Thursday, 2011-03-24

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jaihi, The melagne page mentions about adding a social platform to it. I would like to integrate it with one of the social platforms preferably facebook because i have a good experience with its API. Also I have worked a lot with Django, so cant we use pinax for a framework to our social platform which we modify according to our needs.14:13
jaiAlso pinax has support for OpenId which will be very good for authentication.14:15
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SRabbelierjai: we're runing on appengine though14:20
SRabbelierjai: so we use Google Accounts for authentication14:20
schmrzHello Everyone :)14:24
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SRabbelierschmrz: hi14:26
jaiSRabbelier: I have just began seeing the code. What all should i stick to while developing for the social platform? will starting with a modified pinax framework be fine?14:29
SRabbelierjai: what does pinax do?14:29
SRabbelierjai: Also, I'm probably not the best person to ask, better ot mail the list and ask Madhu and Mario14:29
schmrzSRabbelier: Hi there... You might remember me as I tried participating in the previous gsoc by working on melange. I don't remember exactly what I worked on but it involved adding support for some kind of revision control for user documents.14:30
SRabbelierschmrz: *nod*, Daniel has picked that up14:30
schmrzSRabbelier: I was browsing the organizations list for this year and saw melange and just wanted to say hi to you guys :) I see that some major code base rewritting is in progress ? It was kinda hairy back then (for me)...14:32
jaithanx. BTW pinax is a easy to install social website framework built in django.14:32
SRabbelierschmrz: yup14:32
SRabbelierschmrz: a lot less "magic" involved now14:32
schmrzSRabbelier: That's nice.14:33
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BlankVersejai: have you deployed pinax on app-engine?15:06
BlankVersejai: pinax is pure django , i dont think it will be directly deployable on app-engine15:07
BlankVersei also have worked on pinax , its a collections of existing reusable django apps glued together15:07
BlankVerseSRabbelier: what social features are being thought of in melange?15:08
SRabbelierBlankVerse: see last years project I guess?15:09
BlankVersepinax seems completely unrelevant to melange15:09
BlankVersejai: what will you be using pinax for exactly?15:09
BlankVersei think it will be quite difficult to deploy pinax or any part of it into app-engine15:10
BlankVersesince most of pinax's components are 'pure' django apps15:13
BlankVersewith django ORM on the base15:13
BlankVersejai: openid module has nothing to do with pinax , you can use django-openid directly15:16
BlankVersejai: if it is required in melange15:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: thanks for investigating15:16
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jaiyes that's true. but pinax has must more advantage for developing a social platform  instead of starting from scratch. It will speed up the process.15:24
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SRabbelierjai: but... if it doesn't work, that doesn't get us much ;)15:30
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jaiSRabbelier: i thought to give it a try ... nehow it must work.. i have worked with with pinax and django a lot. :)15:32
SRabbelierjai: you can try, sure15:32
SRabbelierjai: but we don't need it for authentication15:33
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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello !15:36
SRabbelierslingshot316: hey! hope you are feeling better15:36
slingshot316SRabbelier: yea got much better now, thank you :)15:36
SRabbelierslingshot316: glad to hear that15:36
slingshot316SRabbelier: i have a small doubt15:36
SRabbelierslingshot316: shoot15:37
slingshot316SRabbelier:now that params are not used anymore how can we achieve functionality like this  helper.responses.useJavaScript(context, params['js_uses_all'])15:38
SRabbelierslingshot316: that's been moved to the templates15:38
SRabbelierslingshot316: see for example templates/v2/modules/gsoc/program/base.html15:38
SRabbelierslingshot316: there the {% block dependencies %} declares our JS deps15:39
slingshot316SRabbelier: oh, so they dont need to be called from the views no more?15:39
SRabbelierslingshot316: no15:39
slingshot316SRabbelier: thank you, was wondering about that15:40
slingshot316SRabbelier: am i lagging too behind? i missed like almomst 4 days :(15:40
BlankVersejai: i have also worked with pinax and django , running pinax on django is different from running pinax on app-engine15:41
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i didnt investigate , i have already used pinax :)15:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: even better! nice15:41
BlankVersejai: if u have already worked with pinax and you know a little about app-engine , i m sure you will be able to appreciate the pain of running pinax on app-engine15:42
BlankVersejai: correct me if i am wrong , but can pinax or any part of it run on app-engine ?15:42
BlankVersejai: i hope u know that app-engine doesn;t support django's ORM15:43
BlankVerseSRabbelier: anf i think we are not going to persue the django-nonrel patch for pinax?15:44
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i mean i dont see how pinax can be integrated with melange15:45
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: sounds like we'll need a different solution for social integration then :)15:48
BlankVerseSRabbelier: no existing solution exists for app-engine , that i have already investigated , either we start from scratch or we complete migrate pinax's ORM to datastore15:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: which will be too much work in pinax15:50
SRabbelierBlankVerse: shouldn't be too hard to start from scratch?15:50
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah15:50
BlankVerseSRabbelier: we dont need a full-fledged social network15:50
SRabbelierBlankVerse: correct15:50
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i was able to create a social network from scratch in a few days15:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: using pure django15:51
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we had a student last year integrating some social components, in particular a Calendar with events feature15:51
SRabbelierBlankVerse: (geographically bound)15:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: gud , so is there any plan for extending on top of it15:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: that's the idea for the social integration I think, to port that code, and extend it15:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: could be part of a project that adds export to GDocs15:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: "Integrate Melange with other services"15:53
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: that sounds gr815:53
slingshot316SRabbelier: and how can i query on logic where logic = params['logic'] ?15:53
SRabbelierslingshot316: we're not really using logic much anymore15:53
SRabbelierslingshot316: if possible, avoid using anything in the logic.models/views.models packages15:54
SRabbelierslingshot316: that's a failed experiment15:54
slingshot316SRabbelier: sure15:54
slingshot316SRabbelier: i'm sorry for asking too many questions but i'm really confuesed about line 3 here
tpbTitle: dpaste: #525250: by slingshot316 (at
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SRabbelierslingshot316: that's just retrieving the relevant entity using some obscure method15:57
SRabbelierslingshot316: have a look at the Mutator in access_checker instead15:57
slingshot316SRabbelier: yea will do, but do we need that method anymore? i guess not15:58
SRabbelierslingshot316: no, just write something explicit15:58
SRabbelierslingshot316: like we do it in the new views15:59
SRabbelierslingshot316: you really should be looking less at the old views15:59
SRabbelierslingshot316: you're focussing too much on porting the old functionality 1:115:59
slingshot316SRabbelier: yea i know, but i'm just trying to understand what is happening in that view first16:00
slingshot316SRabbelier: yea, will stop doing that16:00
SRabbelierslingshot316: it's hard to understand what it's doing by looking at the old code :P16:00
SRabbelierslingshot316: that's why we threw all that away16:00
SRabbelierslingshot316: even we had trouble figuring out WTH was going on16:00
slingshot316SRabbelier: lol, will do what you said16:00
slingshot316SRabbelier: so this public-task view basically is the view for pages that are open to everyone?16:01
SRabbelierslingshot316: you could look at for inspiration, it's similar16:02
slingshot316SRabbelier: sure, thank you :)16:03
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romulomachadoSRabbelier Heya!16:05
SRabbelierromulomachado: hi16:05
romulomachadoSRabbelier I talked to you some days ago about the Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance Idea16:06
SRabbelierromulomachado: one of many :)16:06
romulomachadoSRabbelier LOL16:06
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romulomachadoSRabbelier Could you take a look on should-dsl (
tpbTitle: Basic Usage Should-DSL v2.0a3 documentation (at
romulomachadoSRabbelier It's a nice tool to testing16:08
SRabbelierromulomachado: interesting idea16:09
SRabbelierromulomachado: Google uses something like that for their C++ testing16:10
SRabbelierromulomachado: I don't know how well it would apply to our scenarios though16:11
SRabbelierromulomachado: have a look at tests/new_views16:11
SRabbelierromulomachado: check those tests, and decide for yourself if there's much improvement that can be gained from using it16:11
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romulomachadoSRabbelier What tests are broken actually?16:27
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romulomachadoSRabbelier What tests are broken actually?16:45
SRabbelierromulomachado: what do you mean?16:45
romulomachadoSRabbelier Wich tests are broken?16:46
SRabbelierromulomachado: none?16:47
SRabbelierromulomachado: why do you ask?16:47
romulomachadoSRabbelier "Getting Started" page says: "Currently our functional tests are broken"16:48
romulomachadoSRabbelier Is it wrong?16:49
SRabbelierromulomachado: oh, well, yeah, they are, but they're excluded by default16:49
SRabbelierromulomachado: they're in test_functional16:49
SRabbelierromulomachado: we now just use DjangoTestCase for sortof-functional testign16:49
romulomachadoSRabbelier Ok!16:51
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SRabbelierNightrose: what account are you logged in with?23:07
Nightrose[email protected]23:08
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SRabbelierNightrose: yeah, you totally should have a role23:08
SRabbelierNightrose: oh23:09
SRabbeliermaybe I know23:09
* SRabbelier checks code23:09
SRabbelierNightrose: so all the old profiles are archived23:10
SRabbelierNightrose: read-only mode so to sya23:10
SRabbelierNightrose: I can enable your profile so you can have a look though23:10
Nightrosei can take a quick look if you want me to but it is already pretty late23:11
Nightroseshould go to bed soonish23:11
SRabbelierNightrose: *nod*, try now23:11
*** lresende has joined #melange23:11
* Nightrose looks23:11
SRabbelierNightrose: woot23:12
Nightrosei find the orange text a bit hard to read23:12
Nightrosemit be because it is italics23:12
NightroseIm network -> IM handle23:13
Nightroseand IM might not be well known as an acronym - dunno23:13
NightroseIm -> IM23:13
Nightroseignore the rest23:13
SRabbelierNightrose: the help text below the fields?23:14
Nightroselatitude and longitude: might be nice to have a hint how to find them easily23:14
SRabbelierNightrose: yeah, latlong need to go23:14
SRabbelier(until we add a maps widget)23:14
SRabbeliercan you try disabling the italics with inspector and see if that improves it? (if it's too late for that kind of fidgeting that's fine too)23:15
Nightrosei'd rather do that another day tbh23:15
SRabbelierNightrose: sure23:15
Nightrosethe country dropdown is missing a heading23:15
SRabbelierNightrose: it's late23:15
SRabbelierNightrose: that's intentional, it's the first entry23:16
SRabbelierNightrose: (which is selected by default)23:16
SRabbelierNightrose: but you can't didn't see that since it's on the value you have selected atm, hmm23:16
Nightrosethe checkbox for publish my location should maybe go behind the text?23:16
Nightrosethe whole shipping address thingy might need a question "do you want it to be different from the address above?" first23:17
SRabbelierNightrose: all the help text is below the field it goes with though, wouldn't that be more confusing?23:17
Nightroseand only if you say yes show you all the stuff again23:17
SRabbelierNightrose: *nod*23:17
SRabbelierNightrose: yeah, good point23:18
Nightrose[00:17:38] <SRabbelier> Nightrose: all the help text is below the field it goes with though, wouldn't that be more confusing?23:18
Nightrose^ not sure what you mean but the way it is right now it is kinda backwards to me23:18
Nightrosefirst you check the box and then you know what it is about23:18
Nightrosebut hmmm23:19
Nightrosemaybe not23:19
SRabbelierNightrose: the help text explaining what you should put in the field I mean23:19
SRabbelierNightrose: the orange stuff :P23:19
Nightrosebut i mean the checkbox23:19
Nightroseand then the text saying what you check is behind it23:20
Nightroseinstead of first telling me what it is about and then giving me the checkbox23:20
Nightroseother than that it looks very nice23:20
SRabbelierNightrose: right, but I meant, it's the same way with the other fields, e.g. Im handle first gives you the field, and then tells you what it should be23:20
Nightroselooking forward to using it for real23:20
SRabbelierNightrose: yay ^^23:20
Nightrosehmm true23:21
Nightroseand with that i go to bed23:23
Nightrosenini :)23:23
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