probably the one in the side bar03:01
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ratulSRabbelier, even after pulling the most update, I dont' see the homepage as it is now in, is it an error?06:05
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rahulHow can Application Templates be accessed under the new UI?07:57
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rahulWe were previously directing students to our Application Template on our old Organization page, which has now become a dead link. Our new Organization page does not display the Application Template08:45
rahulCan I change this, and if not how do students access the Application Template?08:46
LennieYou can star we'll do our best to solve it08:49
tpb<> (at
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rahulLennie: thanks, I starred it.08:51
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Taladvery nice new UI!10:56
TaladI have a question on where can I find the list of mentors now?10:56
SRabbelierTalad: adding that today10:57
Taladalso seems I cannot edit the tags of the organization10:57
Taladthey display, but are not in the edit page10:57
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k0phi folks11:04
k0pApplication template is not public?11:04
k0pand where is the list of mentors?11:04
k0pit seems a very good work. Just missing this two "features"11:05
SRabbelierTalad: oh! thanks for poitning that out11:07
SRabbelierk0p: the former I'll probably add today11:07
SRabbelierk0p: list of mentors I'm definitely adding11:07
SRabbelierskbohra__: thanks for the css suggestions! Especially the logo one :D11:09
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange11:09
skbohra__SRabbelier: :) my plesure, those were really small ones11:09
k0pSRabbelier: awesome :)11:10
k0pSRabbelier: also, when you click in ideas page, it should be open another page right?11:11
k0panother tab/page11:11
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)11:13
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SRabbelierk0p: doesn't it?11:19
SRabbelierno it doesn't11:19
SRabbelierhaha :P11:19
* SRabbelier will brb11:20
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SRabbelierTalad: hey, would you mind creating a for the missing tags edit functionality?11:20
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange11:20
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
slingshot316madrazr: hello :)11:20
slingshot316SRabbelier: i actually registered with another email address by mistake, can i change it again? my link id is slingshot31611:30
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slingshot316madrazr: hello :)11:34
k0pSRabbelier: and in blogs, it will be cool to have such detail11:46
k0pit's just a minor issue, anyway11:46
madrazrslingshot316: Heya!11:47
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madrazrslingshot316: whats up?11:49
slingshot316madrazr: hey! i'm almost done with the GCI task view and comments functionaity is similar to regular comments right? how is it different from issue trackers comment functionality11:51
madrazrit is not?11:52
madrazrslingshot316: ^11:52
slingshot316madrazr: i'm planning to start drafting the proposal in sometime for porting all GCI views and writing their tests, is this idea still active?11:53
slingshot316madrazr: it is11:53
madrazrslingshot316: of course11:54
madrazrslingshot316: there is no idea on the ideas list we have inactivated :D11:54
madrazrslingshot316: if it is inactivated, we will obviously take it out from the list11:54
madrazrslingshot316: also note11:54
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay :)11:54
madrazrslingshot316: it is a very very important thing that needs to be done if we have to run GCI again11:54
madrazrslingshot316: whenever the next GCI happens11:54
slingshot316madrazr: yea i know and i'm willing to put in all my time and effort for this task.And Porting all the views and testing them will make a complete project?11:55
madrazrslingshot316: awesome!11:56
slingshot316madrazr: can i work on it even after the completion of the period?11:56
madrazrslingshot316: ??11:56
madrazrslingshot316: Melange is an open source project :)11:56
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slingshot316madrazr: as in in the ideas list it says, porting all views and dashboard functionality isn't enough for the project and sverre said that porting all views and testing them all will take the entire project period's time11:58
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madrazrslingshot316: sure, both are possible11:59
madrazrslingshot316: depending on how and what you propose to do11:59
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slingshot316madrazr: i'm planning to port all the views and write tests for them and the dashboard functionality too on which i already did some work12:00
madrazrslingshot316: first thing12:01
madrazrslingshot316: you will not need to port "all" the views12:01
madrazrslingshot316: it is very likely that only a very small subset of views needs to be ported12:01
madrazrslingshot316: many of the new views need to be written12:01
madrazrand of course tests written for them (writing tests for new views is implicit and a requirement. It is not an option)12:02
slingshot316madrazr: yea, sverre was telling the same the other day and i sorry i kind of mixed both12:02
madrazrslingshot316: dashboard == one of the several new views that needs to be written12:02
slingshot316madrazr: got it, so this wont make it to a complete GSoC project?12:03
madrazrslingshot316: again, I can't really say until I see the detailed proposal12:07
madrazrslingshot316: 1. Write new views 2. Port old views 3. Write tests 4. Write dashboard isn't sufficient to say whether it makes a complete GSoC project12:07
slingshot316madrazr: okay, can i mail it to you before i submit it?12:08
madrazrslingshot316: I need to see specifically what are being proposed to make a complete GSoC project12:08
madrazrslingshot316: but keep one thing in mind12:08
madrazrslingshot316: GSoC coding period is spread over just 13 weeks12:08
madrazrand 3 to 4 weeks of additional community bonding period12:08
slingshot316madrazr: yes i will speicfy details of everything including the time i'm assuming it would take for each task12:09
madrazrslingshot316: 13 weeks is not that long time, and you realize that only after you start your work12:09
madrazrslingshot316: so being realistic while proposing12:09
madrazrslingshot316: don't over target or under target12:09
madrazrin either cases, it is very likely that proposal gets lower ranking12:09
madrazrslingshot316: I would not like to get the proposal to my personal mail and comment on it in private12:10
slingshot316madrazr: sure will do, thank you for the suggestions.. will keep all these in mind12:10
madrazrslingshot316: it won't be fair for other students12:10
madrazrslingshot316: but if you send it to our dev list, one of us will reply, when time permits12:10
*** Talad has left #melange12:11
slingshot316madrazr: sure will send it to the list and sorry i just thought you'd review.. no other intentions :)12:11
madrazrslingshot316: there is no need to be sorry12:11
madrazrslingshot316: it is completely fair enough to ask that12:11
madrazrslingshot316: in fact many people in the GSoC community recommend to ask that to potential mentors12:11
madrazrslingshot316: in fact I had asked my potential mentors too12:12
slingshot316madrazr: oh really? :)12:12
madrazrslingshot316: there is nothing wrong in it and you won't lose anything12:12
madrazrslingshot316: if the mentors are willing to, they will say yes or will say No12:12
slingshot316madrazr:  okay :)12:12
madrazrslingshot316: those are the only 2 possibilities anyway and you won't lose anything :D12:12
madrazrslingshot316: it is just my personal opinion that for an Open source project, almost all the things should happen in open12:13
slingshot316madrazr: yep :) i agree12:13
slingshot316madrazr: also the public task view checks if the task is open/reopen and locks the student with that task? and has comments funcionality right? should it contain anything else?12:17
madrazrslingshot316: the entire task work flow?12:20
madrazrslingshot316: if you look at our wiki, there is this document called as GCIDesign12:20
madrazror GCITaskImplementationAndDesign or something like that12:20
slingshot316madrazr: no no! just the public view and yea i went through wiki already :)12:20
madrazrslingshot316: jointly written by Lennard and myself12:20
madrazrslingshot316: you should take a look at it12:20
slingshot316madrazr: yes i already did :)12:21
madrazrslingshot316: the entire task workflow is in the public view12:21
madrazrslingshot316: in GCI, that public view is like one tailed pony :P12:21
slingshot316madrazr: i know, so the new view should contain the entire task workflow?12:22
madrazrslingshot316: I can easily say that at least 50% of the GCI work happens there and 85-90% of the GCI users time is spent on that page :D12:22
slingshot316madrazr: oh okay okay,12:22
slingshot316madrazr:  so this view that i'm writing now will have the entire task workflow ?12:23
madrazrslingshot316: yeah12:23
madrazrslingshot316: wait12:23
madrazrslingshot316: if you can propose a better design, I am more than happy to give pointers to it12:23
slingshot316madrazr: okay12:24
madrazrslingshot316: or review I mean12:24
slingshot316madrazr: sure12:24
slingshot316madrazr: can i get back in ten minutes? will have something to eat and come back12:24
*** slingshot316 has left #melange12:25
ArcSRabbelier: morning12:36
SRabbelierArc: greetings12:37
Arcso im confused, is the icon list being randomised soon, or is it intended for later?12:37
SRabbelierArc: sooner rather than later?12:37
Arcto be honest it just irked me to see the arbitrary preference to promote these 5 above all others, if it were intended to highlight the 5 major orgs KDE and Python should certainly be up there12:39
SRabbelierArc: heh12:41
SRabbelierperhaps we should promote the smallest orgs instead12:41
SRabbeliersince everybody knows the big ones already ;)12:41
Arcsure except i'd imagine the reason to promote these is to show that there's wide support from the community for GSoC12:42
Arcplus, the larger ones are generally large because they umbrella many smaller orgs themselves12:43
Arcsure PSF gets 30-40 students each year, but we also have around a dozen projects under us of varying size12:44
*** orcuna has quit IRC12:56
*** Talad has joined #melange12:58
Taladhi SRabbelier, I have another question12:58
TaladI used the link to our organization on melange to direct the people to our students application form12:58
Taladbut seems that now it's not shown anymore12:58
Taladis there another link to provide to them with the students application form12:59
SRabbelierTalad: will add it today12:59
Taladok, thanks13:00
Taladlooks you will have a busy day!13:00
SRabbelierTalad: no lie13:02
*** mmadia42 has joined #melange13:04
*** madrazr has quit IRC13:10
*** m4k3r has joined #melange13:15
*** mmadia42 is now known as mmadia13:19
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange13:36
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC13:41
*** anth_x has joined #melange13:44
anth_xhowdy. is there a "user's guide" or similar for the new melange?13:45
*** Talad has left #melange13:46
*** madrazr has joined #melange13:48
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr13:48
SRabbelieranth_x: not yet13:50
anth_xk. i'm having a bit of a struggle with the conversion, but i'll try again when i can spend some more time with it. thanks.13:53
*** Torne has joined #melange14:17
TorneI just tried to register as a mentor and i get a 500 Internal Server Error after i submit the form14:19
SRabbelierTome: yeah14:27
SRabbelierTome: deploying fix14:27
Torneaha, thanks.14:27
* Torne prods your non-fixed-width font though. ;)14:27
SRabbelierTorne: hm?14:28
gevaertsOr a tab key :)14:30
SRabbeliergevaerts: wah?14:30
SRabbelieris everybody being vague, or am I being dense :P14:31
gevaertsSRabbelier: "Tome" vs "Torne"14:31
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange14:33
SRabbeliergevaerts: yeah, i was wondering why he wouldn't tab14:35
SRabbeliergevaerts: a crappy font, one of the many downsides of this IRC client14:35
slingshot316SRabbelier: can you please change my email address my link id is slingshot316?14:36
SRabbelierslingshot316: send an email from the old address with your link_id and what to change it to14:36
slingshot316SRabbelier: okay, thank you :)14:37
SRabbelierTorne: fixed14:38
Torneok, will try again in a few14:38
slingshot316SRabbelier: sent :)14:42
SRabbelierslingshot316: I alreadyd did that, didn't I?14:43
*** Syberia has quit IRC14:43
slingshot316SRabbelier: where can i find my link id in the new UI?14:44
SRabbelierslingshot316: on your dashboard14:46
slingshot316SRabbelier: well the dashboard doesn't seem to have it :(14:48
SRabbelierslingshot316: what does it say?14:48
slingshot316SRabbelier: the side bar menu has home,about,events,connect,help,logout14:50
SRabbelierslingshot316: you don't have a profile yet then14:50
SRabbelierslingshot316: were you a mentor or org_admin for 2011?14:50
slingshot316SRabbelier: no i wasn't14:51
SRabbelierslingshot316: then you won't have a profile for 2011 :P14:52
slingshot316SRabbelier: oh the student profiles will be open from tomorrow right?14:52
SRabbelierslingshot316: yeah14:52
slingshot316SRabbelier: sorry my bad, i definitely need some sleep now :P14:53
*** kronos has joined #melange14:54
*** kronos has joined #melange14:54
*** kronos has quit IRC14:55
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC14:55
TorneSRabbelier: thanks, worked fine now ;)15:20
SRabbelierTorne: excellent15:20
*** Torne has left #melange15:22
*** GodEater has joined #melange15:38
*** gedex has joined #melange15:48
*** LetterRip has joined #melange15:57
LetterRiphi all the contact part seems broken -
tpb<> (at
mmadiaLetterRip for IRC, they should update the org profile to be either   or
SRabbeliermmadia: with irc:// prefix ofc15:59
LetterRipok - would have been nice to know this awhile ago :)15:59
mmadiaSRabbelier would the orgs need to use   mailto:[email protected] ?16:01
SRabbeliermmadia: yeah16:01
LetterRipthere is nothing in the form to indicate that is how it should have been done16:01
SRabbelierLetterRip: I mailed the mentor list yesterday :P16:01
LetterRipwhich is really annoying16:01
SRabbelierLetterRip: good point16:01
LetterRipoh - ok i must have overlooked it16:01
SRabbelierLetterRip: it was tagged [Announce] :(16:02
LetterRipwas it in the announcement of the update?16:02
LetterRipok will check the email16:02
LetterRiplook for it16:02
SRabbelierLetterRip: yeah16:04
LetterRipsome annoyances are that it makes assumptions about the data format16:04
LetterRiper the format the information is entered in16:04
LetterRipso it is a link16:04
LetterRipthat gives an error16:04
LetterRipif it wasn't in the format it expected16:05
SRabbelierLetterRip: I don't understand what you eman16:05
SRabbelierLetterRip: you mean we should validate that it's an url?16:05
LetterRipfor the email the form tell you to enter an email address16:05
LetterRipor a sign up location16:05
LetterRipif you entered an email address, then it is broken16:06
LetterRipsame for irc16:06
LetterRipthe data we were told to entered, is not the data that it expects16:06
SRabbelierLetterRip: gotcha, I'll update the help text and validator16:06
LetterRipgreat, thanks :)16:07
ArthurLiuSRabbelier, melange could use some webfonts :)16:08
SRabbelierArthurLiu: bring the patches :)16:08
ArthurLiu+ <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><style type="text/css">body { font-family: 'Droid Sans', arial, serif; }</style>16:09
tpb<> (at
ArthurLiuok, that's slighly indiscriminate :)16:09
SRabbelierArthurLiu: right, we have stylesheets already :P16:10
ArthurLiuyeah I know, I just hacked that in with the Chrome Inspector16:10
tpbTitle: ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing (at
SRabbelierArthurLiu: nice16:21
SRabbelierArthurLiu: patches welcome :)16:27
LetterRiphmm where did the 'tag' editing go?16:27
LetterRipi don't see it on the form16:27
ArthurLiuok, I'll have a look at the css16:27
SRabbelierArthurLiu: cool16:35
SRabbelierLetterRip: it seems to have dissappeared, someoen mentioned it earlier, I asked them to create an issue but  I don't think they did, could you?16:35
LetterRipcan do so16:44
*** skbohra has joined #melange16:44
*** skbohra has joined #melange16:44
LetterRipSRabbelier: link to bug tracker?16:44
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
*** skbohra__ has quit IRC16:46
SRabbelierLetterRip: tnx16:49
*** skbohra_ has joined #melange16:51
*** skbohra has quit IRC16:55
*** LetterRip has left #melange16:56
*** nmudgal has joined #melange17:02
*** tephe has joined #melange17:07
*** gedex has quit IRC17:09
*** gedex has joined #melange17:10
*** rahul has quit IRC17:11
*** crodjer has joined #melange17:27
*** nmudgal has quit IRC17:31
SRabbelierMentor requests are live17:31
SRabbelierAnyone around here that wants to test?17:31
*** skbohra__ has joined #melange17:34
*** skbohra_ has quit IRC17:35
anth_xwhere should i be able to do that?17:42
*** skbohra__ has quit IRC17:44
*** skbohra__ has joined #melange17:44
SRabbelieranth_x: are you a mentor or org admin?17:45
SRabbelieranth_x: on your dashboard you should be able to see all requests now17:46
anth_xyes. the list is empty. how do i create one?17:46
SRabbelieranth_x: ask one of your mentors to apply17:47
SRabbelieranth_x: I'm still working on the invite feature17:47
SRabbelieranth_x: (adding mass-invites)17:47
*** smaranda_f has joined #melange17:47
anth_xah, okay.17:47
anth_xhow do i view the list of mentors for my org (so i don't ask someone who's already signed up)?17:48
SRabbelieranth_x: ah, that's what I forgot ^^17:48
SRabbelieranth_x: adding that, moment17:49
anth_x(trying to find one of my mentors; nobody's online at the moment)17:49
SRabbelieranth_x: awr :(17:49
*** nrungta has joined #melange18:14
nrungtaIt says mentors should be able to apply to our organization on the org homepage, but I couldn't find the correct link.18:17
nrungtacan anyone point me the correct direction?18:17
*** anth_x has left #melange18:19
*** anth_x has joined #melange18:19
SRabbeliernrungta: what url are you at?18:20
nrungtaI am at gsoc/events/google/gsoc201118:20
nrungtaor the dash board18:21
tpb<> (at
nrungtain the "My Requests" part ?18:22
SRabbeliernrungta: that's not the or homepage...18:22
smaranda_fnrungta :   you have to register here with a google account18:23
tpb<> (at
nrungtawhen I click on the org page page .. there is no link to request to be a mentor18:23
tpb<> (at
SRabbeliernrungta: what do you see instead?18:24
nrungtaI don't see the mentors: apply tab that I see on the melange project18:24
SRabbeliernrungta: can you send a screenshot of the page?18:24
nrungtais it because I am the admin for the project?18:24
SRabbeliernrungta: I recommend
tpbTitle: Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and Share (at
SRabbeliernrungta: yes18:24
SRabbeliernrungta: admins are already mentors18:24
nrungtaI was trying to go through the process to give the mentors a step by process of what they need to do18:25
nrungtathanks for your help tpb and SRabbelier18:26
nrungtaare backup admins also mentors automatically?18:26
SRabbeliernrungta: tpb is our link bot :P18:26
SRabbeliernrungta: anyone who is an admin is a mentor18:26
SRabbeliernrungta: they can see if they're an admin by checking their dashboard18:26
nrungtathe new UI looks much better than its predecessor. Job well done.18:28
SRabbeliernrungta: thanks! :D18:29
*** madrazr has quit IRC18:33
*** smaranda_f has quit IRC18:46
*** nrungta has quit IRC18:46
skbohra__SRabbelier: on the  home page putting "Participating Organizations(Total 171)" , may make things more clearer18:49
SRabbelierskbohra__: I don't know how many there are in total when generating that page :P18:50
skbohra__I am feeling that putting the number out there would be appealing :D18:50
skbohra__and $$$$18:51
SRabbelierskbohra__: why $?18:52
skbohra__that's always a good motivation for students18:52
SRabbelierskbohra__: $ is on there :P18:53
*** skbohra__ is now known as skbohra18:54
*** skbohra has joined #melange18:54
*** madrazr has joined #melange18:54
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr18:54
*** kronos has joined #melange19:07
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC19:45
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange19:46
*** mmadia has quit IRC20:16
*** nmudgal has joined #melange20:27
*** AaronCampbell has quit IRC21:00
bkgoodSRabbelier: is there a page in new melange that has the list of accepted orgs with links to ideas pages? I've found but old melange had this list plus an ideas page link for each mentoring org21:06
tpb<> (at
bkgoodor I suppose anyone can answer that :)21:06
SRabbelierbkgood: ideas page is on the individial org's page21:06
SRabbelierbkgood: I can add it as a hidden column I suppose21:07
bkgoodok, yeah knew about that one but just one more click and page load21:07
SRabbelierbkgood: why do you need it the list?21:07
bkgooddon't need, just a convenience21:07
*** anth_x has quit IRC21:09
SRabbelierbkgood: for your convenience:
tpb<> (at
bkgoodSRabbelier: thanks so much! hopefully it helps someone more than just me21:21
bkgoodor, conveniences someone else21:21
*** dhaun has quit IRC21:21
SRabbelierbkgood: it'll be deployed live in a few21:21
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC21:30
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange21:30
*** crodjer has quit IRC21:36
*** skbohra has quit IRC21:44
*** kronos has quit IRC21:50
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC21:54
gevaertsDid four organisations drop out, or did something go wrong with the data?21:59
*** alfonso has joined #melange22:01
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange22:05
*** anth_x has joined #melange22:06
*** atagar has joined #melange22:13
atagarHi. There's a listing in the new ui for 'requests for projects I am an admin for', but I'm not spotting a method for adding other org admins/mentors. Is that functionality still disabled?22:15
*** jojow has joined #melange22:15
SRabbelieratagar: deploying that functionality once I have the go-ahead from the rest of the team22:18
atagarsweet, thanks22:19
* SRabbelier shrugs22:19
SRabbelierlooks like everybody is off to bed22:19
gevaertsSRabbelier: any idea on the 171 vs 175 numbers?22:21
SRabbeliergevaerts: yeah22:21
SRabbeliergevaerts: lazy orgs that either didn't fill in their org profile, or org admin profile22:21
*** m4k3r has quit IRC22:21
SRabbelierI suppose I'll deploy a fix for those who forgot their org admin profiles22:23
alfonsoI was hoping to apply for one of them22:24
tpb<> (at
SRabbelieralfonso: are they there?22:25
alfonsoone sec22:26
SRabbelierthat's not any ninja release, it's a ninja-ed ninja release!22:26
alfonsoso, will I be able to apply for one of those organizations, that were in the list of teh 175, but aren't in the definitive one?22:27
SRabbelieralfonso: ok, you'll be happy with the next release then I hope :)22:27
alfonsoof course I will :D22:27
*** Merio has quit IRC22:28
*** madrazr has quit IRC22:48
*** madrazr has joined #melange22:52
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr22:52
*** atagar has left #melange22:52
*** alfonso has quit IRC22:56
*** jojow has quit IRC23:05
*** yyzfp has joined #melange23:15
*** Talad|ZzZ has joined #melange23:17
Talad|ZzZis the admin of an organization also a mentor automatically?23:17
Talad|ZzZI tried to add myself as mentor, but says I'm already on that role23:17
Talad|ZzZbut on the mentors list I see myself listed only as admin23:18
Talad|ZzZmmm.. after he said I was already on that role, I now see myself listed also as mentor...23:19
Talad|ZzZso I guess my problem is solved.23:19
Talad|ZzZsecond question, there is a request to be a mentor listed from one of our staff members23:20
Talad|ZzZI clicked on it, and accepted it23:20
Talad|ZzZit says accepted23:20
Talad|ZzZbut the person doesn't show up in the mentors list below23:20
Talad|ZzZthe request remains there in the "requests" list23:22
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: yes23:25
Talad|ZzZSRabbelier: means it's the standard behaviour?23:25
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: that was yes to "is the admin of an organization also a mentor automatically?"23:26
Talad|ZzZok :)23:26
Talad|ZzZfor me it appeared only after I invited myself and the addition failed saying I was there already23:26
Talad|ZzZat that point it showed my name with both roles: mentor and admin23:27
Talad|ZzZbefore it was just admin23:27
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: ok, I should be clearer23:27
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: from an access control point of view, the answer is yes23:27
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: that page, no23:27
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: I'll fix that page23:27
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: since this is confusing for people :)23:27
Talad|ZzZok, great23:27
Talad|ZzZwhat about the second question?23:27
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: what is the to-be-mentor's link_id?23:28
Talad|ZzZorganization is Atomic Blue23:30
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: hm23:35
Talad|ZzZhm = heavy mess? :)23:35
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: yes, the person accepting the request is becoming a mentor23:36
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: rather than the requester23:37
Talad|ZzZthat's probably why my state changed to mentor23:37
Talad|ZzZI did both things, invited myself and approved that one23:37
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: ah23:37
Talad|ZzZso he second changed my state then23:37
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: probably23:37
Talad|ZzZok, at least we know there is something fishy23:38
Talad|ZzZI have to go23:38
Talad|ZzZthanks anyway23:38
Talad|ZzZhope will get solved23:38
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: fixing it now23:38
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: will deploy a fix in a minute23:38
Talad|ZzZbut I need sleep23:38
Talad|ZzZI really have to run23:38
*** mmadia has joined #melange23:38
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: sure23:38
Talad|ZzZthanks for your work on it23:38
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: np23:38
Talad|ZzZSRabbelier: the list of mentors/admins disappeared23:42
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: yeah23:42
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: I rolled back to the previous release23:42
Talad|ZzZok, I guess I will check tomorrow23:43
Talad|ZzZfeedback every minute is not going to help I guess :)23:43
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: Actually23:43
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: you can help me test :)23:43
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: if you don't have to go to bed _right now_ :P23:43
Talad|ZzZI have to23:44
tpb<> (at
Talad|ZzZdoesn't mean I do23:44
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: ah, never mind23:44
SRabbelierTalad|ZzZ: broken anyway23:44
Talad|ZzZI see 4 lists there23:44
Talad|ZzZand the request23:44
Talad|ZzZdo you want me to approve it?23:44
Talad|ZzZin the dev site?23:45
*** Talad|ZzZ is now known as Talad23:45
SRabbelierTalad: you'll get a 50023:45
Taladok, I can stay few minutes more if that helps23:46
SRabbelierTalad: *nod*23:47
*** madrazr has quit IRC23:48
SRabbelierTalad: I think I have a fix23:56
mmadiaSRabbelier : is it worth sending a reminder on the mentors list, to nudge org admins to check their org profiles' contact URLs?23:57
SRabbeliermmadia: I already did that, right?23:57
SRabbeliermmadia: in the [Announce]23:57
SRabbeliermmadia: I can send an [Announce] ACTION REQUIRED I suppose?23:57
mmadiayeah, the action required may get more attention.  earlier, i started going down the list of accepted orgs and something like the first 11 out of 15 or so had malformed urls.23:58
*** nrungta has joined #melange23:59
mmadia... if you'd want, i could make a list of those orgs.23:59

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