Friday, 2011-03-25

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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello !05:06
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ankushhi everyone05:58
ankushthis is my first time running the devel version , the first thing that stikes me is that the url and content tells its  gsoc 2009 and banner says gsoc 2011.06:00
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bmwiedemannhi. I wanted to register as mentor, but the function says it is disabled "in preparation of the launch of the new UI for Melange later this week."09:32
Mekthat seems like quite a clear message?09:32
bmwiedemannI thought, Friday was already quite late in the week09:33
bmwiedemannbut maybe I'll just recheck next week09:33
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: heya , says not found10:20
BlankVerseon a local instance we need to run seed_db to get initial data right?10:20
BlankVersewhy doesnt it work on app-engine?10:20
BlankVerseSRabbelier: what files are missing10:20
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lars_kurthDoes anybody know when will be up and running?11:22
tpb<> (at
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: doesn't work on appspot.com12:05
SRabbelierBlankVerse: unless teh version is.. .dev12:05
SRabbelierlars_kurth: later today12:05
SRabbelierBlankVerse: make that "devvin" :P12:06
SRabbelierBlankVerse: see logic/system.py12:06
lars_kurth@Srabbelier: thank you12:13
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SRabbelierlars_kurth: np12:17
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: so what to change if i need to run on app-engine , set debug to false?12:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: set version to devvin12:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: (in app.yaml.template)12:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: **app.yaml12:32
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happysrihello, im not suring if any melange devs are here but if there were I just want to express my interest in building a new admin interface for melange12:59
SRabbelierhappysri: hi13:00
SRabbelierhappysri: it's a bit of a small task tbh13:00
happysrihmm, well Im sure I could think of extra features to keep me more occupied13:00
happysrior try to refine them as much as I can13:00
happysribut yes I guess it's relatively small.13:01
happysriSRabbelier: Hi, I'm sure I caight you at a busy time, but would you happen to know who's mentoring the Admin project. I'm an arts and computer science student and this particular project kind of meets both my interests. Also I had some experince buildin intranets for pocket money a while ago.13:08
SRabbelierhappysri: I don't think it has a specific mentor atm, in particular because it's so small, it's more of a starting point for a student to base their idea off13:09
happysriSure. ok well I guess I will think of something and get back to you guys with an application.13:11
BlankVerseSRabbelier: still doesn;t work on app-engine13:17
BlankVerseSRabbelier: with version: devvin13:17
happysrimadrazr: Hi, The Google Code In Module is one other project Im seriously considering applying for. The  description is pretty clear and I am comfortable with the required skillset too.13:18
happysrimadrazr: I guess I just wanted to let you know13:18
madrazrhappysri: cool!13:19
happysriI really like design new interfaces and just trying to make up a workflow when nothing exists. So I think this would indeed be "cool". :) Has there been a lot if interest in this module?13:21
happysrimadrazr: I really like designing new interfaces and just trying to make up a workflow when nothing exists. So I think this would indeed be "cool". :) Has there been a lot if interest in this module?13:25
madrazrhappysri: there is interest13:25
madrazrhappysri: one or two students have asked about it13:25
madrazrhappysri: also if you see our dev group archives, you will see a student who has sent some mockups for this idea13:26
madrazrhappysri: it will be helpful to take a look at it once13:26
madrazrI will just brb13:26
madrazrI will have to switch my place13:26
happysrimadrazr: That sounds like a good idea13:26
* madrazr that reminds me that I will have to review his patches13:27
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: you sure you set that verison as default?13:30
ankushSRabbelier, there are lot of difference in and my local devel server.. why so?13:34
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SRabbelierankush: what do you mean?13:37
SRabbelierankush: probably just the state of your datastore13:37
ankushthe sidebar is also different13:38
SRabbelierankush: same answer13:38
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ankushon the local devel server, how / where is the data stored? like user accounts? shows a dummy db!13:50
SRabbelierankush: /tmp/dev_appserver or somethign13:50
SRabbelierankush: does it matter?13:50
kronosI tried running melange from the repo and im getting an error. Can someone look into it, it seems to be a problem with mechanize.13:50
tpbTitle: melange - (at
SRabbelierkronos: OS/python version?13:51
kronosSRabbelier, ubuntu maverick .. python 2.6.613:51
kronosI tried installing  mechanize using easy_install and it failed with a similar error.13:52
SRabbelierkronos: curious13:53
SRabbelierkronos: do you have setuptools installed?13:55
ankushkronos, try insatlling it from source, i mean without setup tools13:55
kronosSRabbelier, yeah .. i have them installed .. this is what i got.
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/bin/melange$ sudo easy_install mechanize Traceback (most rece - (at
SRabbelierkronos: can you uninstall them?13:56
SRabbelierkronos: it's no longer supported13:56
SRabbelierkronos: you should be using distribute13:56
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ankushSRabbelier, regarding issue 419 : Forms should be saved automatically and periodically .. we can implemnt this by javascript14:14
SRabbelierankush: well, obviously14:14
ankushalrite, but in the local repo server, there's no link to add a proposal,14:16
ankushexcept the one , which comes right after when we register for gsoc.14:16
SRabbelierankush: what do you mean with the last sentence?14:19
ankushwhen a student registeres himself , a link is provided on the top of the form to see the organisations14:20
ankushand apply to them14:20
SRabbelierankush: ah, I think you found a bug14:21
SRabbelierankush: should only be shown when accepted orgs are announced14:21
SRabbelierankush: which the default seed_db doesn't14:21
ankushexcept that link, which only comes just after the registration, I cant see any other link to see the proposal14:21
SRabbelierankush: set your timeline14:21
SRabbelierankush: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc200914:21
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ankushSRabbelier, what do u mean by set ur time line? no link is working on that page..14:28
SRabbelierankush: there's a form there though, isn't there?14:28
ankushno, it asks for a user profile.14:29
ankushi am login though as a developer.14:30
ankushgot it14:30
SRabbelierankush: eh?14:30
gedexSRabbelier: I found assert was used in access_checker. Is it for debugging purpose? This assert causing AssertionError when I tried submit a proposal14:43
SRabbeliergedex: it's used to find bugs in the implementation14:44
SRabbeliergedex: can you pastebin the failure?14:44
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tpbTitle: [Python] Environment: Request Method: GET Request URL: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/pro - (at
SRabbeliergedex: yeah, you found a bug14:46
SRabbeliergedex: can you write a test?14:46
SRabbeliergedex: or, more accurately, extend the existing test?14:47
SRabbeliergedex: tests/new_views/test_proposal.py14:47
gedex SRabbelier:  I never write a test in DjangoTestcase before, but give me a try14:48
SRabbeliergedex: look at the existing tests, it's fairly straightforward14:48
SRabbeliergedex: demonstrating that an exception is raised is enough, which can be done with just self.assertResponseOK14:49
SRabbeliergedex: which is called by self.assertGSoCTemplatesUsed14:49
gedexSRabbelier: So the assert was used to debug the data and determine whether buggy or not? And it will be removed in the live instance, right?14:50
SRabbeliergedex: yes, and no14:51
SRabbeliergedex: it's a trivial check, doesn't affect performance14:51
SRabbeliergedex: if a bug slips into production it'll be useful to find it sooner rather than later, yes?14:51
gedexSRabbelier: but it will crash early. Does the assert better than Exception and give 404 to public and log the error silently?14:53
SRabbeliergedex: crashing early is good, but you make a good point, we should catch assertion errors in views/base.py14:54
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GedMurphyHi all. Is there any info on when we'll be able to add mentors via melange?15:09
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SRabbelierGedMurphy: later today15:34
GedMurphygreat, thanks15:34
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gedexSRabbelier: Any clue why I got this error:
tpbTitle: An internal error occurred due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a recipe be - (at
gedexSRabellier: There was no such error before when buildout16:14
SRabbeliergedex: when did you start getting this?16:14
gedexSRabbelier: today, after I pull16:15
SRabbeliergedex: what version were you at previously?16:15
gedexSRabbelier: What version of?16:16
SRabbeliergedex: melange16:17
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gedexSRabbelier: Hmm, I don't remember exactly. I just remove my clone and trying pull again after had some heads in my working directory.16:18
SRabbeliergedex: :(16:18
SRabbeliergedex: can you try updating to a version before 8175a1aba355?16:18
BlankVerseSRabbelier: can you plz have a look at it16:20
tpbTitle: Paste #359513 | LodgeIt! (at
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: version: devvin line no. 1816:20
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes, did you set that version as the current one on
SRabbelierBlankVerse: e.g. the page?16:21
tpbTitle: Google Accounts (at
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i have version  2-0-20110323 there16:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: there you go :)16:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: select 'devvin' as default16:22
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BlankVerseBlankVerse: i dont have devvin thr?16:23
BlankVerseSRabbelier: only one version available16:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you didn't deploy the correct version then16:23
BlankVerseSRabbelier: let me investigate16:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it will tell you when deploying which version you are deploying16:23
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kronosSRabbelier, i am running melange locally, when i try to open it, it says "This page is only accessible to developers".16:28
SRabbelierkronos: run seed_db16:28
kronosSRabbelier, hmm.. got it .. thanks.16:29
BlankVerseSRabbelier: awesome man , done :)16:30
SRabbelierBlankVerse: cool16:30
BlankVerseSRabbelier: read more on the homepage redirects to
SRabbelierBlankVerse: huh16:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: read more link at the bottom?16:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: just to let you know ... dont get angry at me :P16:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah!16:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: nice find16:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: cos the blog feed is not16:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we shouldn't display the blog feed if it's not set obv.16:34
BlankVerseSRabbelier: the same thing16:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you want to fix that?16:34
BlankVerseSRabbelier: should i fix it and send a patch16:35
SRabbelierBlankVerse: if you want16:35
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you can do the same for the "Connect with us" block16:35
BlankVerseSRabbelier: awesome16:35
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slingshot316madrazr: SRabbelier hello :)16:35
BlankVerseSRabbelier: getting bugfixes/patches accepted to any OSS project makes me feel so high :)16:36
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yeah :)16:36
SRabbelierslingshot316: hi16:36
BlankVerseSRabbelier: its a line of my own code is running on this beast :P16:36
SRabbelierBlankVerse: exactly!16:36
slingshot316SRabbelier: i wrote a little part of the view, should it contain comments? task type? and task difficulty too? and here is the code
tpbTitle: dpaste: #525554: gci_Task, by slingshot316 (at
SRabbelierslingshot316: it should have comments only if things aren't obvious16:38
slingshot316SRabbelier: no comments as in, the comments that can posted for that task16:40
slingshot316can be*16:40
SRabbelierslingshot316: sure, it should have all the functionality of the old vivew16:40
slingshot316SRabbelier: okay and task type and task difficulty too ?16:40
SRabbelierslingshot316: sure, it should have all the functionality of the old view16:41
kronosSRabbelier, i would like to contribute to melange, can u suggest me where to start ?16:41
SRabbelierkronos: what are you interested in?16:41
kronosSRabbelier, i wanted to apply for gsoc, so i wanted to get started somewhere..16:42
SRabbelierkronos: you could pick up the school name autocomplete patch16:43
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i forgot what the exact path was , i mean templates/v2?16:44
BlankVerseSRabbelier: which one is working currently16:44
SRabbelierBlankVerse: those are in.. templates/v2/modules/gsoc/views/homepage/*16:45
slingshot316SRabbelier: sure and also i added this method to soc.views.helper.access_checker and i should write one soc.modules.gci.views.helper.access_checker right?16:47
tpbTitle: dpaste: #525558: by slingshot316 (at
slingshot316SRabbelier: i need some help with line 1016:48
kronosSRabbelier, i would love to contribute .. can i get some more details ?16:49
SRabbelierslingshot316: right16:49
SRabbelierslingshot316: you should pull16:49
slingshot316SRabbelier: will try :)16:50
SRabbelierslingshot316: we don't change '' in the AccessChecker anymore16:50
SRabbelierslingshot316: that's done in Mutator16:50
slingshot316SRabbelier: as in? i'm sorry i dint quite get it :(16:51
SRabbelierslingshot316: you assign to self.data16:51
SRabbelierslingshot316: GCITask.get_by_id(id,
slingshot316SRabbelier: oh i shouldn't do it ?16:51
SRabbelierslingshot316: you should do that in the Mutator16:51
slingshot316SRabbelier: oh okay and that is in? soc.views.helper.access_checker?16:52
SRabbelierslingshot316: right16:52
SRabbelierslingshot316: at the top16:52
slingshot316SRabbelier: i'm not able to find Mutator in access_checker16:54
slingshot316SRabbelier: sorry got it16:55
slingshot316SRabbelier: overlooked, my bad16:55
kronosSRabbelier, can i get some details about the school name autocomplete patch ?16:56
SRabbelierkronos: yes, it's in our tracker16:57
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierkronos: you'll have to port it16:58
SRabbelierkronos: and make changes to soc.modules.gsoc.views.profile16:58
kronosSRabbelier, ok..i'll get back if i have any problems..17:02
tpbTitle: Paste #359527 | LodgeIt! (at
BlankVerseis this correct , it fixed the connect_with_us part17:03
BlankVerseSRabbelier: seems i did it wrong17:06
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: hmph, actually, I need to refactor that17:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: heh, look at templates/v2/modules/gsoc/org_home/*17:14
BlankVerseSRabbelier: actually in modules/gsoc/views/ , it gets passed always17:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: right17:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so look at org_home17:15
SRabbelierthere it's fixed17:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but those two templates are the same17:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: as in, copy pasted17:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: they should be factored out17:15
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: which page loads these templates?17:18
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes17:18
BlankVerseSRabbelier: how to know which template is called by which view or loads at which url?17:19
SRabbelierBlankVerse: the templatePath method17:19
kronosSRabbelier, where can i get that patch ?17:20
BlankVerseSRabbelier: they all point to "v2/modules/gsoc/homepage/17:20
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ./modules/gsoc/views/ gets loaded at which url?17:21
SRabbelierkronos: it tells you :)17:21
SRabbelierkronos: see getDjangoUrlPatterns17:22
BlankVerse url(r'^gsoc/org/%s$' % url_patterns.ORG, self,17:22
SRabbeliergedex: how's that test coming along?17:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: exactly17:22
SRabbelierkronos: sec17:24
BlankVerseSRabbelier: checking to display or not id done in the template right?17:26
BlankVerseSRabbelier: {%if blah%} do something17:26
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yeah, in _contact.html17:27
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah , but these have nothing to do with homepage17:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: right, but they do the same thing, no? :)17:28
gedexSRabbelier: Still updating to other version and waiting the buildout; anyone want to takeover?17:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: they show a box with contact information, with the exact same fields in both cases17:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so it should become a Template17:29
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah , but to fix connect with us and blog feed , i need to fix the hompage/*17:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes, so after you factor out the one from org_home (which does behave correctly), make homepage use that too, fixing it17:30
*** crodjer has joined #melange17:30
BlankVerseSRabbelier: can you plz give me a url to test org_home pages?17:31
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i cant get the right path to check those pages17:31
SRabbelierBlankVerse: click through from the accepted orgs page17:31
BlankVerseSRabbelier: and where is this accepted_orgs page?17:33
SRabbelierBlankVerse: if you set the timeline appropriately it'll show up17:33
SRabbelierBlankVerse: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc200917:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: that works17:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: cool17:34
BlankVerseSRabbelier: but still no accepted orgs page there...17:35
BlankVerseSRabbelier: can u give a link to accepted orgs page17:36
SRabbelierBlankVerse: did you set "accepted orgs announced on ..." to some date in the past?17:36
BlankVerseSRabbelier: no17:37
SRabbelierBlankVerse: that's what you should do :P17:37
*** dhaun has joined #melange17:38
BlankVerseSRabbelier: set in past , but still cant figure out17:38
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what do you mean?17:38
BlankVersehttp://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/show/google/gsoc2009 does this break for you17:38
BlankVersewhere should this accepted_orgs link be in the left sidebar?17:39
BlankVerseon the timeline page u last sent17:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: there's no show page17:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: only edit17:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: also, it's not in the sidebar17:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it should be on the homepage17:40
BlankVerseSRabbelier: got it17:40
BlankVerseSRabbelier: srry17:40
BlankVerseSRabbelier: btw , lots of links seem to be broken , is it in a very alpha phase?17:41
BlankVerseSRabbelier: or just because its beign re-written17:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what you see at http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc2009 is the old UI17:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it's just that we haven't ported the edit timeline page17:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so we used the old UI17:41
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok17:42
gedexSRabbelier: Still get same problem after updating to previous version 8175a1aba355. Might be the zc.buildout?17:43
SRabbeliergedex: you think they changed it?17:44
gedexSRabbelier: I am not sure. The error always the same, when trying to get distribution for 'mechanize>=0.2.0'.17:46
kronosgedex, i was getting the same error, i built mechanize manually .17:48
gedexkronos: what url to get the mechanize distribution?17:51
tpb<> (at
gedexkronos: Using easy_install manually also generate the same error. Ok thanks17:53
kronosgedex, welcome :)17:54
SRabbelierkronos: what did you do with it after you downloaded it?17:54
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kronosSRabbelier, extracted it and ran "sudo python install" (installed it)17:54
*** lars_kurth has joined #melange17:54
SRabbelierkronos: ah17:55
SRabbelierkronos: I have the patch17:55
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kronosSRabbelier, can u send it to me somehow.17:56
SRabbelierkronos: what's your email?17:56
SRabbelierkronos: I'll cc you17:56
kronosSRabbelier, [email protected]17:56
gedexSRabbelier: patch for mechanize problem ?17:58
SRabbeliergedex: no, university list :)18:00
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SRabbelierkronos: is your first name Bhargav?18:01
kronosSRabbelier, yeah .18:01
SRabbelierkronos: ok :), didn't want to misaddress you18:01
gedexkronos: It works like charm18:08
gedexkronos: thanks man18:08
kronosgedex, :)18:08
SRabbelierkronos: see email18:09
SRabbelierkronos: and thanks for helping out gedex :)18:09
kronosSRabbelier, got it .18:10
SRabbelierkronos: excellent, let us know if you can't implement this before, say, tomorrow :P18:10
*** lars_kurth has joined #melange18:27
*** kronos has quit IRC18:29
*** madrazr has quit IRC18:34
SRabbeliergedex: dude, awesome with the university data :P18:34
*** nrungta has joined #melange18:35
gedexSRabbelier: I am not sure if it is legal or not crawling the data from linkedin and webometric :p18:35
gedexSRabbelier: I think it's fine if we used it on development18:36
SRabbeliergedex: check their TOS I suppose?18:36
nrungtaIs there an estimate on when we will be able to invite mentors again?18:36
SRabbeliernrungta: later today18:36
nrungtathanks SRabbelier18:36
SRabbeliernrungta: barring any major explosions18:36
*** madrazr has joined #melange18:39
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr18:39
*** lars_kurth has quit IRC18:41
*** lars_kurth has joined #melange18:45
*** kronos has joined #melange18:48
*** kronos has joined #melange18:48
*** lars_kurth has quit IRC18:50
*** lars_kurth has joined #melange18:50
BlankVerseSRabbelier: what needs to be refactored in hompage/ in ways similar to org_home/ ?18:54
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what would your best guess be?18:54
*** kstreith has joined #melange18:55
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i have never refactored any code to be honest18:55
SRabbelierBlankVerse: well, look for duplication18:57
SRabbelierBlankVerse: between org_home's Contact us box, and the one on homepage18:57
BlankVerseBlankVerse: and move it from org_home's to homepage's18:58
*** kstreith has quit IRC18:59
SRabbelierBlankVerse: factor it out18:59
SRabbelierBlankVerse: put it in a common place where they can both use it18:59
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok19:00
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yay , now connect with us is working(not showning up) :)19:05
SRabbelierBlankVerse: cool!19:07
BlankVerseSRabbelier: should i move the blog feed out of base.html ?19:07
BlankVerseSRabbelier: similar to other blocks19:08
BlankVerseSRabbelier: to make it usable for both19:08
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes!19:08
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you're a natural talent at refactoring  :)19:08
SRabbeliermadrazr: shame on you for not doing that in the first place!19:08
* SRabbelier puts madrazr in the naughty chair19:09
BlankVerseSRabbelier: thanks , shame on you madrazr :P19:09
*** lars_kurth has quit IRC19:09
madrazrSRabbelier: heh19:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: that'll teach you! :P19:10
* SRabbelier kicks AppEngine in the shins for taking a small eternity to deploy19:11
madrazrSRabbelier: LoL!19:11
madrazrSRabbelier: as far as blog block is concerned, I would not factor out the common code. The code that is necessary to use it will only be slightly smaller than the actual code itself19:12
madrazrBlankVerse: too19:12
madrazrbut contact block yes, I agree19:12
* SRabbelier did not look at the code19:13
*** jainbasil has left #melange19:13
BlankVersemadrazr: so let the blog block not be refactored !19:14
madrazrBlankVerse: Ok19:15
BlankVerseBlankVerse: how do i send the code , as patch or a merge request(if google code has such a feature)?19:15
BlankVerseshould i just send "hg diff"?19:15
madrazrBlankVerse: send the  hg export19:16
madrazrBlankVerse: commit your code snippet19:16
BlankVersemadrazr: ok19:16
madrazrand do hg export -r <rev number of your commit>19:16
BlankVersemadrazr: a very naive question about refactoring , once you get the common code to a new file , how do i use that in both the initial code , they are on different folders ...19:20
BlankVersemadrazr: apply.render uses _apply.html in the same folder , right?19:20
gedexBlankVerse: hg export tip > patch would do if you updated to tip19:20
BlankVersegedex: thanks for that "tip" (pun intended) :P19:21
madrazrBlankVerse: apply is an object of the class Template19:22
madrazrBlankVerse: this object has the method templatePath19:23
madrazrBlankVerse: which is a the path starting from v2/modules/...19:23
madrazrBlankVerse: you can specify the right template19:23
BlankVersemadrazr: got it , i was thinking about the same thing , thanks19:24
BlankVersemadrazr: apply is an object of class Apply , where has it been declared?19:29
BlankVersemadrazr: oops passed as context apply , i got it19:31
madrazrBlankVerse: cool!19:31
* SRabbelier will be AFK for a few19:35
BlankVersemadrazr: should i pull before commiting?19:36
madrazrBlankVerse: not really necessary, but it really depends19:38
madrazrBlankVerse: you can always commit and rebase your patch in most of the cases19:38
tpbTitle: Paste #359607 | LodgeIt! (at
BlankVersemadrazr: my first patch to melange , can you please review it?19:40
BlankVersemadrazr: should i send it to ml?19:40
madrazrBlankVerse: send it to the dev list19:40
madrazrBlankVerse: attach the patch, as well as inline it19:40
madrazreasier for review19:41
BlankVersemadrazr: ok19:41
madrazrBlankVerse: you need to sign the google CLA, before we can accept the patch19:41
madrazrBlankVerse: so please do19:41
tpb<> (at
madrazrsign the CLA there19:41
BlankVersemadrazr: done19:44
BlankVersemadrazr: should i inline it , its more than 50 lines19:45
madrazrBlankVerse: yes19:46
BlankVersemadrazr: ok19:46
madrazrBlankVerse: both inline and attach19:46
BlankVersemadrazr: i forgot to attach :( , should i send another mail as reply to it?19:51
madrazrBlankVerse: its Ok19:52
madrazrBlankVerse: attach in the subsequent mails19:52
BlankVersemadrazr: ok , let people review and comment on the bad parts first :P19:52
BlankVersemadrazr: anyways , it needs to be modifed19:53
BlankVersemadrazr: can you also plz give some suggestions on it?19:53
madrazrBlankVerse: let me see19:54
*** TommaS has joined #melange20:00
* SRabbelier is back20:03
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you sent it three times20:04
BlankVerseSRabbelier: srry gmail actually displayed error msg , cannot be send , i click again and again , next , i wrote and sent again , only to notice that errors were actually sent20:05
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah20:05
BlankVerseSRabbelier: gmails sucks now a days20:05
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I haven't noticed that20:06
BlankVerseSRabbelier: even spam comes on my inbox now a days , just do a google search , spam check quality of gmail has recently been gamed it seems20:06
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i get 1/2 spam in inbox everyday20:06
SRabbelierBlankVerse: curious20:06
BlankVerseSRabbelier: before , the spam check of gmail was perfect (too perfect)20:07
kronosSRabbelier, what should in name the file containing university data : "models/" ?20:11
SRabbelierkronos: yeah20:12
*** lresende has joined #melange20:25
*** m4k3r has quit IRC20:37
BlankVerseSRabbelier: btw , the connectwithus class in and contactus in looks same , do they need refactoring?20:37
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes, they should, indeed, be the same class20:38
*** m4k3r has joined #melange20:38
*** SRabbelier changes topic to "Tips for GSoC students: Melange powers the Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code site ( - Questions? Ask someone with op or voice - Logs at http://wSe"20:38
*** SRabbelier changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code site ( - Questions? Ask someone with op or voice - Logs at"20:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: LGTM20:47
*** crodjer has joined #melange20:47
BlankVerseBlankVerse: thanks :) , is it going to get merged to official repo?20:48
kronosSRabbelier, I have completed "models/".20:50
SRabbelierkronos: 0.O20:50
SRabbelierkronos: nice :D20:50
kronosSRabbelier, it is of 832 Kb  :P20:51
SRabbelierkronos: please don't inline it :P20:51
kronosSRabbelier, need some help with the second part. i am not very familiar django, so can u direct me towards some resources.20:52
SRabbelierkronos: can you send the file in for review though?20:52
SRabbelierkronos: to make sure that it's the way we want?20:52
*** lresende has quit IRC20:52
kronosSRabbelier, ok .. i'll send the file to the dev mailing list.20:53
SRabbelierkronos: cool20:54
SRabbelierkronos: you should start by reading soc.views.base, soc.modules.gsoc.views.base, and soc.views.helper.access_checker20:54
SRabbelierkronos: use one of the existing views as "reading guide"20:54
SRabbelierkronos: I'd recommend soc.modules.gsoc.views.profile, since you'll want to edit that one20:55
kronosSRabbelier, k.. will do that.20:55
SRabbelierkronos: if you find that a useful approach to getting up to speed with the codebase, please add it to GettingStarted20:55
kronosSRabbelier, I've sent the file to the existing thread and also cc-ed it to you.21:16
SRabbelierkronos: can you tell me a little about how you munged the data?21:19
kronosSRabbelier, wrote a python script using the csv library. :P21:20
SRabbelierkronos: (LGTM)21:20
SRabbelierkronos: nicely done, might be useful to submit that too, if we receive an updated version of the original file at some point?21:20
kronosSRabbelier, hmm.. yeah that would help if the file is updated. will submit the script also. (need to modify it a little bit) .21:23
kronosSRabbelier, anyways gotta sleep now, its 3am here. thanks for the help. will get back to you tomorrow.21:24
SRabbelierkronos: thanks!21:25
*** kronos has quit IRC21:26
*** diofeher has left #melange21:34
*** maker has joined #melange21:37
*** m4k3r has quit IRC21:37
BlankVersefor refactoring the connectwithus code , should i keep it in and import it into ?21:42
BlankVerseor should i move it to base and import from there on both these files21:43
*** nmudgal has quit IRC21:43
*** gedex has quit IRC21:59
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it should definitely not be moved to base22:08
SRabbelierBlankVerse: nothing goes in base unless it's common to all views22:08
BlankVerseSRabbelier: so i have kept it in and imported it to org_home.py22:09
BlankVerseSRabbelier: is the new patch ok , or should i combine all of them as a single patch (for that i have to get around mercurial..)22:12
SRabbelierBlankVerse: no, and yes22:13
SRabbelierBlankVerse: see the comments Madhu had on your patch22:13
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ya , i will fix that , i was talking about the template class connectwithus?22:13
BlankVerseSRabbelier: the patch sent before madhu commented22:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I think we should keep two different template classses (python side)22:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: both using the same template22:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but passing it different context values22:14
BlankVerseSRabbelier: the template class ConnectWithUs is exactly same as ContactUs in , why should they be duplicate , different context values get passed anyways in and org_home.py22:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: how will you know which value to pass to the template?22:17
BlankVerseSRabbelier: can we pass the same context and modify the template for email and link?22:19
BlankVerseSRabbelier: depending on which one is recieved...22:19
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you could rely on Django's "ignore values that don't exist" feature, but since the Template is so small, I'd rather you didn't22:20
BlankVerseSRabbelier: hmm , that seems gud , lets keep 2 different templates then22:21
*** crodjer has quit IRC22:31
*** maker has quit IRC22:39
BlankVersesince i have the patches spread over few commits , can i send a diff between the current repo status and my final commit ?22:41
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC22:53
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange22:53
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you should clean up the patches23:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: send them in coherent units23:16
BlankVerseSRabbelier: combining them into a single patch :)23:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: preferrably split out23:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: unrelated changes (such as fixing the None bug) shouldn't go together23:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: although23:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I think I already fixed that one anyway?23:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: not sure if it was the same thing23:17
*** dhaun has quit IRC23:19
BlankVerseSRabbelier: those two are actually related , fixing the template by refactoring fixed the None bug23:21
SRabbelierBlankVerse: pull though23:21
SRabbelierBlankVerse: to check if I fixed it or not23:21
SRabbelierBlankVerse: is what you just sent the full diff?23:25
BlankVerseSRabbelier: the changeset containing all my commits squashed into a single commit ,23:26
*** gedex has joined #melange23:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: hope this patch looks fine , going to sleep, g' night :)23:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes, I think so, will probably commit it tomorrow23:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you signed the CLA right?23:40
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yep23:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: excellent23:41
BlankVerseSRabbelier: git and mercurial are poles apart , i will need to learn mercurial from scratch , its getting confusing :P23:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: You can use git if you want23:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I am23:42
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you can use git-remote-hg to pull from your mercury repository23:42
BlankVerseSRabbelier: that would be awesome ..23:42
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we can discuss tomorrow23:42
BlankVerseSRabbelier: sure23:42
*** penyaskito has quit IRC23:52
*** penyaskito has joined #melange23:53
*** penyaskito has quit IRC23:58

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