Saturday, 2011-03-26

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dan_whi all. any melange admins here please?08:22
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BlankVersehii SRabbelier , how are you , did you get time to look at my patch?09:25
BlankVersethe latest pull seems to have css/design broken?09:28
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orcunahi, i have a question10:06
orcunado we have to start an issue and patch it10:06
orcunaor just find an open issue and prepare a patch for it?10:06
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crodjerSRabbelier, since melange has to work on GAE ( has porting to django-nonrel been considered for a code refactor?11:32
tpb<> (at
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crodjerI think it would become much more easier to contribute, using the more familiar orm and battaries11:34
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praveen97umaany melange developer active here?12:01
praveen97umacan anyone tell me what are tag names and tag values?12:02
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SRabbeliercrodjer: considered and rejected12:10
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: they are from taggable12:10
praveen97umaSRabbelier: i need a particular example of a tag name and its value12:14
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SRabbelierpraveen97uma: in GCI?12:16
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praveen97umaSRabbelier: gsoc or gci12:17
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: sure12:17
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: in GCi we have for example the "Easy" tag vith value 1, "Medium" with value 2, etc12:18
praveen97umaSRabbelier: with reference to gsoc : the tags are the languages like python, cpp etc?12:19
praveen97umaSRabbelier : and the corresponding values as 1,2 ..12:20
LennieThe values in GCI stand for the points awarded, if I get the context right12:21
LennieSo I don't think the tags in GSoC will have a value12:22
praveen97umaLennie : ok and is the 'scope' of particular tags  an organisation?12:24
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SRabbelierpraveen97uma: for GSoC, yeah12:27
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Lennieunstable wireless ftl :P12:36
madrazrLennie: still better than unstable internet itself :D12:39
Lennietrue that12:43
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Lenniemadrazr: what are you working on?14:16
madrazrLennie: started working on the form save/error banner for forms other than Profile14:17
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praveen97umaSRabbelier: I need help !! in the file line no. 88   'entity.tags_class(tag_name)' , tags_class is an attribute for which type of entity14:35
SRabbeliermadrazr: ^14:35
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: madrazr can help you with this14:36
madrazrSRabbelier: sure14:36
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praveen97umamadrazr : ??14:44
madrazrpraveen97uma: one moment14:44
praveen97umamadrazr: sorry14:44
madrazrpraveen97uma: for that a bit of understanding is required about how the tagging framework works14:47
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madrazrpraveen97uma: to tag a particular entity, we make that particular entity a taggable entity14:48
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madrazrpraveen97uma: two examples I can give right now are GCITask entity and GSoCOrganization and GCIOrganization entities14:48
madrazrpraveen97uma: so entity there is a taggable entity14:48
praveen97umamadrazr: ok  let me explore14:49
madrazrpraveen97uma: sure. Let me know if you want some help with tags. It needs some explanation in the beginning14:51
madrazrpraveen97uma: also check how we make entities taggable (You can take a look at soc.modules.gci.models.task.GCITask which inherits from Taggable)14:52
praveen97umamadrazr: i was writing test for app.soc.logic.tags.py14:52
madrazrpraveen97uma: cool!14:53
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praveen97umamadrazr: but i made use of the entity14:54
praveen97umamadrazr: and it has no attribute tags_class14:54
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praveen97umamadrazar: i will make use of app.soc.modules.gsoc.models.organisation.py14:56
Lenniemadhu, can I borrow you on gtalk for a min?15:02
Lenniemadrazr: ^^15:02
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nrungtaIs there an update on when we will be able to invite mentors again?15:18
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: thanks for fixing my patch and accepting it , next time i will test it thoroughly before sending :)15:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: sure :)15:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: thanks for working on it15:41
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: i have got some ideas about integrating melange with oter services including export to google docs , should i send a draft version on the ML?15:45
SRabbelierBlankVerse: sure15:45
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok , thanks :)15:45
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praveen97umamadrazr: what does this error indicate? "BadValueError: Property founder is required "16:00
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: pull16:03
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: that's in org profile page right?16:03
praveen97umaSRabbelier : i imported GSoCOrganisation and wanted to create an entity of that type but i am unable to initialise it i think16:05
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: you forgot to specify the founder property16:05
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: see soc.modules.gsoc.views.org_profile16:05
praveen97umaSRabbelier: I should pass it as an element in dictionary?16:08
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: how/why are you constructing this GSoCOrganization exactly?16:09
praveen97umaSRabbelier: for testing module16:09
praveen97umaSRabbelier: line 88 requires tags_class attribute of the entity ... i used initially which does not have this attribute so got an error16:11
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: are you using the seeder?16:11
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: if you call self.init() there's already an org in self.org16:12
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: see test_util:DjangoTestCase.init16:12
praveen97umaSRabbelier : no16:12
praveen97umaSRabbelier : ok16:12
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praveen97umaSRabbelier: i am stuck and am not able to sort out the error17:08
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SRabbelierpraveen97uma: I can't help you if that's all you tell me17:22
praveen97umaSRabbelier: I set some tags for the entity. Then the task is to remove only certain tags from the entity. So, when the function tries to remove it, a KeyError is raised17:24
praveen97umaSRabbelier: it means the tags are not being set..  shall i send  you the code?17:25
madrazrpraveen97uma: paste the snippet in pastebin17:26
madrazrpraveen97uma: let us take a look at it17:26
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: let madrazr help you with this, he's our tags expert17:26
praveen97umamadrazr: here it is
tpbTitle: [Python] - (at
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madrazrpraveen97uma: taking a look17:36
madrazrpraveen97uma: 1st question, you are testing the logic right?17:37
madrazrpraveen97uma: never mind17:37
praveen97umamadrazr: yes17:37
madrazrpraveen97uma: I thought it might not be necessary to use DjangoTestcase17:38
madrazrpraveen97uma: since it is used to test views17:38
madrazrpraveen97uma: but I realize that our test_utils.DjangoTestcase has some useful extensions to it17:38
madrazrpraveen97uma: can you also paste the error you get?17:38
madrazrpraveen97uma: complete console output from the point where you run the test command?17:38
praveen97umamadrazr: yes i am doing it17:39
tpbTitle: [Python] Error_test_tags - (at
praveen97umamadrazr: there was the need of an entity with a tag_class attribute ..  i imported GSoCOrganisation but then i had problem in initialising it so SRabbelier suggested using DjangoTestCase which has and it is taggable17:44
praveen97umamadrazr: initially i used a db.model entity17:45
madrazrpraveen97uma: Ok. makes sense17:45
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ratulmadrazr, I could not be around for a few days, and can't understand the new UI much. for me, the how it works description block, apply template, and feature d project template are not being rendered in the homepage, when I start it. snapshot:
tpbTitle: imgur: the simple image sharer (at
ratulmadrazr, it does not come after login also. can u please help?18:03
madrazrratul: homepage is completely based on the timeline18:04
madrazrpraveen97uma: sorry, I just got distracted, I am looking at your code18:04
madrazrratul: homepage renders differently at different points in the timeline18:04
ratulmadrazr, got that. thanks!18:05
madrazrpraveen97uma: I don't think you can use any random names for the tags18:16
madrazrpraveen97uma: you must use the tag name that is used the taggable entity18:16
madrazrpraveen97uma: for example in case of organization entity the tagService should register with the name org_tag18:17
madrazrpraveen97uma: since that is the name of the tag property in the Organization entity18:17
madrazrpraveen97uma: also you cannot just choose random number of tags for an entity. They must be defined in the entity18:17
madrazrpraveen97uma: makes sense?18:17
praveen97umamadrazar : yes a little little18:18
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praveen97umamadrazar : but are not these functions in used to define the tags?18:19
praveen97umamadrazar: i will go through the code and attempt again18:21
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madrazrpraveen97uma: No those functions are not used to define the tags18:40
madrazrpraveen97uma: the tags are defined in the taggable entity python file18:40
madrazrpraveen97uma: these methods just enable the service which is the interface between the tag data stored and the views18:40
madrazrpraveen97uma: i.e logic18:40
praveen97umamadrazr: ok i understand now the tags must be stored previously and then the logic be operated upon that18:42
madrazrpraveen97uma: yes thats correct18:43
praveen97umamadrazr: let me attempt again ..18:44
madrazrpraveen97uma: sure18:46
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praveen97umamadrazr: the tag itself has been made an object right .. so i have to use set_tags function to seed the tags in the entity.. am i right?18:54
SRabbeliermadrazr: ratul's problem was that he didn't run the generate_app_yaml script18:59
SRabbeliermadrazr: so Mario's CSS changes broke his page :)18:59
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh!19:06
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praveen97umamadrazr: i will have to study the module properly ..i have exams till 4th next month better i attempt after that19:11
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