Tuesday, 2011-03-22

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jaydeepSrabbelier:when should I come here?00:05
SRabbelierjaydeep: either in about 7 hours from now, or just mail the list00:05
jaydeepand one thing ,could you tell me how to contribute in melange?00:06
SRabbelierjaydeep: ask tomorrow, I'm off to bed now00:07
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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello ! there?05:01
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* LittleQNCCU online 08:29
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kriateivecan someone help about how to get started with melagne? i read its topics and found interest in developing a regedit like GUI for it in Qt08:34
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kriateivesomeone there for help?08:36
NayanShah_kriateive: which org are you referring to ?08:38
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thearchangelany mentors here?08:50
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NayanShahthearchangel: try on #gsoc also09:11
ratul can anyone please tell me the reason of kwargs = dicts.filter(self.data.kwargs, ['sponsor', 'program']) in views/homepage?09:14
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LittleQNCCUI got a page not found message in most of links10:37
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limgadwhere can I get the emails of the possible mentors?11:16
LittleQNCCUleave your messages on the mailing list or IRC channel is enough11:26
LittleQNCCUthey will response you ASAP, really:)11:26
ratulLittleQNCCU: on which pages?11:28
LittleQNCCUalmost all.....in the left-side navbar11:29
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ratulLittleQNCCU: u didn't get any error when setting up? can u post screenshot or some traceback?11:34
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limgadLittleQNCCU: the mailing list is the group named "melange-soc-dev" right?11:36
ratullimgad: right11:36
LittleQNCCUratul: okay, wait a minute11:37
LittleQNCCUsorry, I just removed the copy of the melange in my computer and clone a new one.11:39
LittleQNCCUbut there got a new error message while setting up11:40
tpbTitle: #1699354 - Pastie (at pastie.org)11:41
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ratulLittleQNCCU: did u get that when running the server?11:42
LittleQNCCUnop, I successly set up last time11:43
LittleQNCCUwhen I run the script bin/buildout11:43
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LittleQNCCUwhile running the script bin/buildout11:43
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ratulLittleQNCCU: sorry got disconnected. i think ur python 2.6 installation is not right.11:45
ratulLittleQNCCU: can u do that again?11:45
LittleQNCCUI'll reinstall it right now11:45
LittleQNCCUI have a question, what version of python should I use?11:46
LittleQNCCUpython2.6 for installation and python2.5 for running server?11:46
thearchangelany mentors?11:47
thearchangeli wanted to ask about the google docs api idea11:48
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ratulLittleQNCCU: I think python 2.6 is nice for melange, but as app engine needs 2.5, u need that too.11:48
thearchangelratul: can you help with the ideas for gsoc?11:50
ratulthearchangel: what kind of help do u want?11:50
thearchangeli wanna work on the conversion into google docs idea11:50
thearchangeli've worked in python before11:50
thearchangeldevelopen an app for app engine11:50
thearchangeljust wanted some pointers abt where11:51
thearchangeli shoud go next11:51
thearchangelfor this project11:51
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ratulthearchangel: the most basic start should be following the gettingstarted and setting up everything properly and playing with them a bit.11:52
thearchangelmeans get the basic idea and see if i come up with sth thats working??11:52
thearchangeli mean sth thats supposed to work kinda11:53
ratulthearchangel: ya u need to get the idea of melange first. then u can talk to the mentors, who will be around within few hours I think.11:53
LittleQNCCUgot the same language11:54
LittleQNCCUgot the same message11:54
thearchangelcan you tell me the location of their codebase?11:54
Crab_Hello. I'd like to try to help make melange better. Outside of gsoc, since I'm not a student anymore :) is http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted a good place to start ?11:55
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)11:55
ratulthearchangel: please write the name of the person u r talking to in IRC. :) u mean to download the source code?11:55
ratulCrab_: ya11:55
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thearchangelratul: oops :( ya download the source code and documentation11:56
Crab_ratul: ok, thanks11:56
ratulthearchangel: follow http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted11:57
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)11:57
thearchangelratul: ty11:57
ratulthearchangel: no11:58
ratulthearchangel: prob11:58
LittleQNCCUratul: I got the same messages after the installation of Python2.612:00
ratulLittleQNCCU: on which step of gettingstarted?12:01
LittleQNCCUbuildout script12:02
ratulLittleQNCCU: paste what u r giving as input12:03
LittleQNCCUfirst "python bootstrap.py"12:03
LittleQNCCUthen "bin/buildout", got wrong messages12:04
ratulLittleQNCCU: follow gettingstarted in http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted12:04
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)12:04
ratulLittleQNCCU: please write the name of the person u r talking to in IRC.12:04
LittleQNCCUratul: okay! sorry about htat12:05
ratulLittleQNCCU: np12:05
LittleQNCCUratul: do I lose some messages?12:06
ratulLittleQNCCU: follow gettingstarted in http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted12:07
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)12:07
LittleQNCCUratul: okay, i'm redoing all of the steps now12:16
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ratulnew updated bootstrap got some problem. for my fresh installation it was http://pastebin.com/LqszRA0J12:22
tpbTitle: [Python] Traceback (most recent call last): File "bootstrap.py", line 105, in - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)12:22
LittleQNCCUratul: how come?12:23
ratulLittleQNCCU: i was experimenting new installation. urs' solved?12:23
LittleQNCCUI'm trying12:24
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LittleQNCCUratul: you mean that you just push a new version of bootstrap.py to melange?12:33
ratulLittleQNCCU: no12:33
ratulLittleQNCCU: I tried fresh cloning12:33
ratulLittleQNCCU: it got some error12:33
ratulLittleQNCCU: urs?12:33
LittleQNCCUi fresh it again now12:36
LittleQNCCUlooks good now:)12:36
LittleQNCCUhope it will be success12:37
LittleQNCCUit is continuing now12:37
LittleQNCCUError: Download error for http://pypi.python.org/packages/2.6/p/pytz/pytz-2011d-py2.6.egg: timed out12:37
LittleQNCCUgot this...12:37
LittleQNCCUi saw a setup.py12:38
LittleQNCCUis it neccesary to execute it?12:39
ratulLittleQNCCU: download timeout is not melange's problem I think :P12:39
LittleQNCCUi see, but it occurs two times;(12:40
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LittleQNCCUstill wrong12:46
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LittleQNCCUratul: I couldn't execute "buildout" successfully13:36
ratulLittleQNCCU: there seems to be some problem with mine too. informed in the mailing list. let's see someone would solve it in hours.13:37
LittleQNCCUratul: okay13:38
LittleQNCCUratul: done13:43
ratulLittleQNCCU: cool13:44
LittleQNCCUratul: are you a mentor?13:47
ratulLittleQNCCU: no13:47
LittleQNCCUratul: okay, thanks for your help:)13:47
ratulLittleQNCCU: cool13:48
LittleQNCCUratul: how could I continue developing now?13:48
ratulLittleQNCCU: huh? what do u want to develop?13:49
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LittleQNCCUI'm interesting in integrating Google Calendat API to events13:50
LittleQNCCUI am trying to fix a bug originally, but I never see it.13:51
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ratulLittleQNCCU: while I have almost no idea about your idea (sorry about that :P), there can be two possible things you can do. mail to the mailing list with your idea. someone will reply.13:51
LittleQNCCUratul: thank you!13:51
ratulLittleQNCCU: np13:51
neo7hi ratul are you able to run your instance of melange locally13:57
ratulneo7: i can, with my old installation. and LittleQNCCU can, with the new one13:57
neo7ratul: you meant older versions?13:58
ratulneo7: no. I update when someone commits13:58
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ratulSRabbelier|Lappy: do u use eclipse? I get error when importing gaetestbed in eclipse16:03
SRabbelier|Lappyratul: no I do not16:03
ratulmadrazr: as I know you do, right?16:04
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praveen97uma<@SRabbelier|Lappy> : app.soc.logic.models.test_model.py should be removed I think16:12
SRabbelier|Lappypraveen97uma: motivation?16:13
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praveen97uma_@SRabbelier|Lappy : no it should not be removed.. dint see the code properly.. thought it is not used anywhere but its used to test the base16:20
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madrazrratul: yes, I use Eclipse16:52
ratulmadrazr: I get error when importing gaetestbed in eclipse. any idea how to resolve that?16:53
madrazrratul: what error do you get?16:54
madrazrI don't remember seeing any such error related to gaetestbed16:54
ratulmadrazr: ImportError. They can't import gaetestbed and a lot of such things. I started importing my melange folder from filesystem to a folder in eclipse. Isn't it the way?16:55
madrazrratul: I am not sure if that is the way16:55
madrazrratul: but I don't do it at least16:55
madrazrratul: I just create a new PyDev project called Melange16:55
madrazrin the path where Melange source files already exist16:55
madrazrratul: uncheck create src directory option16:56
madrazrand thats all16:56
madrazrit works for me16:56
madrazrratul: also note. I don't use Eclipse to run dev_appserver16:56
madrazrratul: I run it from shell16:56
madrazrsince it is easy in the shell to read and debug console messages16:56
ratulmadrazr: ya it worked!17:01
ratulSRabbelier: isn't the new_views test codes are tests of modules/gsoc/views/ files (except the proposal_review)?17:03
ratulSRabbelier: _aren't_17:03
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slingshot316madrazr: hello !17:16
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slingshot316madrazr: hello !17:22
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LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: Sorry, I can't figure it out.17:51
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: I have some problem with the installation.17:52
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maximus4i am interested in google summer of code  projects18:25
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diofeherSRabbelier, hey, where i send patches?18:30
ratuldiofeher: to the dev mailing list18:32
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diofeherratul, even simple patches?18:41
ratuldiofeher: what are simple patches? :P yes, asaik, all of them18:42
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dan_whi all. When I sign into melange it asks me to create profile when I already created one 2 years ago. I remember my user name. Can anyone confirm my username is linked to my gmail account?18:46
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nit89SRabbelier,I want to contribute in melange.can you tell me how to proceed?19:21
ratulnit89: try gettingstarted in the wiki page19:23
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nit89i have already gone through the Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance idea19:26
diofehermore one :P19:26
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ratuldiofeher: :D19:31
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nit89SRabbelier : Please tell me how can I proceed in melnage. I am highly interested20:06
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kronosHello. I would like to apply to melange for GSoC . I would like to know about the requirements from the organisation and how to start .20:21
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madrazrkronos: clone our mercurial repository20:39
madrazrkronos: read the GettingStarted wiki page at http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted20:39
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)20:39
kronosmadrazr, thanks .. will look at the wiki and get back..20:40
madrazrkronos: sure20:40
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BlankVersein Export to Google Docs idea , what do you guys suggest ? DOCS API 3.0 or 2.021:19
BlankVerse3.0 has python support but in "labs"21:19
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8dQo> (at code.google.com)21:19
BlankVerseuploading existing melange documents to google docs will be quite trivial21:22
BlankVersewhat are the requirements for gsoc , do i need to fix a few bugs on melange issue tracker21:23
BlankVersecan someone suggest any bugs which might help demonstrate my python skills21:24
BlankVersemadrazr: i wanted to discuss about Better Google Code-in module21:25
*** neo7 has joined #melange21:25
BlankVersemadrazr: i have designed a few websites using django , but havent worked with the models used by appengine which i guess are different from django's relational ORM21:26
BlankVersemadrazr: can you clarify how models are used in appengine21:26
madrazrBlankVerse: what do you want to know about models in Appengine?21:27
madrazrBlankVerse: what kind of clarification do you want?21:27
BlankVerseBlankVerse: melange models are not django models right?21:27
madrazrBlankVerse: no, we use Appengine's datastore21:28
*** ratul has joined #melange21:28
BlankVersemadrazr: so you dont use the abstraction of django but directly access the datastore , i have worked with recent django-nonrel patch on app engine21:29
BlankVerseand it mostly works except for joins21:29
BlankVersedoes the existing datastore data of melange use joins21:29
BlankVersei mean is it a good idea to use django-nonrel , to actually make the whole melange app portable21:30
BlankVersei m just considering an idea of rewriting the melange "models" on django-nonrel21:30
madrazrBlankVerse: No, we don't use joins21:31
madrazrBlankVerse: AFAIK joins are against the philosophy of any NoSQL21:31
madrazrBlankVerse: and what do you mean by access the datastore directly? Appengine provides APIs to access the datastore21:31
madrazrwe use that21:31
madrazrBlankVerse: you are welcome to do that21:32
BlankVersemadrazr: i mean melange must be creating the data manually , without any data models21:32
BlankVersemadrazr: ORM django21:32
madrazrBlankVerse: but the currently developers of Melange don't have time to do that21:32
BlankVersemadrazr: i am suggesting it as a gsoc idea21:32
madrazrBlankVerse: if you are thinking of ORM and Appengine datastore you may have to change your line of thoughts21:33
madrazrBlankVerse: JFYI, ORM stands for Object "Relational" Mapping21:33
BlankVersemadrazr:do you consider it a good idea ?21:33
madrazrBlankVerse: Appengine's datastore is not "Relational"21:33
madrazrit is a NoSQL21:33
BlankVersemadrazr: i am talking about the new django-nonrel patch21:33
madrazrBlankVerse: Appengine provides its own APIs to do data modeling21:34
madrazrBlankVerse: well, the idea is a nice to have21:34
madrazrBlankVerse: but I don't see the necessity in the near future though21:34
BlankVersemadrazr: i know that , i m saying that ability to abstract that data modelling through django models might prove benificial21:34
madrazrBlankVerse: also django-nonrel is maintained by thirdparty21:34
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8dR2> (at www.allbuttonspressed.com)21:34
madrazrto be specific, guys whom I like the most. Guys from All Button Pressed21:35
madrazrthere is no guarantee that it will be maintained as Appengine introduces new changes21:35
madrazrBlankVerse: if we port to django-nonrel. Whenever Appengine introduces new features, we will have to wait until developers at All Buttons Pressed write code to implement that in django-nonrel21:36
madrazrBlankVerse: which slows down our development21:36
BlankVersemadrazr: hmm , the idea seems not so good , ok i will discard it21:36
madrazrBlankVerse: Also IMHO, django-nonrel is really useful for people who have already written thousands of lines of code and now want to run their app on GAE21:36
madrazrand now we are looking at it otherwise21:37
madrazrBlankVerse: you should definitely read the Datastore API docs21:37
madrazrBlankVerse: it is a very neat API. In my experience much better than Django's ORM at most of the things21:38
BlankVersemadrazr: i was trying to publish my django-nonrel app on appengine and the got fed up with the patch limitations , it would be a great experience for me to actually use datastore API like melange does for my own app21:38
BlankVersemadrazr: i noticed that Better Google Code-in module will require a good understanding of datastore API21:39
BlankVerseand i already have experience in django , so it will be a great learning experience as a gsoc preoject21:40
madrazrBlankVerse: sure, it is a plus21:40
BlankVersemadrazr: can you suggest how should i go about working on this module?21:40
BlankVersemadrazr: should i start understanding the existing module code?21:41
BlankVerseand what bugfixes/feature requests can i implement in the coming days to get familiar with the code21:41
madrazrBlankVerse: one another student is also taking a look at the same thing21:43
madrazrBlankVerse: I suggest you guys talk to each other first21:43
madrazrBlankVerse: to get familiar with the code, you can take a look at the code in soc.modules.gci21:44
madrazrBlankVerse: see the views esp21:44
madrazrBlankVerse: and as what to implement, the wiki page of ideas gives examples21:44
madrazrBlankVerse: you can pick one of them21:45
BlankVersemadrazr: in case multiple students apply for same project , how do you resolve the situation?21:45
BlankVersemadrazr: do you sugest one of them to try another idea ?21:46
madrazrBlankVerse: you usually won't know how many students applied for the same project21:46
madrazrBlankVerse: we evaluate students in a large number of ways21:47
madrazrBlankVerse: the best one is chosen21:47
BlankVersemadrazr: ok21:47
madrazrBlankVerse: few criteria that are taken into account for sure are the quality of the proposal21:48
madrazrunderstanding of the project21:48
BlankVersecan you explain why export to google docs idea is moderate , it seems quite trivial to me...21:48
BlankVerseand i was thinking to include it with better google code in module21:49
BlankVersecan i work on both the ideas in gsoc under one project21:49
BlankVersedoes this export functionality need to be in the frontend , where users can perform these operations21:51
madrazrBlankVerse: sure you can work on both21:54
madrazrBlankVerse: but I would just like to warn you that when we (developers) listed the ideas on the ideas page, we have thought about it a bit21:54
madrazrBlankVerse: and we know why things take what they take21:54
madrazrBlankVerse: in fact for some projects, we have even mentioned that the project is not worth a full GSoC project whereever the project is smaller21:55
BlankVersemadrazr: thats why i am asking about what features need to be in the export features21:55
madrazrBlankVerse: it would be over-ambitious if you would like to merge two projects21:55
ratulmadrazr: can you explain why adding21:55
ratul"context['submit_link'] = reverse('submit_gsoc_proposal', kwargs=kwargs)" in Apply function21:55
ratulremoves the _apply.html template from homepage? when 'submit_gsoc_proposal' is valid namespace?21:55
madrazrratul: I did not get your question21:55
madrazrratul: can you please rephrase that?21:56
ratulmadrazr: in the homepage, SRabbelier told me to rephrase register with submit while someone profile is made21:56
madrazrBlankVerse: give me few minutes. I am not able to recollect all the points in Export Docs since I did not write that idea there21:56
madrazrBlankVerse: let me read that once again21:56
madrazrand explain21:56
BlankVersemadrazr: thanks21:57
BlankVersejust a suggestion , please expand the idea page so that u wont have to explain every other student :)21:57
madrazrBlankVerse: it looks like fairly straight forward since it is missing some additional features there21:58
madrazrBlankVerse: one thing is for sure21:58
madrazrBlankVerse: currently we export our list data to CSV21:58
ratulmadrazr: I just  added the line21:58
ratul"context['submit_link'] = reverse('submit_gsoc_proposal', kwargs=kwargs)"21:58
ratulin the context of Apply function in the views/homepage. that removes the apply.html (rendered by homepage)  from homepage21:58
madrazrmaking it export to a G Doc is definitely not trivial21:58
madrazrBlankVerse: just give it a try once and let us know how you are going21:58
madrazrBlankVerse: feel free to ask for help here21:58
*** kronos has quit IRC21:58
BlankVersemadrazr: as far as i know , gdocs import from csv directly21:58
madrazrBlankVerse: you can take that up as your pre-GSoC exercise21:59
madrazrBlankVerse: keep us updated as to how you are going with it21:59
BlankVersemadrazr: what exactly , using gdocs api to import a csv file to a gdocs spreadsheet?21:59
dan_whi all. any melange admins here please?22:00
madrazrBlankVerse: also it will be nice to have an import document from G Docs which is missing AFAIK22:00
BlankVersemadrazr: those are already implemented in many sites such as zoho22:00
madrazrBlankVerse: say for example, a student would have a proposal written in GDoc and would send it for reviews22:00
BlankVersemadrazr: hmm , gr8 idea22:00
madrazrBlankVerse: he should be able to import that proposal to Melange22:00
madrazrBlankVerse: several things are easier said than done22:01
madrazrBlankVerse: sure many sites have it. google-melange.com doesn't have it22:01
madrazrBlankVerse: that is the point now22:01
BlankVersemadrazr: what exactly do u want me to look for now , use docs api to import a csv to gdocs spreadsheet , right?22:01
madrazrBlankVerse: we don't care what you import (csv or whatever). We would like to have the data in our data grids to be imported to spreadsheet in GDoc22:02
madrazrratul: what do you mean? how is it removing the apply.html22:02
BlankVersemadrazr: hmm , there is already an api function for csv imports22:03
madrazrratul: I am on the same page too, I don't see any such behavior22:03
BlankVersenew_spreadsheet = client.Upload('/path/to/your/test.csv', 'MyDocTitle', content_type='text/csv', folder_or_uri=dest_folder)22:03
ratulmadrazr: when adding the line I said.22:03
BlankVerseand i remember melange has an export to csv option22:03
madrazrBlankVerse: cool! go ahead. Send us the patch22:03
ratulmadrazr: context['submit_link'] = reverse('submit_gsoc_proposal', kwargs=kwargs)22:03
ratulI am afraid u missed some of my chat lines22:04
madrazrratul: not sure, what I missed22:04
ratulmadrazr:  in the homepage, SRabbelier told me to rephrase register with submit while someone profile is made22:04
ratul just added the line22:04
ratul"context['submit_link'] = reverse('submit_gsoc_proposal', kwargs=kwargs)" 03/23/2011 03:28:35 AM22:04
madrazrratul: but I don't understand why adding that context variable removes a template22:04
ratulin the context of Apply function in the views/homepage. that removes the apply.html (rendered by homepage) from homepage22:04
BlankVersemadrazr: sure , let me hack on it :)22:04
ratulmadrazr: I am also wondering the same. the rendering of apply template does not depend on any link.22:05
madrazrratul: sure it doesn't22:05
madrazrratul: it doesn't remove any template as far as I see22:06
ratulmadrazr: http://pastebin.com/DyWTwh8i22:08
tpbTitle: [Python] when everything is fine: class Apply(Template): """Apply template. "" - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)22:08
madrazrBlankVerse: cool!22:09
BlankVersemadrazr: do i write views for exposing it , or just a basic version of the code?22:10
madrazrratul: yeah. And?22:10
madrazrBlankVerse: not really necessary. See how Export to CSV button works now lists22:10
madrazrBlankVerse: similarly you can start with Export to GDocs or something on those lines22:11
madrazrBlankVerse: we can refine the UI later22:11
BlankVersemadrazr: can you please give me a hint where to look for that function in the code22:11
ratulmadrazr: yeah, so in second case the apply template vanished from homepage. can u explain why?22:11
madrazrratul: until you prove, I can assure you it doesn't22:11
madrazrratul: it cannot vanish. It is code after all, not magic22:11
madrazrBlankVerse: Javascript code for melange.list22:12
*** dhaun has quit IRC22:12
*** romulomachado has joined #melange22:15
romulomachadoHow can I deploy my instance to AppEngine?22:16
romulomachadoI'm following the Getting Started Guide but it isn't working22:16
ratulmadrazr: in case I am missing something http://pastebin.com/sdC6xLST22:17
tpbTitle: [Diff] diff -r 459b87b2ded7 app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/homepage.py --- a/app/soc/modul - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)22:17
dan_whi all. I am uncertain if I am using my correct login details. is it possible to request password from a profile name?22:17
madrazrromulomachado: what is the problem you are getting?22:18
romulomachadomadrazr The tutorial says: "scripts/gen_app_yaml.py -f your-melange-instance && thirdparty/google_appengine/dev_appserver.py build"22:19
romulomachadomadrazr I change the "your-melange-instance" to my instance on AppEngine22:20
romulomachadomadrazr but nothing happens22:20
madrazrromulomachado: correct22:20
ratulmadrazr: it looks like some problem with url namespacing.22:20
madrazrromulomachado: but the GettingStarted guide doesn't change that scripts/gen_app_yaml.py will upload to appengine instance22:20
madrazrromulomachado: it just gives it as one of the steps22:21
madrazrromulomachado: there are 3 more steps that follow22:21
madrazrratul: I honestly don't understand22:22
madrazrratul: I don't see such problem at all22:22
ratulmadrazr: it looks like some problem with url namespacing. when viewname is 'create_gsoc_proposal' in context['submit_link'] it is no prob, but when it is 'submit_gsoc_proposal', the template is literally vanished22:22
madrazrratul: and also how is URL namespacing related to adding one additional context variable?22:22
romulomachadomadrazr "Running on and Deploying to App Engine's cluster" is it on this part?22:22
madrazrromulomachado: I did not get your question22:23
romulomachadomadrazr The 3 more steps I have to follow are "Running on and Deploying to App Engine's cluster"?22:24
madrazrratul: I don't think so. I am working on the organization home page and I use submit_gsoc_proposal to the same _apply.html template22:24
madrazrratul: things are fine for me22:24
ratulmadrazr: can u paste that part of ur code? the simple thing is driving me crazy the whole day!22:25
madrazrratul: I will commit them soon22:27
madrazrratul: you can pull the changes22:27
ratulmadrazr: sure22:27
romulomachadomadrazr I deployed to my instance22:48
romulomachadomadrazr How can I access seed_db on my AppEngine instance?22:48
madrazrjust run /seed_db22:48
madrazrthat should work22:48
romulomachadomadrazr seed_db returns "Not found"22:51
*** dan_w has quit IRC22:53
romulomachadomadrazr /seed_db returns "Not found"22:59
BlankVersemadrazr: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Auwxz8NjhGlPdFBwQTRVb3pLTDNFS2c1M2xvVExBTHc&hl=en#gid=023:03
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8dS:> (at spreadsheets.google.com)23:03
BlankVersemadrazr: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Auwxz8NjhGlPdFBwQTRVb3pLTDNFS2c1M2xvVExBTHc&hl=en#gid=023:03
BlankVersemadrazr: see the spreadsheet of orgs23:04
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC23:04
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange23:04
madrazrromulomachado: no clue why that happens23:04
madrazrromulomachado: may be seed_db is disabled in v2?23:05
BlankVersemadrazr: have a look at the spreadsheet ,23:05
madrazrBlankVerse: cool!23:05
tpb<http://ln-s.net/8dS:> (at spreadsheets.google.com)23:05
madrazrBlankVerse: send us the patch23:05
BlankVersemadrazr: do you like the output?23:05
BlankVersemadrazr: i can send you this basic version , but it need lots of changes23:05
BlankVersemadrazr: currently u have to type usename and password , which we dont want23:06
BlankVersemadrazr: so i need to call oauth23:06
BlankVersemadrazr: and login using that23:06
madrazrBlankVerse: there is anything to like/dislike? It is just the grid I see on google-melange.com23:06
madrazrBlankVerse: sure23:06
madrazrgood to start with23:06
BlankVersemadrazr: and also it should work for any grid23:07
madrazrBlankVerse: thats cool!23:07
romulomachadomadrazr I'm sorry, I didn't understand!23:07
madrazrromulomachado: are you able to run /seed_db locally?23:09
romulomachadomadrazr yes!23:09
madrazrromulomachado: thats strange then23:11
madrazrromulomachado: what does / of your instance say?23:11
*** nmudgal has quit IRC23:12
romulomachadomadrazr Shows "How Google Summer of Code works"23:13
romulomachadomadrazr ?23:18
*** romulomachado has quit IRC23:21
BlankVersemadrazr: if you are interested have a look at my draft code23:31
BlankVersemadrazr: https://github.com/pankajmore/gdocs23:31
tpbTitle: pankajmore/gdocs - GitHub (at github.com)23:31
*** ratul has left #melange23:32
BlankVersemadrazr: currently it requires gdata python library , and it can import any csv that you specify from command line23:32
madrazrBlankVerse: I know that (and we all know that) getting the spreadsheet from CSV is trivial23:33
madrazrBlankVerse: this is not the goal of the project mentioned on the ideas list23:33
BlankVersemadrazr: for oauth , i would need to register my web-app to get tokens and secret key23:33
madrazrBlankVerse: we would like to see your patch working with Melange23:33
madrazrBlankVerse: as I said, I want to see a button on our grid, which says "Export to GDocs"23:34
madrazrBlankVerse: upon clicking on which I get the Spreadsheet in GDoc23:34
BlankVerseBlankVerse: sure , i am not yet familiar with melange code , i will implement this feature soon23:34
madrazrBlankVerse: please do23:34
BlankVersemadrazr: how much time python bootstrap.py take to run?23:55
*** neo7 has left #melange23:56
BlankVersemadrazr: is this page http://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted outdated?23:57
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2kv-> (at code.google.com)23:57
madrazrBlankVerse: no that page is fine23:59
madrazrBlankVerse: bootstrap should take a few seconds if you have a super fast internet connection23:59
madrazrBlankVerse: anyways23:59
madrazrI am off for the day23:59
madrazrI need some rest23:59

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