Wednesday, 2011-03-23

BlankVersemadrazr: there is no gen-app-yaml is not in/ bin00:00
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nit89SRabbelier : Hello , I am interested in contributing in Melange . How shall I proceed04:29
nit89SRabbelier : I am interested in first project of melange , Testing,coding Guru , and I am dying to work on it . Please tell me how to procedd04:41
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romulomachadoCould someone help me?05:39
romulomachadoI deployed my instance to AppEngine service, but when I try to access "/seed_db" returns "404 - Not found"05:40
romulomachadoand "/" returns "This page is only accessible to developers."05:40
crodjervisit /login and login as administrator first05:51
romulomachadocrodjer There are many fields to fill!05:54
romulomachadocrodjer What do I have to do?05:55
romulomachadocrodjer Do I have to fill all this fields?05:56
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LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: Sorry, I can't figure it out.06:19
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: I have some problem with the installation.06:19
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BlankVerserunning the build , i get no module named cgi error10:22
BlankVersebut on running a python shell and importing cgi works fine10:22
BlankVerseis google app engine using its own custom path?10:23
BlankVerseand somehow not including the default python path?10:23
ratulBlankVerse: but that would raise error for a lot other modules also, right?10:25
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BlankVerseratul: it stops at the first error?10:26
tpbTitle: dpaste: #524790 (at
BlankVersepython is interpreted , so i have seen quite a few times one you make one module right , it will throw error for next unavailable module10:28
BlankVerseit wont try error for all the modules at the same time10:28
BlankVersei am using virtualenv for melange10:28
BlankVerseand followed the tl;dr in getting started guide10:28
ratulBlankVerse:true. but at least I am running not from python shell. some other student got cgi error when in virtualenv10:28
ratulBlankVerse: not sure if it is prob with virtual env10:28
BlankVerseratul: so the custom settings screw up with virtualenv?10:29
ratulBlankVerse: may be. as the same prob I am hearing twice. what abt normal installation?10:30
BlankVerseratul: i cant use the system-wide shell coz its default to python3 , let me try on a virtual machine and get back to you10:30
ratulBlankVerse: ok10:30
BlankVerseratul: i m on arch and normal install uses python 310:30
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BlankVerseratul: i think it will be better to try on a virtual ubuntu os?10:30
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ratulBlankVerse: u can give it a try10:31
ratulBlankVerse: but is not it a pain to work in virtual os?10:31
BlankVerseratul: not if u have enuf ram/processor resources and kvm on top :P10:32
ratulBlankVerse: :)10:32
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BlankVerseon a clean virtual os , following the TL;DR gives10:43
BlankVerse File "", line 105, in <module>10:43
BlankVerse    ws.find(pkg_resources.Requirement.parse(requirement)).location10:43
BlankVerseAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'location'10:43
BlankVersecan anyone please check if the latest truck version has problems with bootstrap.py10:44
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BlankVersefinally got it running on my system , i think it should be made clear that dev_appserver should be run using ./bin/python2.5 in melange directory ,10:50
BlankVersei after visiting http://localhost:8080/seed_db10:51
BlankVerselocalhost redirects to10:51
BlankVerseis it the preferred page , and btw , it seems very different from the profuction page10:51
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mdcI added a gmail account to my Google account, which changed my primary email.   I cannot login to our GSoC site.  Anybody around who can help fix this?12:14
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mdcSeems to be fixed.  Perhaps it was just latency.  I'm back in business now.12:55
mdcalright, today is the day some things get fixed.12:55
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nit89thirdparty/google_appengine/  build , when I run this command then Error - "Value 'SOC-11/' for key application does not match expression '^(?:[a-z\d\-]{1,100}\~)?(?:(?!\-)[a-z\d\-\.]{1,100}:)?(?!-)[a-z\d\-]{1,100}$'13:59
nit89  in "build/app.yaml",   "13:59
nit89How to fix the above error13:59
nit89SOC-11 is my app instance14:00
nit89somebody please help me14:10
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durin42nit89: the app name has to be only lowercase letters and numbers15:25
durin42and must start with a letter15:25
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nit89On running bin/run-tests -e test_functional command the error - "Ran 208 tests in 299.342s15:45
nit89FAILED (errors=1, failures=1)" comes15:45
nit89someone has any idea of it15:45
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TriskeliosI notice some functionality has been disabled on socghop, does anyone have an ETA on when it'll be restored?15:56
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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello! sorry I'm down with a very bad fever so couldn't really be active off late and i just got little better today and i have small doubt, now that params are not used anymore how is functionality like this achieved?  helper.responses.useJavaScript(context, params['js_uses_all'])16:25
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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello16:39
slingshot316SRabbelier: hello! sorry I'm down with a very bad fever so couldn't really be active off late and i just got little better today and i have small doubt, now that params are not used anymore how is functionality like this achieved?  helper.responses.useJavaScript(context, params['js_uses_all'])16:40
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sfb /part18:11
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: that's correct18:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it's the new design that we're launching this Friday18:16
BlankVerseSRabbelier: awesome , but why does it redirect to 2009 page?18:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: because that's the active program18:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: the homepage redirects to the homepage of the actual program18:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: since GSoC and GCI will have a different L&F18:17
BlankVerseSRabbelier: csv export works on latest pull?18:19
SRabbelierBlankVerse: csv export of?18:19
BlankVerselist of accepted projects18:20
BlankVerseclicking on about page redirects18:20
SRabbelierBlankVerse: oh, hm18:20
SRabbelierBlankVerse: can you write a test to demonstrate this bug?18:20
SRabbelierBlankVerse: that would be a huge help18:21
BlankVersei was working on exporting the grid to google docs18:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah, I'm not sure how useful it would be to export that particular list18:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but, please do write a test :)18:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: also18:23
BlankVerseto be honest i have never done any tests :(18:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: definitely pull first18:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: look at tests/new_views18:23
BlankVerseSRabbelier: is the code drastically broken for me or for everyone ?18:23
BlankVerselots of things seem to NOT work ?18:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: the new UI should be working almost 100%18:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what's not working?18:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: did you pull recently?18:24
BlankVersei had a chat with madrazr last day , and we had discussion about export to google docs using gdata API , i dont see how that work is moderate?18:25
BlankVersewhat features am i missing to imagine ?18:25
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah pulled a few hours ago18:26
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yeah, I dont' think it'd be a lot of work either :)18:26
SRabbelierBlankVerse: can you describe what's broken?18:26
BlankVerseSRabbelier: it seems quite trivial to me also , btw , 1. export csv for list of projects don work here18:26
BlankVerse2. about page leads to django debug page18:27
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what is the url it links to?18:27
BlankVersei had already mentioned above18:27
BlankVersesame for contacts link18:28
BlankVersecan you please verify on your local setup ?18:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah, right18:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: that None is the culprit18:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yeah I see it18:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I'll investigate in a bit18:28
BlankVerseone thing about tl;dr in getting started :18:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: and csv export is indeed broken18:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: please email the list about that18:29
BlankVersethe line thirdparty/google_appengine/ build18:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: send it to "Mario Ferraro" <[email protected]>,18:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: and cc the list18:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes?18:30
BlankVerseshould be preceded by ./bin/python2.518:30
BlankVersethe bootstrap fails on virtualenv , this should also be mentioned so that people dont waste time like i did18:31
BlankVersecan i moldify the wiki?18:31
BlankVerseto correct it?18:31
SRabbelierBlankVerse: well, don't just blindly add "./bin/python2.5" since Melange does work with python2.618:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but do add a note like "If you are using a different version of python than the system wide one, you need to ...."18:32
BlankVerseanyways , you bootstrap script adds python2.5 to bin folder18:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but please do add a note to the "troubleshooting" section about virtualenv, with the error message you got, etc18:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: only if you run it like "python2.5"18:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: if you run it with python2.6 it'll add python2.6, no?18:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: no i think it goes for 2.518:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: must be in the "magical" bootstrap and buildout parts18:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: doesnt also work on python2.7 i think?18:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I don't think we have any python2.5-isms, do we?18:34
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I think Madhu successfully ran on 2.7, but not sure18:34
BlankVerseon a fresh virtualised maverik install , the tl;dr failed for me18:35
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: using python2.7?18:36
BlankVerseSRabbelier: 2.6.618:37
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what error do you get?18:37
BlankVersethirdparty/google_appengine/ build18:38
BlankVerseFile "", line 105, in <module> ws.find(pkg_resources.Requirement.parse(requirement)).location18:38
BlankVerseAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'location'18:38
BlankVerseon the maverik box18:38
BlankVersebut anyways my dev box seems to run fine18:38
BlankVerseit will be a headache for ubuntu guys trying to follow the tl;dr18:38
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MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: Evening :P18:39
BlankVersethe error is thrown on18:39
BlankVersepython bootstrap.py18:39
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: indeed18:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: well, that error18:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: is explained in the trouble shooting section18:40
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i cant find it18:40
BlankVerseSRabbelier: on getting started page?18:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: oh, maybe I didn't add it yet18:41
SRabbelierBlankVerse: nope, didn't add it yet18:42
SRabbelierBlankVerse: anyway, the fix is here:
SRabbelierBlankVerse: can you add it to the wiki?18:42
tpb<> (at
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: done18:47
SRabbelierBlankVerse: many thanks18:48
BlankVersewhere should i cc the mail to general or dev?18:51
SRabbelierBlankVerse: dev always18:52
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok18:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: melange-soc is for users of Melange only18:52
BlankVerseSRabbelier: oops , i need some sleep :P18:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you should make it say "From [link]: I was able to..."18:52
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: that way it's obvious that it's a quote18:54
*** ratul has joined #melange18:55
and4luc1aHi! I'm interested in a Melange GSOC project. I'm trying to set it up on my machine but I'm having some problems, could someone help me out?18:58
ratuland4luc1a: what is the problem?19:00
and4luc1ai get this error19:00
and4luc1aImportError: <module 'setuptools.dist' from '/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.6/Extras/lib/python/setuptools/dist.pyc'> has no 'check_packages' attribute19:00
and4luc1a  Installing.19:00
and4luc1a  Processing develop directory '/Users/cristianregep/Desktop/work/melange/.'.19:00
and4luc1aI looked online, found some people with similar problems19:00
and4luc1aI tried what they tried but it does not seem to work19:01
SRabbelierand4luc1a: doesn't sound familiar19:01
ratuland4luc1a: I assume u followed gettingstarted19:01
ratuland4luc1a: ok, SRabbelier took in charge :)19:02
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ^19:02
and4luc1awhen i give this command19:02
and4luc1ai get that error19:02
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: you ever heard of that?19:02
* MatthewWilkes wakes up19:02
MatthewWilkesno, but you shouldn't be using setuptools anyway, it's unmaintained19:03
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: I thought we're using distribute19:03
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: I recently updated our bootstrap.py19:03
MatthewWilkesI dunno then19:03
SRabbelierand4luc1a: when did you lastp ull?19:03
SRabbelierand4luc1a: also, can you post the full stacktrace on pastebin?19:04
and4luc1a10 mins ago19:04
and4luc1aok i'll do that19:04
and4luc1ahere's the link
tpbTitle: c104048:melange cristianregep$ bin/buildout /Users/cristianregep/Desktop/work/m - (at
BlankVerseSRabbelier: google groups has no option to reply to the ML?19:10
SRabbelierBlankVerse: dont' use the web interface19:11
SRabbelierBlankVerse: turn on direct email19:11
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah , i was replying to an old thread19:11
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: ^ can you see anything from that stacktrace?19:11
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: or do you know what channel there might be someome who can?19:11
SRabbelierBlankVerse: perhaps if you sign in19:11
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BlankVerseand4luc1a: setuptools is the culprit it seems19:13
BlankVerseand4luc1a: do u have access to a linux machine?19:14
and4luc1anot right now19:14
and4luc1ai'm on a mac19:14
BlankVerseand4luc1a: try checking for setuptools package version19:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: are you Pankaj More?19:14
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ??19:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: why?19:15
* SRabbelier is kind of sad that he didn't even bother to do a /whois first19:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: Just saw your email on the list :)19:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: hmm19:15
and4luc1asetuptools is at version 0.6c9 on my machine19:19
SRabbelierand4luc1a: what if you uninstall it?19:20
and4luc1aand then install another version?19:21
BlankVerseSRabbelier: just a suggestion , since many people are having trouble with the tl;dr part , we can do one of the 2 things :19:22
BlankVerse1. fix the buildout part ( i dont know how to )19:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: let's put it at the bottom of the page?19:23
BlankVerse2. remove the tl;dr and mention the linst of packages required to run melange , let people do everything manually19:23
BlankVerse3. give a vbox image with everything preconfigured so that they can get started very quickly19:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: nah19:24
BlankVersei think 2 is the best coz there will be no more "magic" and people know exactly what they are doing19:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: not 319:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: getting set up is not _that_ hard19:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it's not a problem of giving packages they need to have installed19:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I don't want to stop using buildout19:24
BlankVerseSRabbelier: lets keep the getting installed as a pre-requisite for any gsoc applicant and focus more on the high-level issues :)19:25
SRabbelierBlankVerse: exactly19:26
SRabbelierBlankVerse: if a student can't put furth the effort of getting their setup fixed I don't think they're the right kind of candiate19:27
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah setup the irc topic/bot so that people dont come around asking for how to get started19:27
BlankVerseSRabbelier: and waste the precious community time :)19:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: oh, that doesn't bother me19:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I don't mind telling them "go read the GettingStarted"19:28
SRabbelierBlankVerse: maybe if we'd get that more than once or twice a day19:28
BlankVerseback to work , can you suggest where to go about for tests19:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yes, /tests/new_views19:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but hold on a sec19:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I'm fixing the homepage tests19:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: which'll require a little refactoring19:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so please wait 10m19:29
BlankVerseSRabbelier: sure19:29
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: pushed19:49
*** jweede has joined #melange19:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: do i need to read up on anything since i have never done testing19:50
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we have a wiki page about our tests, you could/should reat it, or you can just read the existing tests19:50
BlankVerseSRabbelier: read it already19:51
SRabbelierBlankVerse: depends on wether you prefer to read code or docs I suppose19:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i prefer docs first and then code :)19:51
SRabbelierBlankVerse: *nod*, read the existing tests next then19:52
BlankVerseSRabbelier: so that i get an idea where to look for in case of doubts19:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: after that you should be able to do something like self.assertFalse('None' in response.context['about_link'])19:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: fair enough19:52
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah19:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: feel free to ask questions if you get stuck though19:53
BlankVerseSRabbelier: bin/run-tests for testing , or should i exclude the func tests19:53
SRabbelierBlankVerse: the former, you can run specific tests too, with bin/run-tests tests/new_views for example19:54
BlankVerseSRabbelier: cool19:55
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*** jweede has joined #melange20:00
BlankVerseSRabbelier: this test for about page should work for any kind of user .. should i put it in every def?20:01
BlankVerseSRabbelier: anonymous is sufficient20:01
SRabbelierBlankVerse: just test it for an anonymous user20:01
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yeah20:01
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*** jweede has joined #melange20:05
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*** dr__house has joined #melange20:06
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i added this :20:08
BlankVerseself.assertFalse('None' in response.context['about_link'])20:08
BlankVersebut still tests passed ok20:08
SRabbelierBlankVerse: add"testing")20:09
SRabbelierBlankVerse: does that break it?20:09
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yep20:10
SRabbelierBlankVerse: before the fail, add: print resposne.context['about_link'] I suppose?20:10
BlankVersethis assertFalse needs to be corrected20:10
SRabbelierBlankVerse: hm?20:11
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*** BlankVerse has joined #melange20:13
BlankVerse'/gsoc/document/m000007' ?20:14
SRabbeliergedex: please keep the list cc-ed when you reply20:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you'll have to rig the test first then20:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: to make it not set the document20:14
BlankVerseSRabbelier: rig the test?20:15
gedexSRabbelier:  Okay20:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: in the test do something like self.gsoc.about_link = "bla"20:15
gedexSRabbelier:  sorry for that20:15
SRabbeliergedex: np20:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: done20:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: still the same20:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: well, you don't want to set it to Bla do you :P20:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you want to test what happens if it's None20:16
BlankVerseSRabbelier: still remains the same , i think the about_link referd are differeent20:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: check the code, it's in homepage.py20:17
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok20:17
*** arun_ has joined #melange20:19
*** arun_ has joined #melange20:19
BlankVerseSRabbelier: no about_link actually passed in homepage.py20:22
BlankVerseSRabbelier: thats the culprit :)20:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: well, that kind of explains :P20:22
SRabbelierBlankVerse: although..20:23
BlankVerseSRabbelier: but could you plz explain why /gsoc/document/m000007 came up?20:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: that's what the seeder did20:23
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it automatically created a document to fill that ReferenceProperty20:23
BlankVerseSRabbelier: oh20:23
BlankVerseSRabbelier: what should i pass as about_link context20:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: oh20:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it's connect_link that you should be testing20:24
BlankVerseSRabbelier: should i put it in urlconf to direct toabout me page20:24
SRabbelierBlankVerse: not about_link20:25
SRabbelierBlankVerse: see footer.html20:25
SRabbeliernow I'm confused20:25
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah, finally20:25
SRabbelierBlankVerse: they are being set20:25
SRabbelierBlankVerse: but in base_templates.py20:26
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah got them20:26
SRabbelierBlankVerse: they shouldn't be setting them20:26
SRabbelierBlankVerse: either that20:27
SRabbelierBlankVerse: or the template should check20:27
SRabbelierfooter.html that is20:27
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so in footer.html have a {% if about_link %} ...20:27
*** m4k3r has joined #melange20:28
BlankVerse<a href="{{ about_link }}">About</a20:29
SRabbelierBlankVerse: right, that should be inside a {% if about_link %} guard20:29
BlankVerseSRabbelier: but then about link goes away20:31
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yup20:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: if you don't set it20:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it shouldn't show20:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it'll show only if it is set in the program profile20:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: which seed_db doesn't do by default20:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: (hence the None)20:32
BlankVerseSRabbelier: which we need to do or leave for the program?20:32
SRabbelierBlankVerse: I don't understand yoru question20:33
*** and4luc1a has quit IRC20:33
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i mean is about link missing ok , or should we should set it to something20:33
SRabbelierBlankVerse: it's fine if it's missing, we just shouldn't show anything if it is20:35
SRabbelierBlankVerse: (if it is missing)20:35
SRabbelierBlankVerse: of course, on a normal instance it will be set to a proper value20:35
BlankVerseBlankVerse: so this bug is fixed ? or we set it to a proper value?20:35
BlankVerseSRabbelier: these ways are a little convoluted to me , since i used to use normal urlconf and render_to_response and direct_to_template stuff20:37
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what is convoluted?20:37
BlankVerseSRabbelier: need to get familiar with this approach20:37
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we tried to make it obvious what things do, without making the code overly verbose20:38
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you should probably read views/ and modules/gsoc/views/base.py20:38
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah , already reading those20:38
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what do you find convoluted though? perhaps we can improve the situation20:39
BlankVerseSRabbelier: not actually "convoluted" , i meant a different way :)20:39
SRabbelierBlankVerse: "not the usual Django way" I suppose?20:39
BlankVerseSRabbelier: yeah :)20:40
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we can't use pure Django because we're on AppEngine, and AppEngine's "webapp" stuff is way too basic20:43
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i have already faced the wrath of "app-engine" and django for a social-networking site i was building20:44
BlankVerseSRabbelier: after a lot of frustration , migrated it to an amazon ec2 instance20:44
SRabbelierBlankVerse: heheh :P20:44
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ouch20:45
BlankVerseSRabbelier: and lived happily ever after :)20:45
BlankVerseSRabbelier: app-engine limitations are too bad for these kind of sites20:46
BlankVerseSRabbelier: good for different kinds of apps , you must be knowing better than me20:47
SRabbelierBlankVerse: what limitations though?20:47
SRabbelierBlankVerse: the limitations we ran into so far we've been able to handle20:47
BlankVerseSRabbelier: for social networking , lots of concurrent requests is a problem20:48
BlankVerseSRabbelier: and the files limit to 3000 ...20:48
BlankVerseSRabbelier: pathetic :(20:48
SRabbelierBlankVerse: lots of concurrent requests is definitely not a problem, we've seen Melange running with 150QPS no sweat20:48
BlankVerseSRabbelier: it just ignores any request which takes more than a 30 secs20:48
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ignores?20:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i mean long requests20:49
SRabbelierBlankVerse: throws an error?20:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i think it had a limit20:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: no request can take greater then 30 secs20:49
SRabbelierBlankVerse: there is indeed a 30s request limit20:49
SRabbelierBlankVerse: right20:49
SRabbelierBlankVerse: tasks can take up to 10m now though20:49
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so if you need to do something computationally intensive just use Ajax to start a task20:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: connecting with external APIs fb , twitter , etc was a pain20:49
BlankVerseSRabbelier: more frustration was with django models support and vendor 'lock-in'20:50
BlankVerseSRabbelier: hence decided to migrate :)20:50
SRabbelierBlankVerse: urlfetch now has a timeout20:50
SRabbelierBlankVerse: and you can run pure django now20:51
SRabbelierBlankVerse: (if you start out that way it's easy)20:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i have tried pure django20:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: its not so pure as they say20:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: existing django apps wont work directly20:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: coz of no joins support20:51
BlankVerseSRabbelier: and the django-nonrel is basically 3rd-party work which might not even continue20:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: well, sure, but that's with Django too :P20:52
BlankVerseSRabbelier: requires quite an effort to convert , if u start from scratch , django-nonrel might be a gud option20:52
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you don't know if Django will continue20:52
BlankVerseSRabbelier: the odds against django are much lees than against django-nonrel20:53
SRabbelierBlankVerse: *nod*20:53
SRabbelierBlankVerse: fair point :)20:53
BlankVerseSRabbelier: django-nonrel is basically 2 presons work20:53
SRabbelierBlankVerse: hmm20:53
BlankVerseSRabbelier: who dont have time to continue coz of phd thesis20:53
BlankVerseSRabbelier: django wont die so quickly20:54
BlankVerseSRabbelier: :)20:54
BlankVerseSRabbelier: just becoz of huge dev base20:54
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah20:55
SRabbelierBlankVerse: so, that's why we have the infrastructure we do :)20:55
BlankVerseSRabbelier: hmm :)20:55
BlankVerseSRabbelier: web2py seems great for app-engine though :)20:56
SRabbelierBlankVerse: web2py?20:58
BlankVerseSRabbelier:python framework20:58
*** jweede has quit IRC20:58
SRabbelierBlankVerse: ah20:59
BlankVerseSRabbelier: some of the code written in views/ are actually part of web2py20:59
BlankVerseSRabbelier: you guys seems to be the inspiration for the web2py creator :)21:00
SRabbelierBlankVerse: *nod*21:00
SRabbelierBlankVerse: does it have a templating system?21:00
BlankVerseBlankVerse: no21:00
SRabbelierBlankVerse: probably the other way around21:00
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we copied most of our stuff from webapp and django21:00
SRabbelierBlankVerse: *nod*21:00
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BlankVerseneeds a little sleep , gudnight SRabbelier21:05
SRabbelierBlankVerse: g'night21:06
*** jweede has quit IRC21:13
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SRabbeliergedex: can you increase the padding after the header?21:36
gedexSRabbelier: Did you mean legend ?21:37
SRabbeliergedex: yea21:37
*** scorche|sh has joined #melange21:37
gedexSRabbelier:  Done, refresh it21:44
SRabbeliergedex: Awesome :D21:45
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Manojwowie92hey folks!22:19
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SRabbelierManojwowie92: hi22:31
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